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I have been writing as a hobby for around eighteen years now (wow does that make me sound old). I have been a regular member and roleplayer of no less than eight different online forums during that time (including the old RPG), five six of which no longer exist.

I was previously a regular on the Homestuck forums, but I became so sick of thread turnover there that I asked around and eventually found the Guild. Since joining, I have exclusively only participated in Advanced RPs. Before Mahz gave NRPs their own subforum, I used to be an NRP regular in the Advanced Subforum.

If you ask anybody who has written with me in previous RPs, they should tell you that I have a generally open schedule, I post regularly and in a timely fashion, and I never drop an RP once I join unless the thread dies. Some of them may tell you that I have extensive expertise within the realms of Biology, Psychology, and Physics, which I will make no effort to validate since there is no way I can provide hard proof of aforementioned alleged expertise to anybody over the internet (though I am happy to try and answer any questions you send my way).

My favorite fandom is the Myst franchise, which seemingly nobody other than me has ever heard of.

I was a Contest Moderator for the Writing Contests Subforum for just a little bit over two years. I wrote the Moderation Policy for that subforum and I ran a contest called the Twelve Labours; you can still go there and see all of them and the entries people wrote for them in the Contests Section and the Victory Archives.

I have been quadruple secret banned from the guild chat. That is not a joke.

Most Recent Posts

Untold Ages Ago
The Vyrnul Archipelago
The Island of Ssthrlihe
Mt. Mandjet
The Carmot Throne

The night was dark - there were no stars in the sky, and the moon had been occluded. Even the normally radiant lights of the surrounding den spires were but dim motes in the background. Here, at the peak of Mt. Mandjet, the very earth shone with alchemical providence - a star-like gem upon the world. No other light could compare - it drowned, saturated in the empyrean light cast by the throne by the Rashommai Matriarch. Yet the light of the mountain was dim, dusken in quality - as it enraptured and suffocated the natural light from the world around it, the air in its presence dimmed and darkened. It was 'twixt profane and hallowed at once, and so it would remain.

Until the Matriarch anointed the throne.

Lystunet - a Rashommai, one of the half-serpent, half-fair rulers of the Archpelago - swayed up the temporary, suspended ramp of ceramic. Nothing that had ever lived could make contact with Carmot without suffering transublimation, and so an elaborate network of ramps, catwalks, and suspended paths criss-crossed the peak, leading up the throne itself. Lystunet and her brood had been responsible for its assembly, which by necessity had occurred after the the peak of Mt. Mandjet had been transmuted. For her role in making the Matriarch's ascension possible, she was thus privileged to observe the ceremony as it took place. She was accompanied by her trail of slaves - pitiful and frail Humans, though not so wretched and stained as their ilk were wont to be. These specimens had been thoroughly sterilized in every sense of the word and clad in spotless ivory samite to render them tolerable merely to proceed in her wake and tend to her whims here, at the culmination of her efforts.

Lystunet herself was a towering braid of scales, muscle, and arms. In the dark of Mandjet's peak her serpentine eyes were alight with pale, sickening light. Her visage, swathed in the dingy and oppressive light, was thankfully too unresolved in clarity to be discerned properly by her attendants.

Winding her way onto the terrace beneath the throne's dais from where the anointing would be viewed, she found waiting her peer, the Naga Ructys, augur of the Iris, who would speak on its behalf. Her form was much the same as Lystunet's own - colossal and terrible, her frame wreathed in squirming uncertainty. They greeted each other silently in the way of the highpool, subtle gestures made with their off-limbs, a nuanced shift in the posture of their midriffs and their alignment of their spines. They speak in their pitiless language with vocal cords thicker than twine, longer than a finger and more plentiful than trees in a grove.

'Augur, does all proceed according to the design of our masters?' Lystunet inquired. Her voice was gravel disturbed by rain, more defined by its volume than by its substance. Her inquiry is neither impatient nor rhetorical. She already knows the answer, but seeks confirmation.

'Yes. Our servants were wisely chosen. They render due seizen unto us in due time.' The Augur answers, and her voice is embers, popping and hissing as a log is tossed to the flames.

'...Yet upon supplication to our master, they have deemed that all which is unnecessary shall be undone. The ceremony has room enough, certainly, for those of privilege, for those of need, for those who must witness, for the reagents. No other shall be worthy of the dignity of the Demiurge who is to come.'

'I see. Is it yet certain as to all who are necessary?'

