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Happy to work on history with anyone- loving everything so far!
<Snipped quote by Flagg>

You will have to remember that the legitimacy of the Rankovs stem from their appointment to the Exarchate BY the Empire. Before they were only one of the many houses of Virezhir, and not even one of the largest ones. Over time they built up their power internally, but you've still got prestigious houses with links to their predecessors.

And just as the Rankovs are trying to loosen the Imperial yoke, some of their vassals wish to do the same for them.

Adds a great storyline if the Kesselbroods are backing/appealing to one of Rankov's restive vassals. Likewise the Kesselbroods need to deal with a parliament and aristocratic vassals, both of which contain strong pro-imperial parties.
So that's my faction idea. The plot arcs I have in mind for them mostly deal with internal power struggles among nobles and fighting threats on the "frontier". So, what do you guys think? Does it fit with the setting?

Love it. Our factions have overlapping motivations and ambitions, so I look forward to the House Kesselbrood/Rankov joint scheming and/or rivalry. The Kesselbroods will be sending out feelers to other Great Houses who might be interested in ending the Imperial experiment and returning to a patchwork confederation of Great Lords, so it'll be interesting to see how receptive the Rankovs are.

Hi all,

There seem to have been some drop outs, but I am told that some players are interested in continuing this and are comfortable with slow-burn world building over Discord. I just want to confirm that I'm still around though I dont have much time for Discord chatting except at odd hours. Keep doing what you're doing, and I will resume IC posting as soon as other players put up one or two more IC posts.

@FlaggThat works too!

Either way I'm happy.

I meant that the brains would be needed to create the bridge? I like the idea of essentially cog engines being individually made and impossible to mass-manufacture because any number of attempts to make them will fail due to limits in machine/brain learning.

EDIT: there could also be a very different types of cog engines that function differently. Pure machine ones, ones that use brains, ones that eat up magical handwavium, etc, each with their own pluses and minuses, but the basic premise of 'expensive machine that navigates hyperlanes' remains the same.

<Snipped quote by GreivousKhan>

Sure, though in lieu of handwavium maybe Cognition Engines brute force a sort of 'bridge' to see into the void. The Cognition Engine would then be needed immediately in order to stabilize the 'bridge' but due to the nature of machine learning only some of the time would the Engine arrive at an optimal solution before the bridge destabilizes and destroys it. Thus making Cognition Engines would be very expensive as you'd have no guarantee you'd get any functional machines out of a given batch and each machine would be quite the investment just to lose the vast majority of them to chance. AI, being sapient, had a sort of affinity for the void that made the process far less dangerous.

So a Vacare is just the far cheaper and less costly option. Those who manufacture Cognition Engines do so explicitly to avoid relying on Vacare and accept the random nature of the manufacturing process and the cost of losing so many expensive VI machines. Just a thought, mostly had because I couldn't think of a name for whatever unobtanium we would have needed haha.

One possibility is that Cognition Engines use literal, vat grown brains as part of their cognitioning. Perhaps cloning and vat-growing psychics to harvest their brains is the expensive bit? this seems sinister enough for the vibe @Polybius seems to be going for in this setting. And I always like gruesome.
Ok let's narrow down what we can agree on for sure atm, so we have the idea we want hyperlanes in some fashion for the interesting narrative it can bring? Also, we agree that the space wizards are needed for FTL, though AI once was able to do the same thing, however, since the machine wars those have been booted to the wayside. Oh, and the inability to use FTL in a gravity well of a star.

Anything else for sure?

As for more theory crafting, I'd think normally even a powerful vacare cannot allow an anything too large to slip into the lane. Buty perhaps a specific mutation among them or perhaps a school of practice allows them to become strong enough to work wither others of their like to allow them to transport fleets. You know, with FTL so far seeming to be so difficult this might create an interesting side effect in where outright space battles may seem too be too risky (possibly getting precious navigators killed, or worse captured.) thus alternate forms of combat probably could occur, a greater focus on information or ground warfare. Just a thought.

Kind of reminds me of Supreme Commander.

For normal hyperlane travel we should also have a non-precog/wizard option for navigation for anti- or no magic factions. Extremely sensitive/expensive cognition engines like @Isotope suggested?
Maybe vacare (our space wizards) can only travel FTL in small ships or simply step through them? I.e. they couldn't transport an entire Ramada but they could easily evacuate their liege Lord if necessary.

Might be good to have a specific subsect of their kind be the best at traveling the Void. The Pathfinders or something.
<Snipped quote by Flagg>

I also agree if sorcerers can bypass hyperlanes and entire systems (thus Imperial checkposts) entirely why would not everyone use them? I like the idea that only sorcerers can 'SEE' these lanes in the first place as weaker links into the void that allow FTL travel into an through them. Thus explaining how the lanes were discovered.


I would only suggest that the 'why would everyone not use sorcerers?' question can be answered by having Void travel be 1) risky 2) require enormous magic power and/or resources 3) maybe it's not 'sorcerers' that can do it alone, but a special kind of ship made of specific materials or something.
@Flagg's idea is cool too! Though there'd have to be some reason why everyone doesn't just use sorcerers if they aren't burdened by the limits of hyperlanes.

True. I like the idea of relatively defined hyperlanes because you can come up with awesome names and lore for the different pathways through the stars and different quirks to each one that opens interesting story telling possibilities- the chance of 'hyperstorms' along one road, or one road that peters out and starts up again some distance away, forcing a slog through realspace. The suggestion about the Void was that it'd be cool if some small, special number of ships could then bypass this system, even at great risk. But it would need to be fairly rare.
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