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Daughter of Michael Myers has started to turn into her father, she lived in peaceful life till her 21st birthday. Unfortunately, now the time is up and all ability for her to control her bloodlust and demand to kill has ended. Can anyone save her or will she have to be put down? But like her father, that will not be as easy as one would know.

What will You do?
Simple plot : my character is the daughter of Michael Myers, the incarnation of evil on Halloween. But no one has any clues not even her, she has gone any hallow without any bloodshed. But on one Halloween her father is back in her town looking for her. She can feel her bloodlust begin, but with her friends and family on the line will she really be able to protect them from him?

looking for someone that doesn't mind playing multipcharacters and making it a fun time. Pm me for more details,?

I would be interested :)

Totally fine with me
Plot : 2020 has become a dangerous year for many people all over the world. In the world, the supernatural and humanity live in relative peace. But suddenly a powerful occult lead by wayward and corrupt archangel Michael and uriel has created aland full of danger and blood shed everywhere. A small bandit group is the only ones left that the occult hasn't seem to have gotten. But with so much trust burned away from between the races who really is on whos side?

Will Need






Archangels or angels


MY Character

Nephilim {daughter of the president of America unknown nephilim}

Join Form Or profile maker

Age: {can be up to around 40,000 years old}
Powers: {limit to two main powers do not OP your character}
Skills:{Not powers but actual natural skill}
Perosnality :
You give me ideas for my angelic Characters, Please no slave or smut ideas though.

Pairing types

MxM or MxF

please no porn ideas i am not looking for those.
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