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"People who live in glass houses should shut the fuck up." - Anorak's Almanac
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Whoooo! Only like a year and a bit left until degree happens!
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Probably time to make an RP
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If you don't do homework long enough, it does itself... right?
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Thrawn: "I have read about the nightswan. Have you?"

Nightswan: "You refer to the fact that it sings only as night is falling?"

Thrawn: "Yes. You do not expect your stand to succeed, do you?"

Nightswan: "I know that it won't succeed."

Thrawn: "That does not necessarily mean the end. I can give orders for you to be taken unharmed."

Nightswan: "They will be ignored. Half the troops here are Batonn Defense and Restos is determined to get rid of me."

Thrawn: "Then come with me now!"

Nightswan: "A man must do what he must, Admiral Thrawn. Even if his stand is against the fall of eternal night."

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@Dr Lovecraft I must have ADHDed that up lol you're right
So is this different from My Hero? I mean I like My Hero and this sounds dope. I'm just saying - why not just call it that if that's what it is, only difference I'm seeing is the testing. But I'd totally be interested.
Nah it's up to me. I'm withdrawing since me posting a sheet caused this much commotion. I apologise IceHeart for having wasted some of your time.
Okay well my takeaway is that there should be a faction sheet because o course it was confusing because I only put in snippets of the regions culture. But also as far as the feudal system is concerned, each house is basically he king of their land but they answer to their liege lord. In the case of houses with very high influence their liege is the king. I can get rid of calling it a throne but houses can have castles and palaces. And also no, the eldest son doesn't necessarily inherit the land - in the culture of Avelyn is the eldest child. In terms of dropping her family name - she already had the land and titles and armies and such. All she did was not recognize the claims of either house. Again though there should be a house CS so it's easier to expand
@pugbutter it's pronounced Owen lol just spelled differently
@IceHeart They are an Ainedal lord? I'm confused. I didn't make another kingdom, I just fleshed out the agricultural sect of the existing kingdom. And if the vassal part is the issue - that's how the feudal system works.
And does the lack of a map free us up to invent our own countries, towns, and landmarks for the purposes of our stories?

I'm doing that for the houses I'm making. Presumably we'll all agree upon general locations and the rest will be free?
@IceHeart If I'm making a custom lord/house, is there a CS for that with all of the information you want?
I'm gonna work on a knight character who is in a Lady's guard, her house is going to previously have been in control of the agricultural sect of the nation but most of that has been seized. So her goal is to regain her former power and aid the prince and princess in their quest.
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