The augur's head tilts, ever so faintly in the dark. 'No. Yet soon. The chaff may yet subdominate those who presently serve our purposes. If they should fail to do so...' She silently indicates the incandescent mountainscape, the flawless, smooth, rolling curvature of the transmuted peak.

The Naga then both turn to look upon you. Your effort to evade the notice of your betters so as to evade their displeasure with your unworthy existence a failure. Their eyes are pale citrine flames. They do not move, but your skull is riven as their wills drive hooks, nails, and flensing rods into it. They do not ask of you. They determine of you. What you are is not enough.

They turn away. You are not even worthy of their attention, now. When the time comes, you shall be cast to the mountainside with the rest of the worthless chattel, insensate failures that you are, useless as anything but ceremonial offerings for the sake of formality and traditional observance. Already the other darkened forms of the Nagas' attendants approach you - they lay their equally unworthy hands upon you, sink their fingers into your flesh. You skin shall burst! You shall be torn to pieces!

You fall, screaming and flailing as they start to tear away your fingers and teeth, flailing and swiping blindly at the air. You choke on nothing and bite your tongue, your limbs feel weighted as though with lead, you cannot move...!

You blink. You are in your chambers, on the floor, ensnared within your bedsheets as your writhe in panic. They are soaked through with your sweat and tears. You glance at the door. You hear nothing in the distance - your turbulent slumber went unnoticed. Your body seethes with heat, as though you were in fever, but a chill has seized upon your nape.

You are running out of time. Your Adversaries tighten the noose around your neck.


Present Day
The Caelrumoste Archipelago
The Island of Apocea
Mannet's Bastion, Depot 4

Iikka Guiomar, newly appointed broker and ambassador for the Caelrumoste Regency, hurried through the forlorn cobbled streets of the small, desolate township that had once grace the Eastern shore of Apocea. He was perhaps 1.78 meters in height, with a slim build and lanky arms. His face was tall and thin with paunch and pale cheeks accentuating feline cheekbones and amber-colored eyes. His hair was dark, his skin an ashen bronze, and he wore the faded azure and violet robes of his newly appointed station. The surrounding dwellings were decayed and barren, and if not reclaimed soon would likely be condemned. Iikka was accompanied only by a single guardsman. Although he was now counted as one of the highest ranking political officials in all of Caelrumoste, there simply were not enough men or resources to go around to afford him a larger guard - or even so much as a carriage. He had set forth out from Old Yearning the better part of a week and a half ago with his guard, on foot, and made his way hurriedly to the coast. The roads had been crowded with haggard trains of refugees, seeking the nearest ports so they could beg and ply for passage back to their native ancestral islands, where hopefully the famine would be less severe. Thankfully, few bodies lined those same roads - otherwise unemployable mages and wrights, wearing starkly colored yellow armbands to identify them as magic-users and accompanied by haggard but wary militia watchmen, traversed the roads and cleared them of bodies, moving them to consecrated - if improvised and roughshod - burial sites a bare step above mass graves.

The foot traffic had died down as Iikka and his man had come to what remained of Mannet's Stead. There was nothing here but ruin, unless one counted the bastion. Since the township surrounding it was abandoned, at the first sign of trouble the whole lot of it could be burnt and razed to the ground, depriving potential attackers of easily fortified terrain. The Bastion itself - a six-walled fort with a renovated keep and dungeon serving as a warehouse now - was still, its wall crowded with stern and watchful sentinels manning siege engines. They would not have been able to beat off a determined and disciplined assault, but there was hardly enough of anyone or any order in all of Caelrumoste left for an actual attacking force to be either of those things.

Iikka and his guard were stopped at the portcullis leading into the interior, and the both of them were subjected to the standard battery of tests. They were stripped naked, thoroughly frisked, and dowsed. Their blood was drawn, a lock of hair cut off, and fingernails clipped away for examination. They sat in awkward, naked indignity in the middle of the road while a mage carefully examined each sample before determining that, yes, these two people were, in fact, human, and were not carrying nor recently exposed to refined Ammacre.

"You are clear. For now." The sergeant said flatly as the two of them struggled back into their clothes. "You will be reexamined every time you leave, and every time you return. So don't be doing that unless you have a fancy needs ticklin'."

"I must speak with your cohort commander immediately, under orders from the Regent." Iikka indicated glumly as he shrugged his undershirt back on. "I have a letter-"

"Found it when we searched your pack, its been verified already. You're expected." The sergeant supplied. "Corporal Raish here will be accompanying the both of you for the duration of your stay. You are not to leave his sight for any reason, or else he shall raise the alarm and we'll use you both to repaint the insides of the latrines." The sergeant smiled faintly at the thought.

