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The horse that Leofric was riding started to whinny, it was clearly agitated with how many people were surrounding her. There seemed to be more people in this street alone than in the whole of Yellowmoor and the horse clearly wasn’t used to it. Leofric patted her neck gently and whispered some calming words into her ears. “We need to find a place for the horses.” Leofric stated to his two companions who were behind him. The streets were covered with people and on every corner, there were stalls with merchants trying to sell their wares to all of the new faces to the city. Some of the items were genuine and others were useless overpriced trinkets that were sold to people gullible enough to believe the items were genuine. Leofric had lost count of the amount of times he had to break up fights between people who had been parted from their money and the hustlers who had taken the money when he was in command of the city guard.

They’d only been in the city for a few minutes when a woman in a red cloak approached them offering some concoction. Leofric smiled to himself realising he’d become the type of person who was a stranger to this city, but he was a stranger to this city now. Buildings had been destroyed; others had been extended; the people had changed. Leofric forgot how quickly the city moved after living in the Great Plains for so long which moved at the pace of snail. Greytry would have dozens of new buildings up by the time Yellowmoor made one. They stopped their horses for a minute to speak to the woman. Leofric, even though he thought it was going to just be a drink with a few spices in it was intrigued by her. “So, what makes it so special?” Leofric simply said trying to see her face properly with most of it hidden by the hood.

“Stamina eh?” Michael spoke up from behind him and he was deep in thought. “Well, I could use some extra stamina for tonight.” Michael then let out a dirty laugh looking at his friends. Rolland just sighed and Leofric shook his head but smiled at him. Michael started to rummage around in one of his pockets for money before being interrupted.

“You three!” A voice shouted. “You three on the horses!” The three turned around to see guards approaching them. “Do you think it’s a smart idea to block half the road, just to have a chat?” There was four of them and the one in front who was speaking was the oldest and looked in charge. “Pull your hoods down and answer.”

Leofric hesitated for a moment then obliged with the request and pulled down his hood. “Sorry my friend, we’ll move on now.” Leofric said, nodding at the guard who was staring at his face.

“What’s your name?” The guard said blocking the way for them. He was clearly trying to figure out where he knew Leofrics face from. It didn’t take long for Leofric to realise the guards face though, when he was still living in the city, this guard was just a recruit at the time. Leofric didn’t believe he had changed so much since leaving or was the guard just not that bright?

“John.” Was all Leofric said.

“And where are you from… John?” The guard said John like he didn’t quite believe that was his name.

“A small town, two days ride east of here. My big ugly friend here wanted to make some money in the tournaments.” Leofric pointed to Michael. “And we thought we’d accompany him for the morale support.” The guard just carried on staring into Leofrics eyes racking his brain from where he knew Leofric from. “We’re just trying to get our bearings; we’re looking for a place in the city to leave our horses. Can you point us in the right direction?”

The annoyance was clear to see on the guard’s face. “Five minutes ride down the street, there’s a big tavern with a stable. Most smart people leave horses outside of cities though. Now move!” Leofric smiled and moved on, after a few moments he looked back to see the guard in a heavy discussion with the other guards with two of them rushing off.

“That is not a good sign… we need to see if some of our old friends are still around and hide out there for a little bit.” Leofric said the last part in a hushed voice to his friends not paying much attention whether the woman was still with them.

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Northern Gate

It had been over twenty years since Leofric had seen the city of Greytry, or maybe less. He’d lost count of the years since he fled to the Great Plains. Despite everything that had happened, he still smiled when the walls first came into sight. All the good memories came rushing back to him of his childhood and everything with his wife. A smile came across his face as he slowly moved closer to the gate. There was three of them all together who had gone looking for his son and his friends. The two were some of Leofrics oldest friends: Michael and Roland. They had served under him when he commanded in Greytry. They all had their hoods up to try and cover their faces, even though it had been so long and they looked a lot older, they still didn’t want the wrong people to notice them.

“Ah it’s good to be home!” Michael said in his booming voice. “After we’ve found your daft son, I want to see if The Dancing Pig is still going. I swear you only needed one pint from there and you couldn’t walk! Will be better than that swill they serve in Yellowmoor.” Michael laughed to himself slapping Rolland’s arm who was riding to the side of him. The three of them were on horses whilst most of the people walked in.

“Yes, the only reason you want to go there is for the ale. It has nothing to do with the wenches and the whores.” Rolland replied to Michael, who let out a dirty laugh not denying it.

