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disclaimer: if you want your nation to be a part of this I can still add you in and that there's a lot more to say on each individual country, so that said this sheet isn't an exhaustive list of my assets or ideas but frames the basic idea of it. Also, as a bonus, here is a small playlist of videos I try to use to help understand the aesthetic and tech limitations. You may post here, PM me on RPG or @ me on Discord or in direct messages.

My current iteration of Rodaycia has undergone some changes from the OOC but more may be necessarily. . . these other two are dissected from my other nation sheets to give some context to the city states I would like to introduce.

Chinatsu was worried that her new memplants would block her from remembering her past. She thought back several decades ago when she was young and lived in a city surrounded entirely by trees and active wild life. There was such a stark contrast to where she had come from and what she was in present. The feeling was overwhelming, like a tsunami. . .she didn’t even know what that was until recently, or that there were large bodies of waters which could create such a situation. She retrospected on life back in Rodaycia, where she grew well into adulthood.

She tried to think as far back as she could and rediscovered something told from her Father, in an expression that was indicated by some discouragement towards Chinatsu’s ‘boyish’ interests was that she could be a Batyr if she wanted to, which was in this context facetious, and unreasonable-- and a cause of laughter from the sentiment. As time went by and emergency situations unfolded, she found herself increasingly interested in pursuing a career in the Lancers, an elite guard troop that patrolled the walls to protect the city and operate to fight back the forest.

Apparently those skills are transferable outside of Rodaycia and it wasn’t long before a talent scout of sorts indoctrinated her into her new culture in the wastes. She received a gift of a memplant and also has a veteran mercenary in her retinue, who is at present driving towards a store named Hard Sterling, a sort of military surplus. She had mentioned before that they would have some interest in her lance, which had several configurations to project heat in different ways. Still having time before arriving, Chinatsu took one last gleam to the past;

Rodaycia, despite the vegetation and abundance of life, was a wasteland in it’s own way. She had remembered seeing the blood on the empty streets wash away and while many wished to think her absence would be unrecognized her actions were pervasive to that narrative. There was eventually a narrative surrounding her marital status which brought enormous uproar congruent to a state of emergency, which she contributed much to a resolution. Despite being baffled they begrudgingly allowed her to continue her occupation, in which she was too important to be forgotten.

The consequence was a campaign from the community with expectations she would become a child bearer, as she was an officer and in a sense a part of nobility in that way. As her father had passed away at this point, the discretion had been levied on her brother, who had been overwhelmed by many impatient men of different walks of life. They decided to move to underground in the Kuyunderin district. The Lancers took a hands-off approach and allowed her to investigate things pertinent to the organization, feeling confident that they wouldn’t need her guarding the walls - and instead acted more like an Oniwabanshu.

It wasn’t long before they parked their vehicle and they wandered through the streets. Chinatsu, who felt already exhausted by the culture shock, found she was holding her friends hand and smiled. The object of their pursuit came closer, it was at the end of the market next to a smoke shop that bravely brandished the sign Hard Sterling Mercenary Equipment. As the two entered and began to browse they were approached by the salesman. Chinatsu’s cream white uniform has seen better days, so they began doing adjustments and began to facilitate which products would be appropriate.

Kandy, the veteran mercenary who is to initiate Chinatsu to their chapter, scouted around and began pulling products to put at her friends feet. It wasn’t long before she was asked to have her lance inspected, since it was an oddity, and Chinatsu went ahead and began explaining its functions once given the appropriate space she began to cycle through the different less dangerous modes -- for instance a flashlight and laser, which when concentrated enough could easy burn paper and light a remarkable amount of space. The other end of her lance she had to explain, as it was not an appropriate setting to go through the more dangerous modulations, but she explained it in sufficient detail to help get the idea across.

At her feet was several products, and as things were settling down, the salesman began his pitch to help his new customer; “Well, we are running a special-- it’s a stripped down HS-BA Full, so you get a lot of the fireproofing as well as the NBC ablative, but we’ve . . .” He looked down at the products and picked up the shoe box, “And instead of the usual shoes, we’ll substitute them for these. . .They’re called the Urbanite 8” Spectres. . .It has a thin rubber shell on the bottom that helps you feel the ground a bit better, and they won’t make a sound if you’re sneaking around.” then he picked up a pair of gloves that Kandy had retrieved, “And these, I would sub these out since they are a bit more fireproof and I think better for you than what they usually come with, they’re called Ormani Kevlar Gloves, it has exceptional grip and can take up to 800 degrees of heat. . .”

