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I'm nasty!

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In Avalia 3 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: 7 pm
Location: Roshmi -> Leaky Tap and Tavern Inn
Interactions: Yuka @princess, Aiko @CitrusArms, Orias @Helo
Equipment: Nabarra's usual equipment (minus the billhook, stashed behind the bar), Cat mask, poncho.

The flirting did nothing but make Nabarra tense up. It seemed impossible, considering how tense she was already, but there she was. Her hands were under the table, clutching at cloth. Her teeth were at breaking point. The cut in her hip seared as she shifted in her seat. But that had nothing to do with this, right?

If the flirting was not bad enough, the group seemed to somehow have cottoned on to her injury, almost tip-toeing around the idea that she needed an apothecary. One had the nerve to insinuate her weakness for it, and another even used a pet name for her. The nerve. She was looking down, avoiding meeting othersโ€™ eyes.

โ€Aiko,โ€ she said. Her teeth were gritted, her voice strained. โ€My being alone in a fuckinโ€™ bed. Is fuckinโ€™ not. Your thing. To... let... me bloody have. And Yuka,โ€ she looked at the lioness. โ€You act fuckinโ€™ playful, but let me bloody well tell you. If you fuckinโ€™ call me that again. I will snap you. In the least bloody enjoyable way you can fuckinโ€™ imagine.โ€

If the room were not so noisy, her sigh would have been audible. Youโ€™re a fuckinโ€™ moron, she told herself. Being surrounded by people with a genuine drive to achieve a common goal had her out of her element. Typically, when expressing revolutionary ideals, all she encountered were milquetoast cowards; those people who wanted to talk about change, not strive for it. Those people she needed to stir into action using anger. But these people were different, and that anger was going astray.

โ€Anyway. A walk sounds far fuckinโ€™ better than this shitโ€™ole,โ€ she said, starting to stand, โ€I donโ€™t fuckinโ€™ need a potion though. The fuck are you talking abo-โ€ she trailed offโ€ฆ and fell. She hit the floor with a hard thud. When her head hit the ground, her mask slid back, putting her face on display for all. Beyond the obvious harsh dark-elven features, it was plain that she was burning up. Her skin was clammy and slick with sweat, and her breathing was ragged.

๐Š๐š๐ญ ๐•๐š๐ฎ๐ฉ๐ž๐ฅ

When Kat woke, all she could think about was how much she needed a coffee. That craving could drive her to drastic things. Sometimes, those things were even as wild as getting out of bed. She opened her eyes to a faceful of silky hair and an armful ofโ€ฆ Oh, yeah.

She shifted out of the covers, sat up, and rubbed the nightโ€™s sleep from her eyes. Silver early morning light was leaking past the drawn blinds, never settling on anything, but gently touching everything. Mimsy laid just a few feet away. Kat sighed, and scratched her head. She desperately wanted to be on the same page, and for this to mean nothing. After all, there had been countless girls who it had meant nothing with. So, that is what she told herself. And that was that.


She crawled out of bed and dragged on whichever clothes had flown off. That is, after she found them. Half a bottle of wine and certain company had a way of making her misplace things. A pair of loose-fit jeans and a sports bra were first, with a button-up, a flannel, and a hoodie to follow. The memories which slid back into her head at that moment made her grin like an idiot. But, slowly, pain crept in to remind her of the coffee. It was time to go. She quickly gathered the rest of what she had brought, stashing it in her bag, and walking out the door.

Outside, the wind was crisp and cool against her face, and lively in the lungs. She pulled her coat in tighter. It had been so much warmer in bed. Anywayโ€ฆ she thought, bringing her mind back to the present. She reached into her pocket to pull out her phone, put one earbud in, and hit โ€œplayโ€ on her daily spotify mix. Tear You Apart. โ€Great,โ€ she muttered, rolling her eyes.

Minutes later, she was aboard a near-empty bus on the way back to campus. It stank. Normally, she would have spent time racking her brains to figure out what the stench was, but today, that did not seem like a concern. Today was not a normal day. Something was off, and it wasnโ€™t exactly that she hadnโ€™t woken up in her own bed.

With a shake of her head to dismiss the feeling, she pulled out her phone and opened up her DMs. It took her several minutes of agonising doubt to finally type out a message to Mimsy, bluntly apologising for leaving without saying goodbye.

