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Current Cuz people got me, got me questionin' where is the love.
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Hmmmm... name change time?
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Here to drop dem bombas bitches yeeeee!!


Heya peeps!!

I have a huge username so you can just call me daBomba if you want! :] (in light of current violence in our world its about time for me to change my username) And to be honest, bottomline: I'm just a chick who likes to pretend to be something she's not. ;P And! I try to be polite too okay! So let me know if i'm being just one rude bitch right!!

But if it must be known then I try to delve very deep into the nuances of the make-believe presented to me. And I'm pretty aggressive with plot-lines; I like to lead how things go. But I am pretty open to working with plots with others as long as my chara has already been accepted ;PP

I love off-the-beaten-path fantasy, but I love any kind of fantasy overall. But... okay so like yeeeeahhh... weakness? I'm a sucker for modern 'urban fantasy' for sure... ;DD My charas are pretty much 'broken goods' in terms of mental states and they are always gay; they will hump your girlie charas when we fade to black (I don't do the redband porno posts tho cuz eww ;PP).

I'm trying to branch out and do sci-fi and modern combat so please do be patient with my noobness ;PP But I'm loving my time here at the 'Guild so yeeeeeaaah!

Hope to join in on your adventures soon!! :]

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well im back if anyone is still here; been in a cabin in the backwoods for a month. Really nice to have internet again. I posted in case we are still going. If not so be it.

Yeeeeeaahhh... guess you didn't get the memo. As per the grand-bossy-boss @Mokley's command, this RP is done and filed away for now 😔
Its like Lost! But with Griffins, gods and homicidal children! Click the link 2 posts up...

...ya know ya waaaaaaant it...! 😘
@Mokley Ummmm... there's like at least 3 others to post up yet sooooo... like shouldnt we wait for them first? Maybe wait for them to further their actions before pushing on without them...? Idk maybe its just me but I think that's fair to request.
C and Akira are gonna be BEST of friends @Girlie1Bomba

Nah. Gunna be special friends. Like in this song...

Just. Like. In. This. Song.

Special Frieeeeeeeeeeeeends...

Another set of disdaining clicks escaped Cheri’s lips. But the wry smile and glint in those dark eyes were undeniable. Regardless of the bullshit setup and campy overacting, the real-time-Jumanji special effects were simply wonderful, all things considered. The ‘spread of decay and horrors oooohhhhh…’ was really well done to the point of allowing Cheri to actually imagine a sweeping yet janky orchestral tune to go along with it. Some time ago when Cheri was not Cheri but someone else entirely, she sub-headlined in a big musical production in the city, so she knew quality when she saw it.

No, she was not a technical, nor lighting, nor make-up and FX wizard, but she truly was impressed; so much so she let out a small laugh. The ‘smells of decay and horrors oooooohhhh..’ was a nice, nice touch. In fact, her mind had changed from utter outrage from the fact that ‘there could be a poor tiger out there on the loose and so many little children would be in danger! Victims! Victims!’ to that of—

“Yeeeeeeeahhhh… shoot. Ai’ight then. This is actually pretty dope, y’all...” a bashful ‘tsssss’ sound she let out.

But then suddenly she pointed accusingly at the group huddled together: desperate white lady in danger, reeeeally tall heroic-ish tourist dude, and eccentric plant (an actor in on the ruse) with the oddly sexy floral get up, bod and look, "y’all over here, doe… take some lessons. Not you, sir, you just an easy tourist mark that fell for it. But you twooooo…? Sista’, y’all too pitchy and over-actory stressy. And you Mr. Sista,’ that straight razor followed up wit dat ‘rage screech’ was way, way, way, like swing, batta-batta’ swing waaaaay over the top. Like check yo’self, bruh. But yo makup and wardrobe… uhm-uhm-uhhhhmm... lit af, boi…! I’mma defo gunna meet y’alls director and producers fo’sho…!”

