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Icarus Ochre

"I'm from Solitum, so this might not apply to every phoenix," Icarus said, trying to find a better way to sit now that he wasn't trying to compete in a game he had no hope of winning, and instead could compete in a new game he had no hope of winning. "It's a bit hard to appreciate board games when your competition has a few hundred years of board games on you, even if they decide to go easy on you, they've been inventing new strategies while you're still learning the basic ones. So, sorry if I don't give you any recommendations.
"I've no idea how things are on this side, but in the Solitum desert, there aren't too many things that can compete with an older phoenix, and the things that do are most of the adults are just busy dealing with other phoenixes. Mortal friends are just so...nobody likes to talk about it. Even the longed-lived ones don't live long enough. But all those old phoenixes also bring a lot of history with them, and a lot of them have been all around Arcanis, so we can kind of stand out even with how colorful the desert cities are. Like, my great-great-grandmother, who is I think like 30-something at the moment, remembered a lot about some time in Crystis Talon in a previous cycle, so a lot of her stuff is based on her time there, which is a few hundred years out of date from now. Honestly I think the best way to describe it all is probably just a few hundred years out of date, pulled from everywhere. Remembering your time off in a far off country can include forgetting a few details too. Me, I, well I mostly read when I was home. I've been so interested in this world, which is a place none of my immediate family can give me a two-hundred year rundown on."

Mizuki Kichiro

Unpowered flight was not exactly a new experience to Kichiro, the lack of novelty never did make it a welcome experience. The follow-up explosions in the wake of him standing himself up after being throw across a warehouse by a tree were a new and exciting experience, complete with ringing in his ears and remembering just how lucky he was to only have one set of those at the moment.

This whole operation was shot through, and now the cops were here. And they had probably heard the very not quiet explosion.

Mrs. Yokoi had the right idea though. Wounded and the rocks, and one of the Americans had already grabbed a rock, leaving the injured. Well, and anyone who hadn't yet realized they needed to go. And probably take the aggressive flora with them. Leaving it for the police would be problematic...

And now the ringing in his ears sounded like someone talking, that was a great addition to the whole sensation, really. Just keep moving though, that's all that there was to do. Check surroundings: two injured, there was already someone on each. Yurei, mostly dissipated. Unstable, aggressive flora, not so dissipated.
"You guys deal with that, make sure out friends outside have something to keep them busy. It would be much better for them to chase after some punk than all die to a tree" and with those few parting words and a look the the remaining members of the Japanese branch, he darted out the front door.

Out the door he made sure to do two very important things. Find out where the officers were, and then, start running once he knew they caught a glimpse. Try to avoid letting them get a good look at his face, but they could stare at the back of his head all night if they liked.
But the running was the important part. It was very important to look suspicious.
Mizuki Kichiro

Public transportation was so convenient, really. It only took a little bit of bus-hopping to get where one wanted to go, if one knew how to hop between vehicles properly. Well, vehicles, buildings, really any way to stay moving and out of the everyday person's field of view.
The old abandoned warehouse called to Kichiro, and he followed the trail, better late than never. Or maybe it was the fire and chaos that called out to him. He had seen plenty of both after all.

Whatever it was, it was so very invigorating, just like the crisp chilly air.
Another leap brought him to the perch he so desired, the warehouse rooftop, which was preferable to the front at this point as that area was rapidly becoming crowded and also ignited. Another few paces brought him to a much-appreciated natural skylight and a surreptitious view within. Whole lot of hunters inside, even more yurei that were uncomfortably aggressive, and far too little coordination on both sides.
"We really should figure out this whole cooperation thing with the foreigners," he sighed, but he didn't really do anything different, taking another moment to survey the scene from above before simply leaping through the gap between panels, landing foot-first on top of an unfortunate spirit that really didn't have a chance between gravity and Kichiro.
At least the catwalks weren't too crowded. And there weren't too many demons up here. Just the ones with a hostage.
No time to think, no time to let them do whatever they considering thinking. Only time to move and start punching ghostly face. And Kichiro did just that.

