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I accidently double posted here. If you can please destroy it, I would appreciate it

yo yo yo just wanna put it out there for anyone interested in this RP, our discord is open and we are not like super inclusive, if you got some cool ideas/concepts for your nation come on in and we will help you put it together, our IC posts are on the way and we're gonna be having a great time writing some dope stories, if you wanna be a part of it, just check out our discord in the OP!

March 13th 2259


The council representative from the C&C, Hubert Raddington, experienced copious amounts of drugs and partying over a two week long vacation. He has been recovering from a last-minute drug binge in a high class brothel under the control of the Ad Honchoes, and just last night he got into his apartment on Earth and collapsed onto his bed. Now the alarm rings and he rubs his head and turns on a coffee machine on his nightstand.

Once a cup was filled, he pushed himself out of bed and added some sugar, brought it up to his nose and inhaled, then gently blew out onto the hot coffee. Doing this cyclically helped him get his mind straight to focus on the matters at hand. Spending nearly two weeks in the C&C has given him confidence that all its issues resolve itself. Just like the human body has white blood cells and antibodies, the C&C had its own way of concluding issues with a pretty bow tie, no matter how dire.

There was much fear after the Black New Years that gave him and a lot of the corporations under him a wake-up call. He had resolved to finally pen in a vacation away from earth, so he could see it with his own eyes. Though his imagination of his time there reminds him of many hallucinations and fractal experiences, he felt safe and that things are going to be OK.

After a small commute on the bus, he made his way to his office and took a seat in his big leather chair. Propping his feet up he pulled the his tablet into his visage and began scrolling news headlines in the C&C sector:

He blinks a few times and does a double take on the title which spots his eyes:

Cult Performs Mass Suicide Resulting In Zeluri Infestation On Kahrestin

A fanatical religious group from the deep recesses of an underground city acquired a Zeluri in the only habitable season…

He deeply inhaled and assessed his options. He had a brand new D12 agent and a promising private investigator, both of which left emails for him from his correspondence-fasting vacation. He brought up their messages and opened one which was left a week or two ago. The first one that popped out for him was from his private investigator, one that was marked high priority. The subject shined out to him:

From: Todd Fortier

To: Hubert Raddington

Subject: potential problem - keep your eyes on this (High Priority)

Date: March 1st 2259


Could be something, could be nothing. It’s in the news so people might be betting on it. Keep in touch if you have any concerns.

Here’s the article so you get the gist of it:

Does Penitentiary Planets Pests Fall Under The Geneva-Aceront Accords?

The recent cyber sabotage of prison planet Mannahaj has resulted in all detainees and experiments to break loose and claim many…

He looks closer into the document and the more he reads the wider his eyes get. He takes a deep breath and sighs, as he begins pondering over it’s contents. From what he could gather from the article, this planet could either be nothing to worry about, or it could be reconcilable only through mass bombardment. Another big, deep sigh before he went to contact the investigator himself.

Dialing the numbers in, there was a ring that went on until the voicemail. Feeling like this matter was rather urgent, Hubert gave Todd another ring. The private investigator's face came into view, with a half-naked woman lying prone on a table among candlelights in the background. Todd, who seemed to be very faintly sweating, gave a tired look but pressed on: “Yes Mister Raddington, what seems to be the emergency?”

Hubert cleared his throat before beginning; “Do we have an update on that… Penitentiary pest, thing? That ice planet in the Yasak System has a news article about it.”

The investigator groaned and began feverishly typing and searching through his electronic archives. He took only a minute or two before returning to the councilman. The woman in the background with two large tufts of hair pulled into pigtails looked back longingly as she herself awaited attention. New contact info flashed on the councilman’s screen and the investigator referred to it, “I am, admittingly, quite busy right now Mister Raddington. However, this is the information for contacting the commander of the penitentiary. She is quite a busy dame, though, so make sure you’re prepared when you speak with her.”

