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Sorry to everyone but I really don't have any time to work on this unfortunately, if anyone would like to take over, go for it. :)
Sorry I'm being slow with my posts, just very busy at the moment will try and get it up as soon as possible!
@Stitches will read your cs tomorrow and will message you about it and the best way for your character to come into the story. :)
@Sad Ogo accepted. :) Enjoyed the back story of him, seems like him and Adrian could be very good friends or hate each other, can't see the being much in-between haha. You okay just messaging me about how you're planning to introduce him if you don't mind.
@Sad Ogo I'm a bit busy this weekend but I'll try and make time to read it and message about were it would be best to come into it. :)
@Sad Ogo if you can get a character sheet up and you want to start straight away, your character would just have to be in the wrong place at the wrong time or you can either wait... Up to you! Can always message me so we can sort it out.
@Jarl Coolgruuf that might just be crazy enough to work...
@Eviledd1984 Nah leave it, was a plan that didn't work. Haha see if someone will come up with a plan b.
We'll have to try something different than zazars plan, they're not really affected by fire. Haha

As Adrian looked around he saw the group scattered about fighting individual battles. He noticed the priest taking an absolute beating but it didn't really seem to affect her and what seemed to be an ice storm, probably conjured by one of the mages in the group. Daedra carried on coming from all directions as everyone continued to fight. Where in the hells are they all coming from? Ethan thought to himself as he pulled out his other sword from it's scabbard. Before he could actually see where they were all coming from a sword slashed at his face bringing him back at to the fight. Adrian leant back quickly as the sword slashed at his head, the dremora screeching at him in some strange tongue. The creature swung at him with his huge great sword again, but Adrian jumped back just back in time. When the creature slashed at him another time, Adrian swiped at the great sword with one of his blades pushing the Dremora's sword further to side than it intended and knocking him off balance and leaving his side vulnerable and quickly Adrian lunged his other sword as deep into it as possible. He slowly pulled his sword back out of the dremora as it dropped dead, the black sludge that was the creatures blood was stuck to the blade.

Before Adrian could catch his breath back a Clannfear crashed into him and knocked him to the ground, in a split second the beast was on top of him trying to bite at his face. Adrian was just barely keeping him away with his right hand whilst his left searched for one of his swords. In the background he could hear Flavia barking orders. It took a few seconds for Adrian to actually grab one of his blades and when he did, Adrian buried it in the Daedra's head.

Adrian sighed and then shouted to himself, "Why could we not have just been fighting some bloody farmers!" As he rolled the lifeless corpse off him, then grabbed his swords and moved back to the rest of the group. Arrows were still flying around and as he looked around he noticed that some of the Dremora were on some of the remaining houses. When he got to the group Flavia had organised them fairly well especially seeing that it was a rag tag group who hadn't really had much experience fighting together. When he got to the group, he shouted, "It's all well and good staying here but we're gunna get picked off one by one with those archers, anybody got any ideas how to take them out?"
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