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Current Last night was quite a night. Tornado tore through the area at like 1 am. Destroyed much of East Nashville and surrounding areas.
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I'm getting real annoyed wtih running in circles for paperwork from this doctor's office
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Chrome's decided I'm not allowed to sign into my email anymore...which is strange, since I use gmail. Firefox works with it though
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Anyone rping with me, sorry for the lack of replies today. Mind's just not in it right now.
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Man, now I want ice cream


Hey! My name's Aelita.

I've been rping for over 10 years, though I'm a wee rusty on writing longer replies.
I love rps with drama and maybe a bit of romance too, and I have a ton of characters of all sorts!

Outside of roleplay, I enjoy gaming, singing, and watching youtube videos.

Feel free to message me if you wanna rp or just chat! 8D

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With things a bit calmer, Vam took the time to look closer at the object now in her hand. It was bone. HER bone?! How had she done that? It had felt so natural and effortless. The voice in her head quickly snapped her out of her thoughts and she spun around in confusion, trying to find the source. The shadowy being appeared to be looking at her, granted it was hard to tell. Had that come from him? Was it a him? Again, hard to tell. She stared at him a moment before finally responding in a quiet voice, "...I don't know..I don't remember..Who are you?"

The younger boy suggested going to the canteen, and she nodded her agreement. Yes, food sounded nice..if there was any food there. She wasn't convinced any staff was here at all. That was an automated message, after all. It didn't care who was here. It would still play. Everything was clearly malfunctioning though. If there were staff, wouldn't they have come by now? There would be someone guarding prisoners, right? Still she began to walk towards where she guessed the canteen was. That is until another sound stopped her, and she quickly turned, gripping the bone tightly again.

She stood frozen until the metal on metal sound stopped. It sounded fairly close, and she didn't know if she should be afraid of whatever it was or not..but she definitely felt it regardless! She was the only one of them with a weapon, so she motioned to the other two to stay and slowly approached where the sound had come from, prepared to fight if need be.
Vam couldn't blame the boy for seeming wary of her. She felt wary of everything right now with her absent memory, and she questioned if it was even wise to trust these two. If they had any answers at all though then anything was welcome. Before she could get the words out to ask, however, she was interrupted by a loud screeching, and her hands flew to her ears to cover them. The chugging sounds that followed seemed to be almost building to something, and it terrified her to think what it was. Without even thinking about it, she instinctively pulled a bone from her shoulder blade, shaped into a point, and held it out in front of her to protect herself and her new companions from whatever unseen force was coming. She wasn't sure how she knew to do that but now wasn't time to think too deeply about it.

Nothing came. The lights all turning out was almost as terrifying as anything she could've imagined coming after them though. Anything could've been in that pitch black darkness. She tried to catch her breath again and calm her now racing heart as the intercom spoke. Where was the canteen? She didn't remember, but she was hungry. Was there really food there?

The alarm woke the girl as it did every morning, though as its sound warbled and petered off, she couldn't help but think that that was unusual and strange. What did it normally sound like though? Why couldn't she remember? For that matter, why couldn't she remember anything? She laid there in her bed for several minutes just trying to think backwards through her time here, her childhood, her family. All of it came up blank. What small pieces she could pull up were fairly vague. She remembered there being others who look like her. Sisters, maybe? Were they twins? Triplets? She remembered different figures who would come in after the alarm. Who were they?

Finally she sat up and looked around the room. The walls were very plain, but it didn't look like a prison cell, if that's what this place was. She had a desk, a bookshelf full of books and a stack of puzzles on top. One puzzle sat partially finished on her desk along with a music box. She picked that up and gave it a wind, and as the music played she smiled. If she was a prisoner, she must be a pretty well behaved one to have been given this stuff.

She spotted something else on the desk as well, a small note which read FY-2322-VAM. What did that mean? It must've been pretty important if she'd written it down. It felt familiar. Was it an identifier? Whatever it was, she decided to call herself Vam for now, until she could figure out what her name actually was.