The investigator looked back to the woman, and then back to Hubert, “But like I said in the email, it’s a coin flip. Careful when talking to the Commander, she has a live-feed so your correspondence won’t be private. One of those streaming ladies, kinda learned that the hard way myself. I went ahead and let her know you will get in touch with her. Tata for now, Mister Raddington!”

Hubert wiped his own forehead before nodding along, “Alright, roger that. Stay safe out there Fortier.”

Their face-to-face video ended with a sibilant buzz, and Hubert was already working on the new contact information for the commander of the penitentiary planet. He watched the clock; time was ticking, it was only about ten or so minutes until he needed to assemble on the floor for Parliament.

In a matter of moments, a video-screen with a stern looking woman who was putting her jet black hair into a tight bun popped up. Before her was a bowl of rice and vegetables which had been visually steaming. Beyond that it appeared she was in some kind of control room, with many computer monitors and command center-esque furniture all around. She sighed with tired eyes, while the Parliament member introduced himself;

“Salutations, I am Hubert Raddington, Parliament representative of the C&C sector of Confederate space. You must be Commander Tsagaan I’ve read in the article about the penitentiary pests. I was wondering if you could update me on that situation, how has that been going?”

A dull stillness was present in the commanders eyes, “That is classified.” She stated laconically, and then picked up her chopsticks to begin rapidly devouring her meal. As she tore through her food, Hubert worked in a response,

He tried to keep it casual, hoping for something not-so-serious: “Nothing gets higher than me, I’m the C&C rep! Your bosses report to me, so just go ahead, lay it on me, don’t sweeten it up or anything.”

She finished her bowl and grunted, giving in to him quite easily, “The civilian sector of the planet is protected and under control. About 30 to 40 percent of the penitentiary is controlled by prison gangs, but most of them are listening to me. The rest of the wings are under extreme duress and over-run with experimental hostiles.” Between her words she slurped the soup left from the bowl down and continued, “The AI is still malfeasant, something is off about it. It keeps making human mistakes, so I do not think it is a true AI.”

A stodgy silence permeated between them for a moment, and Hubert asked, “That sounds like a more than a handful. Is that all?”

The commander yawned and got up from her table; the camera automatically re-adjusted itself as she began stretching her arms out, “If things go bad, it would be better for the entire planet to be glassed then to let it fester. There is a greater military out there, yes?” she asked poignantly. The question imbedded itself into the rep, who answered back with hesitation,

He sat worryingly; getting the military involved sounded very complicated, and he has been lucky enough to avoid extensively engaging with them thus far. He interjected in a strained voice, “Of course, there’s the Confederate Navy and Marines! Heavens, it hasn’t gotten that serious, has it? Everything should be on the books, right?”

The commander's eyes went sideways for a moment before she cleared her throat, “It would be in your best interests to inform your military that there are some troubles in the Yasak System. Best case scenario we get reinforcements and finally clean up. Second-to-last worst case, your military annihilates the planet because of their sickness.” She puts her bowl to the side, “I do not think everything was on the books Mister Raddington. I am only the head of security here, not the lead scientist. You will need to contact Oswald Ambrogia for your ‘on the books’ question, mister Parliament councilman.”

The contact information for the scientist popped up on the council members screen. Hubert butted in with a few words, “Mister Raddington is okay, Commander. And this infestation, these Zeluri, they’re not sapient are they? Considering the Geneva-Aceront Accords…”

The woman rubbed her eyes, before letting out a sigh and answering him, “I do not know if they have language. They emit gutteral screeches, and attack us, so we attack back. It’s been pretty straightforward.” A wave of static flooded over the commanders screen for just one moment as she hurriedly begins twisting knobs, hitting buttons and looking at the many monitors in the room. Once she got things squared away, she quickly looked back to the face-to-face video, “I am sorry, a time sensitive matter has come up. Hopefully we will speak again.”

