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Current Victory for Agamaggan!
11 mos ago
If we could measure and harness the level of stress everyone is feeling this week, we could probably power the country for a long time.
11 mos ago
My new obsession: kobolds. Reason: buncha cuties.
2 yrs ago
Found a solid job that I'm very happy with! Huzzah!
2 yrs ago
Status Update from Last Year: "Job hunting. Great way to start the new year." Well I'm still job hunting. Great way to start the new year!


I'll fix up this Bio later to make it real nice. For now, know I used to RP all the time but I had a few years hiatus. I'm back!

Preferred RP types: Fantasy (high or low), sometimes Slice of Life, sometimes Sci-Fi.

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Welcome to Pangaea.

”The enchanted arsenal belongs to heroes whose hearts were wrought in tribulation.”

Or so royalty across the super continent will have one believe. The reality is that supernatural forces of evil, monsters, shadow organizations, and catastrophic phenomena are more common now than ever before. Every kingdom, large and small, experiences hardships almost daily that only groups of brave adventurers can overcome. Thus every region of every nation has established either a base of operations of adventuring guilds, a noble-sponsored party, or freelancing explorers; all to be paid in glorious riches and rising fame.

Mysteries blanket the silent grassy plains of Lorea, to be unveiled. The Thieves’ Guild in Vruicciles clashes with a new rival organization, to turn a profit. A lich creeps through villages and towns in the Heoven Republic, to create an army. Discovering new possibilities is what it means to be an adventurer, while protecting the weak is what it means to be a guardian. While there are many groups and organizations across the continent to tackle impending danger, there are few that the populations at large recognize as true heroes.

Rumors Abound…

Take up the mantle as an adventurer starting from the lowest caste. Starting in the human kingdom of Islidan, you have been hand-picked by the local baron due to your achievement(s). Surely, most adventurers have decided upon this lifestyle, but opportunities are sparse in this simple land of Wendo. To provide enthusiasm is not enough to spare any farmers or laborers, but those that have distinguished themselves among the villages are up for selection. Instead, Baron Wilhego Escalaranza waited for golden opportunities.Golden opportunities to line his pockets.

As many other nobles of any stature, Escalaranza is interested only in procuring profit and fame for himself. For if he could sponsor the right team, he will grow alongside them in catching Pangaea’s global attention. And his method of pulling together such a formidable party? Rumors that travel to his ear. Why select any man that looks strong on paper when a young woman from Riftown has been witnessed lifting a grown bull and chucking it across the fence? Why not pick out the Sheriff of Dridas, for his ability to sniff out even the sneakiest of snakes amongst the rabble?

You have been picked based on your rumor, as rumors will have an important role all throughout the story. The importance of rumors falls on discretion, though some will have a more keen eye than others. As your character is written, keep in mind what rumor will have reached the Baron’s attention. This rumor can be true, embellished, or a lie. Whatever the truth is, only the writer and Co-GMs will know. Other players and their characters will have to decide for themselves whether they believe your in-character discussion.

personally I'd love a discord server! My character is in-progress right now, a young human woman

Agreed. I'm fairly chatty and it would help to get some ideas across more efficiently. That said, I'm also working on a young human woman of sorts. She is nearly complete, I am refining her now!

RP: Will I Heal? WIP
@Lyla Thanks for the warm welcome and prompt response! Pleasure to meet you!

I'll be working on a character over the course of today. I do have another question regarding the alien races. Is virtually anything on the table or should we keep it fairly sci-fi? Mass Effect type or we allowing anthros? When I have so many options, it takes a lot longer to decide lol

Also, what size group do you plan on running? I've found I'm more of a small group person myself. 4-5 is preferable. And are there plans for a discord server?
Hello! I saw you have an open status for applying, so I'm gonna slip on in and start with some questions if that's cool. I'm not always so clinical when I post, but maybe my headspace is of a character that is ;)

1a: On the CS there is a stats table. Is there going to be any kind of stat check of whether any tasks can be accomplished based on our chosen attributes (whether invisible or known)?

1b: If yes, is there any kind of limit to deter people from just being a 10 across the board?

1c: If no, is this part of their in-character application and how they perceive themselves to be or their actual personality?

2a. Is this a sort of Inception idea where agents (or nurses, in this case) delve into the subconscious of the patient?

2b. If yes, in VR, do our characters look like themselves or can it be a distinguishable avatar?

I really like the idea of cyberpunk and your empathy "divers!"
Friend brought this to my attention. I'm interested, if you'll have me.
I'm withdrawing my interest. Thank you!
Hey all. I withdrew interest some time ago (said so in discord). I appreciate that my character was accepted, but I won't be able to put the time/effort into this RP that would do it justice.

Good luck, have fun, and thank you for thinking of me!
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