Absolutely nobody commented upon the indignity or unusual nature of the conditions by which a formally appointed ambassador would visit the Bastion. Anything less during the Cursed Days could have led to the entire fort being compromised from within. The Cursed Days were over, at least in theory, but what remained of the Royal Army of Caelrumoste remained vigilant. Too many loyal soldiers, comrades-in-arms, and blood brothers had died to treachery and subterfuge. A lifetime of caution and wariness had been bred into the survivors that remained. Death waited behind each soldier's eyelids. Few of them would ever let their guard down again.

Iikka, his guard were both guided by the corporal into the keep, and down a level, where the proverbial serpent's hoard was lain under the earth. Long pallets, each stacked high with thirty-six sealed bronze coffers and secured with repurposed cords of halyard. Faint iridescent light shone betwist the seams. The supports for the roof had been very selectively sabotaged and supplemented with supports connected to switch-blocks, overseen by swarthy men with hammers. At the first sign of trouble, the whole ceiling could be brought down on the Ammacre reserves here, burying them. It was merely a token measure - any Adversary who penetrated this far in would hardly be deterred by a few hundred tons of rock and stone.

The commander for the Cohort garrisoned at the bastion awaited Iikka below, at a wooden table already prepared, graced by a map of the known world, with upholstered (if dusty) chairs already set out and a small cask of wine with goblets lain out for them. The Commander himself was on the young sign, but already hardened - and plagued. A chunk of flesh was missing from the left side of his neck, and his eyes were habitually wide and attentive. He stared right through Iikka as they clasped arms and exchanged their greetings.

"You will be sent directly to the Ivory Palace in Sanghara." He stated. "As a reminder, you are not to sell off any of the allotments to individual delegates, senators, princes, or families, at least at first. You are selling them directly to the collective assembly of the Senate. You are a representative of the sovereign authority of Caelrumoste, not a guild merchant. If you get tangled up in trying to dispose of all of...this..." He waved to the contents of the vault. "To individual parties, the biddings will get cluttered up with the dredging of all of their pissant movers trying to one-up each other. Establish a formal line of bidding between the Regency and the Republic first, and when and if you finally cave to individual offers, all sales must be finalized and notarized through the proceedings of the senate itself."

The instructions sounded almost rehearsed - which they might have been. Iikka was hardly the only ambassador being sent out abroad to manage the bulk exportation of Caelrumoste's native ammacre. It was possible the commander had recited this segue before.

"Am I already expected at the Ivory Palace itself?" Iikka inquired.

"Oh yes. At least formally. We officially sent notice and were given a receipt." The Commander said, somewhat absently. "Now whether or not that means anybody has actually seen that notice is another matter. But there is an established chain of communication. You'll have all the proper documentation and references to prior correspondence you'll need to get into the halls the proper way, although depending on how obstructive they are feeling it may take a few weeks. Or months. But if they're smart, they will lay out the Amaranth carpet for you." He paused for a moment to take a sip from his goblet, grimacing faintly at some unvoiced and unpleasant thought. "You have broad discretion otherwise to act as you see fit - but please, no bribes and graft. You do not have much of an operational budget for your stay over there. You'll barely be able to stay in laundered robes, let alone grease any palms."

"It might help if I have samples to showcase. I understand I am being sent with..." Iikka began.

"Your carrack is sailing out with a full two allotments of assorted bulk cuts." The Commander cut him off. "Varied-up shipments rather than uniform, so you have more of it to show off." He gestured to three nearby footmen, who hauled up a number of bronze coffers onto the table and began undoing their metal clasps before throwing open the lid.

Stacks of multicolored, crystalline gemstones alight with power shone from within. Shimmering gold-and-orange octahedral suns, opalescent cubes that glittered darkly with twilight, icosahedrons of blinding white brilliance, tetrahedral emeralds, rubies, and saphires the size of pebbles sparkling in heaps - all offset by a single tray of carefully wax-set and leaden-textured dodecahedrons, stark and harrowing in the absence of any internal light.

"Are those..." Iikka squinted. "...are those pieces in the wax warmage cuts?"

"Not as such. As I understand it, those are...volatile ritual cuts."

"Volatile...As in depth and density." Iikka licked at his thumb and pressed it against one of the dodecahedron's flat tops. He immediately pulled the digit back with a hiss, shaking his hand as though it had been caught in a snare, faint wisps of steam rising from the tip of his thumb as his saliva was flash-vaporized.

