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9 mos ago
Current I had a really good idea for a status like 5 hours ago but I can't remember it anymore
11 mos ago
send hype tracks (think SOPHIE, Sleigh Bells, Shygirl, et. al)
12 mos ago
I wish I was
12 mos ago
2 shots Jager, 1 shot grapefruit jiuce, 1 shot simple syrup, 1/2 shot reposado tequila. Stir down in a chilled glass filled with ice. Pour into a drinking glass. Garnish as much as u could be bothered
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12 mos ago
so many old guild ppl are coming back, makes me feel like part of a club or smth



I'm nasty!

she/her pronuns

20 years old

I'm here to relieve some covid-associated-boredom with a light amount of rp

Don't wanna put a lot of effort into a bio right now, but here's some things about me.

- Audio engineering student
- Shitpost connoisseur
- Trans, sapphic, poly
- I work in a gay bar (when it's not covid lockdown time)
- A disillusioned australian
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