After a short bus ride, a shorter walk, and an even shorter text exchange, she found herself stood in front of a bulletin board thinking, what the fuck am I doing? And what the fuck is this picture of me doing here?

Someone had decided that the portraits of an eclectic mix of students needed to be pinned to a board, each accompanied by a nickname. Some were kind. Others.... well Kat just hoped that Aria didnโ€™t see hers. That one was particularly cruel. Whatever this was, it seemed like pure high-school drama. She was already done with it. There were no second thoughts as she tore her photo down. It went straight into her bag, where it would stay until it was ready to burn.

With that, Kat wheeled and marched towards the cafe. Her coffee was long overdue. And before too long, she was seated in her own booth, sipping her coffee and scrolling social media.
In Avalia 3 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Time: 7 pm
Location: Roshmi -> Leaky Tap and Tavern Inn
Interactions: Yuka @princess, Aiko @CitrusArms, Orias @Helo
Equipment: Nabarra's usual equipment (minus the billhook, stashed behind the bar), Cat mask, poncho.

Nabarra had been silently tagging along for the day. Her focus was on keeping her head down and her voice low, for a fear nagged at the back of her mind. It was buried under several layers of anger. She found that to be far more palatable. Doubly so, when this fear was so core to her heart, her values, and her esteem. If she got discovered, she would be killed. If she was killed, she could not help with the revolution, and if she could not do thatโ€ฆ Well, in her mind, she will have failed. There will be thousands she could never have helped.

She would like to say this fear was behind her now, but as she sat there in the candlelit tavern, it was all she could do to stop herself shaking all over. Sweat was beading on her forehead, concealed by the mask. Her breathing was ragged around the edges, just barely controlled. The gash in her hip burned. She never got it treated. Should neโ€™er โ€˜ave fuckinโ€™ put so much bloody strain on itโ€ฆ

The stool was hard. Worn. Her armour chafed and her spine was strained. Usually, these things would never bother her, but the mental exhaustion was becoming too much. It was certainly not being set at ease by the hyper little Yuka, constantly chatting or flirting. It only got worse when she started drinking.

Finally, after what felt like a veritable waterfall of comments, Yuka asked her name. Nabarraโ€™s gaze slowly slid over to the demi. She stared for slightly longer than comfortable. โ€Nabarra.โ€
In Avalia 3 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay
Lyrah and Augus

Time: 7 PM
Location: The Maximus family Estate
Interactions: Augus Maximus III @FunnyGuy, the rest of the family as NPCs
Equipment: a fork, a book, and a blue robe.

Within the Maximus household, dinner preparations were being made in the large dining room. Sylvia had enlisted the assistance of the two of her children who stayed home, Lyrah and Linus. Her husband and her son, Augusโ€™ III and IV respectively, had attended Governor Talasi Brightfeather's meeting with the Avian City government officials. They were to discuss the recent news concerning Roshmi City's alliance with the Malthemoor Kingdom.

Despite Sylviaโ€™s insistence to the contrary, Lyrah was perched in the corner on a chair. Her face was buried in a book, poring over the pages with single-minded devotion. As far as she was concerned, she had no obligation to help in any way. To her, menial tasks were boring, especially when they were as minute as dusting the tablecloth or whatever. It would all get dirty again anyway.

โ€œLyrah could you please get the utensils on the table? I think they'll be home soon..โ€ Sylvia asked.

Lyrah just rolled her eyes and went back to reading, pretending she didnโ€™t hear.

โ€œLyrah. Utensils. Please.โ€ Sylvia said, turning to stare at her daughter, who looked up at her with contemptuous apathy.

โ€œWhy canโ€™t dad and the fourth do it?โ€ Lyrah asked in her monotonous drawl.

โ€œBecause you are here, Lyrah. Why is this like snatching feathers with you? Linus and myself would appreciate your help in preparing the dining area. That book will still be there after dinner. Just like all the others." Sylvia really disliked having these spats with Lyrah. It was apparent from her worn expression.

Linus entered the dining room with the plates. Without Augus IV around, the boy was quieter. Linus was considered the mama's boy of the two, especially since Sylvia's brighter years of motherhood occurred after his birth. Lyrah resented him for this. Everyone knew it. She didnโ€™t make it known often, but when she did, there was no ambiguity about it. And so, there was no hesitation or secrecy in the burning glare she shot at Sylvia and Linus.