She could hear voices in the hallway. Someone else was here. Cautiously she crept towards the door and peeked out into the hall. The shadowy/inky figure there caught her a bit off guard, but she found she somehow wasn't afraid of the strange appearance, as if she was used to seeing that kind of thing. She didn't know who these two were or if she could trust them, but hiding in her room probably wouldn't do her much good, so hesitantly she approached them and gave them a wave.

@Lady Selune Any chance of still getting in on this?

I had posted in the interest board, but I didn't know anything else had been made for this until now.
@Lady Selune

Cool. I'll think of who to use then
I'm interested. How many characters can we use?
Sam and Sol sat together in the gym, warily watching those around them. Sam was quiet in his worry, going through everything that could possibly happen to them once their imprisonment in this building ended. Sol meanwhile tried talking to those around them, trying to distract himself from the uncertainty of the situation. Initially he had read the minds of those around, but the various theories everyone had of what was happening were frightening to think of. Better to ignore it and try to find something, anything else to focus on. No one else was willing to talk though, and he felt watched whenever he tried, so eventually he fell silent as well.

This situation honestly wasn't too surprising to Sam. He knew as soon as they started displaying new abilities that society wouldn't react well to it. He'd tried to warn Sol of that, but the guy just couldn't keep his mouth shut. Now here they were. Whatever was coming after this wasn't going to be anything good, and while he normally tried to find a bright side to everything, it was very difficult to see one for this. At least he had Sol with him. That's about the only bright side he could find.

Eventually they were loaded into the bus. Both tensed seeing the guns the men held, and Sol grasped Sam's hand tightly. They stayed huddled together the whole ride, trying to provide what comfort they could to one another until they arrived at their destination. They kept their hold on each other's hand as they exited the bus and slowly followed everyone else inside.

As they waited, a burst of electricity and fire interrupted everything. Someone called for everyone to run, and Sam gripped Sol's hands tighter to stop him from trying. It wouldn't be that easy. Sure enough, some sort of noise followed and pain, and those who had tried to escape were brought before them and beaten. Both boys were now more scared than they had ever been. Sam felt almost on the brink of a panic attack and tried to focus on his breathing and calm himself down, a lot easier said than done in this situation.

It wasn't long before they were forced to separate and brought into different rooms. Sol was first. He yelped as he was pulled away from Sam, but he resisted the urge to fight back. He didn't want to end up like the five who had just been beaten in front of them. However, he couldn't help but let his anger through when asked his name. "I ain't telling you shit!" he hissed only to have a muzzle quickly put on him by the PSF. He tried to yell past it and pull it off, earning himself a slap from the PSF before his hands were roughly pulled behind his back and handcuffed.

Sam was brought into a room not long after. He was already afraid before going in, and the harshness with which his name was demanded made him jump. "..S-Sam..Maelynn.." he answered and quickly went to lay down on the machine. Thankfully that was all there was to it. He was marked and sent on his way. Sol had been sent ahead of him, so he wasn't sure now where he was. He just followed the crowd.

He kept his eyes down mostly as they followed where they were led. When they were split into groups he was relieved to see Sol again, though...seeing his brother muzzled and handcuffed also made him feel even more hopeless and sad.

As soon as they were alone inside the cabin, Sam grabbed the key. Sol sat crying and trying to pull his hands from the cuffs as Sam moved behind him. "..Hey, look, they left a key. Stop struggling and be still a moment and I'll get you out," he said softly and Sol stopped struggling. Sam got off the cuffs and the muzzle, and they hugged each other tightly.
"Why are they treating us like fucking animals?" Sol asked through tears.
"I don't know.."

I feel like Sam and Sol would both have a lot of respect for Alyssa. Sam because of her intelligence and the fact that she is so kind to him when he needs it and Sol because she's not afraid to stand up to the guards. I think Sam would enjoy talking to her and probably find her a good person to brainstorm possible escape plans with.
I don't think her and Sol would interact quite as much as with Sam, but he would definitely back her up as far as standing against the guards.
@silvermist1116 Yeah, that's accurate. He doesn't really mean to be a troublemaker. He just doesn't really think before acting, and I already know he's the guy that's gonna be getting in trouble all the time here. xD
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