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How does it get better than this? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5!
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Whatever life may give you... Receive and make it better, or, let it go and let someone else make it better :)


I love Fantasy Roleplays.
I love to Roleplay in groups. I love these group's members to travel together and explore the unknown, defending whatever needs to be defended, chase anything that needs to be chased.

As long as it is friendly, EPIC and FUN, anything goes!

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I already see 13 character spots.. isn't that a bit overkill?
How will you as GMs keep a nice overview for all?
While Dain read all information he could find about Merlin in the odd looking book, he still catched some glimpses of what had happened around him. He saw a huge female with a small being on her shoulders as they talked to the small crowd. Sometimes he nodded his head as he liked what he read the pages about Merlin the Wizard.

Then he closed the book. "Thank you for letting me read this, I am not sure wether he is around now. The last few sentences seem to be a little vaguely written?" he asked. "Also... where are we able to rest after our long trip? he asked gratefully.
He looked Gangraaenaa and Nora, "Are you in for some food too?"
"It's not just.. 'that Merlin', "Dain laughed hysterically, "He is THE Merlin, a legend..."
Dain chuckled. "Yes, please.. try and find Merlin in your book. I am curious what is in your book. It looks amazing to be honest."

Dain watched how the booked was opened and it's paged got turned with careful touch.
@Stuzzie We are reviewing in order, we will get to yours soon.

How is it going with that?
"Hello there," Dain answered. "My name is Dain Johnson, and friends can call me DJ".
He looked around at the townfolks and then saw a small person standing on the shoulders of someone that seemed to be the warrior type.

"Can you tell me some more about this place? I came here in hiding and in search of Great Wizard Merlin. I have worked for kings, for queens, for lords.. and all in hope I would find a connection to find him. I have something I desire to give the Great One."
When will I hear more about my character Renzo Kouken?
I changed the stuff that was said on Discord and have not heard a out it since.
* reserved for later *
Please delete this post.
An elderly man looks outside when the doors of his carriage are opened, the carriage that assisted him to begin a whole new phase in his life. Ever since he started looking for Merlin the Great Wizard, he had travelled far and even further away than he imagined.
He nodded to the driver gratefully and stood up with his head down, the carriage was to small for his large body to stand in. He closed his eyes and breathed in the fresh air. One foot went outside of the carriage and he opened his eyes to see where he would let it land.

Then he stood on the hardened earth and he felt eyes looking at him. He changed his posure and stood up straight. He looked at the small crowd in front of him and made a small bow to them as a means of respect. "Hello, it seems nice to be here," Dain spoke to them.
I discussed my character on Discord and put all changes into it.

Is Renzo in for this RP?

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