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As everyone stood around watching the man ritualistically butcher the elk, it was the innkeeper who first broke the silence after turning very pale. He chucked two pouches to the other twos feet and ran back towards the inn as quickly as he could move. Fendryn didn't really blame him for wanting to leave as quick as possible, the dark elf had grown up watching animals being skinned and butchered, even doing some himself, but the way in which the unknown man had cut apart the animal didn't make Fendryn feel well.

When the innkeeper was out of sight, the Altmer tried to start a conversation with him trying to break the slight tension that was in the air. The answer the high elf got was a rather arrogant one, but as he wandered around inspecting the scene and piecing it together was fascinating to watch, Fendryn couldn't help but be very impressed wishing he could do that himself.

His admiration for the mans skills disappeared as he soon as he said the phrase, 'Ash-Face.' Fendryn knew it was an insult to his race but he'd never heard someone actually use it before.

"Ash-Face?" Fendryn said in shock. Straight away Fendryn felt on edge being around him. The man was dressed like a barbarian and Fendryn had no idea what he could be capable of. He tossed the crossbow towards the girl so his right hand was free in case he had to grab an arrow to fire at the Breton.
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NAME: Fendryn Omaren

RACE: Dunmer


AGE: 27



APPEARANCE: Fendryn naturally has a lean body. There is hardly a bit of fat on him but that could be due to his diet and upbringing. He has a thick mop of black hair that is messily pushed back, sometimes it's put into a ponytail when he's trying to make himself look presentable. On his cheeks the start of a beard can be seen but is still patchy. He has a slightly pointed chin and big nose but even with these features he's still handsome for a Dunmer. Like all Dark Elves his skin is a slate gray and his eyes are red and his pointed ears stick out of his hair. In his left ear he has ten black gems pierced starting from the top of his ear to the lobe.

EQUIPMENT: Fendryn always wears a leather jerkin over some light iron ringmail. The Jerkin doesn't really offer much protection, but it looks well made and was personally made in the Dunmer style. With the bottom half of his he just wears plain leather graves and boots with a massive, thick olive green olive cloak draped over him, the bottom is ragged and covered in mud as it drapes the floor. On his left hip is a finely made curved steel Long sword custom made to have a larger grip so he can grab it with both hands and on his right is an iron skinning knife. He has a pouch of iron arrows attached to his back and tied to the bottom of that is a bed roll, there is 30 gold septims hidden in the bed roll. He always keeps a pouch of water with him. Fendryn always carries his hunting bow with him.

PERSONALITY: Fendryn is a lot more outgoing than most Dunmers and will interact with everyone and doesn't look down at them like they are a lesser race, but he is very proud to be a Dunmer and would likely get in a fight when his pride is on the line. He likes to have a laugh and listen to stories and songs.

WEAKNESSES: Due to his families poor upbringing, he didn't really have the right diet for someone his size making him not as strong as other people. Also he has a warped image of his family ancestry believing his family would be a lot more respected among other Dunmers. He doesn't really have much real world experience having lived a sheltered upbringing and has never been in a true battle before. He has grown up being taught to hate Argonians by everyone in his village.

SKILL REPERTOIRE: Expert with a blade, A journeyman in marksman, athletics and also in speech. An apprentice in destruction, sneaking and light armour.

POLITICAL AFFILIATIONS: Sides with the Empire but no official ties.


BACKSTORY: Fendryn was raised in a small community just outside of Cheydinhal that was created by his Grandfather and a few other fellow Dunmers who had to flee from Vvardenfell after the Red Mountain erupted. They sold their possessions that they managed to flee with and bought a small piece of land North of Cheydinhal. Slowly the homestead started to evolve into a farming community to make money but the lands they owned weren't really made to grow crops and raise animals so they didn't have much.

Fendryn was the fifth and the youngest child to his mother and father, Anis and Uryn. He was the first and only son they had and from an early age his father expected a lot from him. Uryn used to tell stories to Fendryn about how great and powerful their family used to be in Vvardenfell. He made Fendryn believe that it was up to him to regain everything that their family had lost. After they'd finished their jobs for the day, Uryn taught his son how to use a sword. With Uryn being naturally slim as well he taught Fendryn how to use his speed rather than brute strength to defeat his opponent. Once a week they used to go off hunting together, but the only animals that lived in the surrounding areas were rabbits and squirrels. The meat didn't really stretch far between everyone in the community but it was appreciated, it also made Fendryn good with a bow and to be able to go through the woods unseen. His mother tried to teach him some spells when she got time with him but he never really took to it only learning how to cast a simple fire spell.

