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Just checking in! Anyone working/planning on a post? I guess no sense in waiting the whole 7 days if everyone's waiting on me, haha.

All good boss ;DD

Can't wait to get the crew assembled. :]
@Zhaliora Heya boss. So like in our posts how much control of the situated area do we have?

For example I want my chara to actually be looking get a favour in return for doing a job. So here is my premise:

Mercie needs to get onto a caravan, or preferably a boat, that is going north up Lake Victorine as far as she can get. But as payment, she has to do a 'job.' I haven't decided whether it be an assassination or espionage thing but I don't want to step on any plot toes by just doing something without running this by you first. Also I don't have it in detail in her sheet but she would have some form of Guild contact here hidden in the quiet and quaint fisher town.

So once I know how this all works then I start up a post then :] Thanks ya!
Good points all! I'll think about it a bit more, probably make it an optional thing to participate in, and maybe only occasionally for certain posts or situations where more info behind the scenes might help greatly in moving plot -- but not always in a direction you'd expect. The primary inspiration here is in-person tabletop, where the GM and players have the opportunity to clarify with one another what's happening and why, after the narrative has been told.

It seems, as has been indicated, that it's the kind of thing that'd need to be put in practice before it can be judged too much. We'll try it a little to begin with, and expand or quit according to what feels right. :D

Heya boss. Like i think that what also helps is if we establish the tone and set it in motion.

Cuz like for the other RP with you that I'm in , it's all wild, whacky and whimsical, but for this one... it sounds all dreary and hopeless. Ever seen that movie The Road? Ughs. Kinda like that.

Washed ashore, stranded on an island with Peter pan lost boys kinda children sounds kinda frightening really to me. Unlessssss... like of course the tone is meant to be Peter Pan? BUT! Like the music and art imagery samples seems less like Peter Pan and more like Pan's Labyrinth...

And like if that is the tone you're goin for then I see why ya wanna 'frame' the progression of the RP. Like a director. But a liberally creative one ;DD

But like that said, daBomba is down for whatever we get going :]
@Mokley yeeeeah boss! daBomba is down with trying this out. It's kinda like more directed than spontaneous but makes for nicer flow. But! Like with still room for surprises ;DD
@Ronin Lotusokay. Sounds good boss. I won't be able to post till Sunday. But before then Imma have some questions and clarifications. Later this evening I'll toss em atcha :]

@Blubaron45 Heya! Just wondering if you gonna post still?

@Mokleyreason I ask is I was just wondering if there was enough time for familiarity between the survivors. But at any rate for my chara, she would have kept to herself anyways.
@Mokley I may have overlooked this but what is the longest time any one of our charas may have been aboard the Forgery?
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