What actually sold her that the production was legit was when the boy, dressed up like a man-child-Bambi, popped up and called them over. 'Dorbs..! No way they would let a child actor up in here if the tiger was not an experienced veteran animal actor with a professionnal and proper handler/trainer. A smile, a genuine and shining one at that, lit up her face now as she picked up her bags and marched past the huddle of people to meet the people ‘behind the scenes.’ That and she wanted to pet the tiger. A real live TIGER!!

She passed by the reeeally tall, heroic-ish tourist dude that proclaimed he was some kind of saviour leading the wounded and weary out from this ‘lair of abomination and horrors ooooohhh…’ A long-lashed wink she shot him and flashed him a smile as she passed, “S’alright, hero-maaaan…! We gunna’ be A1-A-OK-G.I. Joe, real American hero-like… por supuesto, son….!”


A giggle could not help but escape her lips as vines nearly nuzzled up against her nose, arms and neck. Because they were probably a latex compound of some sort, she did not want to touch them. And so Cheri faked one way then went the other, strutting on into the bathroom entrance without letting them touch her. FX props sometimes gave her rashes when made of certain latex compounds afterall.

As she made her way into the opening ‘created by the sonic BOOM! roar of a tiger oooooooh…’ she slung the bags over her shoulder and shook her head at the marvellous set design piece she was walking into. ‘Daaaaaaayaaaaammmm…!” gasped Cheri, eyes wide, shimmering and shining just like a little girl who walked into Sugar Island Candy Emporium for the first time.

By now, she actually felt jealous for not being in on this eloabourate and gorgeous production. So she set out to chat up the actors before finding the creators of the prank. Cheri saw the other tourist dude, nodded at him then looked around for the Gundam-thingie and the plant actor who played the 'Cook.' Actually, this guy was pretty good as the lead for the setup. Natural and convincing. Kind of funny too.

She was okay with a quick peek-a-boo here regardless of all the cameras around recording her. Meeting the creators of this prank and then petting a live tiger would be sooooooo worth it. And besides... Icognito! She had her hood on anywaaaaays. And besides even that, it was just gonna be a quick meet n’ greet here and as soon as that was that, she would rescue a kind citizen from the burden of a car and be well on her way out of here well before nightfall.

“Pretty freaky cool, amirite,” Cheri called out to the tourist dude with the camera. The tall woman tossed him an upward chinbob then proceeded to take another sweeping gaze of the surroundings before resting her dark eyes upon the Cook actor, “Man, y’alls budget must be straight up right outta' James Cameron’s wallet, bro!”

A small laugh she gave up then long legs marched confidently, yet with enough hip bump, over to the Cook actor. “Nailed it, man. Killed your role. You good. You gooooood… that whole ‘in ya face’ moment with dude-in-dress back there..? Daaaaayaaammm… that emotion was too real, for reals... props to you and the production, Mr-- oh, sorry, din’t getcha name…?”

Even though the flying skiff was quite damaged, it still never ceased to amaze Izzy. A pale hand reached out to touch the magical machinery, now strapped to Gale’s back and no more cumbersome than a fifty foot of thick rope. Perhaps as bulky but nay, not as heavy it would seem. But before she could touch it, she recoiled as Gale half-turned to face her, yet Izzy's hand was caught by the strong, stout WindRider.

The tall redhead allowed herself to be yanked and pulled up and away from the shores and onto the rocky overhang. The dark bodies scattered below seemed incapacitated and inert, but they were still there; the Hollows did make Izzy fearful regardless of the former Flame’s bravado. A sigh of relief she let out as soon as she made her way over the rocks and made her way once more through the mushroom fields.


There was much to interject whilst listening to Gale spout off and explain about the devastating Wind God and the dangerous Kith, however, she kept her pink lips shut. The description of the Kith hit too much too close to home in her heart. No, Isabellia did not have children, much to her Mama’s chagrin, but yes, Isabellia could understand the despair of a mother who has lost child to the enemy. A shiver ran down her spine.

Of course, she knew the ways of raids, terror, and stealing of babes.

