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Current The only scam I had lately on facebook is someone asking if I wanted a sugar daddy. $5K weekly for "nothing sexual" lmao yeah right
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The Steven Universe Fandom would like a word
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Fun Fact about the moon this year- January and April have 2 New Moons but February has none making it a black moon month. January and April's 2nd new moons are called black new moons
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JDubs You've just awakened a lost memory of mine of a Misheard Lyrics video that buzzfeed did back when they still had Eugene and Keith working for them XD that was definitely one of the ones they did
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Yesterday, dense fog and air stagnation. Today, bright, sunny, clear blue skies. Gotta love the PNW
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Sam glared at the other man when he was stopped just before he could pull the trigger. He couldn't understand why Eddie felt such a way about the very people who were trying to kill them, and after seeing what they had done in the elevator. In his training as a hunter of the Red Hoods, it had been drilled into him that the only fate such beasts as these deserved was death and yet here Eddie was suggesting that they deserved to have lives as humans do. Family? Loved ones? It...honestly hadn't ever even occurred to Sam that werewolves had anyone they cared about other than themselves. Even in his rage, this idea gave him some pause. And when Eddie spoke of humanity, Sam frowned. Who was he to speak of humanity? Yet, Sam couldn't deny that the other had a point, it wouldn't bring back his squad. Not only that but they were running out of time.

Relaxing his grip on the gun, Sam took his finger off the trigger. "They deserve to die." He said, though with significantly less conviction in his voice and even some doubt, though he wasn't yet ready to admit that to himself. "But...we need to get out of here." He looked around the hall and pointed over to a sign on the all. "Stairs are that way. Not worth trying the elevator again, we're close enough." Every second that passed made their situation more precarious. Beyond the werewolves, he was sure it wouldn't be long before the police showed up if they hadn't already. And while the Hoods may see themselves as serving out their own form of justice, they weren't necessarily a legally sanctioned group.

Once the other released his gun, Sam started down the hallway towards the stairs. They passed the 4th floor on their way down but Sam caught a glimpse of the hall and saw 2 more men, who he could only presume were also werewolves searching for them.
Sam had to admit, he had doubts about Eddie's reflexes before when the other hadn't quite managed to dodge his bullets but those doubts were quickly cast aside when the elevator doors opened. Any thoughts he had that the other might be working with the group of werewolves was also now looking less likely. Frankly, a little caught off guard from the sudden stop and still a bit distracted by being surrounded by the gory remains of his squad mates, he suddenly found himself in an altercation as he was grabbed by the werewolf to the right and pulled from the elevator. However, it did not take him long at all to then react to the situation. In a fight with a werewolf, there was little to no room for hesitation. Shoving the other man off of him, Sam gave him a hard kick in the knee resulting in a loud "crack" as the man's bones were forced to bend in ways they shouldn't, breaking. As the man collapsed to the ground, Sam drew his gun and aimed it at his head. Unlike his wolven, temporary team mate, Sam had no intentions of resolving any of this less than lethally. Fuck the job at this point, this was revenge.

"For Mikey and Rachel." He said as he pulled the trigger. Given Eddie's reaction to the last werewolf he'd killed, he was sure the other wouldn't be so happy. But at the moment he wasn't thinking about Eddie's feelings, and as long as the other didn't stand in his way that was all he cared.

With the other two attackers on the ground, he looked to Eddie. "For someone who's supposed to be a werewolf you sure are bad at killing." he said. "But no matter, it would be my pleasure to finish the job." Saying this, he then aimed his gun at one of the unconscious men's heads.
@Tlstiffl Interested! I really like the first idea
"Sam." Sam answered plainly, when Eddie asked for his name. He supposed it was only fair at this point, especially if they were going to be working together to survive and escape. Though, once they made it out of there he was unsure of what would happen. But now was not the time to be thinking about that, there was still a chance they wouldn't make it out at all.

Raising a brow, he watched as Eddie brought the body into the room and wished it's spirit safe travels. Perhaps this was some werewolf thing that Sam was unaware of but he couldn't imagine having any sympathy for that wolf losing it's life. Hunters like him didn't shed tears or say prayers for the beasts they put down. Those emotions were saved for fellow humans. Yet another thing that made it harder and harder to continue seeing Eddie as some kind of monster. "I wouldn't be too sorry, if he'd had it his way you'd be the one in his position." he said. Truthfully, if any of this had gone to plan, Sam would've had it that way too so perhaps he wasn't one to be judging. "I guess though, I can appreciate your respect for the dead."

At least the other knew how to still look at this practically, another weapon in their hands was a good thing. "Resourceful." he acknowledged, catching the gun. This would help a lot, as Sam had left most of his gear- spare ammo included- with his team. In hindsight, that wasn't the best call. But truly, this whole mission had been fucked. He took the ammo and tossed the gun aside before turning to Eddie. His eyes narrowed as the other man suggested that he go first, a little suspicious that this could be some sort of set up. But both of them had plenty of reason to not trust the other. Sitting and squabbling over petty things would only result in both of their deaths and well, he supposed he had already given Eddie enough warning of what to expect should he try anything. Giving the other man a nod, he walked past him into the hall.

They didn't know what may lie in wait for them on the floors below. The elevator would be the quickest and easiest way to reach the third floor, if it was still working. Sam walked down the hall with a fairly quick pace, gun in his hands and ready for whatever may come their way. He also remained aware of Eddie following behind him, still ready in case this did go bad. Upon reaching the elevator he pressed the button, but then moved back as he waited for it to come to their floor. After all, they didn't know who might be on that elevator.

