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Current Job hunting. Great way to start the new year.


I'll fix up this Bio later to make it real nice. For now, know I used to RP all the time but I had a few years hiatus. I'm back!

Preferred RP types: Fantasy (high or low), sometimes Slice of Life, sometimes Sci-Fi.

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Ahh, gotcha. I'll be back after work and finish the CS.
Are you still accepting characters? I've had several concepts I'd like to throw out there if so. You mentioned also that you may accept a homunculi, so I would like to know a little more about them before I commit to writing.

1. When they are formed with materials and a soul, is a new soul generated or is one taken/given/sacrificed/what-have-you? If an existing soul is used, can memories, personalities, or any other defining features of a person be retained during their creation?

2. When created, do they automatically possess the skills of their function or must they be learned/trained? Being sentient, and having personalities, are they are able to develop other skills?

I have a few concepts and here is one I'd like to expand on after deliberation. (Might want to skip down to the backstory first, but you do you)

So, this is an 'improperly created' homunculi, who is burning up his lifespan like crazy. If it weren't for the usefulness of his trait, he may have been mercy killed by those who discovered him. Though now he is living on borrowed time -- just as long as he is useful.

If this isn't accepted, I understand. I also have ideas for a spatial affinity magi.

Everyone is speaking their piece. Unfortunately, it is coming as a form of debate. She listens intently to everyone's words, to each thought of confidence and fear. Their stress is valid, after all. A risk not simply of their lives as pilots, but to the possibility of backfire with horrendous potential. She nods, however, when Copper offers his more positive perspective.

"And you've got Wednesday and me, too." Sunni speaks up, her eyes having watched everyone as they spoke and allowed their passions to start getting the better of themselves. "I know the whole crew is in this operation one-hundred percent. Don't forget, y'all, we have been trainin' for missions like this. The Admiral wouldn't send us in to die. He believes we can do it, so I do too."

Sunni nervously takes a sip from her cup. Not one for doing speeches or trying to be in the spotlight, she slowly takes a seat. There were hopes her words could put the questions and worries at bay for a time. The mission would launch in hour, after all. As much as Sunni would love to ensure that everyone gets all the answers they want, they don't have the time for it. There's even a chance that their leader wouldn't give the right answers to their concerns. For now they should fight, then they could debrief as their possibilities lay before them in a more clear fashion.

"Just tell me what to do, Admiral, sir. Would you like me to be a part of Phase One with the scoutin' and raids, or hang back until Phase Two?"

Time: 1800

"Everythin' looks optimal, Wednesday!" Sunni announced cheerfully, her Dragon responded in kind by closing its eyes and giving a slow nod of its head. The diagnostics pad she held between her paws showed a screen full of statistical jargon. "We'll be flyin' just like in the simulations real soon. We'll finally be doin' some good."

She placed the pad upon its dock with the computer and brushed at her leggings to dust off any imaginary particles. Parasite would shift and saunter closer to where she stood, causing the young Uplift to laugh. "Not yet, silly." A big smile as she reached out and stroked the side of his head. It was at this moment the Dragon would flinch, its ears reacting to some force or noise. Parasite wasn't in pain, but it did move with some confusion.

"Wednesday?" She started, quickly checking the diagnostics pad again. Everything seemed normal until she noticed a line where a third party had tapped into Parasite's detection system. Parasite's passive echolocation ability was being transmitted elsewhere, likely nearby on the ship, although it ended after a brief moment. It arose some concern, but all she gave was a sigh and another smile to Parasite.

"I'll log this and send in a ticket later. Doubt it was Shard, so I'ma give a lecture to someone for usin' your systems without permission!" A confident nod and a grin to cross her face before the announcement alarm sounded.

"Attention: all Pilots, proceed to Situation Room A for briefing. Briefing will start at 1900 hours. Thank you."

"An hour, huh? Don't wanna be late. I'll see you later, okay?" With a wave, she turned on her heels and bounded off to the transport. During this walk, however, she decided she had plenty of time to grab some caffeine and instead made her way to the mess hall; a journey that took enough of her time that she had to speed walk to the briefing room.

Time: 1900

Sunni entered the room. Copper was there, drinking coffee from a cute mug ("I love it! Is that Papa Bear?" as she passed by). Maye stood out in the center of the room, ready to lead her and her comrades to victory, King standing at attention nearby. She was beginning to wonder if anyone else had yet shown up when she jumped upon seeing Crevix was hiding along the back of the room. With a quiet laugh, she waved to him and sought to join the others that are close to the Admiral.

"Honeycomb reporting in, Admiral, sir." She would give a quick salute, her free paw still holding a disposable cup.
@Serendipity /salutes

May you find happiness in your travels.

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Falistia 34th, 0800

Georgia had turned in her spot on the ground, watching Stravi approach. She noticed some hesitance, but chose not to comment on that. When he settled in to enjoy the warmth, she readjusted her position and shifted her hair so he could see her more plainly.