As Fendryn started to get older, he started to get bored of being a farmer and his Father didn't want him to stay around as well knowing that his son wouldn't be able to make their family rich again, he allowed him to leave to travel. With the growing tensions in Skyrim with the Empire and the Nords, Fendryn knew the Empire would be looking for more men and being in the army was an easy way to make money.

The day before he was set to leave, his father gave him a sword and a leather cuirass that had been specially designed by a Dunmer who lived in Cheydinhal. He'd used money that he'd been putting away for his son for years. In the morning he set off going down the blue road.

The start of Fendryn's adventure had started off disappointingly normal compared to the stories he'd been told has a child of great heroes who wondered off to accomplish great deeds. He'd woken up at dawn and said his farewell's to his family and friends and set off heading towards Cheydinhal and then from there, he went down The Blue Road heading west. The only exciting part about his day was seeing The Imperial City from a distance. Fendryn had never seen anything quite like it. He'd heard about it before but the description had never done it any justice. When he arrived at the end of The Blue road and could only go right or left with The Imperial City towering in front of him, he just stood there for a while taking in the sights before going right.

A few more hours had gone by when he reached a small village with a sign coming from the biggest building there that read, 'Roxey Inn and Steakhouse'. The sun was slowly going down and it wouldn't be long until it was dark so he didn't see any harm in using some of his money that his Mother had given him to buy some food and a room for the night. Fendryn thought he'd be spending enough time sleeping in camps when he finally became a soldier for the Empire so he'd make the most of sleeping on an actual bed whilst he could.

The rest of the night nothing out of the ordinary happened apart from when Fendryn got his meal of a roast chicken. It was the most he'd ever eaten in his life. He was close to bursting as he slid down the chair and put a hand on his belly and sighed. With the heat from the fire and his full belly, Fendryn could feel his eyes getting heavy. It didn't take him much longer to get up off the seat and head towards his room for an early night. As he stood, he noticed another elf hidden away in the corner eating. Fendryn was surprised to see another elf being in a small town in Cyrodiil but he paid it no mind and headed off to his room passing a young Breton girl who'd just wondered in.


As dawn arrived, Fendryn slowly woke up stretching and letting out a long, slow yawn. He sighed as he got out of bed and started to put his clothes on and gather the rest of his equipment together. When he arrived into the main room were the only person who was up before him was the innkeeper himself. Fendryn paid for two fried eggs and some sausages as he waited patiently on one of the tables closest to the bar. He closed his eyes and started to hum a song quietly until the food was brought to him. The food so far was the favourite part of the adventure to Fendryn, if he was still at home he'd have only been given a little bit of bland porridge which he hated.

As he tucked into his breakfast the Breton girl that he'd passed the night before, came into view looking a lot worse for wear and heading straight to the barkeeper. Fendryn was only half paying attention to conversation until he heard the girl say zombie. His head shot up from his meal and started to listen to the conversation. Fendryn didn't believe what he was hearing. A zombie? He didn't even believe they were real, just a story people made up in horror stories to frighten each other. As his head started to wonder thinking of what it looked like, an elf interrupted the girl telling how he had helped her and the innkeeper was only giving the money after he'd seen the corpse.

The three left the inn together and within a minute Fendryn was following them, he wanted to finish off his breakfast first, he didn't want somebody eating it while he wasn't there. It didn't take him long to find to find them with the village only being small. He arrived at an abandoned church and saw the three of them hovering around a completely burnt body. Fendryn was pretty disappointed with it purely because it was unrecognizable and burnt to a crisp. There was just bits of the body scattered about the place. It did make Fendryn a little queasy though seeing the body. He only just managed to keep his breakfast down as he started to walk around to get a closer look. After a few yards, he still hadn't took his eyes off the zombie and nearly fell over a piece of wood. As he looked to see what it was, it turned out to be a crossbow not just a piece of wood. As he went to pick it up an elk flew through the tree line and crashed near them with someone holding on to it.
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