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@MiddleEarthRoze I'll start working on a cs then. :)
You still accepting?
Well if my character is needed, let me know. :)

IF there's anything I need to change let me know! :)

(With his weapons, that's just the style of the weapon, not the actual legendary ones.)
Should have mine up tomorrow, been ill for the past few days so sorry about the delay.
Hey, I'm interested in making a character for this but I may only be able to get a character sheet up by Monday is that okay? :)
Yeah I'll do my best to keep you informed. :)
Hey sorry I've not been posting, works crazy at the minute why it's coming up to Christmas, I'll try my best to get a post up but I'll be pretty inactive until after Christmas.
@MiddleEarthRoze Its okay! I work quite a bit so I can't be that person who posts in the ic daily. Haha
@MiddleEarthRoze Good to know! I'll only be able to fix it tomorrow though, so when I get the chance I'll do it. :)
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