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I have been writing as a hobby for around eighteen years now (wow does that make me sound old). I have been a regular member and roleplayer of no less than eight different online forums during that time (including the old RPG), five six of which no longer exist.

I was previously a regular on the Homestuck forums, but I became so sick of thread turnover there that I asked around and eventually found the Guild. Since joining, I have exclusively only participated in Advanced RPs. Before Mahz gave NRPs their own subforum, I used to be an NRP regular in the Advanced Subforum.

If you ask anybody who has written with me in previous RPs, they should tell you that I have a generally open schedule, I post regularly and in a timely fashion, and I never drop an RP once I join unless the thread dies. Some of them may tell you that I have extensive expertise within the realms of Biology, Psychology, and Physics, which I will make no effort to validate since there is no way I can provide hard proof of aforementioned alleged expertise to anybody over the internet (though I am happy to try and answer any questions you send my way).

My favorite fandom is the Myst franchise, which seemingly nobody other than me has ever heard of.

I was a Contest Moderator for the Writing Contests Subforum for just a little bit over two years. I wrote the Moderation Policy for that subforum and I ran a contest called the Twelve Labours; you can still go there and see all of them and the entries people wrote for them in the Contests Section and the Victory Archives.

I have been quadruple secret banned from the guild chat. That is not a joke.

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I have already posted all the information about my character that I feel is necessary to divulge at this time and I am ready to begin whenever the rest of you are.
Fairly interested. Starting work on a NS, I will be around in the discord later to ask a few questions.
- The Conceit of Prophecy -

A bardic song thought to have been written during the closing days of the Era of Heroes, during the life of the Prophetess. The written score and lyrics were discovered within a subterranean barrow in the Republic of Vitium. According to notation accompanying the score, it was written by an individual who identified themselves as a 'Questor of Matathran,' no such land or region is known to have ever existed in Askor, and likewise
no such title or profession is known to have ever existed.

The song is intended to be played on a six-stringed lute in (quite unusually) Aeolian Mode, with notation indicating the piece's nature as tavern or campfire music. The lyrics are written in a mocking and derisive tone and as though addressed to a specific, individual, unknown listener. Contemporary scholars theorize the piece to be a form of political commentary, and agree that although the notion of Prophecy features prominently within the song's topic, the Prophetess is likely not the song's subject or intended recipient - further confusing the possible date the original score may have been written.


Let it never be said you were not warned,
Let it never be said they did not keep their word.
Here you lie, lain low and torn,
Still ignorant of what you heard.

You were warned there would be death,
But why heed the conceit of prophecy?
And yet alas you take your final breath
Perhaps the prophet knew better than thee.

Your death was not a natural thing,
No native fit of age or fear.
Hear the lornful calls of your own house,
Who cry the prophecy's conceit was dear.

The prophet spoke to thee of bravery,
Of how brazenly you bore
Your coward's heart upon thy sleeve,
That your doom was hence assured.
For how could such a witless heel
Shore up a crumbling world?

You were warned there would be death,
But why heed the conceit of prophecy?
And yet alas you take your final breath
Perhaps they knew better than thee.

And who was this loon,
This dire fool,
Who foresaw an end that loomed?
What conceit did the prophet bear,
To think that their word was dear?

Did you think fate might be denied,
Confusing indolence for favor?
Did you think your choice was mercy,
That you could steer the tides of nature?
Did you think your life was hale,
Whilst your form became as vapor?

You were warned there would be death,
But why heed the conceit of prophecy?
And yet alas you take your final breath
Perhaps they knew better than thee.

Now your works are but tattered dreams;
Your only legacy is their own word complete.
A coward you are, with your coward's reward,
While the prophet's joy is now replete.

Do not protest or beg of no fault of your own,
For no poison was sowed, no enemies known,
You ripped out the roots beneath your own lands,
And your neighbors decry the work of your hands.
The land was hearty and ripe for the harvest,
But all the fruits of your labor were trod on and tarnished.
Without cultivation endeavored with care,
The growth of the land withered and vanished,
Under your coward's hand and your coward's stare.

You were warned there would be death,
But why heed the conceit of prophecy?
And yet alas you take your final breath
Perhaps they knew better than thee.
Tracy Guiomar
That shady nervous guy.

"I do not have the time or nerves for your drama right this second, ok?"

Name: Tracy Guiomar
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Occupation: Busybody
Cyberware: Absolute nothing. Tracy is pure flesh and bone, so it would seem.
Equipment: Nothing but the clothes on his back and a duffle-bag filled with more clothes. He does not even carry a wallet. The nerve of this guy.

I will have something for you all soon.
No, I was under the impression it was a setting lore document. Disregard, as you were.
I am all the willing to manage those things as they come, @Hekazu. All I would ask is that if anyone has lore they wish to add to the document, that they please inform me as soon as possible. I say this so I can prioritize getting universal understanding about it out with the reference portion. Assuming you choose someone else, I strongly recommend they begin on such a project for all our sake.

Could I get a link to the document as well, for viewing purposes? For those of us without access to the RPG Discord Server.
While the idea is thematically apt, what possible motive could an AI have to be involved with Davidson missing? It might be better for a future character idea, but for an initial character it seems somewhat removed.
My present idea for a character is a twitchy, anxiety-prone bean-counter who claims to have been one of the Detective's 'little helpers.' Extremely jumpy and always looking over their shoulder. Knows more than than should. Useful at times, but untrusting and obviously has a different agenda than anyone else. They will have a lot of utility oriented skills, a fast mouth, and a silver tongue (whenever they are not about to swallow it).

Character sheet pending.
I also like the sound of his status being unknown, not only does it service the existence of multiple parties, but with his fate unknown it encourages people to only (initially) submit characters interested in the investigation itself. Sort of hard to introduce big cats when the stakes are so nebulous. This should let everyone get a feel for the setting and brainstorm about how they want the world to develop.

On that note, do we have an intended start date, or maybe some templates to work with? As to the latter, if we do not I could whip one up for everyone to use.
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