I'm already on the optimism and smiles train if that's any consideration, @BenG85. I mean there's angst to be had but I'm hiding it under like 5 layers of "actually I prefer my life now"
Just have to finish writing it al
Poking in to express interest early, liking what I've seen already
Icarus Ochre

Icarus had been drawn into a world far beyond his own before, and while this shift had been no less dramatic, it had somewhat fewer alien features on the other side. This place was practically homey compared to the discovery of modern Earthly construction techniques. The little firebird had drawn him here away from the humans, but perhaps that was the intent.

After all, the exposition for the student body at large had focused on exorcism, and the tour seemed a bit, well, targeted wasn't really a nice word, but it wasn't so much inaccurate. Meeting another firebird, apparently a "suzaku", well at least it wasn't yet another exorcist or a blacksmith hawking wares designed specifically for exorcists. The game was odd, and he was quite sure the older youkai was simply using it to distract him; he had been given a rundown on the rules, but that wasn't really enough to really know how to play, certainly not against someone with experience.

"I'm still not really sure what is going on with all of this." Icarus began, trying to figure out just how to talk to this person. They were a strange yokai, but he had the distinct impression that he and Hinoyama would not get along very well.
The suzaku seemed a bit flighty and very, very forward. But at least he wasn't infuriatingly reserved. So there was that nice contrast from actual home. But he was just a child again here. Someone who needed about a hundred more years of maturity. "I don't know a thing about a lot of the things you're talking about, but I did come across to learn from this world, so I'd be honored to learn what you're willing to teach me. Maybe I can share a bit about my home too?"
Icarus Ochre
Seidoujima Island - Ringo Avenue
Ft @Amaterasu as Koyuki

"Oh. Koyuki, right? Fox spirit, if I remember right? You were mixed up in last night too..." Icarus led off as she took a seat across from him, giving her a moment to settle in with her own treat before even considering asking a question, "You seem a bit more lively compared to this morning."
As she asked her own questions of him, he took another spoonful out of his sundae, swallowing it greedily as the ice cream melted in his mouth, which was perhaps the best part of the confection. At least a conversation partner might help him pace it into something nice and relaxed and not brainfreeze-inducing.
Oh what a day would it be if he could have eaten the whole thing in a minute without the inevitable consequence.
Her question, however, was not ice cream related, it was Icarus-related, and it was one he was hoping to avoid. "I was sort of hoping I could keep it under wraps a bit longer, until I had some friends who might understand. Tell most mortals you're a phoenix and they'll assume you have a least a few hundred years on them, after all. I think they forget we have to go through the beginnings of life too."
Icarus Ochre
Seidoujima Island - Ringo Avenue

It had not taken long at all for him to get a few books from the library, but he'd had to retreat so quickly from the silence that it shocked himself. Icarus wasn't sure what was wrong, but the nice, orderly silence of the stacks had been oppressive in a way that it never had been before. So now he was sitting at an excessively-tall table in an equally-excessively-tall chair with an assorted lottery of things set out before himself, not just books, but also an inkwell, a flaming red quill of dubious origins, and a lovingly-crafted banana split that served as the centerpiece of his organized chaos.

One might think that ice cream and phoenixes were a poor combination. But Icarus had learned how ice cream worked. Waiting for the cold to go away, or worse, taking the cold away left one with just a poorly-flavored slurry that no one in their right mind could enjoy. No, he had learned, through experience, that somehow, despite all logic, that cold was an absolutely vital ingredient to the dish. But that just meant proper pacing.
It's not like a little cold could kill him anyway.
Headaches, sure, but eating it fast but slow was a well-tempered skill.

With the sheer volume of it behind the counter, though, he'd ended up spending most of his time at the table wonder just what kind of spell they had to have on this side of the gate to make so much of the sweet treat. And keeping it all cold too, there was just so much of it after all.

Even if the ice cream soothed his nerves a little bit though, he was mostly just happy to be in a place where there was some background chatter going on. Hopefully there wouldn't be a repeat of last night anytime soon.

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