“Yo ho…”

As the Unequalled Flame, Captain of The Enchanting and commanding an armada of pirates, such ways were spearheaded by Isabellia Courtana Fauranios. It was her damned job and she did it very, very well. Pale fingers pinched tight at her tricorn hat. She made as if to snug the ol’ thing down over her brow, but it was a hidden gesture. It was a gesture of affirmation in respects to the resolute yet damned pirate at present.

“Oh they are not called Kith from whence this lass came, Ms. Gale. Not gigantic, they be, but quite monstrous, be they. Yet hidden in plain sight, be they, love. Aye, they take, and aye again one thousandfold, aye, they do take babbies grow 'em into one and the same as they. A blight upon every honest existence they are.

"And when due time comes, they will be tortured with eternity’s says so, swimmin', lost in the haunted dark of boilin' hell deeps. All in due time, Ms. Gale, but… But do know they keep their own and keep 'em very well they do, I say. They will never stray from the fire.

"Where I come from, love, of the known terrors, the ones this lass do know of are called Daemon Squalls...”

She had sobered up some, but by all holiest of holes, did Ms. Izzy ever need a drink at the moment.

“Yo ho, an’ a bottle o’ rum…”


Izzy took to a knee and watched as the ‘girl’ and the griffin traipsed on by. Steely blues narrowed as she gauged the direction of the pair and wondered why they would take to foot if the beast had wings and why take to foot when the Kith lass had magical monstrous powers. Perhaps injury? Perhaps out of magicks? Or perhaps like Gale and Izzy herself, trying to keep a low profile?

Whatever the case, Izzy did not do the same as Gale and cursed internally. A metal weapon is metal and even in the dark neath the stars, any light source, say like a blue one in the distance, could glint off of it and make keen onlookers aware of your position. Amateurish move was amateurish, but the move was done regardless and so Izzy would have to roll with it. Besides, perhaps Gale’s blade was probably just as magical as her magical skiff and the blade needed to be drawn so that it could somehow unfold into a gigantic cannon or three? Maybe…? Izzy smirked, half scoffing yet half hopeful that such a foolish idea was not so foolish afterall.

She reached down to her thigh to at least palm her daggers— correction, dammit. Dagger. Singular. The other one must have been lost during the skiff crash at sea. So instead, she reached down and slipped her trousers and skivvies down to mid-thigh. Slowly and methodically, she very, very carefully extracted her special item. Izzy called it her ‘baby unicorn’s horn,' Mama called it ‘that disgusting dentata.’

But whatever the case, it truly was magnificent and did look like a lovingly and expertly carved baby unicorn’s horn. But its magic was not in its art and craftsmanship’s appeal. No, for it was more than just merely an art piece; the tip was sharp and pressure sensitive.

You see, the baby unicorn’s horn was hollow inside and carried in it what many from her circles would know as ‘Daemon Squall Spice.’ But this was not the trafficked version of ‘The Spice.’ Nay, this was not cut with other such agents to reduce it’s potency. This was the most potent of potent psychotropic Daemon narcotics; it was one-hundred percent pure and would wreck a man for thirteen days straight before lucid moments returned.

And she hoped that it would do the same to the monster lass and her monster cat-chicken.

Izzy slid her trouser back up to decent levels then made sure Gale was nowhere near the business end of the baby unicorn’s horn. With a sideways glance she nodded at Gale with a sly smirk and waited for the WindRider’s lead. It was hard not to welcome the heat of anticipation well up inside her. Not everyday one could say they were ready and set to do battle with a Kith and a griffin armed with nothing but sharp metal and illegal narcotic substances.

@MokleyHeya boss. Soooo just checking everyone knows we putting this RP on the shelf for now?
@Traveler hasn't been around for 4 days without notifying us. So welp... Seen this all before and thinking that this RP is DOA.
Edit: Just been informed that production has been shut down peeps. Sorry bout that. 😔
Strangers in a strange land is awesome and I'm down for it. But I'm in the mindset that we flash forward and say we are already a crew that has served together. And thinking that maybe a common goal is to get back to the Frightful.

But if we go pure strangers in a strange land Imma switch up my chara cuz Lucky is just too much quirky weirdo for me to that style.

Still down for reboot/retool the RP😘
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