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Heya peeps!!

This here is your Girlie :] (in light of current violence in our world its about time for me to change my username. So just call me Girlie now.) And to be honest, bottomline: I'm just a chick who likes to pretend to be something she's not. ;P And! I try to be polite too okay! So let me know if i'm being just one rude bitch right!!

But if it must be known then I try to delve very deep into the nuances of the make-believe presented to me. And I'm pretty aggressive with plot-lines; I like to lead how things go. But I am pretty open to working with plots with others as long as my chara has already been accepted ;PP

I love off-the-beaten-path fantasy, but I love any kind of fantasy overall. But... okay so like yeeeeahhh... weakness? I'm a sucker for modern 'urban fantasy' for sure... ;DD My charas are pretty much 'broken goods' in terms of mental states and they are always gay; they will hump your girlie charas when we fade to black (I don't do the redband porno posts tho cuz eww ;PP).

I'm trying to branch out and do sci-fi and modern combat so please do be patient with my noobness ;PP But I'm loving my time here at the 'Guild so yeeeeeaaah!

Hope to join in on your adventures soon!! :]

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I've no idea about any of those games but Lovecraft I get so yeeeeah interested and will wait to see the OoC then :]

Sounds crazier than my ex! That's a good thing... ;DDD

Gunna wait to see the ooc to see if the nitty-gritty RP stuff works for me then.
Oooohhh... interested!

Will wait for OOC to get more info and see what's good then. :DD
Very interesting premise but not one I'd like to RP. Imma pass but good luck, peeps.

Interested but I'll wait to see the OOC before committing.

~The Grand Kingdom of Kron-Nesis

It was an exhausting two weeks of prep and ritual but well worth it.

Her name was Moon. And she was on time.

A well built and quite exquisite female Dark Elf sauntered into the crowds of the 'prized Jewel' of all of Telduria, so she was told. Shoulder length wheat gold hair swished this way and that as her head quickly darted in seemingly too many directions at once. Big bright red eyes took in the hustle and bustle and golden glory that was the Crown of Kron-Nesis. An awe-struck expression held upon the dusky skinned face of Moon, in part playing her role and in part true overstimulation.

How long had it been since she had been here last? Such changes. Such splendour. Such over-indulged excess. The Assassin of the Underhanded should sneer in great distaste with even greater hypocrisy; she was getting paid by such people neck deep in over-indulged excess afterall. But as Moon? No, Moon would be a stranger here in a strange land.

Perhaps she stood out. She was a tall Dark Elf dressed in full Hunter gear and garb, complete with stereotypical bow, arrows, woodland trinkets and facial tattoos. Even the way she moved was more wild and feral when she move through the masses of civilized and cultured folk here. But that was Moon; she would be who she was even outside and away from the comfort of her forests. A small human child wandered up to the blonde elf and just stared. And here was where she found herself at odds with being who she was supposed to be.

A cold hearted assassin would never have their emotions betray them. But this little thing melted that ice in her veins and heart just a bit. Every persona the Assassin took from roots of her very being; it was how she learned to sell her act and actions as someone else. The Assassin never cared for it but Moon? Moon always wanted a daughter. And so Moon could not help but smile at the child, bright red eyes glowing with much warmth and welcome. The tall Hunter lowered herself to eye level with the redheaded and freckle-faced cuteness.

“Toh-bat hannath. Nos ta kawentha, thoshus-mi…” said Moon warmly, no trace of the Assassin in her voice at present, “Hail to you. What is your name, Miss Girl?”

“You have red eyes. Are you evil…?” responded the seven year-old redhead.

A nervous and lingering chuckle fell from Moon’s mouth. “No, child,” said Moon, heavy in Dark Elf accent, “not right now. But… maybe later…?”

“Oh. Okay. But you’re still a stranger…” said the pretty girl levelly.

“Hmmm… let’s fix that. My name is Moonthasa Kolhelena Mi-Valiantis. My Mother is Kolhelena Faselnthan Mi-Valiantis. We are Hunter caste of the extinct Valiantis Clan. Toh-bat hannath. You may call me Moon. What shall I call you, pretty girl?”

“Aye, a pretty girl, I am. Pffff... I know, I know. And I’m En. Me mum is Carol—”

Enna! Come away from that... that thing! Get over here now!” called out Carol, En’s mum.

“Aye, mum! Comin'! I have to go. Fair tidings, Ms. Moon.” An adorable curtsy did the little redhead give the red-eyed elf before giggling and bounding off back towards Mum.

There should be no pang in her heart, but there was. The seven year-old girl’s name was Enna. The Assassin knew another girl named Enna once upon a time in Bradles Worth. Bright, pink heat rose at her cheeks as she slowly stood to her full six-foot tall height. A wistful smile she held upon her lips as she just merely nodded at the back of the redhead as the girl scampered back to the safety of mum’s arms.