"Good morning, Sir Stravi," she answered him with a smile, though her expression turned to concern with his mention of troubled sleep. Did he sense something was off as well? Her eyes gazed back to the fire. "I--I slept well. When my dreams began, they were normal. I was in a forest, much like we're in now except the sun was bright and everything was green. Well," she chuckles, "Maybe not much like here. I felt warm, and I just knew there were forest spirits watching me. Protecting me. I was safe."

The girl absentmindedly broke off a piece of bread, her thoughts wandering as she recollected her dreams. "But then the shadows of all the trees grew dark. They watched me, not as guardians but... something else. I don't think they wanted to hurt me, but it was unsettling. Like they wanted to know something I didn't want to share." She looked over to Stravi again, curiosity and concern in her eyes.

"I don't think we're alone, Sir Stravi. It could be spirits. It may be magic. One thing, I think, is certain: our presence is known."

Georgia watched him closely. He may have been unnerved, and that thought scared her.
We cant let the Shard win without a fight!

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Georgia adored them. The mountains. She had seen so few, far in the distance, the Orimmir Mountains. There was a pigeon coop within Vernthouth that had, objectively, the best view of the naturally jagged skyline. There was something about the varying shades of blues against the endless sky that left her in awe. Long had she aspired to hike along its trails left behind by travelers, hunters, and outcasts alike.

Falistia 33rd, 0930

The journey thus far has been exciting for the girl, even with their gradual ascent almost perfectly lateral with the landscape. Georgia was thankful for the riding lessons from the Order, albeit brief, otherwise this trip would have been much more of an embarrassment than it was already. Getting onto her horse was a troubling task, requiring the aid of Vélaneah (the thought of asking for Stravi or Nazan's help with such a thing sent shivers down her spine). It wasn't until after she had finally settled into the saddle that she realized her pack was not yet attached to the large, painted horse. His name is Florence. A few moments more of hurried humiliation and the group was ready to leave.

Falistia 33rd, 2200

As much energy had been placed into the journey, Georgia was tired. Everyone agreed to rest before the final stretch to their destination. She squirms in her saddle, legs uncomfortably shifting against the broad sides of her steed. Mustering what strength she had, she slowly kicked off the stirrups and her eyes fell to the ground far below her in deep consideration. A sigh, a quiet whimper, and she lifted herself from the saddle and stumbled ungracefully to the ground in some unfortunate form of a pirouette. She couldn't bear to see if anyone was watching, so she dusted herself off and prepared for the evening.

With some aid, she set up her tent and bedroll within. As this did take her a little longer than the others, wood was already sufficiently gathered for the night's fire by the time she was done. She turned in earlier than the others, hoping for a full night's restful sleep.

Falistia 34th, 0730

The young Human stirred in her bedroll, feet pushing into the bag's leather corners. The top of her head could barely be visible as she tightened it as much as she could muster to keep in her body heat. Georgia fluttered her eyes open, staring at the inner fur linings and wondering. Wondering why she felt so strange, violated even. Her thoughts lingered on old tales her mama used to tell her of spirits from the forests and mountains that would find wanderers in their domain and lead them to some mysterious end. She shook her head and took a big breath, one meant to allow new thoughts to enter.

Georgia weighed her options. Stay in this roll for the rest of my life, or brave the cold? With a whine that could almost be heard from outside her roll, she thrust her hands into the opening and audibly gasped at the chilly mountain air as it enveloped her. Like a butterfly from its chrysalis, she squirmed and squeezed out. Her coat, used like an extra blanket over the bedroll, is snatched up immediately and she covered herself with arms on the inside. The inside of her tent was bare, though her eyes drift around hazily as if something might be able to wake her up.

The girl performed her daily morning stretches, digits reaching to the walls of the tent and rubbing her fingers against the coarse fabric. She figured her hair was a mess, but that will have to come later. For the time, she simply slipped back into her clothes as best as she could manage without leaving the coat.

"Don't think anyone will be against breakfast, hmm?" Georgia said to herself, inching towards the tent's entrance. She reached out with her hand, stopping short of the flap's edge. Something came in last night. Right? This invading thought unnerved her. Her hand retreated to her coat as she twisted around, searching for any signs of an intruder. Nothing. As she twisted around the other direction, she shook her head in light disbelief.

Finally the tent was opened and she crawled out like any champion of the Order would. She inhaled deeply and splayed her arms to her sides, taking in the northern air. Satisfied with this, as noted by her hands to her hips, a sagely nod, and a giddy smile, she figured she should answer nature's call and briskly walked out of the camp's immediate sight. Upon returning, she reached into the tent and dragged her pack out. She dug around. Rations. Nothing I can cook with. No seasoning either, of course.

Georgia dropped the bag near her sitting spot by the campfire that was drawn last night. There was still enough fuel to last another hour or so, were she to ignite it. This would mean little of her magical reserves as a spark is very cost-effective. And that's what she fully intended to do. She faced the wood pile and settled on her knees, extending one hand with an offering palm.


Embers appeared in her palm, flickering even in the early morning sun's own rays. Fingers wrapped around the embers before she turned her hand and spread them into the center of the stack. Within moments, flames grew as tall as she could stand. Georgia shifts from her knees into a more comfortable position and retrieves some packaged bread. There she waited for the others to wake.
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