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@Flaggare we starting soon?

Yes, apologies for the slow start. I will try to have to OP up tonight or tomorrow. RPG crashed on me on Friday and deleted my intro which, like a moron, i did not have saved elsewhere.
I don't suppose the introduction of non-orc races will come along anytime soon?

Folks are welcome to come up with their own races, I'll just need to accept them.

@Flagg Is my CS accepted? I'm waiting with the history to incorporate others in it (like some crusade that just happened to cleave through my land. yk, no biggie).

Can you post your WIP CS in the character tab? Will review this week.
<Snipped quote by Flagg>
Inbred swine... more creature than man. Diseased old mystics. Worthless, diseased, rotten... corrupt.

Leonidas said it best. We'll find out how worthless they are.

Working on the first post, folks, should be up by tomorrow, but definitely this week.
@FlaggHeya; you have any more info on the Noss'fyrat?

Who, these guys?

Short version: they are vampire/flesh mages who worship a lovecraftian monstrosity known as the Conqueror Worm and they were allied with Daigon back in the day, using their unique magical expertise to help create slave races like orcs and beastkin.
Hey all,

Sorry for the radio silence, I've had limited computer access. Will review (even WIP) NSes and hopefully get the IC rolling by tonight (EST).
<Snipped quote by Zeropathic>

Did he? I thought Flagg explicitly said that land was off-limits.

If @Dynamo Frokane is okay with the land Zero gave him, I'm okay with him being there and @Vinsanity taking the peninsula. That work for everyone?

I whipped up this, which I think is more or less everyone:

I'm not sure about the size of Flagg's or The Zax's territories since they haven't posted maps, but I'm pretty sure I've got the right area at least.

Thanks so much, Zero, that looks right to me!
<Snipped quote>

We factored it in! :) As our joint leader's history states that they were captured in a Justinian raid and put into death camps, a common occurrence and a catalyst to the rise of the new government. I suppose since there are no public sheets this wouldn't be known as of yet but we are on it.

I also apologize for the buffer time for Aristo's or my sheet to be posted. I know we are usually the first in and last out type of players but since this is a giant joint collaboration and we are doing a lot of experimenting, it is taking a little more time than our usual rate.

all good!
@FlaggI'll get you a claim today, even if it's the only thing I do (hopefully not)!

I think this is what Gold and I are rolling with, for now.

I thought the Marches were mostly Justinianist kingdoms? I suppose either Aristo or Gold (whoever's red on that map) is the exception.

Nex raises a good point- namely, that you're right up against an Imperium that regularly culls the population of Nagath and is actively hostile to all of our factions. If you want to be in that area, just factor that into your histories.

Also, @everyone- please throw your WIP NSes in the Character tab. I will share my preliminary thoughts on them as you work on them, but I'd like to kick this shindig off this week so we dont loose momentum.
<Snipped quote by Flagg>

sorry I didnt mean 'add' land to the map, I just meant naming areas of the map like what has been done with a few of the approved CS.

I just wanted to label the mountains in the top right corner the 'Kellerach Mountains' and the small patch of land between it and the ocean the 'Oni Plains' if that could be arranged. Obviously only if my final CS is approved.

yep, that's cool. players can name the land they claim. I'll add everything to the map once all the NSes are accepted.
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