"Very deep. Very dense." The Commander agreed, though if he was concerned it did not show. "I believe one of the craftmages who was running deliveries said one of those could, perhaps, keep an open flame burning for twelve kalpa using one of those. Or animate something big for twelve minutes."

"Is it wise to be selling...weapons of this nature?" Iikka asked, giving the commander a look.

"Perhaps not. But perhaps wiser than keeping it here." The commander retorted. Iikka nodded somewhat sullenly in response.

"And also, I have something special for you here..." The Commander opened a smaller lockbox set near the corner of the table - within were held perhaps three-dozen or so pyramid-cut, amethyst-colored stones. Their internal light was dull.

"These are our gestalt stones for this endeavor." The commander supplied, carefully picking one of the stones out carefully with a pair of calipers. "Touch one with your bare hand, and the knowledge of every leading bid per-allotment enters your mind. We'll be giving you six of these, to distribute amongst the Senate and Assembly and one or two for yourself. However, you are advised that you should not distribute any of them until such time as you receive an initial leading bid for the allotments."

"What, so we keep our buyers in the dark until they actually put forward actual value? That's a little discourteous." Iikka commented.

"'Discourteous' would be wasting our and their time fretting about statistics they don't yet have a stake in." The commander retorted. "It's all the same either way, but the way forward is clear." He turned in his seat to look back at the vast rows and columns of the assembled pallets and the bronze coffers stacked on them.

"The sooner we can rid Caelrumoste of every scrap of Ammacre there is, the sooner we can stop looking over our shoulders, jumping at every shadow and waiting for somebody to plunge the knife."
Followup post incoming tomorrow.
Skyfarer: Captain's Edition
The Ineffable Confluence

For any fans of Fallen London/Sunless Sea out there, there is a play-by-post, discord-based roleplay starting over there based on Failbetter Game's Skyfarer tabletop system.

A familiarity with either Fallen London/the Sunless 'verse is recommended, but familiarity with Sunless Skies - which is still in early access - is not.

Resources for interested parties:

Skyfarer Rulebook:…

Skyfarer: Captain's Edition Ruleset:…

(Optional) Skyfarer Story Supplement…

A Link to FBG's Discord Server:

Once there, head to the #the-ineffable-confluence-ooc channel and check pinned messages for instructions on how to join.

But what is the roleplay actually about?!?

The roleplay itself is something of a test-platform for the Captain's Edition ruleset for Skyfarer. There is a planned overarching plot, but as it is set across the entirety of the Sunless Skies 'verse, it is initially unknown to your Captain. It is recommended that you join if you are a fan of Fallen London and want an opportunity to try out roleplay in the setting, rather than out of specific interest in the overall plot of the RP.
Skyfarer: Captain's Edition

What is Skyfarer: Captain's Edition?

Captain's edition is simply an extension off of the vanilla Skyfarer rulebook, which allows roleplayers to participate in Skyfarer in the role of Locomotive Captain. Captain's Edition features extended rules that address ways Captains can approach challenges in the Sunless Skies through the use of their crew and their locomotive. No core mechanics of Skyfarer are reworked or edited in any way - Captain's Edition simply adds to them without changing them. It is still possible to create ordinary Crew characters while using Captain's Edition, and it is entirely possible to have a roleplay with both a Captain character and Crew characters under them that are controlled by regular participating roleplayers as opposed to just the GM.

Your Captain

Your character is the Captain of their own (presumably) fine locomotive. As any zailor could tell you, any (successful) captain is an exceptional individual indeed. When filling out all the tedious paperwork and identification for your captain, use the normal character sheet and advance your Captain four times. Although your captain may start with higher maximum tenacity using their advancements, they always start the roleplay with an empty pool rather than having the usual starting two.

Note that since your Captain's profession shall (one prays) always be that of the Captain of the locomotive, they are only permitted secondary profession rolls whenever they perform an action and are personally placed In Danger, in which case they may attempt to roll again to try and get a result higher than their accumulated Peril. The highest roll is then used to determine success or failure of the action. Read more about Captains and Perilous Situations below.

Your Crew

As the Captain of a locomotive, you control a (questionably) competent crew of various backgrounds and qualities. They shall be your companions, confidantes, lackeys, minions, and should worst come to worst - either your scapegoats or bullet catchers. At the outset of your journey you will start with a number of crew equal to the crew capacity of your locomotive minus 3 (there was a bit of a tiff concerning staffing just the other day).