Eventually her gaze softened, from fierce to lifeless. Like a rotting fruit. โ€œOkay. Good luck with that, I guess,โ€ she said, looking back down at her book. โ€œThis book is here now, too, and itโ€™s far more interesting thanโ€ฆ what is it you want me to do, again?โ€

Sylvia sighed, shoulders sagging. Her daughterโ€™s impertinence was an endless source of frustration. Every small task was an ordeal, and if it did get done, it never got done properly. โ€œFor the love of Zidur, Lyrah. Set the utensils on the table, please. Itโ€™s not that hard, you could have done it by now.โ€

โ€œIf it isnโ€™t that hard then why donโ€™t you do it?โ€ Lyrah responded.

โ€œBecause, young lady, I did everything else.โ€

โ€œI helped, mum!โ€ Linus proudly exclaimed.

Sylvia turned to her son and put on a kind face. โ€œYes, hone-โ€

โ€œYeah, mum, give your favourite child some credit,โ€ Lyrah said, deadpan and deliberate in her interruption.

Sylvia slammed a hand onto the table. The plates rattled. โ€œFuck!โ€ she yelled. Daggers were shooting from her eyes. Right at Lyrah. Linus shifted uncomfortably, trying to disappear into a corner.

โ€œCase in point,โ€ Lyrah mumbled. She looked down at the pages, futilely trying to ignore the hole that Sylviaโ€™s glare was boring into her skull. She slammed her book shut and dropped it on the chair. The lump in her throat cracked as she yelled, โ€œWhat!?โ€

โ€œLetโ€™s try that again,โ€ Sylvia said, her voice as sickly sweet as honey. โ€Lyrah, could you please get the utensils on the table? I think they'll be home soonโ€ฆโ€

A pain shot from Lyrahโ€™s chest into her head, searing into her brain. She winced slightly. Words echoed throughout her mind, reverberating off the interior of her skull. This wasnโ€™t the first time it had happened since last night, and she knew who it was. The thing in her book. Do it, Lyrah. Do it, and we can get on with our business.

Sylviaโ€™s stare was still fixed upon her, a forced smile on her face. โ€œFine,โ€ Lyrah said, climbing down from the top of the chair. โ€œIโ€™ll do it.โ€

โ€œThank you, darling.โ€ Sylvia responded, tense shoulders slackening somewhat.

โ€œWhatever.โ€ Lyrah said. She skulked away to fetch some cutlery. She made sure to pick out a fancy set for the occasion, and upon returning, laid it all out by Linusโ€™ dutifully placed plates. Nevermind that the forks and spoons were on the wrong sides.

It had only taken minutes for the table to be set. It wasn't perfect, but as if on cue, both Augus' entered the home. When entering the dining area, Augus III was pleased with what he saw and smelled. All that was left was for him to taste his meal. Augus IV had a hint of a smile, knowing he had gotten out of a few chores while out with his father.

โ€œWe have returned!โ€ The boy announced with an exaggerated tone.

โ€œAugus.โ€ He glared at his son's silliness, causing it to die down on sight.

โ€œSorry, father.โ€ He couldn't even look his father in the eyes.

โ€œGet ready for dinner. Everyone is waiting.โ€ Augus IV gave a single nod to his father before heading upstairs to do just that. And brag to Linus. Meanwhile, Sylvia entered the dining area from the kitchen to welcome her husband home with a warm smile. It was forced due to her altercation with Lyrah, but Augus hadn't noticed.

โ€œI will get the food out and we can talk about everything over dinner. Just focus on changing out of that.โ€ Sylvia grimaced at his attire, a tangible representation of his work life that had at times come before even his family.

Lyrah just stayed in the kitchen. As far as she was concerned, the more distance between her and Augus III, the better. Besides, she wanted to see how long itโ€™d take for her father - or anyone for that matter - to notice her after they got home. Her bet was twenty minutes: the time it would likely take for them to sit down at the dinner table. But, in the end, it was anyoneโ€™s guess. It could be as few as five minutes if Sylvia mentioned Lyrahโ€™s attitude. And in a perfect world, maybe Sylvia might have. Just seeing her husband home momentarily pulled her away from the altercation with Lyrah. Sylvia had always despised conflict, which was a bit unfitting for a partner of Augus. She challenged his strong need to fulfill his duties. It was the reason for his success within the Skyguard but his failure within his home.