“Well luckily the gates are letting everyone in at the moment. Saves us from having to try and climb over at night.” Leofric said quietly interrupting them as they got closer. It was a few days before when they noticed more and more travellers heading in the same direction as them, when they found out about the coronation of Prince Alten. Leofric had met his father, King Grewalt only a few times. Maybe if he was closer to the King and had more power, none of this would have happened.

Leofric had been thinking for the past few days where would be best to look for his son. In the back of his mind, his head was coming up with all sorts of outcomes with what could have happened to him. Maybe he’s been speaking to the wrong people and he’d been discovered by The Order or maybe he hadn’t even made it to the city and he’d been attacked on the road or just gotten lost. His son hadn’t even been to Greytry since he was six, his memory wasn’t that good to remember the way. What a fool he is, Leofric thought to himself.

As they passed through the gates, guards who were dotted about watched Leofric and his companions but they didn’t bother to stop them. Leofric just hoped it was because they were on horses whilst most people walked. “And now to look for the needle in the haystack…” Leofric muttered with a sigh.

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The group slowly started to split up with everyone heading towards the same destination but on the search for new Pokemon. The sun was slowly going down now and Ant started to consider to stay in Veridian City for the night and wait until the morning before travelling. Walking through the forest was said to be hard enough during the day never mind at night but if everyone else was going he didn't want to be left behind again.

After walking for a bit, they started to head into the wilderness with less and less buildings the further they got with a wall of trees in the distance that slowly got bigger. As Ant walked up the path, he decided to wonder off into the grass seeing what Pokémon were about, there was odd movements in the grass but Ant couldn't really see what was making it. Growlithe was at his side before he darted off in front and Ant chased after him. "Pal wait up!" Ant shouted trying to find out where he'd ran off to. He could hear Growlithe a further bit in front of him growling and after a few seconds Ant had ran into a bit of a clearing were Growlithe and another Pokémon was circling each other. Quickly Ant got his Pokedex out to find out some information on it.

"So it looks like you've found a challenge Pal... Well let's show it what you're made of then." It was the Poochyena who made the first move, charging straight at Growlithe with a tackle but he lazily jumped out of the way of it with the Poochyena not even getting close to him. Straight away Growlithe was on the attack. "Quickly hit it with ember Pal." Fire came from Growlithes mouth and hit the other Pokémon in the stomach but a split second was on the attack again pouncing on top of Growlithe and this time he didn't have time to get out of the way and was knocked onto the floor, then Poochyena bit down on Growlithes leg, he let out a whelp of pain but managed to shake it off and jumped back up. Ant winced as he heard the noise Growlithe made but managed to shout. "Quickly use leer now!" Growlithe glared at the Poochyena as the Pokemon was charging at him again. The wild Pokémon was put off by the look and tripped whilst it was running. "Finish it off now with Double edge.!" Growlithe charged at the fallen Pokémon and smashed into him with his head and that was the end of the fight. The Poochyena was knocked out cold. Growlithe was shaking it's head from the recoil of hitting him. Ant ran over to him to check how he was doing, the bite looked pretty nasty so Ant got out a potion straight away as he knelt down rummaging through his bag. "How you doing?" Ant asked with a nervous tone in his voice.

"Growlithe, Growlithe." The Pokémon was trying to play it cool like nothing was up with him but it was clear from the walk it was a bad one.

[color=00a651]"Well let's just make sure you're good and spray your leg with this, we've still got quite a walk until the next city." Growlithe flinched as the potion touched his leg, after a few moments Ant scratched pal on the head and asked, "Are you ready?" Straight away the Pokémon got back onto all fours and headed off again without waiting for Ant. The forest was getting even closer now and when Ant looked around everyone was scattered about on the lookout for their own Pokémon to catch and fight. A little further on a lone tree stood just a little in front of the forest and one Pokémon was perched up against it.