Whenever your Captain is out and about, you may choose to have them accompanied by a number of their crew, (ostensibly) to help keep up morale. You may leave as many as you like back at the locomotive, or otherwise instruct them to meander and malinger about locally to whatever extent you think is wise. Crew are (usually) discrete and sensitive to your needs - unless you so otherwise state, they will usually hover around in the background of the scene, out of sight and mind until they are needed. This can manifest in various ways. Perhaps they are all leaning against a wall just outside the door of the study you are examining, or have become curiously fascinated with the features of a handsome potted plant in the corner. Generally speaking they are always within shouting distance but cannot overhear conversation carried out at a regular and reasonable volume.

As Captain, you are free to personalize your crew however you see fit - you can even treat them as fully fleshed-out independent characters of their own, if you like. A word of warning to the wise: Do not grow over-attached to any of them.

As you journey across the merciless skies, a thousand deaths await you - and will befall your crew. You will have to look for opportunities to sign on replacements over time to replenish the fallen. As the story unfolds and as the personal dynamics of your Captaincy are made manifest, there will be events which may influence your crew, affecting their morale, loyalty, and well-being. Crew will usually follow you to the bitter end under normal circumstances, but do not take them for granted and treat them as faceless, mindless automatons and cannon fodder. You just might come to regret it.

Crew Actions

Your Captain's qualities rub off to an extent on their crew. Whenever you like, your Captain may have a crew member make their roll for them in performing various actions. Crew members undertaking such actions are not as competent as your Captain and receive a penalty according to which stat governs the action's outcome. For your Captain's highest stat they receive a -1 penalty, -2 for the next highest, -3 for next-to-last, and -4 for their lowest stat. If your Captain has tied stat values, use the lowest penalty (-3 if you are tied for your lowest stat, -2 if they have three tied stats, and so on). You can also dedicate more crew to the task, reducing the penalty by 1 for each crew member assigned to the action - although additional crew typically do not convey a bonus to the action unless otherwise stated.

Whenever a Captain has their crew perform an action in their stead, any Conditions resulting from the action will usually be applied to the crew members involved rather than the Captain. Conditions applied to crew are typically none of your business and beyond your discretion to take interest in, and so will usually be converted directly into Peril or Tenacity after the fact. Because your crew are not quite so gracious as your Captain, they generate an additional point of peril per crew member should they fail at the action, and generate one less point of tenacity at the same rate. Using fewer crew members therefore decreases the chance of success, but will reduce the penalty for failure and increase the reward for success.

Peril & Danger

Perilous situations work somewhat differently for you as a Captain, so long as you have your (hopefully) loyal crew at your back. Each time your Captain is In Danger, they permanently lose a crew member if any are accompanying them. Their peril then decreases by 1 regardless of success or failure of the accompanying action (this is in addition to vanilla Peril gains for failed actions, so it is still possible to gain Peril despite this). If you choose to have your Captain placed In Danger without risking the life of your crew, it is still not the end! Your Captain will usually sustain a Wound or have their Nightmares increased. Having three wounds or Nightmares will kill your Captain.

There are also certain events - usually events concerning the morale or state of your crew - wherein you cannot have crew perform actions for you at all. Additionally, if you leave crew hanging around the locomotive or elsewhere as you travel, you may need to have them take remote actions as events unfold for them while you are away. Their action rolls are calculated the same as if you were substituting them for one of your own actions. If they are placed In Danger, you lose them permanently, your Peril decreases by 1, and life for your Captain will go on. Do note, losing all of the crew safeguarding your locomotive in any circumstance where you feel guarding it is necessary can result in uniquely bad things happening for you. Weigh the risk of being stranded in the High Wilderness carefully when deciding how many crew to take out with you. Note though, that crew tasked specifically with guarding the locomotive get a bonus of 1 to every action they must roll for. They are particularly determined not to die while guarding their one and only method of escape.

Your Locomotive

Your Captain might be of a particular nature, or affiliated with certain group of interest which might normally dictate what kind of locomotive they might make use of. However, feel free to make use of any locomotive seen in the actual game Sunless Skies, including non-player locomotives such as marauders, dreadnoughts, and so forth. The only exceptions to this are large ships and constructs such as the Berrenger and the Parzifal.

Regardless of what locomotive you choose to make use of, note that their stats and functionality do not correspond to what they would be normally in Sunless Skies. The Atlani Outrider and the Moloch Liner are no longer the best ships in the game by default, so do not pick them for that reason. Ship actions and combat are otherwise identical in mechanics to vanilla Skyfarer.

