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Current Probably time to make an RP
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If you don't do homework long enough, it does itself... right?
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About to start my most difficult semester yet.
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Damn, I've not been doing much RPing this last year... Anyone need another player for something?
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While I understand that language is fluid and whatever most people use to communicate is a correct way to do it. However, can we not make "woah" a norm? It's "whoa".


Thrawn: "I have read about the nightswan. Have you?"

Nightswan: "You refer to the fact that it sings only as night is falling?"

Thrawn: "Yes. You do not expect your stand to succeed, do you?"

Nightswan: "I know that it won't succeed."

Thrawn: "That does not necessarily mean the end. I can give orders for you to be taken unharmed."

Nightswan: "They will be ignored. Half the troops here are Batonn Defense and Restos is determined to get rid of me."

Thrawn: "Then come with me now!"

Nightswan: "A man must do what he must, Admiral Thrawn. Even if his stand is against the fall of eternal night."

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So I've been working on a medieval low-fantasy world. I'd like to do an RP set in it. This would be a slice of life/military/faction RP. You could play as anyone in the world I set before you. Save for the emperor-king and a few select social/military positions otherwise. You can play as a knight guarding a queen. You can play as a prince who heads a large slice of a noble house. You can be a farmer displaced by the war torn state. You can react to world events and navigate a political landscape or you can be a footsoldier defending the city against a horse of ravenous beasts or against the raiding bands that travel the land between settlements. I want to see what you do.

It should be noted, this world is low magic. That is to say that magic exists but as more of a force of nature. There's some plot things to make take it from low to medium magic but yeah, if you want to know about that: join me in making this story.

Does this catch anyone's interest?
I'm interested! Also I already have a character waiting for a OPM to from an older one that died.

The chaos had gone on for what seemed like forever. Or, rather, enough time for most of the other teams to arrive. Alistair had drawn his rapier, Judicium, at the beginning of the conflict. It seemed as though they were perpetually surrounded. The arrival of Rin had boosted their chance of survival and the arrival of the other teams had further boosted it.

Al parried a bladed appendage sweeping toward his body. Ducking under the his blade as it guided the attack over him, he brought his blade to bear, piercing the invader’s body, it crumpled to the ground. This went on for a few more minutes before Al spotted a familiar drone in the sky, launching healing energy throughout of the battlefield. That’s Gungnir… That means Hiro’s arrived! Now that Hiro and Raphel were both present, they had a full team.

He swung his around, looking for the two. They would certainly need his support. He had already felled seven foes in the last few minutes of battle and he knew he could fight on. He spotted them trying to find cover in what used to be brush. The quadruped invaders had been routing by that point. He made his way with slow progress. Sidestepping passing attacks and the occasional engagement meant progress wasn’t as fast as he’d have liked.

He was just about one hundred meters from his companions when an invader stepped in his way. Holding Judicium at the ready, he glanced behind him to see many of the other teams still engaged with the invaders and the really rather large invader. He also noticed that two other invaders were closing in on his back. He turned back in time to react to the first invader’s lunge. He stepped forward and off to the side just slightly. Bringing his rapier up and guiding the attack to the side, he kept advancing piercing the invader twice in the course of less than a second. He spun around, sheathed Judicium, and activated his psychic drive.

The world suddenly was moving in slow motion. His eyes and brain were processing information at a very increased rate, he moved to avoid a projectile attack. As he did, he drew Taiyō, the bright crimson blade shimmering into existence. By this time, the invaders were slow motion launching for attacks. Al pivoted around the attack and slowly slashed through the second one’s body, cleaving it in two. The third received an upward slash which didn’t cut deep enough to part it, but was indeed deep enough to kill.

Deactivating his drive, he made his way the rest of the way to his team. Panting just a bit as he arrived, he sheathed Taiyō, its curved blade disappearing once more into the ornate white hilt. “Hey there, I didn’t think you were going to show up.” He turned back to the giant invader before he said, “What’s the plan?”
Just looking at the roster, there's two linker spots that have yet to be filled. Though, there are apparently people making CS's for those spots. I'm not sure how @KoL and @TheWindel are treating that if it's first come or not.

“Blimey,” The word escaped Al's mouth as little more than a whisper. The two stepped out of the forest and into the urban ruins. The behemoth came into view. He suddenly felt the need to draw a second blade. But he knew that one blade was just as effective as two - he would just have to decide how he wanted to deal with this. If he wanted to study his opponent's weaknesses and strike with extreme precision he would have his rapier, Judicium. If he wanted to go in and cut into the situation, he had Taiyō… his katana wouldn't be much help here.

It was big. Really big, tall, metallic, angular planting, glowing eyes… one appendage was what appeared to be a rail gun or some other form of projectile armament. The other could loosely be described as a claw. Claw would do this no justice. ‘Claw’ holds the implication that there's an anthropomorphic hand with long nails. These were long enough to be short swords. The invader itself must have been somewhere around four meters tall.