โ€œIโ€™ll be back shortly. I donโ€™t want you, Lyrah, and Linus to scold me for being too untimely.โ€ Augus joked. Probably the only one heโ€™d tell tonight. He hurried upstairs and Sylvia re-entered the kitchen.

โ€œHiding?โ€ She posed to Lyrah.

That was quick, she thought. Maybe it had something to do with their fight? โ€No,โ€ was all she said, not even looking up from the pages. She most certainly was hiding, of course, but admitting that was the last thing she wanted to do.

โ€œWell, now that your father and brother are back, we can eat and hear about what happened with Governor Brightfeather,โ€ Sylvia replied. Lyrah only grunted in response. Her mother sighed, dropped the topic, and left to prepare herself for dinner.

A few minutes had gone by before everyone was seated at the table in the dining area. Augus III had been the last to arrive, dressed down in a dark blue robe, one of many he wore while at the family estateโ€ฆ something that was rare in itself. He was pleased with the set tableware until he noticed the misplaced utensils. He squinted at the deficiency, but took a seat anyway.

โ€œLinus, please make sure the utensils are on their proper side.โ€ Augus assumed it was his youngest son that had made the mistake.

Lyrah said nothing, giving Linus the side-eye, as if in warning. Hoping to avoid criticism where possible, she made sure her eyes spoke a warning.

Linus hesitated to utter anything. A long moment passed before he gulped, and decided to speak. โ€œUhโ€ฆ Iโ€™ll do better next time.โ€ Heโ€™d rather take the small criticism than start anything with Lyrah. She scared him and he didnโ€™t know why. Lyrah smirked in victory.

โ€Actually... Augus, that was Lyrah,โ€ Sylvia said, matter-of-factly. For the second time that night, she considered bringing up her daughterโ€™s attitude about the issue, but decided against that. Lyrah would only cause a scene about that, too. โ€Anyway. Why donโ€™t you tell us about the meeting, dear?โ€

Lyrah glowered at her mother from across the table. The others fixed their cutleries' placement, while she made a point of keeping hers untouched.

Augus IV broke out into a low snicker, covering his mouth to mask it. This earned him a death glare of his own. Unfortunately, this was all very obvious. To pull attention back to himself, Augus III cleared his throat. This put a quick stop to his sonโ€™s tomfoolery.

โ€œThe meetingโ€ฆโ€ He took a second to figure out how he might explain it to his family. Keeping things simple always worked best, but simplifying a war involving several kingdoms was not an easy feat. โ€œAs you may have heard, Rosmi Cityโ€ฆ King Kasai has decided to side with the Dark Elves. Avian City, our people, will be siding with the Light Elves and aiding the peop-โ€

โ€Dad. You always talk to us like youโ€™re addressing the populace,โ€ Lyrah interrupted. โ€Why? I thought you were meant to leave work at the door?โ€

Sylvia glared at her daughter. Again. โ€Lyrahโ€ฆ Let. Your father. Finish.โ€ she said, teeth gritted hard from the pent-up conflict. โ€Please.โ€

โ€Yeah Lyrah,โ€ Augus IV said, holding back more snickers. โ€Let him finish so he can tell you how cool it was.โ€

โ€Shut the fuck up Augus,โ€ Lyrah spat back. She forced a smile. โ€Father. Please, continue.โ€

Instead, Augus III remained silent and pensive for a brief moment. All those present at the table were familiar with that look of his. โ€œWhatever this is. It will stopโ€ฆโ€ He took a breath before continuing. โ€œAugus, do not antagonize your sister. And Lyrah, you know better than to use that kind of language at the table.โ€ Augus III looked at Augus IV and then back at Lyrah. He expected better from them. Lyrah rolled her eyes for what felt like the hundredth time that day.

