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3 days ago
Current If you find yourself under assault by a 4th dimensional being, hiding in a 3rd dimensional space won't help you.
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4 days ago
"Hunger's a real thing. I don't have third-world hunger, I have first-world hunger. I would like a doughnut." - Louis CK
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10 days ago
Jessica Jones is a really good show.
17 days ago
May the Tesla Coulomb Meters per Second be with you.
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17 days ago
Stop pushing your stone-age beliefs on everyone.


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@KahleenCuthald@MissCapnCrunch I'll go ahead and say that both of yours are approved. So when I get around to getting the OOC up I'll go ahead and add them to the character section. I'm kinda swamped with work for the next day or two so I'll get around to it when I'm able.
@MissCapnCrunch I get it, but as the GM I'd prefer if you split it up xD It's much easier to read when they're split up like that.
@MissCapnCrunch Your CS looks good to me. Though, when you write, you should give people their own paragraphs with their own quotes. I don't know if there's a better way to explain that - someone else! Help! xD
It's not too late. We're just getting off our feet.
Alright then, I'll start working on a OCC. I'll post a CS here in a little while so you guys can get started on your characters.
@KahleenCuthald I don't mind being the main GM lol, just as long as there's a strong co-GM. I have a similar disposition towards GMing that you do. As a GM my final decision is the decision but I am absolutely open to discussion from the co-GMs and players, even post-decision.
If no one else wants to GM, I will so long as Kathleen co-GMs. But I'd rather let someone else do it lol
Do you not have an idea for the story already?
@KahleenCuthald So we're all playing students? I couldn't be a professor?

1) I'd be interested in co-GMing - I can GM but I'd rather be a second.
2) Seems good.
3) Indifferent
4) the first option sounds good.
Totes interested.

EDIT: What level of RPing is this gonna be in?
Also; I'd be up to co-gm.
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