When the doors opened, it was lucky for them that the inside was empty. Well, almost. The walls, floor and ceiling of the elevator car were all painted a gruesome shade of red, covered in blood. Two bodies lay on the floor, which Sam barely recognized as two of his teammates. Death was not all that uncommon in their line of work, but Sam would be lying if he said he wasn't a little shaken up by it. As the leader of their team, he couldn't help but feel responsible for the way things turned out. Walking into the elevator, he sighed a shakey breath. "You fought well, I'm sorry I failed you.." He said said softly before returning his attention to Eddie. "Well, it's not ideal... But this is our ride down."

Once the other got on the elevator, he pushed the button for the third floor. However, this would not be their first stop as just after passing several floors, they stopped on the fifth floor.
Sam hadn't meant to injure Eddie, but he couldn't say he was particularly upset to have hurt a werewolf. This was however, not a good thing for their survival as right now he was in the entirely insane predicament of needing this beast's help. At least for now, they were both still alive. Given what Eddie had told him, he couldn't say the same for the rest of his team and who knows who else in the hotel was a casualty of this mess. He hadn't failed a mission this bad since he was just a recruit. He waited and watched as the other patched himself up, but not letting his guard down and ready to shoot again if someone walked up on them.

When Eddie started talking about a plan, he listened and couldn't help but wonder why he was being so vague. And then Eddie asked Sam if he trusted him. Trust a werewolf? The very idea was ludicrous and yet, Sam didn't have a whole lot of options then. His training told him he should just put a bullet in the werewolf's head right now and find a way to get himself out. But now, even knowing for sure about the other's true nature, there was some nagging thought in the back of Sam's mind that still saw the humanity in Eddie that he'd witnessed all night and for the last few days observing him. Surely that was worth something? Hell, Sam had shot him and Eddie still hadn't turned on him or lost himself in some kind of beastly rage like Sam would typically expect from a werewolf.

"Trust might be stretching it, but I like our chances better together." He said, deciding he was ready to go along with Eddie.
I am still interested, however I hoped that others would be more interactive as well. I say we can still have fun, just been super busy with work lately.

I'd hoped so as well, but things happen and people get too busy or lose interest and that's okay. Thanks for checking in and letting me know you're still interested. I do think this is still salvageable, and that we can still have fun too. Honestly I was thinking maybe of doing a bit of a reboot, where we would pick up from them finding the campsite. I could throw in some other characters and NPCs to keep the world lively. You, I and any of the others who still want to participate could use the same characters (or create new and/or additional character, if yall so wish) and we could get things happening at a better pace that doesn't drag as much. I'd wanted to allow them some time to find and explore the campsite so that we could all get a feel for each others characters, but I also didn't want that to drag out too much and take too long to get to the really exciting stuff with the portal and unfortunately I think the latter is what happened. I'm also happy to just continue with this thread as it is, just thought maybe a fresh-ish start might help.
Sadly I've lost interest in this RP.

That's okay, I understand. Thank you for your participation!
Just doing another check to see where everyone's interest levels are at this month. Never heard back from Wolvena or Sanity the last time


When the other man at first continued to play dumb, Sam was almost convinced that they had the wrong guy. Damn it, what the hell kind of intel are we working with these days?! He thought to himself, sighing audibly. When Eddie spun around suddenly however, Sam raised a brow curiously, waiting and listening as he figured it had just been a noise from the hallway he'd missed at first, perhaps a knock on the door. But there was no noise, that he was aware of so he was unsure of what suddenly had the man alerted. He wasn't kept in the dark for too long though, and the info he was given was a lot to process. So they did have the right target, this guy really was a werewolf. From what Eddie said, Sam could only deduce that Eddie was one of the "nice" werewolves but such an idea seemed ludicrous. "No such thing as a nice werewolf." He said. And yet, he couldn't deny that Eddie wasn't particularly awful. Not once had Sam seen this guy act violently, his reactions were measured and cautious, and he seemed smart and even quite emotionally intelligent. Nothing like any werewolf Sam had encountered in his life.

The thought of working together was certainly out of the question. After all, if the werewolf was this smart who's to say this wasn't all some kind of ploy to gain the upper hand now that he'd been caught? "Hold up." He said. Taking his radio from his pocket, he spoke into it, "Alpha team, what's your status?" There was no response. "Alpha team, do you copy?" Again, there was no response. This was not good. "Beta team, your status?" No response from them either, and his gut told him he'd only get the same response from the Omega team. And suddenly it sank in that Eddie could very well be right. His team were plenty capable on their missions, but for this one they'd been expecting only a single werewolf and they had expected to deal with it quietly. They were not prepared to deal with multiple werewolves, and probably had been caught off guard. He could only hope they were still alive, but for now he needed to focus on his own survival.

"Fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck!" This was absolutely a worst case scenario. But there was no time to be angry. Sam gave Eddie a hard look, pulling out his gun as he then said, "These better not be friends of yours furball, or else I will put a silver bullet in every one of your heads." If his team was dead & he made it out of there, he still might. "Now, I don't suppose you have a plan?" Things were about to really go off the rails, so much for being discreet.

However, before anything else could be discussed, there was a knock on the door. Then, an even louder bang and after that a loud crash the door came down. "Get down!" Sam shouted, giving Eddie only enough time to do so before before he opened fire.
Alright, I got a post up to move things along. To clarify, in case I didn't portray it well enough, what I was imagining is that there is something sorta magical going on with the time. Not necessarily caused by anyone's powers but just because they are so close to the portal.
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