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19 days ago
Current If we could measure and harness the level of stress everyone is feeling this week, we could probably power the country for a long time.
24 days ago
My new obsession: kobolds. Reason: buncha cuties.
9 mos ago
Found a solid job that I'm very happy with! Huzzah!
10 mos ago
Status Update from Last Year: "Job hunting. Great way to start the new year." Well I'm still job hunting. Great way to start the new year!
2 yrs ago
Job hunting. Great way to start the new year.


I'll fix up this Bio later to make it real nice. For now, know I used to RP all the time but I had a few years hiatus. I'm back!

Preferred RP types: Fantasy (high or low), sometimes Slice of Life, sometimes Sci-Fi.

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Thank you! I've been using everyone else's sheets as inspiration!

I'm really excited because everyone's produced really well-written CSes so far! Very promising.
Well it's good you found one! I look forward to seeing what you produce.
If you were going gnome, I'd say that I feel you there! Not enough gnomes!
Could help others who haven't finished their CSes yet, too.
If we want to speed things along a tad faster, do we want to invest in a discord server?


Pumped to get my gnome up to some clockwork hijinks!
A Gnome, an Orc, a Human, and a Dwarf walk into a resistance headquarters.

The resistance leader asks the gnome how he has served the resistance to take back Tyberia.

The Gnome responded with, "I creatively craft for our crippled comrades cosmetic compatible chassis constructions. A new arm and a leg does not cost them, well, an arm and a leg (technically)!"

The resistance leader ponders the Gnome's answer but after a long pause nods in understanding.
The handbook is still somewhere a page or two back. Think you can do what you meant before and drop it in the first post or so so I can check it out? :3
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