They moved on to a new section of the store which presented many more weapons than equipment and Kandy inquired towards Chinatsu about her experience with firearms, to which she responded she had a ‘working knowledge’ but no formal training or familiarity with it’s usage. “Couldn’t hurt to get you something just in-case. What do you use if you don’t have your lance?” Chinatsu pulled a rather large kukri from a sheath down her leg, which she put on the counter for the salesman to inspect, as well as a retractable baton. Kandy got the bright idea, “Do you happen to have a KonKon U2?” and in just a few swift movements the salesman brought out a very small revolver looking gun. Chinatsu inspected it with scrutiny and decided it was very lightweight and, despite it being out of her comfort zone, she was in a new place and it may require new solutions.

Once she came out of the dressing room Kandy gave a small applause to the transformation from the member of an elite fascist forest regime to the contemporary Conglomerate mercenary. From the top of her head she had acquired visors which allow her to access information, whether they are about things in her visage or about the suits various sensors that tracked her biological functions, with an accompanying earpiece that allowed her to communicate from a distance. Her suit was sort of baggy, but as she was being guided in the installation phase by her visor her baggy outfit tightened to her skin. She noted the flexible ceramic plates which were typically on joints, but were more or less spread out the rest of the body and especially the torso. She also began to feel the suit cool down her body temperature and bringing up her body temperature on her visor confirmed that she was returning to homeostasis.

“Now that suit has seen better days, but it should still work fine. If you find any other Hard Sterling equipment, come on bring it back and we will discount your purchase.” Chinatsu snapped her attention to Kandy, who had spontaneously remembered her trunk was full of collected equipment from their detour shenanigans from before. She smiled and excused herself, before returning with a large sack of several gloves, boots, oddities, etc of all kind and conditions. The salesman evaluated the worth of it all and applied the discount to their purchases and all in all things felt right, which helped ease the anxiety of Chinatsu’s rebirth in identity.

Chinatsu remarked on the armed guards who always watched carefully. It was a sentiment she was familiar with, despite this being a new place to her. She was naive and genuinely gullible at times because of the absurdity of her present reality. She folded her former uniform up and put it away. The two left smiling and took a moment to be in the present now that things were fresh and new. For Kandy, a seasoned veteran, she felt like Hard Sterling was a home to her. She looked to her friend and proclaimed

“Now we’re ready to work!”
Sorry for the Double Post but what the hell lets BUMP this! And if you're not in the RP and think all this is kinda neat, jump in our Discord!

I know this isn't a Nation RP, but the last time this sheet was touched was back in 2015! So I gave it a little touch up, I'm still editing it a little bit (after I post I'm gonna re-read through it and make some edits), but it's transformed from Fantasy to Science Fiction and soon will be much more cyberpunky. Or I might not do anything to it and use it as reference! Either way it is nowhere else on the internet except here (and some rogue Google Docs) so it is remarkable in that fact, because I thought I lost it forever since I started this RP.

Also, as a bonus, from my Conglomerate sheet here is some info that is relevant to this RP (as that sheet is full-fledge set for like, multiple star systems)

Also, I found an old profile for Kandy I wrote like 5 years ago. She is a little bit different in this RP, I like to think of her as older with modifications that helped her sensory wise-- plus this old RP was taking place in Star Wars territory:…

Hope this OOC post was JAM PACKED with interesting stuff :^)

Hello!! I have some interest in this RP, looked at some of the IC as well as nation sheets and I had an idea for a contribution.

I'm sitting on an idea between a drug cartel/organized crime syndicate and a conglomerate of corporations that collectively own assets together under the context of non-aggression. I really enjoy the idea of creating a society that's like a large red light district and to be fair it'd be kind of like mashing three concepts (The Drogue Collective, The Conglomerate and The Rodaycian Emirate) I've done in the past, then simplifying it to fit the setting (the other settings were much more out of this world, for lack of better words.) However I'm pretty flexible and would like to work with it to make it fit the aesthetic of the world at hand. Thoughts?
<Snipped quote by Arawak>

I can contribute data to this.

I've been running/participating in a series of NRPs for three years now, and this cycle is present in every single one. This is a single series mind you (Void of the Stars and all the other things we called it), all of these RPs were connected in some way.

Yes!! Thank you so much, I look forward to further communication with you. On that note, here is a list of all the threads that talk explicitly about thread death from the RolePlaying Discussion category:

Hopefully this will expedite the process of getting to the bottom of this issue.
Great! Thanks for sharing the information. That is very helpful for increasing my knowledge in this field. Strike Force Heroes 3, Happy Wheels 3

Hi, I'm pretty sure you're spamming.

