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Current Last night was quite a night. Tornado tore through the area at like 1 am. Destroyed much of East Nashville and surrounding areas.
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2 yrs ago
I'm getting real annoyed wtih running in circles for paperwork from this doctor's office
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Chrome's decided I'm not allowed to sign into my email anymore...which is strange, since I use gmail. Firefox works with it though
2 yrs ago
Anyone rping with me, sorry for the lack of replies today. Mind's just not in it right now.
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Man, now I want ice cream


Hey! My name's Aelita.

I've been rping for over 10 years, though I'm a wee rusty on writing longer replies.
I love rps with drama and maybe a bit of romance too, and I have a ton of characters of all sorts!

Outside of roleplay, I enjoy gaming, singing, and watching youtube videos.

Feel free to message me if you wanna rp or just chat! 8D

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Man, I got excited for a second seeing this as I have a Lucifer character I've been trying to find rps for. He's not THAT Lucifer though. xD I've never seen that show. Good luck on finding someone though.
Eric catches my interest.
Would a Lucifer OC work? He's not specifically from anything, just my OC...but there are plenty of shows out there that use Lucifer.
@Shadow Dragon Hello! I'd be down for an rp if you're still looking. I'm kinda in the mood to use my Lucifer character or one of my demons.
Sam took the time to check his weapons and ammo, making sure they were in good condition and that he was prepared for whatever was ahead. As he did this though, he listened as the others spoke. It seemed no one else had any more idea than he did of what was going on here, which wasn't comforting yet...kind of was at the same time. At least he wasn't alone in his confusion. He couldn't help but wish someone had answers though.

He watched as the burly man walked off and another attempted to stop him. He agreed that they needed to cooperate together. Hopefully that guy would realize that...before it was too late. "Let's get moving then. He's right. We need to stay together," he said as he followed.
Confusion. That was all Sam felt as he made his decent into the Borehole. Where was he? What was happening? The voice speaking to him didn't offer much explanation. What task was he supposed to be accomplishing here? Whatever it was sure seemed to involve a lot of supplies. He looked at the nutrient paste in disgust and reluctantly took it. That was gonna taste nasty. No doubt about that.

He took the other supplies offered to him, though he couldn't help but be a bit worried about what the syringes were for. What choice did he have really but to take them? He didn't even know what some of these things he was getting did. "I don't suppose you answer questions, do you?" he asked. Probably not. It was probably just a recording.

The next round of supplies terrified him. What the hell were they going to be facing that he was being offered so many firearms?! He grabbed a shotgun and a couple handguns and the ammo for them. The next object he was offered was unusual, to say the least, but certainly looked like something with many uses, including as a weapon. He took it and took a deep breath before finally looking around at the others there. "Does anyone here have any clue about what's going on?"
Full Name:
Samual Maylinn



He's about 6 feet tall, average build, with light skin and shoulder-length black hair he keeps tied in a ponytail. His eyes are blue and he wears glasses. There's a long scar on the left side of his forehead, but it's usually covered by his bangs.


Sam is incredibly smart and good at figuring stuff out. He gets along easily with others and is a good moral support due to the fact that he's very empathetic. He's also quite skilled at painting.

Personal Effect:
An amber-colored agate stone like the one his sister keeps with her
This sounds interesting. I'd be interested in joining in
@Randomness@Lady Selune@Nyxira

The young girl talking to her caught her attention, and she smiled down at her, "Oh? My name?...Well...I actually don't remember my name. I saw a paper in my room that had VAM on it though that looked like some sort of identification, so I suppose you can call me Vam. Dolly's a nice name. It's nice to meet you."

Staying in this gore-filled room didn't sound like something she was particularly excited about. If Dolly wanted to stay though, she would. She may not really know the girl, but she was only a child, and she felt obligated to protect her. This guy everyone kept calling Dougie too. He clearly wasn't all here right now, so she felt obligated to protect him too. She watched as the tables were flipped over. It was a relief not to have to keep looking at the bodies, especially for the children not to have to look at them. Though she didn't say anything out loud, internally she was grateful to Adelina for that.

She thought for a moment about getting some food for her and her little group, but movement from the man at the table caught her attention. He was writing something, it seemed? She took Dougie's hand again and walked over to see what it was. It made her feel sick to watch him writing with his own blood though, and what he said didn't make it much better. "She...Oh, that's awful!" He must've been in such pain before then! No wonder he'd been eating so messily and wincing. "...How did you avoid...this fate?" she asked, motioning to the carnage around them, "Having your tongue ripped out is awful! I'm sorry that happened, but it seems you somehow avoided worse." She looked around the room for any sort of paper or writing instruments. Surely they could find the guy some better method of communication than his own blood.
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