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At least a few have stuck around. Thats always nice :p
Werewolfs and vampires are hunted pretty thoroughly by most races. Which makes having a pack hard, or a vampire covern. They are mostly hidden away in the dark corners of the world.
Which would make playing them hard, but that's part of the fun in my opinion.

I'll add in that vampires can hide all of their vampiric features when they're not directly in sunlight and they'll show more and more the longer it has been since they fed.

The sun and how often they have to feed are way more important for a new vampire than an ancient one.
A truly ancient vampire can go years between feedings and just feel slightly annoyed by the sun while a new needs to feed every day and the sun burns the skin.
@Girlie1Bomba it's open for anyone and probably always will be.
OOC up but not fully finished.
But enough should be up that you can start thinking about character ideas.
I'm not fully finished on writing up all the things, but it's mostly explained in the opening. Send me a PM with your character once you're done or if you want more information.

The rules are quite simple.
Normal RPG rules along with a few extra.

Don't be an ass. Ass away IC if you want to, but be in character.

Actions have consequences. If you LEEEROY into a horde, you're gonna die. Nuff said.

Don't post in Characters until I've approved the character. I prefer you send the character to me in a PM.

Solve arguments in PM's between the two/more of you. If you can't work it out, create a PM convo with me in it as well.

NO GIFS....or faceclaims, just no. At least IC and in Character sheets. OOC is for fun.

The world of Telduria is filled with dangers and opportunities. The world is made up of numerous factions, kingdoms and alliances. Most of the time there is relative peace but every now and then wars and skirmishes breaks out. There is a council of nations which tried to mediate peace between the nations. Each nation is represented along with the guilds which span the world.

The guilds have an invested interest in keeping the peace due to how they work across the borders. The different nations make up half of the council while the guilds make up the second half. The balance in the world is on a life's edge. A powder keg waiting to blow, but no one dares to make the first move.

After the formation of the adventures guild and the mercenary guild most nations dissolved their militaries and instead the army is more of a policing force than an offensive one while the guilds hunt down dangerous creatures and monsters that appears in the world.

The nations have changed their ways from war to one of assassination, espionage, economics and diplomacy. World leaders don't tend to survive very long if they don't have guards with them at all times.

While officially there is no assassin's guild or thievs guild they do sure exist and are thriving like never before in the current political climate. That and the other guilds don't stop them since they also hire their services from time to time.

The various temples and religions have no official power part from some nations which are based around a belief. In actuality though they have considerable powers since they control the masses just as well as the rulers themselves. Get on their bad side and you might just find an assassin coming for you.

The world is there for you to explore, exploit or serve. Which path with you take? Honour? Nobility? Perhaps a darker path? Its up to you to decide.

You can assume a lot of what they do by their names. I'm mostly going to add where they are located (HQ), who leads them, and such.

Existing guilds

Unofficial guilds

A plathera of player races

Assume typical fantasy races until I write up more about them. With the pros and cons of each race. For example a vampire is most likely going to get hunted if exposed, making it harder to play as one. But as a tradeoff they are much faster, stronger, and live eternally.

Basic character sheet
Name The name that the character goes by
Titles Have you received, or hold any titles?
Age Duh
Race Until I write more about the races, assume typical fantasy
Training Have you received any formal training?
Equipment what you're slugging around
Spell skills Do you have any talent with magic?
Other skills Any other skills that are useful?
Affiliation Are you affiliated with any nation or order?
Personality A quick rundown of personality
History How did you become who you are today?
About halfway done with the OOC.
Since I've caught a pretty bad migraine I've not been able to work too much on the actual writing part. I've got it all thought out but not onto "paper" yet.
I updated the first post with some bullet points of what to expect when it comes to basic background and character creation.
@Croissant Length is more important when it's solo posts with little interaction between players and GM controlled NPC actions.
Otherwise grammar, character development and depth are more important. Along with a very clear separation between character knowledge and player knowledge.
I am a sucker for descriptions but it should not disrupt the flow of the post.
If you're unsure about if it's enough for my standards; send me a writing example.

I'll start working on the OOC tomorrow since at least four players have shown interest.
Perhaps I can rope in the two uncertain ones. ;)
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