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Current Victory for Agamaggan!
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If we could measure and harness the level of stress everyone is feeling this week, we could probably power the country for a long time.
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My new obsession: kobolds. Reason: buncha cuties.
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Found a solid job that I'm very happy with! Huzzah!
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Status Update from Last Year: "Job hunting. Great way to start the new year." Well I'm still job hunting. Great way to start the new year!


I'll fix up this Bio later to make it real nice. For now, know I used to RP all the time but I had a few years hiatus. I'm back!

Preferred RP types: Fantasy (high or low), sometimes Slice of Life, sometimes Sci-Fi.

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Mona Holcombe
Human, Warlock (The Celestial), Level 03
HP: 24 / 24 Armor Class: 11 Conditions: N/A
Location: Darenby
Action: N/A
Bonus Action: N/A
Reaction: N/A


"These hours are unbecoming of a cleric, you know. Hey! Listen! I know you're faking!" A fey creature of diminutive size flutters about, arms almost as cross as its feelings toward the dormant human crumpled up between basic linen blankets. This song and dance has played out many times before, and instinctively Radish rolls effortlessly in the air to avoid Mona's attempted swat. He gives an audible huff, wings flicking like an insect's and the only source of any constant noise. The church in which they are staying is a simple building, not like the one she visited in the actual township, housing pantheistic idols and on the opposite end of Darenby from where she needed to be later that day.

"I'm not a cleric, Radish." A tired voice comes from the pile of cloths, nonetheless her hand that braved the cool air first slowly pulled away at the sheets until she could breathe the fresh air. As fresh as it can be, in a dusty upstairs room that can be considered more a closet. Only enough space for a single mattress fit for one average human and an old, rickety wooden end table. On one hand, a dirty window allowed for the sunlight of midday to shine through. On the other, this window has not been properly maintained since, well perhaps since it was built. Autumn air has crept in through the night, reminding Mona that she should invest in a cotton blanket or cloak soon. Today soon.

With a great sigh, she removes the rest of the linens and bunches them all to the wall that the bedframe is pressed against. Mona sits up reluctantly, Unicorn pendant slowly slipping out of its impression in her skin and her simple beige night gown creasing around her thighs until she smooths it out. "I'm painfully aware, Master." The cogs in her head always need a few minutes to process her situation on waking up, and as such her gaze groggily hovers to where Radish now sits on the edge of the end table. His attitude never has been, and still isn't, condescending or spiteful. Instead he leans back, arms propping him up as he kicks his legs and giving her a genuine, if small, smile. His dimples would be something to envy, if Mona were to accept that it comes with that dull red hair. That she can go without.

Beside the Sprite is the heavily-scrunched letter, flattened and squashed so many times it is more thin fabric than pressed parchment. A vague call-to-arms of discretion, a trait that is actually quite up Mona's alley. She recalls how she came in possession of such an envelope and scoffs, finally giving Radish a smile that he had been longing for. By now, Mona is accustomed to his companionship. The little guy has proven useful in not only her ceremonies but also the few hostile encounters she came across in recent times. Sure, he prattles on and on about All Things Good that she must preach about, but he never seems to deter her from taking exciting opportunities (as long as they get to help someone in the process).

"Alright, Radish. Ready to scam some folks?"

"Not scam," he responds, as if reminding her.

"I know, I know. Just testin' ya." She shoots him a playful glance as she finally stands up, nearly hitting her head on the slanted ceiling. "Didn't get me that time," she mumbles, uncomfortably changing her posture so she can change into her day clothes without bumping into anything; she does so unsuccessfully, forcing Radish to withdraw his legs as she nearly trips into the small table while removing her night gown.

⏀ ⏄ ⏂ ⏅ ⏄

About fifteen minutes pass before she emerges from her room, fully dressed for the day's errands. Her clerical vestments are soft cream tones, flowing freely from the waist down and just to her knees. Considering an adventuring group is coming together, she opted to wear the leather armor she was gifted a few weeks prior: a vest that covers her torso in a nice shade of chocolate, with matching forearm braces and knee-high boots. Supposedly the boots are meant more for urban walkways, but they have proven comfortable and durable for regular outings. The ever-present Unicorn amulet acts as a centerpiece to it all, the only decoration to an otherwise simple and attractive appearance. Her off-white hair is put up into a loose plait, fixed up from her messy overnight slumber.

