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Just wanted to pop in and express my interest. Collaborative world-building is really appealing to me, and I would love to be involved in a roleplay that encourages it!

We're still accepting, so come on in!
Sorry for my absence. Posted the CS in the character tab with the suggested changes.

Awesome! Feel free to post!
Do we intend to uphold any kind of posting order or is it free to anyone as long as someone isn't plot-locking?

It's free, I'll post this weekend with something that will get most char's attention, but till then do as you like. If plots develop naturally I'm not going to have my posts step on that.
So Adrianna's sheet is finally done, yay. Posting below to get a review and proofing before I drop it in characters officially.

As a character she's meant to bring someone of nobility into this hostile hellscape - a place you'd never believe she's welcome or even safe - and show over time that she's not at all what the stereotypes would have you believe. Far from it in fact. Not everyone in the Empire has such strong loyalties.

Ok then, a very brief and vague intro is up to get things moving, but I will have a much more detailed post to follow once a few people post. Besides being in the Folly, there are no restrictions on what your character is up to, and please feel free to flesh out the city in any way you choose- just be consistent with/build on what other people post.
To Carthage then I came, where there sang all around me in my ears a cauldron of unholy loves.
- St. Augustine, Confessions

A new day was breaking behind the city, its jagged skyline shadowed by the rising sun. Ozgad's Folly the place was called now, after the pirate king Ozgad One Hand, who had made an ill considered last stand here against the marauding orcs and beastkin of the Gorelord. The Folly was not this place's original name, nor was serving as a port to desperate pirates and lowlifes its original purpose, but few things in the vast desolation of Nagath were called now by the same titles they wore in the days of their glory, or served the same uses.

He sat back in the saddle and fixed a battered pipe in the corner of his mouth, lighting it as he surveyed the mudplains and marshland around the Folly. A few small villages- if that word could be used for collections of huts on stilts- could be made out in the faint dawn light, home no doubt to toadfolk and crab-farmers, eeking out an existence in the salt swamps, under the dubious protection of the city they helped to feed.

His gaan-lizard shuddered beneath him, letting out a cantankerous snort, signaling its displeasure at the fetid atmosphere they had recently entered, so different from the dry heat of the ashlands they had spent weeks traversing. He gave his mount a sharp kick and it plodded forward more briskly, towards the darkened Ozgad skyline.

He could almost hear Them now, a barely audible thrumming just below the surface of things. Finally, after so much hunting, so much pain and death and weariness, the final Pieces were assembled in one place. It was ironic, he supposed, that years of toil and planning would come to fruition in a squalid backwater. But it mattered little. From humble beginnings could come great things. Even gods.
Hi @Flagg. Are you still accepting characters? I'd like to throw my guy in this if you are.

love it, accepted!

I see recent edits. This is still recruiting then? I have some interest in poking in.

Yep, we're still open.

@Dead Cruiser @cider @Kassarock

sincere apologies for taking so long- been busier than expected. IC up tonight.
@dead cruiser @kassarock @cider @Village Witch

Working on the intro post, promise. Sorry for the delay- I scrapped my first couple of tries.
@Flagg Yo what program did you use for the map?

It's awesome:
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