Little did the Assassin know just how much she looked like her birth-father right at this moment. But then again, she did know that to alter her physicality, she needed to tap into her ancestry and bloodline during her rituals and prep. And as her birth-father would have done, she closed her eyes, shrugged with palms up to the heavens above, and let out a small laugh before continuing along her way.


~The Southern Jewel

The information and instructions given by Gia led her to two more contacts, one of which was another planted member of her brethren Underhanded. She was a burly, medium-height and pretty halfling; the dwarf/human, Tannae. This auburn headed halfling was actually a stationed royal guard and Moon’s pure token into the Southern palace. The two acted as if they had just met but of course they had known each other for near two decades now. And to this day, the Assassins never had the pleasure of bedding each other. Yet.

“Still no? Hmph. Too stubborn as always…” whispered Moon before parting from the Royal Guard.

“Nay. Too straight, love…” whispered Tannae with a small scoffing laugh.

“Given the chance, I will have you ‘bent’ for me…”

“Hmph. Tis known that this here lass is quite… flexible… a coy wink with a glint in Tannae’s dark eyes.

“Oooohhhh reeeeeally… For the best you stretch first then. Do not want to break you after all…”

“You cannae handle all of this, sister. You will not be able to sit right for weeks…”

Both chuckled softly, resisted the urge to embrace, and merely nodded at each other as they parted ways.

Past the pond and into the grotto she went, senses all upon high alert, yet face placid with lips hinting at a small smile. It was here where she was told to meet with the Grand Marshal. And here she would wait. Matron was rather particular when it came to the Underhanded dealing with those from Kron-Nesis.

For the most part, political intrigue and subterfuge was not this Assassin’s particular specialty but when she was told to do what she was told to do from Matron herself, there was no denying her. That and all of the Underhanded were absolutely loyal and representative for Matron; she had not once led them astray. Unless of course, they deserved it. Failure in Matron’s eyes was only pardoned and forgiven with a stilled heart afterall.

That and she knew that when Gia was involved, Matron would always allow her stars to shine. Gia was always there for her to clean-up after Mercie was done. Gianna was one of the best in the business to execute a cover up. Mercaidi was one of the best in the business to just execute.

Footfalls she could hear coming towards her. Red eyes closed slowly, allowing her to calm her heart and focus in on the cadence and gait of the person coming towards her. Red eyes opened just as slowly. She recognized who was fast approaching. A hint of a smirk pulled up at her lips and hands slid to weapons at her hips as she made ready to greet them.


The 'meet and greet' went better than expected.

Near a low hung torch she stood now and ignited a rolled parchment and used it to light up her pipe. As she took several puffs to stoke the herbs, flowers, hair and dried blood in the bowl of her pipe, she watched as the parchment became completely engulfed in flame. Red eyes reflected the bright flames and at the last second, she dropped the remaining bit of parchment. She had to ensure the scripture penned upon the scroll was never seen by another pair of eyes ever again.

For ten full minutes she stood, eyes rolled up into her head, trembling everyso often as if only to let an onlooker know that she was still alive. And when she was done, she finally took a strained inhale and fell to her knees. Her only act for the next few minutes was to make soft sobs and gulps of air as she rolled onto her side, a death grip upon her pipe in one clenched fist. The other hand clawed and scratched at the earth as if such action would increase the airflow back into her body.

"Tsk-tsk-tsk... looks painful, that does. So. Found what ye seek, love...?"

A bemused, almost teasing voice, whispered hot breath at her dusky and pointed ear. It was Tannae.

"Aye. Aye I did. I have seen her. It is done. She has been sighted. Now, please take me to the Grand Marshal, sister."

"Of course. Deep breath then, love. Aaaaaand..."

Tannae cleared her throat then immediately the Royal Guard snatched Moon and pulled her up by the hair with a very rough yank, "Whacha' think yer doin' out here?! Get y'arse up, girlie!"

"Umph..! I'm lookin' for the encampm-- Urkkk!!" Moon found herself being guided away by a vice grip of a shoulder lock.

"Tis not where I tol'ya t'go! Right then... I'll show ya whacha lookin' for! Let's go, girlie!" A rather solid and no-holding-back kick from a steel tipped boot planted square in Moon's rear end and the Dark Elf let out a genuine yelp.

"Oi! Unneccessarily over done embellishment, sister...!"

"For the sake of 'authenticity...'! Aaaaaaand oh besides, love... but ya always knew you had that comin' fer yeeeeears!"

"Cur! You're enjoyin' this...?!?! Ooohhhh... you just wait-- Urkkkk!"

Another swift kick. And oh yes, did Tannae ever enjoy roughing up her pervie Underhanded sister all the way to the Grand Marshal's whereabouts.


Still live, still here. Just had a looooooot of parties and prep this past couple of weeks. I should have a post up by this weekend.

Lovely. ^^
I'll get the OP up tomorrow after work.

Does that mean Mercie Approved to go into the Chara thread?

Here is Mercie. I left out her starting location till I could figure out with whom she would be allied

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