Ant looked down at Growlithe who was looking up at him. "Well we do need a grass Pokémon." Growlithe nodded his head seeming to agree and started to move forward. "Wow where do you think you're going?" Growlithe looked up at Ant quizzically wondering why he couldn't go. [color=00a651]"I think we should let the newest member of the group take this one on... Besides I don't want you setting it on fire." Ant laughed as he grabbed a Pokeball from his belt. "Come on Fury, let's see what you've got." A bright spark came from the Pokeball and then Pidgey flew out circling Ant as he looked at her smiling. At that moment the wild Pokémon finally looked up to see them. Seedot just stood up and watched them as Fury flew at it, the Pidgey didn't need an invitation to fight ramming straight into Seedot with a tackle. As Fury was flying away a red beam came out of Seedot but it didn't really seem to do much towards Pidgey who came charging back again. "Hit it with sand attack." Ant shouted before the Pidgey attacked and she flew out of the way before coming into contact and sprayed a load of sand. A red beam came out of Seedot again but didn't manage to hit Fury this time. Once more she flew at the Seedot and hit it with a tackle and flew off again. The wild Pokémon started to look dazed and Ant knew it couldn't really take much more damage, "Okay that's enough now Fury." Ant calmly said as he threw a Pokeball at the Pokémon which didn't put up much of a fight. Ant smiled to himself and said, "And that's number three." He walked over to the Pokeball that was laying next to the tree that the wild Pokémon was at. Fury was perched on one of the tree branches above them looking down with some other wild Seedot's scurrying away from the Pidgey after watching what she did. Ant picked up the ball and let it out. "Welcome to the band Seedot... I just need to think of a name for you" Ant said in a soothing tone as he went to one knee taking off his bag. "Sorry about that little fight but I promise we'll make it up to you." The Seedot looked sad obviously from being attacked from the Pidgey but soon looked up at Ant who was rummaging through his bag were he pulled out a load of treats. Warily the Seedot took a piece and started eating which made Ant smile as Pidgey hopped down onto Ants shoulder wanting a piece as well. Ant laughed at the boldness from Fury as he passed her a piece as well, he then looked over at Growlithe who was sat down looking at them all. "I'm sure you want a piece as well." He threw a piece over to Pal who caught it in mid air and practically swallowed it whole. A few minutes later after Ant and his growing team took a little break, they all stood up and began to head into the forest.

The new group that Ant had joined were slowly making there way outside one by one, getting ready to move on towards Viridian Forest. "Anthony Blackledge, could you please come to the reception desk. Your Pidgey is fully healed." A voice said echoed around the room.

Ant looked up towards the speakers slightly scared for a split second thinking he was in trouble when he heard his name. "Okay guys I'll meet you outside. Come on pal." He looked down at his Growlithe and smiled. When they got downstairs he walked over slowly to the reception, looking at the nurse on the desk who he thought was really cute. "Urm hi, I'm here for my Pidgey."

"Name?" She asked with a smile.

"Well I've not really come up with a name for her but something along the lines of fighter... She decided to attack me whilst I was sleeping." Ant let out a little laugh, confused as to why he told her that.

She laughed in reply and politely said, "No, I need to know your name so I know which Pidgey is yours."

Ant went red looking straight at her. "Ant Blackledge." He said quickly and quietly. When she walked off Ant clinched his eyes shut hoping that he was actually in a dream. "Obviously she was talking about your name, you fool." He whispered to himself.

A second later the nurse walked back with a Pokeball. "She's back to full health and she'll be fighting you in no time." The nurse giggled at him. "We hope to see you again."

"Thanks... I'm pretty sure I'll be back sometime." Ant replied forcing a smile to the nurse but as soon as he turned away the smile completely vanished from his face. He only wished he could get sucked up into a Pokeball and disappear.

As Ant walked outside he let out a massive sigh and went and sat down on a bench. The rest of the group were a little ahead of him outside a coffee shop getting some drinks. Ant didn't really like coffee so he wasn't too bothered about getting anything. It took a moment for Ant to realise that the Pokeball with his Pidgey in it was in his hand and Ant decided to let her out. The Pokemon flew out of the Pokeball and she landed on Ants leg. The Pidgey looked up at Ant and just stared at him. The two just stared at each other not breaking eye contact as Growlithe just sat on the bench watching the stare down. From the looks of things, the Pidgey was never going to back down, all she did was narrow her eyes as she carried on looking at Ant. "Hmmmm so what am I going to call you." Ant thought out loud. [color=00a651]"I think I'm going to call you Scrappy." The Pidgey let out a quick squawk which seemed to be an approval of the name. Ant smiled and scratched her head and the Pidgey looked slightly annoyed from the show of affection. "Well I'm glad you're happy with it." Ant said happily, chuckling to himself at the annoyed look on Scrappies face. "Well I think it's time to get a move on. You'll have to go back into your Pokeball for now, but I'll bring you out in a bit when we get to the forest so you can have a fly and hopefully I'll be able to catch some grass and water Pokemon. See you soon." A second later Scrappy was back in her Pokeball and Ant jumped up to meet up with the rest of the group. "Are you ready pal?" He asked his Growlithe.