โ€œAs I was saying. Avian City will side with Light Elves of the Sun Elf Kingdom and weโ€™ll be helping those that need help down in Roshmi. It means I'll be very busy during this whole thing. If you ever thought I was busy beforeโ€ฆโ€ He felt like he was using the wrong words. โ€œI just need you to all be there for each other while I help deal with everything going on down below. Augus IV you are my heir, but you need to cut out some of your foolishness. And Lyrah, you are the oldest of my children, so please help your mother here at the estate when she needs it. A lot will be happening. Refugees will come pouring into our city and thereโ€™s a chance we might see fewer resources here after severing ourselves from Roshmi.โ€ Augus didnโ€™t believe the news was all bad, but it did not feel like something to have a family look forward to.

His son waited for a respectful moment before replying. โ€Yes, father. I promise, I will be the man of the house while youโ€™re gone.โ€

Lyrah, on the other hand, had completely tuned out after Augus III mentioned helping at the estate. That was never going to happen. Both her and Sylvia knew it. But neither dared to say anything, whether out of apathy or fear of conflict. They simply went about their meals.

That is, until Augus IV piped up again, directly contradicting his oath to be less silly. โ€Oh, Linus! You should have seen them! They were all like โ€˜The Aquarian Kingdom is gatheredโ€™ and โ€˜the tradition bridge is burnedโ€™! It was so cool! And you shoulda seen Fatherโ€ฆ โ€˜King Kasai is disgusting garbage! They executed his sons! I will protect our true allies!โ€™โ€ he exclaimed, slowly standing further and further out of his chair as he went on his spiel.

Linusโ€™ eyes grew wider in awe with each word. His brother had a childish glamour in the way he could make boring and monotonous meetings sound rife with excitement and drama. Even Lyrah was entertained, if only by the irony of Augusโ€™ dramatic over-excitement for such a dull, formal event.

โ€Woooooowโ€ฆ. Father really showed them!โ€ Linus exclaimed, practically yelling.

โ€Literally anyone can call Kasai disgusting garbage, Linus. Stop being so childish,โ€ Lyrah butted in.

Sylvia sighed and rested her face on her palm. โ€Lyrah, let them have their fun. Itโ€™s been a long day, and they both deserve it,โ€ she said.

Lyrah responded by taking a large mouthful of food so she didnโ€™t have to respond. Her fork was still in the wrong hand.

โ€Hey Lyrah,โ€ Augus said. โ€Um, youโ€™re actually holding your fork in the wrong hand.โ€

โ€The fu- sorry,โ€ she started, shooting a sharp look at her father. โ€Theโ€ฆ damnโ€ฆ whateverโ€ฆ Why should I care?โ€

โ€Itโ€™s unladylike.โ€

โ€Yeah Lyrah, itโ€™s unladylike.โ€ Linus said, ever the echo.

Lyrah shrugged at her brothers, offhandedly saying โ€Youโ€™re gonna be a shitty man of th-โ€

โ€Lyrah! Boys! The three of you. Cut it out, right now. Iโ€™ve had it up to here, I swear,โ€ Sylvia interrupted. Her voice was strained and agitated, yes, but perhaps more than anything, it was tired.

โ€The house, Augus,โ€ Lyrah finished, throwing a withering glance in her motherโ€™s general direction.

Augus III was unsure what he had come home to, but this would stop now. โ€œDid I not say that this type of behavior would stop?! If you canโ€™t eat here at this table without bickering with one another, then leave!โ€ He snapped. Linus shrunk back into his seat, looking sheepishly up at his father.

Lyrah snorted. โ€Alright, then.โ€ She slid her fork onto her plate and picked it up in one hand. Her book was in the other. โ€Bye,โ€ she said, and walked toward the exit of the dining room.

โ€œLyrah. You can leave the plate or that damned book youโ€™ve been carrying around.โ€ Augus did not get up from his seat, but he was not in the mood to be tested. Augus IV stared at Lyrah, and then to his mother, trying to see if she would do or say anything to calm the situation down. However, Sylvia remained quiet, hoping things would deescalate on their own. Linus gulped yet again. He was preparing to witness the two most intimidating people in his life square off.

Lyrah stopped at the doorway, back turned to the table. She looked down at the book she clutched by the spine. Her back visibly tensed at the thought of what she was about to do. The plate quivered in her hand, held aloft just below shoulder height. A pain twinged at the base of her skull.

โ€As you say, Father.โ€ she said.