The letter mentioned her presence is not required until the twilight hours, so there is plenty of time to visit the fort proper and practice her bedside affectations. Before she sets off, she does a once-over of her immediate belongings one more time. Dagger? Check. Component pouch? Check. Coin pouch? Check. With a satisfactory nod, Mona closes the door behind her (and it slowly creaks back open as she can't lock it from the outside) and takes the stairs.

⏀ ⏄ ⏂ ⏅ ⏄

The visit to the keep’s clinic was uneventful in itself. She had used some of her basic healing, but most of the work had been done by the time she came around, so she spent the next few hours giving ailing guards some peace of mind by word of All Things Good. Eventually, she figured it close to the time she should head back to the temple, grab some grub, and finally go to the Infamous Pear. She knows exactly where it is, having explored several days ago when she made it to town. So off she goes to the temple once more, hoping to get to her room for a quick snack she packed away.

Her boots stomp loudly on the old wooden steps, much to her dismay, but she isn't trying to sneak about either. She'd rather be seen leaving in a hurry than caught lurking about. Neither of which happen, of course, as she is beset by the halfling cleric known to everyone as Sister Michele. The lady is nice enough, though they got off on the wrong foot as Mona believed that Michele would be more of a pushover. She was anything but. Turns out she is devout in her particular faith, and while she treated all the faithful woes with a smile, Sister Michele is also very pragmatic. An evening dedicated to sermons and shows of Good power by Mona eventually won her over, allowing a fellow follower to take advantage of the free room.

"Good afternoon, Sister Holcombe. Or should I say evening?" She feigns pondering the sentiment, a forefinger to her chin as she eyes Mona with close inspection.

”Good evening, Sister Michele,” Mona answers sheepishly. True, within herself she would simply scoff at the woman, but this act has started to come more naturally to her, both to her fortune and disappointment. ”How fares your godly duties?”

“Today is a blessed day,” she says, leaning in closer to Mona with a knowing smile as she looks up. “Your preparations yesterday around the temple has inspired the faithful men and women that came in this morning. Some have made it known to me that they wish to do some good works around town, to keep up the good image.”

Mona offers a gentle smile in return, crouching down to place a soft hand upon Sister Michele’s shoulder. ”As the Book of Evensongs, Heavenly Doctrine, says, ‘Allelujah! For my works shine in light and impurities are cleansed through devotion. ‘Allelujah! Where I walk, others may follow without stumbling.”

Sister Michele’s face can’t hold back a smile as Mona finishes her verse and gives an enthusiastic nod. “You’re a testament to All Good Things as you preach.” With a pat on Mona’s hand, the halfling turns on her heels and shuffles back before stopping mid-step and looking at Mona over her shoulder. The halfling almost caught Mona giving a mild stinkeye, but instead she says, “Oh, and another cleric stopped in before you came in. I don’t know if she’s just passing through or if she’ll be here for a few days, but she did mention the Infamous Pear. A Lady of Blinding Light, she is.”

”Ah, thank you, Sister Michele. I’ll keep my eyes open for her in case the need arises.” Mona gives a slight bow and Sister Michele nods once more before returning to whatever her task was.

So people are already coming in, I should go check it out now. Surely the place has decent food. And so she takes the short trek across town at more than a stroll’s pace but comfortable enough for her to warmly smile and wave at any who pass her by. Following loyally along is Radish, only about a foot behind her in the air. His smile and gestures are more genuine, but nobody knows that.

⏀ ⏄ ⏂ ⏅ ⏄

Upon reaching the point she recognizes the Infamous Pear’s sign, raises a brow. The night is still young, but even so the porch is fairly bare. A halfling seems to be waving people in with energy, including her. At least it’s homely. She walks up to the doors and accepts the open invitation with a proper ”Thank you”, Radish taking the chance to swoop in and land on her shoulder while she transitions indoors. Immediately she is hit with wonderful fragrances of cooked meats, vegetables, and drinks. She murrs quietly to herself, taking in a deep breath and opening her eyes to the bearded man behind the bar.

With a big smile, thanks to the thought of good filling food, she approaches the bar.

