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I'm not certain from the description, so I'll just ask, just how much blood splatter are we talking here?
Drips and drops here and there, or like, a whole lot of blood?
Glen considered how to meet the younger woman's challenge to speak out, a hesitation that let the others beat him to the punch initially. But it was quite clear she was uninterested in anyone who wasn't willing to keep up with her snide remarks. So giving some sort of response was almost certainly expected if she decided to directly address a topic.
She went on with more leading questions, of course, but the other speakers gave him a chance to think about how to respond...
And then Grain reminded him and probably everyone else that nobody had really introduced themselves. And she had quite the point with that one, since they were apparently being dragged right on out to the field at Arinne's convenience. If nothing else it would be prudent to know who could do what here.
"So skilled, not talented, for sure? Then surely they know the Tower would involve itself in a matter like this, since we know they're not stupid. They didn't even bother hiding that the killings were done with magic. The women just disappearing wouldn't bring magi in, so whatever it is they want, they do want magi pursuing them, investigating this. Did you at any point consider that, Lady Ar-Rynesarte? Is that the conclusion you've been looking for then? And of course despite that you want to walk right in to whatever they're doing."
Having dealt with that, he turned his attention towards the residents of the room other than Arinne. "It is fine enough to meet you, Blackmore. I might as well make my own talents known. I'm Glen...Pearwoolf. My family's affinity is dreams, which is why I understand how dangerous it is to go assuming what it is this murderer wants."
I wasn't even sure what would be a good response to that last post and then my week picked up, let me see if I can come up with anything now
It is so very hard to write when you have far more opinions and conclusions about the situation to make than your character does. I had to keep backtracking and deleting stuff because it was actually more than Glen would have bothered verbally concluding or actually thinking through.
But he did show some limited ability to think critically. Technically. He made conclusions.
Correct conclusions? Probably not, but hey that's what Glen is for. To have his hopes and dreams crushed before he can even have them.
"To be honest I hadn't actually been following along with that case too closely. I was not aware it was at all related to our hostess's goal. Though do I wonder how the budget for the Ministry of Silence has fared since this whole thing started. They have a lot of silencing to do right now after all." Glen spoke up again, rubbing at the back of his ear absently, seemingly completely unbothered and okay with Arinne's rebuff. Though he had been a bit tempted to mention that this basically was an office meeting, just at a very fancy office and with a higher than usual percentile composed of magi.
You didn't joke around with a new boss, and this one seemed like the type to take everything personally. So doubly so not even the tiniest bit of humor. With that in mind, Glen decided to offer his own opinion before she decided that silence on the matter was also offensive to her tastes, "But from what you've all said so far, we have a medical miracle of a mage who can teleport the organs out of a person before they even put up a fight. And they don't bother hiding the bodies the same way when they probably could, so they clearly don't care if someone comes after them. Assuming there's a purpose that makes any sense might be a bit of a stretch with the kind of crazy guy who makes a mess that big and leaves it for everyone to see. You want to assume there is a reason and guess at why, well I'm gonna guess not a one of us is a master of divination so it'll be just that, guessing. I think it's safe to say we don't know enough about our killer to say anything about why."
Glen had arrived at the Tower early today, London traffic having treated him far too well. The summons had been annoying but impossible to ignore, so he had simply made his way to this lonesome lounge and waited. The rest of the room's occupants hadn't drawn any interest from him, and after a few minutes of absently waiting after his arrival he decided to take a seat in one of the many chairs set around the table, pulling it out, turning it off to the side, and then just sitting down in it.
Facing the wall.
There wasn't anything more interesting to see if he looked the other way anyway. Just an arriving entourage that did not demand his attention. He'd know when the one in charge arrived; she certainly seemed to be the sort that was unable to abide not making herself known the instant she arrived.

And with her arrival the young master made it clear just how deeply he'd underestimated her. That simply could not have been a real, genuine laugh. At least she made it plain that she didn't care the tiniest bit about anyone else here.
But she did ask a question, so it was somewhat necessary to answer.
Glen spoke up, turning his head back towards the crowd and the mage who had decided to selfishly take command of his life, "Synergistic management solutions? It's what my last boss decided to call everyone in for a meeting on his first day in the office. This kinda seems like an everyone meeting."
I can write? Oh thank god, I know how to write, but I am absolutely horrible at finding pictures. The angels must have blessed me on this fine day that I won't besmirch a thread with some random picture of a famous person that everyone is gonna stare at me for. Let's see what my brain can come up with then. Hopefully it'll give me something reasonable.
Okay so seeing as this is open, I think I might be interested in writing up a character for this, even though it's a lot larger population than my usual.
But I'm kinda new to the actual community here on RPG so I do have a couple questions
- Real faceclaims only.

I have absolutely no idea what a faceclaim is and I'm not sure I'm getting any actual idea of it from trying to just search the term on the forum.
Also I'm really unaccustomed to the whole idea of just using an image for a character, instead of a written appearance. After the first several look arounds though I'm starting to very quickly realize that they are by far the norm here in most threads I've looked into, but I have no idea what the right way to go about getting a pic like that is or where to even begin searching for something. I would love if someone could point me in the right direction regarding that.
Gooooooood Galdrin, let the hate flow through you.

Then again Galdrin wanting the bird dead is literally just him vicariously living through me because I've nearly committed to just smashing him into a pile of ash like 4 times already and just barely resisted doing so.
Popping in to express interest, though I don't know how many people you're planning to take along on this journey.
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