Locomotive Stats

Your locomotive has four stats: Crew Quarters, Cargo Spaces, Secure Compartments, and Auxiliaries. After filling out your locomotive sheet normally, assign a priority value to each of these four categories between 0 and 3 (with 3 being most important). Assign each number only once.

  • Crew Quarters define how much space your locomotive has for Crew members in it. You have free berths equal to four times its assigned priority value, up to a maximum of 12 Crew members.

  • Cargo Spaces are secure areas of your locomotive's hold where items of interest can be securely stored without risking damage to them. You have open hold equal to four times its assigned priority value, up to a maximum of 12 Cargo Spaces.

  • Secured Compartments are chambers in your locomotive which are secreted away and unlikely to be found even when subjected to close scrutiny by, say, port authorities and customs inspectors. As an added bonus, Secured Compartments are sturdy enough to contain even the most spectacularly violent of guests. Usually. You have hidden compartments equal to twice its assigned priority value, up to a maximum of 6 Secured Compartments.

  • Auxiliaries are customized integral assemblies of the locomotive that serve a particular purpose, such a mining rigs, assaying devices, and canneries as seen in Sunless Skies. You can have a number of Auxiliaries equal to its assigned priority value, up to a maximum of three.

Locomotive Weaponry & Specialized Equipment

Each class of locomotive may have two weapons. This list is provided for inspiration, but note that most Captain's Edition roleplays will not be focusing strenuously upon the overall quality of shipboard weaponry beyond making note of the functional nature of the weapons themselves (whether they behave like rockets, shotguns, etcetera). For this reason, you are free to indicate the presence of weapons seen in Sunless Skies that might not otherwise be available to the player, such as Dreadnought's tracking mount. Some creative leeway is allowed pertaining to the nature of the weapons allowed, but they should usually be limited to a munitions-reliant system rather than something arcane.

Each Locomotive should also have its own scout. Describing a scout for your locomotive is completely optional, but your scout will act as an extra trait for your locomotive, lending bonuses or penalties to certain action checks whenever they are used for scouting purposes. Scouts, although they may be varied in form, are nonetheless uniform in their functionality.

Last but not least, your locomotive is permitted to have one unique augmentation installed onboard. This augment takes up space if you decide to have one, and subtracts from your Locomotive's core stats. It costs either half of two of your locomotive's non-zero core stats, rounded up, or else the entirety of one core stat with a priority value of 2 or greater. You may also use your locomotive's weapon slots for this purpose. A single weapon slot can take the place of one of two core stats, or half of a single core stat's value with a priority of 2 or greater. You may also use both weapon slots to store an augment without sacrificing any of your locomotive's core stats.

Augments can do very nearly anything you like, within reason according to the context of the setting itself - in many ways, an augment might be comparable to a more powerful or functional Auxiliary device capable of serving multiple roles. Like most things in Skyfarer, a good Augment is a device with both benefits and drawbacks to its use. An example of an Augment might be an Unclear Pulse Device, used by a Douser locomotive to extinguish all nearby light sources and shut down electrical devices - useful for Dousers who abhore the Law of Light, but which can occasionally backfire on them since it might disrupt or damage their own equipment or even items contained in their cargo hold.

Have you considered putting this in the Arena Roleplay Subforum? I realize not all the events are strictly combat-oriented, but they cater pretty specifically to your premise if nothing else and they have several roleplayers experienced with this sort of thing.

If you do not feel like having the whole thread moved, you might also consider just posting a connected interest check there.
If you do not mind him being tracked by either another hunter or Theron for another meeting, do let me know, I am sure there would be no shortage of added questions they would have, @Terminal.

Either Theron or somebody else works. If you want to collab something again that's fine, or alternatively just have them set out on the path and I'll lead them in the right direction.
@The Harbinger of Ferocity

If Intellitron is looking for something for Theron to do while they are pumping Golemeth for information, here's a suggestion if you are up for it. Tracy has distinct traces in the parts-per-million of refined Plutonium-239 in the fabric of his clothes and duffel bag, and given that most of their leads came from his line of questioning it is probably not too big a leap of logic for them to want to question him in turn. Especially since he likely knows a lot he was not saying.

The best part being, Theron is already geared to track Tracy down, given the normal trace amounts of background Plutonium are so low - even in Night City - that all he has to do is go back to where he last met Tracy and he could probably trace him all over town.
@Wampower and I are reserving a joint claim to Zion, specifically writing for transplanted Jacobstown Mutants and the New Canaan Tribes under Joshua Graham.
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