By any chance have you noticed the cycle of intensive world building, progressive loss of thematic focus and eventually player drop out sprees that seems to affect sci-fi NRPs?

Yes. Apparently @Darkmatter and @Terminal maybe involved in fixing this! Hopefully this journal can help them and this problem, thanks for bringing up this topic. I addressed it in the journal as the third question to HeySeuss' RP that I reviewed:

It would be to the benefit of this journal to explore how often players leave, how player leaving impacts a game and the community, why players leave and how the community and game masters respond to player leaving. An article can be created to present to the community after proper research has been conducted and examined. This topic has potential to introduce similar, but specifically different, questions such as;
‘how big of a problem is players leaving, on a micro (among the ASFR community on RolePlayerGuild) and a macro (among the RolePlayerGuild’s community, among forum RolePlayers, among RolePlayers in general, etc) scale.?
‘what strategies are used to deal with players leaving or to prevent players from leaving?

How can we organize these strategies? (For instance: dynamic and static, short term and long term, authoritarian or equalitarian, etc)
What works in theory as well as in practice?
Does a specific strategy fail because of the theory or the practice?
How often do these strategies succeed or fail?
How long do these strategies succeed until they fail?’

Interstellar Ascension is perhaps the most interest case study of such NRP cycle.

I definitely want to take a look at this RP and I even got to speak with Darkmatter about it. I'd be interested in interviewing not just him, but also the participants, but first I need to get a good idea for what the RP was about.

The first post in the OOC was on 14 Aug 2014 and the last was 30 Sep 2014, so the RP technically lasted about a month and a half.

The IC lasted for 9 days. Here's the list:

I'd like to take baby steps, review the RP and take time to really understand what occurred in this instance of time. Darkmatter is also going to be looking up the piratepads that never got uploaded to the forum, so that's another important thing to note. This is an on-going investigation as of now, thanks again for bringing it to my attention! Nothing official, but hopefully I can help create an article that can address the problems stated above; Interstellar Ascension is a good place to start.

Ooooh, I was in one or two of the Rps on the list.

Anyways in my case I've only had experience in one sci-fi NRP. The second one civil space OCC I jumped in with alot of superfluous tech talk that I really wanted to blurt out for some reason. The GM/OP was a bit grumpy to say the least, rightfully so actually. I noticed however that he didn't set any iron ground rules and rather threw things to the wind and wanted everyone else to decide what sort of RP they wanted.

I didn't really track down what happened after though.

I will keep that in mind when I get to it, thanks! If you'd like I'll keep you updated when I get around to it so I can tell you what happened afterwards.

Faction : Martian Front was actually a really pleasant experience. Open ended yet thematic. But sadly the RP stopped due to inactivity me included. I had a blast though before that happened. Sometime this week the Sequel Faction 2: Jupiter Referendum will be up and running IC. I just hope I can make the time to go at it. As I intend to go all out.

Keep me updated on that (or I'll look out for it depending on my free time) and I can see about doing a double review between the two to help new and old players refreshed on the old RP so to help out the new RP. With what I've said before in regards to stopping the trend of inactivity we may be able to see a future for Faction 2 unlike it's predecessor (death by inactivity, that is). That would be an interesting project in my mind, so thanks for mentioning it!

Anyways the idea of JASFR is great! It allows an overview of several roleplaying settings, techniques, and directions to inspire better RPs. Which is good by the way! XD

I really appreciate that, I think so too! I hope it becomes an accessible and interesting resource for the community!

Old wounds cut deep.
Though I agree, this cycle results in the death of easily 90% of the NRPs here. Myself and @Terminal, by his suggestion, had been deliberating writing a guide on what causes this, how to avoid it and to just generally raise awareness of it. It is the number cause of death in the NRP section.

I would love to eventually find out what the actual percentage is, but I'm pretty sure you wouldn't be too far off in that assertion.

If that work would possibly be better transferred here, then I'm happy to speak frankly and honestly about that particular RP, as a case study, as the GM.

Yay!! I would love to have you and Terminal contribute an article to the journal, that would really boost it's relevancy. Though it's more important that it gets done. For now, the journal could be an ample resource and I think I will start working on that today before I head to work.

- - -

I've been having fleeting thoughts of the idea of reviewing choice RP's from the forum of old. If anyone has any suggestions, please provide the cached/internet database screenshots below!

