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Welcome to my "character sheet" :D

Name: Quinn Wolfe
Age: 23
Pronouns: She/They
Description- A bisexual, nonbinary, quirky, nerdy witch from the PNW who loves cats, videogames, and crafting. Prefers 1x1s that are a good mix of modern/realistic and fantasy, but willing to give almost anything a shot. Great with most things casual, as their writing style tends to fluctuate and as such so can the length of their posts. Usually, they average about 1-3 paragraphs. Not big on fandoms, they usually stick to originals. They love some good dialogue but also love deep character and story development, and they love it when they find someone they can talk with OOC a bunch to plan out their plot & share excitement over it together.

Most Recent Posts

@Eloise Yay, this is great! Hopefully, we can get a few more people on board (Ha, didn't even mean for that to be a pun but now I can't help but leave it in there). Out of curiosity, what style of apocalypse would you prefer to roleplay? Zombies? Nuclear? I was talking about this roleplay idea with my husband and he suggested something like maybe everyone in the world except a few have mysteriously just vanished, which I thought might also be a neat idea.
The Bus Crew: A Story of Travelers and Maybe Heroes?


So even as I’m typing this I’m still not entirely sure how I want this to go but here’s the premise: A group of friends get together for the cross country road trip of a lifetime, what they don’t know is that they will end up on this road trip for the rest of their lifetimes because shortly after they leave the world starts going to hell and the apocalypse starts.

Not a fandom, but inspired by the netflix show the Outer Banks, The Last of Us, The Walking Dead and the Fallout games.

About the Apocalypse

So this can always change if it would make more sense to but I imagined the apocalypse still being in the early stages, so the characters would be watching the collapse of society and how it progresses along their journey. Not entirely sure if I want it to be a zombie or nuclear apocalypse, or even something else (& would love to hear feedback and what you feel would make for the most interesting scenario)

Player Role

Ideally main characters would be part of the group of friends, but could also potentially be someone they encounter along their journey (which I hope could be a good segway in for anyone who might want to join late).

Other General Info

  • Casual level of depth with a mostly modern setting, maybe near future
  • 18+, The main characters should all be adults, this was a friends roadtrip not a family roadtrip.
  • Looking for a small group, no more than 5 people I think. Also would be willing to do this as a 1x1 with us each playing multiple characters, and usually I prefer 1x1s but this idea sounded better to do with a small group.

So yeah please let me know if you have any interest, and feel free to chime in with feedback and ideas!

Alright, finally finished mine! I hope this is good, please let me know if there is anything I can add or need to change

Would you be willing to take on one more player? This sounds really cool

Come on in and take a look around, let me know if I can help you find what you're looking for!

About Me

My style of roleplaying is solidly in the “casual” category. On average I write 1-3 paragraphs per character. I love to play multiple characters in a single roleplay (especially if my partner is doing the same. Generally prefer 1x1s or small groups, and my best genres are slice of life and fantasy. Fandom roleplays are not really my thing, but I will give a go at roleplays that are inspired by or loosely based around certain movies/shows/books/etc. I’m not really here for smut, but I do love a good romance RP. That said, regardless of whether or not there is smut, I prefer to roleplay with people who are at least 18. I love to discuss plot and characters OOC even as we are roleplaying, and love world building and really fleshing out characters as the story progresses.

I live on the west coast so my timezone is PST and have more free time than I’d like to admit, so I can definitely get in a few replies per week, maybe even daily. And in times where life is busy or the writing isn’t coming to me as well, I do my best to never let my roleplays or messages sit longer than a week without a reply. If it’s been longer than that, or you’re just itching for a reply I am more than approachable to message a reminder to. Same goes for if you ever lose interest in a roleplay with me for any reason, just send me a message letting me know and there will be no hard feelings about it. Aaaand since we are on the topic, if you are interested in a reply I would prefer you DM me rather than reply here, DMs are in general my preferred method of communication outside an RP.

Current Ideas

*** = really interested in

Idea 1: World Evolved

1x1, Small group, Fantasy, Multiple Pairing Possibilities

Once the world was filled with many different living things- Humans, Animals, Fae, Plants- the balance always rocking back and forth between each of the species. Fights for dominance, attempts at harmony. And then one day there was what is now known as the Great Collide or Massive Fusion Event, when a great magical cosmic force shook the planet and bonded the species together. Now the world was filled anew with hybrid species of everything- creatures that were part Animal and part Human, or equal parts Fae, Plant and Human. Any and all combinations you could imagine, very few non-hybrid beings were left in the world. This sent the world into many years of violent chaos as everyone had to relearn how to interact with each other. In more recent times however, things have calmed down and are almost as peaceful as they were before the Great Collide with territories having been settled and new governments and authorities rose to power. Not all of the world is settled however, as many territories are still in power struggles between varying groups, and there is a large portion of land mostly to the West that is No Man’s land.

Possible pairings for this setting (not limited to this, feel free to suggest your own!)-
Rival/Fellow Territory Leaders***
Established Territory Leader x Rebel Group leader
No Man’s Lander x New Territory Leader***- Have an idea for this where the NML comes to the Leaders territory and gets into some trouble since they either don’t know or don’t care about the law. Still a new government, it’s left up to the Leader to decide how to handle their criminals.

Looser ideas that need more work:

-A university/home/camp for magic/super humans (like inspired by the Nevers, X-men, Harry Potter, etc)

-Character goes to bed one night and wakes up in an alternate reality (other character open for possibilities, maybe her alternate best friend, crush, etc.)

-This is basically the plot line to one of my favorite dramas but I would love to loosely follow it with OCs, feel it could make for a fun & more lighthearted roleplay: Character 1s "best friends" convince them to take a vacation to a foreign country & sell their house while they are away. Just so happens that they sold C1s house to the celebrity sitting next to her on the plane..
Hey everyone, excited to be here. It's been a few years since I've done roleplaying in a forum like this. Life just got busy and stressful and I had neither the time nor the creative spark to continue but now I do. I've been taking the time lately to slow down and get back into the things I love like reading and writing. I've never felt I've been great at these intro things, but I'm always down to get to know people better so if there's something you wanna know feel free to ask. But the basics- I go by Quinn, 23 years old and my pronouns are she/they, I generally prefer one on one roleplays, and prefer originals to fandoms but am comfortable with almost any genre as long as we can get a good story and flow going. Fun facts- I have two cats, I have way to many collections- oracle/tarot decks, keychains, dragon related things (figures, art, etc), dice, comics, stickers, and that's just off the top of my head, I started learning to crochet this year, and I also love video games (some faves- the Mass Effect trilogy, The Sexy Brutale, Raft, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Subnautica)
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