“There’s more…” Alistair could see the base of the sensor array and he could see a group of the smaller Invaders of the quadruped variety had just came out of the wood on the far side of the clearing. These were normal sized. The sort that didn't pose much of a threat in small numbers. But they weren't dealing with small numbers here. Perhaps thirty of the Invaders, plus their larger friend there…

“Hey, Falk, can you check if any more of the buggers are going to sneak up on us? Otherwise, we should get this over with.” he held Judicium angled downward in front of him. Ready to be brought bear.

"Well, fuck you too then." Was what Alistair wanted to say. So much for being polite on what was supposed to be a milk run. But being someone who tried to avoid people with attitudes, he just let it slide. It's just for a mission. I’ll be back with my team soon enough. I can deal with insufferable people for now. “Sure thing chief.” Is what Alistair actually said after the two of them started following Falk into the wood and she told him to guard her. He drew Judicium just in case they were ambushed. They were in a forest with limited visibility after all. The vibrorapier actived as it left the scabbard. The hum that was typical of vibroblades was inaudible. In fact, it was nearly impossible to tell that the sword was indeed a vibroblade.

With the word that they were being followed by Invaders Alistair became both annoyed and excited. I thought the area was cleared… Though, he knew that he couldn't complain too much about it. The whole reason he joined the academy was to help fight the Invaders. Replacing batteries was important and all, but a few less Invaders was never a bad thing. Alistair didn’t consider himself to be the type to crave a fight. But when it came to them, he was always ready to clash.

Damn. Alistair thought to himself as the trail became muddy, he immediately got off of the trail and started walking against the underbrush, dragging his boots a little to get some of the sticky stuff off. Yui forged on into the mud for just bit before seemingly deciding to not do that. As strikers they both knew that any hindrance to their mobility could prove deadly. They needed to be able to react quickly to anything and move in tight spaces. Neither of which was easy while the ground was grabbing at their feet.

They hadn't been walking for very long when Alistair spotted the exit to the wood just under a hundred meters ahead of them. The trees were beginning to clear and beyond that he could see more ruins of used-to-be cityscape with more dense vegetation growing on nearly every surface.
@ryonolson Let's get this going again. I forgot about this.

As their modified craft passed over buildings, casting a long shadow on what used to be a population center, all Alistair could think of was how disgusted he was and how much it reminded him of stories of where his great grandparents had grown up and made their lives before the Second Genesis. These invaders just appeared and took what humanity had worked so hard for. Humanity had grown more technologically advanced from the encounter, sure. But at what cost? Billions of innocent lives? Not an acceptable price. He didn’t know much about these invaders, but what he did know was that they wanted him, and every other human, dead. He wasn’t going to have any of that. Not while his blade was sharp and he drew breath…

Lieutenant Isoshima explained that their mission today was to replace sensor array batteries. She also might have mentioned that this mission wasn’t about combat. Alistair heard her loud and clear. But, he also knew what was going to happen if one of those bastards crossed his path. There was a soft thud as the modified transport touched down. Alistair was just really noticing the noise from the engines as cargo door opened and the sound intensified. He winced at it, apparently he was too lost in his thoughts to pay it any mind before.

As the hatch opened, he slid on his sunglasses and strapped his two blades to his belt, one on either side and the hilt of Taiyō was already clipped in place on his left. The glasses were a modified wayfarer frame. Each lens could double as a display. The left lens displayed the map which had just been passed around. The right was just shielding his eyes from the sun. Apparently also from the extremely bright transformation Tian-Gui had just gone through. He was pretty sure the name was right though he hadn’t had any extended interaction with many of the students who were not on his team. Either way, where the really rather tall older guy had stood, there was a much taller behemoth in red and gold. He had to admit, despite his minimalist preference, it looked pretty awesome.

He waited for the other members of team Yui Gang to get out of the craft. The location they set down in was overgrown with vegetation and other greenery growing on what used to be buildings and cars or the ruins of what used to be those things. It made him think of what plenty of abandoned cities must look like, with the addition of the Invaders, of course. It wasn't long before the other two found their feet. In fact, Falk, another who Alistair didn’t know very well, said he was scouting ahead and disappeared into the forest. That’s when he noticed that Yui and raised his eyebrows. Presumably the team was named for her and she was carrying four of the batteries by herself.

“Excuse me, Yui? Do you need help with those?” He gestured at the batteries hanging over her shoulders. His voice was jokingly concerned. He knew she could probably handle it herself, despite her size. He just felt like a jerk if he didn't offer aid.
Hey @Spike @Burger, I've been temporarily put on your team. So, now that I'm awake, I'm going to write a post to catch me up with you two.
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