Before Hubert could get in his goodbye, the feed was cut off. Looking up to the clock, he only had three minutes to spare; not enough time to contact the scientist himself. This whole business worried him, and though he wished to address it on the floor, he was still flushed with uncertainty. Before he escaped to his seat among his fellow councilman peers, he sent off an email document to the secretary of Julan Bartok, the local admiral who oversaw the region as well as the brand new D12 agent.

Inside this message detailed the contact information of the involved parties, with a small summarized message stating “The issue of safety is not clearly determined in the Yasak System, particularly on the planets Mannahaj and Kahrestin. Here are the accompanying articles and contact information for those who may be of interest. Please review this information and get back to me at your earliest convenience.” He added the recent logs of his interactions with his private investigator, as well as the commander of the facility, and then sent the message before rushing to the floor of the legislative body for another busy day of work.

March 26th 2259

Post-Sol Destruction

Weeks ago, when Sol was destroyed, the incitement for panic was at an all time high. This happened to be a positive thing for many of the companies in the C&C who took full advantage of the excitement and movement, and capitalized on it fully. The companies which built planetary structures that could withstand a nuclear blasts had their shares increase, as well as the companies which supplied them. They would need a variety of products for a myriad of purposes, such as security, medical, janitorial, engineering, etc so the internal demand for such things went up. Materials, services, and other matters which required the participation of the Sol government stopped, and corporations abruptly began seeking solutions in their neighboring systems. The issue of C&C's adaptability was slightly sickening; its not that they had no remorse for their mother planet, but that the distance desensitized many and those who survived the fervent consternation which came after the Earths destruction had a greater prerogative to look out for themselves first and foremost.

The Conglomerate - the Corporate arm of the sector which was contractually obligated to not self-harm - had a propensity to weather any situation, storm, or malady that they may encounter. The destruction of their home planet, Earth, was certainly not something they were prepared for and as a result many corporations with ties to Sol ended up having to liquidate, or quickly adapt and re-organize. Chess pieces were moved, and assets were re-located, but the position of the Conglomerate remained stable and unwavering. Corporations continued business as usual, worked together to squash out insurrection, rioting, or raiding of major locations as the 'The End Is Nigh' crowd had become pacified. Now two weeks after the event itself, many have found that there is nothing that can be done, except to take reigns on their own lives in front of them, and to take after the example of their corporate overlords.

Understanding that the Confederate as they knew it may potentially be behind them, a 'safety plan' was developed among the corporate bodies who inhabited the two systems to re-establish themselves and maintain operating procedures independent of the greater whole. They still had many neighboring solar systems who accepted their goods, and throughout the last week they even saw a minor bump in cashflow. However an outline for greater, long-term success felt necessary and was discussed at great length between the corporations. While nothing official seemed to be on the books quite yet, and there was no 'primary corporation' which could be trusted to act as a centralized body, the former frontier state continued on as it has been, exploiting and harvesting what they could from their constituents and the lands they owned. With the tensions of the past still fresh on many minds, they pressed forward into a world where only time would tell their demise or prosperity.

hello I've been watching this thread because it seems super interesting.

I will now bully DX3214 for his unforgivably persistent use of run-on sentences.

I remember specifically talking him about reading what he wrote out loud a year or two ago, but now I can only hear him speaking with extreme quickness in his Brazilian accent unable to realize that it does not sound natural.

Just to be crystal clear, I love you DX, and I hope this thread goes super far because there's a ton of potential here, some AMAZING writers, and I want to help you improve your faction and your writing so I hope this is helpful!

Please do not mind my snarky emoticons, I am merely expressing myself.

disclaimer: if you want your nation to be a part of this I can still add you in and that there's a lot more to say on each individual country, so that said this sheet isn't an exhaustive list of my assets or ideas but frames the basic idea of it. Also, as a bonus, here is a small playlist of videos I try to use to help understand the aesthetic and tech limitations. You may post here, PM me on RPG or @ me on Discord or in direct messages.

My current iteration of Rodaycia has undergone some changes from the OOC but more may be necessarily. . . these other two are dissected from my other nation sheets to give some context to the city states I would like to introduce.

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