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Current While I understand that language is fluid and whatever most people use to communicate is a correct way to do it. However, can we not make "woah" a norm? It's "whoa".
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Roommates, who you don't know previously, suck.
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The Dresden Files is fantastic... are fantastic? ... The Dresden Files is/are fantastic.
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"Life is a journey, time is a river, the door is a jar."


Thrawn: "I have read about the nightswan. Have you?"

Nightswan: "You refer to the fact that it sings only as night is falling?"

Thrawn: "Yes. You do not expect your stand to succeed, do you?"

Nightswan: "I know that it won't succeed."

Thrawn: "That does not necessarily mean the end. I can give orders for you to be taken unharmed."

Nightswan: "They will be ignored. Half the troops here are Batonn Defense and Restos is determined to get rid of me."

Thrawn: "Then come with me now!"

Nightswan: "A man must do what he must, Admiral Thrawn. Even if his stand is against the fall of eternal night."

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Banned for banning for Nintendo and for being the C.A.T. Cat.
@WanderingSpirit Doesn't seem to be interested anymore, though it'd be nice if they said so -_-

@MissCapnCrunch Hasn't been on in several days, I'd welcome them back because life happens.

Flourish and Bolts

Melvus hadn’t realized how popular he’d be. Already there were two students asking him questions, to be fair though - only one was in relation to the school list while the other was someone else, seemingly equally interested in a good read. “I rather enjoy reading about charms and other enchantments. Mum owns Charming Charms and Other Oddities here in Diagon Alley. I’ve been exposed to them since I could understand what magic was.”

There was a tap on his shoulder and he turned to the other student, a blond-haired girl of similar age. She’d been asking about help with the books and had introduced herself as Charlie. “Hi, I’m Mel. I don’t mind helping you out. Have you collected any books yet? Or are we starting from the top?” He realized something all of a sudden, “Just a moment.” He quickly made his way to his father’s side and tugged on his sleeve.

“What is it?” He didn’t seem annoyed, but he was pulled out of conversation.

“My books are on the end of the counter over there -” Melvus pointed at them, “I’m going to help another student find their books, if we have time?” His father nodded and Mel made his way back over to Charlie. “I’m ready to help.”
I'm gonna get started on a response post for Melvus.
@Jeyma -- Thought I'd remind you to update your CS to fix what Kahleen mentioned.
@candlelitcraft -- I'll have to take a nap before I give any in-depth answers. I just got home from no sleep and a bunch of paperwork. Perhaps @KahleenCuthald can elaborate, they're more knowledgeable in the lore department than I am.

@ineffable -- Go ahead and send me a copy of the revised CS and I'll approve it or share it with my colleagues to see what they think.

[@Everyone] -- Please use the above method for any revisions. Thanks.
@Jeyma -- Looks fine to me. However, I'm sleep deprived and overworked so I'll let @KahleenCuthald or @Bishop take a look at it and I'll trust their decision.
I've been a member since late 2011 and... Jeez... going on 6 years of RPing almost exclusively on one site. -And frankly this is the only online community that I'm a member of, with the exception of Facebook groups. It's, as some other members have said, a home-away-from-home. It's a place I can come to chat with like-minded people and do some writing.

The spammers and bots and attacksers suck - whenever the Guild would go away for a time, it felt as though there was a void that needed to be filled. From that I started playing Dungeons and Dragons with some friends at college, but it's not the same as an in-depth roleplay where you're not restricted by the confines of verbal conveyance. I've also done LARP, but it, again, is not the same.

The spam forum, while it is a cesspool that should be contained, is where most of the chatting and general dickery happens and I've enjoyed my time there... well sorta.

I realize that there's no way I can convey what the guild means to me with a single post, so I'll go for a gif instead.


Flourish and Bolts

Melvus had frequented Flourish and Bolts during the years. He was a reader, after all, and already owned several of the volumes on the list. Magical Theory was one, though he had a hard time understanding it and his parents would not be named among the best instructors when it came to something out of their field. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them was another that Melvus had read through a time or two. His favourite was definitely the Niffler and its ability to carry many, many, items in its pouch.

“Ah, Draven.” The aged shopkeeper said over the shoulder of two, presumably, parents as he gave a nod. Melvus' mother wasn't with him because she was tending to her shop that day, and was, therefore, preoccupied. However, Melvus and Draven intended to pay her a visit later in the day.

“Good day.” Draven mumbled in response. Draven Garth wasn’t a particularly joyus man, his line of work would do that to someone. Especially since most of the dark witches and wizards he brought down were alum of his own house, Slytherin.

Melvus already had a stack of books in his arms, some were ones that he needed for school and others had titles like “Abracadabra: A-Z of Spooky Spells” and “Olde and Forgotton Bewitchments and Charmes”. He didn’t mean to, but when he placed them on the counter they slammed down with a loud thud. His father gave him a pointed look and he seemed to have disturbed the shopkeeper and their other customers.

"Pardon my rudeness;" Draven had thought it was as good a time as any to bother the people who were so obviously muggles. "Would you like anything explained? My son and I are making the rounds for his school items as well, we could show you around if you'd like." Draven wasn't a standard Slytherin - He often thought that the sorting hat had made a mistake and placed him there just based on his blood status and family history.
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