Growlithe stood up on the Bench and enthusiastically barked, "Growlithe, Growlithe!" Then the Pokemon jumped off the bench and started walking down the road at the side of Ant.

A few moments later Ant had caught up with everyone and simply said, "Are you lot ready then?"

"Mum... Mum... MUM just listen. I know you said he was one of the smartest people you'd ever met when it came to Pokémon but he just seemed very odd..." Ant said to his Mum in a confused tone. His Mum had rang him up to see how his first day as a Pokémon trainer was going. It was the first time Ant had ever left Johto in his life and the first time he'd been away from his family so he was surprised his Mum hadn't been ringing him every half hour to check on him.

"Well he is getting on in life now, he was old when I was a young girl." His Mum replied. "So did the meeting this morning go well? Are all the other trainers nice? Were there any cute girls for you?"

Ant blushed a little at the last question but was used to how nosey his Mum was and got carried away with how many questions she asked him. "I'm not even gunna answer that last question. And yeah urm... The meeting went good... Everyone seems nice." Ant didn't really want his Mum scolding him for being too drunk to get there on time so a little white lie wouldn't hurt her. "Anyway I caught my first Pokémon today!" Ant said quickly trying to change the conversation. "It's a Pidgey. When she evolves and gets a bit bigger I'll be able to come and fly across to you. I don't think she'll be able to carry my weight at the moment though..."

"Oh it's good to know you're doing well Anthony. I'll let you get back to your new friends then. I'm sure you don't want to be speaking to me all day. I hope Growlithes okay. I love you."

Ant looked down at growlithe who was sat calmly at the side of him. He scratched him on top of his head and the Pokemon looked up at Ant and smiled. "Yeah he's doing good. Love you to Mum. Bye." He hung up and went back to waiting for his Pidgey.

The longer he waited, the more he started day dreaming and thinking of what would be the best strategy to defeat Brock. He knew Brock was a rock trainer and fire and flying types didn't really do much against them. As he thought about catching something else, a girl knocked into him and brought him back to the real world. She apologised to him and he looked over at her. "No it's alright, I'm..." Ant cut himself off when he realised she'd already walked off from him. Feeling kind of embarrassed because he'd basically been speaking to himself, he looked straight down not wanting to make eye contact with anyone until he heard the nurse say the name "Lizbeth Rowe." Ant shot his head up looking around because he'd been told that name before from one of the assistants at the lab. It was one of the other trainers and when he noticed it was the woman who'd bumped into him. He started to build himself up to talk to her when she'd walk back past him. He was planning on stopping her and ask if he could tag a long with her but when the woman finally walked past him, he just froze and no words would escape his mouth. A few seconds later she was heading up the stairs as he just stood looking at her with his mouth open. Straight away Ants face went red from embarrassment of not being able to say anything and just looked down. Growlithe looked up and him and just nuzzled his head into Ants leg to make him feel better. "Okay give me a minute. I'll have some food and then go and talk to her. She might be with the rest of the people as well! I just need something to eat first."

The young woman had gone upstairs but Ant went over to a vending machine grabbing a drink and some chocolate. After that he moved to a bench and sat down and grabbed some treats for Growlithe as well. When they sat there eating another name was read out who was one of the people he'd been told about. This woman was the complete opposite of the first who was brightly dressed. This woman who was called Karen was in all black with hair just as dark. They both glanced at each other as she walked past him. "Okay I'm gunna get up now." Ant said out loud to himself looking at the stairs. "Gunna go and introduce myself now." Ant said again as he sat perfectly still.

All of a sudden Growlithe shot up and ran towards the stairs, then looked back at Ant. "Growlithe." The Pokemon shouted at him to follow and gestured with his head to go up the stairs and suddenly he was out of sight. Ant had no choice now but to go and follow him.

When he got upstairs he found Growlithe sat down basically in-between a group of people. Ant rushed over to him and said, "Will you not run off from me next time please." Growlithe looked over his shoulders to Ant in annoyance knowing that Ant would have never approached them on his own. Ant suddenly realised he'd just ran right into a group of random people noticing the two girls who'd picked up some Pokemon from downstairs. He was slightly embarrassed because everyone was starring at him and he knew he had to say something. "Hi... Urm I'm Ant. Were you lot at the meeting with Professor Oak this morning?"
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