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7 days ago
Current Job hunting. Great way to start the new year.


I'll fix up this Bio later to make it real nice. For now, know I used to RP all the time but I had a few years hiatus. I'm back!

Preferred RP types: Fantasy (high or low), sometimes Slice of Life, sometimes Sci-Fi.

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Gained some real traction the past few days. Its nice.
<Snipped quote by Lucky>

I tried doing that with Einarr, but since he's an antisocial former member of King Hagrirs Rangers who lived on the streets in his younger years, I felt that I had to go with the longer route for his history (as badly written as it is in my opinion).

I liked it! And it's totally understandable :P
That's actually the main reason I went with minimum requirement for background. It doesnt take much digging at all to know where Georgia is from, but I would love to have some IC conversations.
Delicious dishes can be found at all levels.
Hmm. More previously royalty or other upper class backgrounds than prisoners, slaves, or the like I think. Not a bad thing, just a really different dynamic from most stories which could shape some interesting relationships.
@LuckyOf course-- I was thinking of changing it anyways. Electromancy goes better with her backstory, I think :p

Also, I'm a huge fan of the artist who drew the picture you used. Guweiz, right? They're so talented!

Definitely. I came across this picture in my wondrous search of fantasy characters and I could not get her off my mind. Looked up Guweiz just because of it.
@Adalea I didn't mean to say that you needed to change anything.
Thus far, three pyromancies, one aeromancy, one geomancy, one necromancy, no restoration, no cryomancy.

(Assuming Kuri is accepted)

We're gonna burn the world down, y'all.
@ZAVAZggg I'm a little confused about the age/time line. He is 32, but 30 years ago (making him age 2), he broke into a house and entered apprenticeship into being a ranger. Did you mean perhaps 20 years prior, making him 12?
@Mag Lev So will there a be an approximate start date?
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