Journal for Advanced Science Fiction RolePlay

Hello potential and probable friends! I have been on-and-off of this project called JASFR and I decided that I want to share it with everyone even though it's terribly, terribly incomplete. The basic premise is observing, critiquing and analyzing both IC and OOC aspects of RolePlays in order to learn from the past to improve the present and future. I'd like to share with you two google documents that are relevant to this pursuit:

In here, so far (as of 1/7/16), I have two RolePlays that I've analyzed and reviewed:

Star Wars: An Army of Scum and Villainy by @HeySeuss and Orbitum by @Asuras

The manner in which I've done them is more or less an example of the level of quality; it can only go up from here!

Below the review/analysis of Orbitum is a quick, detailed look at quite a list of previous RP's that I've chosen from this document:

I've essentially went through both the Nation and Advanced Interest Check subforums and I have gathered a list of all RP's I might be interested in looking at; not all of them will be relevant, but it's a good place to start and there's nothing to say that we can't add to the list as well. Please comment below if there seems to be anything missing! (Especially with Steampunk!) If you have any questions like 'What about casual?' I try to answer it here, but just in case I will add a little FAQ down below that I will update accordingly:


+ + + Why just Advanced Science Fiction?

Personally, I'm a huge fan of Advanced Science Fiction RP's and while it's clearly selfish for me to limit the journal to just this category, I would honestly have no qualms working with Fantasy RP's if they're relevant and interesting enough. There is such a large amount of RP's, I feel like it'd be a great idea to get a start with ASF, and if there's anyone willing to do otherwise than I'd welcome it with open arms. That being said, the Journal will definitely count most modern RP's as well as Zombie/Apocolypse RP's. SteamPunk for me is just not my forte, but I can definitely see it having a part in the journal: I'm not an expert or an enthusiast, so I don't feel justified in analyzing these, however I did decide while I was collecting past RP's to include them in the list for anyone else. If anyone has any more specific questions in this area, please feel free to ask!

+ + + Who can participate in JASFR?

I'm going to take a risk here and say: pretty much anyone who decides they want to dedicate time to it! For what you can do, I will address in the next question. If I can say so humbly, I try my best to maintain a high standard of quality and I will likely help someone who is reaching but not quite achieving that level to develop both their article and their personal skills.

+ + + What will JASFR offer?

I'd really like to attain a level of quality similar to sites like Gawker or VICE and branch out from just doing reviews on each and every quality RP we get our hands on. To me, our activities look like this:

- Reviewing, analyzing and critiquing RolePlays
- Writing reviews and articles on RolePlays (IC and OOC) and online/offline RolePlaying culture
- Interviewing Game Masters, Players and RP Groups in a meaningful way
- Discussing academic and popular literature pertaining to RolePlay
- Promoting, stabilizing and supporting users who show initiative in advancing the limits of RolePlaying (I'm looking at you @Terminal!)
- Cross-Forum/Milieu Participation (such as starting JASFR on other forums or experimenting with RP between forums and videogames)
- Multi-Media Presentations, Skits and etc much like Accursed Farms and The Spoony Experiment
Anything else you thought of? Post it below! You don't need my permission to do anything I listed above, however I'd suggest throwing me a PM so I can be in-the-know.

+ + + Who is in charge?

I'm a huge proponent of group/collective leadership; while for now I'll say I'm the 'lead editor' or something, though titles really don't matter to me. It's not about ownership or about being in charge, it's about maintaining quality content, creating real conversation and doing it right (by treating everyone as equal as possible, and so on). I plan on pushing this forward even if no one pays attention, though actions are certainly more important than words (RolePlayers should know this pretty well by now!). If you are super interested and you'd like to be involved, just feel free to post your ideas, thoughts, questions, etc below or in a PM to me and I'd be glad to get you up to speed. Elitism and drama are sometimes inevitable, but I will make a promise to try to evaporate it for the sake of objectivity. I may be personally gaining from this, but the idea is that everyone should be able to personally gain from it too: equally!

Have a question in this vein of thought? I'd love to hear from you!

+ + + How can I contact you?

For today, I will set up a chatzy and I am willing to share my Skype username provided you send me yours over PM's. As I've stated numerous times before, feel free to post below or send me a PM over the forums. Any other means to communicate with me, like Vent or Team Speak, we can totally discuss!

- - -

I appreciate you taking the time to look over this topic. I'm sure there are more frequent questions that will arise and I will attempt to treat everyone who treats the project seriously likewise. I look forward to the conversations and interactions with my fellow peers and contemporaries!
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