And she dropped the plate. Right onto the ground, where it shattered into countless tiny pieces, spreading food everywhere and sending the fork flying under the table. She bolted out the door and up the stairs, to her room.


โ€œLeave it! Iโ€™ll speak with her tomorrow morning.โ€ Augusโ€™ eyed the mess on the ground and sighed. โ€œYou boys are going to clean that up.โ€

โ€œWhat?! Why do we have to clean that weirdoโ€™s me-โ€

โ€œDid I stutter?โ€ Augus asked, but it was not rhetorical. โ€œDid I?โ€ His voice raised some.


โ€œThen my instructions were clear. Clean up the mess after youโ€™re done eatingโ€ฆ by yourself. Maybe that will teach you to learn when to speak.โ€ Augus III said before returning to his meal.
In Avalia 3 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

In Avalia 3 yrs ago Forum: Casual Roleplay

Ahh shit. Muh Rona lockdown got me back on this site and ya boi is very interested. Will edit this with a PC soon.

yo samesies
Before I get into it, just a quick heads up that I'll be abbreviating "character death and/or permanent injury" as "CD/PI".

Forgive my bluntness, but character death is completely unecessary. I'll elaborate.

There's this idea in many roleplaying circles - whether that be PBP, TTRPG, or LARP - that have this idea floating around that CD/PI is an inherently "mature", "gritty", or "dark" topic. So much so that certain spaces I have been in simply refuse to question the idea. There's an assumption that it's default, almost necessary to make a game mature. And, of course, maturity is seen as a default goal to strive towards. So CD/PI is just on by default.

And honestly, that assumption is flat out horseshit. CD/PI is a tool, nothing more. Now, I have been in spaces that deal with it tastefully. I don't wanna say that it's always wrong. It's not. It can be wonderful when done well. Buuuut, on the other hand, more often than not I see it used by GMs as a tool to stomp on players.

But I digress.

Basically what ends up happening is that people will attempt to include CD/PI without questioning whether it's beneficial or necessary, or even better off without. They will include a disclaimer in the OOC or a spiel before session 0, and assume they're fine to just kill characters off as they choose. Worse yet is when there's no disclaimer, but that's obvious.

The problem with the disclaimer is that there's often no room for discussion. The attitude of "the GM is god" takes the front seat as they get to dunk in random situations where characters could die on a whim, usually without any discussion. Characters are subjected to CD/PI in entirely meaningless ways, and players are left with fucked plans, a character who they don't want to play, or just a dead character. They had no input, and the GM will often excuse themself by just saying "yeah but it's part of the RP", as if that makes the player feel better.

To make it worse, other players often repeat things such as "it's an opportunity to grow", or "it was an interesting story moment". These are both definite benefits of CD/PI when done well, but not when it's forced upon a player by a god GM. Effectively, the players end up pressuring each other into just accepting shitty GM calls.

What I'm trying to get at here is that CD/PI is often used as an excuse for abuse. A god GM fucks over a player, the player feels upset, then the community dismisses those very real feelings because "muh immersion". This is most prominent in LARPs, but definitely extends into the PBP and TTRPG communities as well. GMs insisting on CD/PI has been the root of many RP horror stories, and ultimately always will be. It's this weird paradox wherein the believing "CD/PI is mature" makes people play immaturely so they can say "wow look at how mature this game is, we have CD/PI!"
Anyway, sorry for the essay. CD/PI can be awesome when done right, so to actually answer your question.

I think that regardless of the medium, CD/PI should be a discussion between any and all relevant parties. If a character could die, talk about it. Engage with each other. Talk about whether they're comfortable with it, be mindful of triggers they might have, and make it clear that it's not the only outcome. Ask about plans they might have and whether they're more interested in exploring those, or the potential consequences of CD/PI.

Some great tools to use before starting any RP is the "same page tool" and the "RPG consent checklist". Both can be found via google pretty easily. Talk to your players as a group to see if they're genuinely interested in exploring it as an option, and respect it if they're not.

Ultimately it just comes down to respecting players, and making sure that you're not godmodding as a GM. Roleplay is a community storytelling experience, so the players really ought to be just as important in storytelling as the GM.
TL;DR immersion is less important than other people's feelings, so just talk about CD/PI. Don't force people into it because people have trauma. You don't need CD/PI to be a good writer or GM.
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