”Good evening, I’m here for the Arbalest Party.” Mona reacts with a quiet yelp as the man comes in hot as if speaking in conspiratorial tones. She turns halfway to look back at the table he gestures to, finding that it is already occupied by several folks. Definitely outsiders, on account of their appearances alone. She gives him a quiet thanks and a simple wave to Mr. Guido Laurel before asking one last thing.

”Yes, I’d like a roast beef. I’ll take any side of greens. And a red wine, any’s fine.” She set her hands on the bar gently as she spoke, and once the request was received she turns once more to the table in the corner. Owen says behind her that he’ll make sure her drink and food are brought out together shortly. A moment passes before she realizes she has been biting her lower lip, and corrects her expression.

”Alright, Radish. Don’t embarrass me in front of these guys.” The Sprite’s only response is a pair of crossed arms and an arched brow.

When Mona steps up to the corner table, the blue-skinned and well-trimmed tiefling yells out something she wasn’t prepared to hear so she misses the front end of it. Nonetheless, she finds an empty chair and stands behind it for a moment, hands grasping the back and top of it.

”Good evening, everyone. I’m Mona Holcombe. It’s a pleasure to meet you all.” She gives a small bow before mousily stepping around the chair to sit in it. She finally takes this moment to take in everyone that’s come in so far.

First thing’s first, the cleric Sister Michele mentioned. An amulet gives that away easily. She has features like an elf, though the ears and other defining appearances all point to her being human. She can’t gather much on her personality yet, but she has met several clerics before and they all tend to be rule sticklers.

Next up is a horned girl, wearing a cloak over what she may be able to spy as some rather revealing clothing. Good for you, girl. Doesn’t make much sense here, but good for you. The energy she gives off is actually welcome, given the rather sleepy place they all find themselves in.

A large woman in full armor should have got her attention first, but she seems more calm rather than superior. Another surprise she’ll take, but what intrigues her is the interaction between her and the horned girl. They seem to get along well, considering how they are all supposedly strangers.

Last is the girl with the violin and… is that a small bear behind her? No, it has tusks, but why is it wrapped up? Bizarre. Her clothes are very pretty, though. If she plays music, it’ll be the first time she has grouped up with a real entertainer.

”Don’t think I’ve seen this many ladies work on a single quest before.” She looks around the table as Radish takes a seat on her shoulder, but her eyes stop on the blue tiefling again. ”Not to forget you, of course. Just a… serendipitous encounter.”

Mona Holcombe

RP: Avonshire
I'm gonna withdraw my interest. Good luck with your endeavors!
It looks like the party won't suffer for healers, that's for sure. After the initial group has been accepted, I might have to allow some character tweaks or spell selection adjustments for the sake of balance. Or just let the lopsided chaos ensue. Coin toss at this point.

I'm quite a fan of chaos, permitting everyone has fun. I spied those heals on your bard, but I was struck by a bolt of inspiration and had to go with what I did. I should have a completed CS by the end of the day.

I know, no rush and all that. But I'm excited!
I know I'd still have to be accepted, but I want to let everyone know I have in the works a pretty dedicated healer with ranged spell damage.
Very interesting! My current D&D campaign is about to go on hiatus so I'm gonna need my fix soon lol

I have some characters ideas that I've been sitting on for future groups/campaigns, so time to make adjustments and present!
@CaptainManbeard I did see that the first time but it looks like I forgot lol Thanks for reminding me!
Character ideas I'm playing with right now:

🟆 Qu Blue Mage (or Black Mage for something a little different).

🟆 Tonberry (undecided job, though wouldn't it be great as a bard or dancer?).

🟆 Yuke Summoner (under the implication that Summoners are a thing in this RP -- I mean to ask if they would be similar to FFX on some grander scale or would Summoners be more like D&D and the like where it's just various creatures/elementals?).

🟆 Moogle Thief, kupo!

🟆 Chocobo, kweh!

🟆 Al Bhed Gunner.

I'm not really a silly RPer. Would these do well as comedic relief? No doubt. But I want to assure everyone that I'll still take writing them fairly seriously. There may be certain limitations, I understand, such as being a Chocobo. I just think about how you can play as one in the Chocobo's Dungeon games and it even has a variety of jobs like the mainline FF games!

You guys let me know if any of these sound intriguing. I usually cut my characters from a different cloth, but I still want to be part of a group that everyone has fun with!
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