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Current Your granddad died of COVID-19, mine died because he was extremely demented and ate so much of his own feces he choked. We are not the same
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6 mos ago
Politics is a journey, and the destination is your mom’s house
6 mos ago
Is there a doctor here? I have inserted a crayon into my urethra and I can’t get it out and I drank a lot of coffee before and I really have to pee :c
10 mos ago
Dombald Tumtp is rasism and his hair a comover 😂 sory trunp ur cancel and chrildern not in cajes no more :)
1 yr ago
I know I shouldn’t talk about politics here, but ever since the Jan 6th insurrection it burns when I pee. Donald Trump needs to answer for his crimes and making using the bathroom so painful #Justice


lol who gives a shit

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Hi this looks cool :3
Subscribed and will keep an eye out for the OOC thread.

A SLOVENLY-DRESSED MAN sat alone at a diner booth in a grease-stained tanktop that had once been a 3XL Six Flags over Freedomville T-shirt until the sleeves had been cut off. A spittle of saliva-diluted mayonnaise trickled down from the corner of his mouth and disappeared into the neckbeard-shaded folds of his multiple chins as he sunk his disgusting teeth into the sesame seed bun of a greaseball diner burger.

"Good eatin'," the fatfuck said to nobody in particular through gluttonous mastication. More likely a subconscious reaction he had absentmindedly voiced as his conscious mind was entirely focused on consuming and enjoying his burger.

"Yep, that's some good eatin'."
Country: America 🇲🇾
Leader: B I G G B O Y
Army: 8,000,035
Navy: 100 really big boats
Planes: idk, but way more than everybody else

Country: America 🇲🇾
Leader: B I G G B O Y
Army: 8,000,035
Navy: 100 really big boats
Planes: idk, but way more than everybody else
Presididnt of Freedomville was nice man and very nice. He sat in big office with big desk with the metal balls on a string that hit each other and then the other metal ball on the other side goes up when the ball hits it (sory idk what they are called :/ )

Suddenly man in suit come it. It one of Persdent's helpers.

"What's the dillyo, mungbean?" Predsident of Freedomville asks. "Can't you see I'm playing with my balls?"

"Mister president sir, it's going to be election time. What do we do?"

"Run some ads for Pete's sake!" He statemented



Ad comes on with nice music:

"Freedom," A sonorous, Morgan Freeman-y voice said over a shot of a sunrise over Freedomville. " It's what makes Freedomville, well... Freedomville. But Freedom isn't free. It takes a lot of hard work, a lot of blood, sweat, and tears to have Freedom."

Televisions across Freedombille transitioned to a shot of Freedomville steel mill workers clad in high-vis vests and hardhats oversaw molten metal being poured into a giant vat, casting their faces and the interior of the foundry in warm, orange light. Another shot of a Freedomville firefighter atop a ladder retrieving a tabby from the branches of a tree, followed by a shot of the President of Freeddomville in a huddle with a handful of baseball cap wearing farmers beside a giant tractor in a soybean field.

"And nobody works harder for that freedom than our president, President of Freedomville. So remember, a vote for President of Freedomville is a vote for more freedom. And that's what makes Freedomville, well, Free.

As the music wound down, a sunset cityscape of the Freedomville capital transitioned into a shot of the Freedomville flag fluttering in slow motion over the voice of the Presdidn't himself.

"I'm President of Freedomville and I approve this message!"
Freedomville peoples was happy and full of joy bc they was freedom and were freedom and could vote and go shopping and watch Netflix(TM).

One day evil man said “I will be of voted for president for Freedomville so that I will be in charge and charge rules so Freedomville doesn’t have Freedom know more and I will be king and make all the rules and then people will have to do whatever I want.” He laugtered evilly.
Nation: Freedomville
Location: on the one that looks like a boot, sorry my map is broke :c
@gorgenmast hey baby, wanna come over to my place???/ u seem like the qiet elf type, i lik u bby

we should rub potty parts ;)
pm me if u want 2 to see my butt
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