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Frick the one that would make my character best is a friggin anime ughhhhhhhhhhhhh

Ruler inc nobody likes your frickin appearance rules!

You do not speak for everyone.
I like lore, I vote you retain it.
Interest. Power idea being plant absorption. Upon touching a plant, his body can become like it. Plotting on it being an "always on" thing, his body retaining the abilities and appearance of the last thing he touched. Depending on desired power-level, may be instant, or may take time/plant volume to be able to switch.

Possible secondary ability of plant healing, literally absorbing plants to heal, plant size being related to how much he could heal from it. Blade of grass? Might heal a paper cut. California Giant Redwood? ....Wolverine-like regeneration from a single cell (laughably unlikely/impractical, etc). Generic urban tree? Heal a broken bone, or something.

This is not my site. I have no affilitation or connection to it, I am just sharing it, as maybe someone will find it handy.
Just makes very realistic composite images.
Someone care to explain why I should give a shit about some pointless popularity contest bullshit on youtube?

Going to have to retract that. Noticed the 3-5 expected posts, I cannot guarantee time to commit to that.
Curious about a somewhat odd power:

Character who can take an attribute from a mask. Not all masks, has no idea what masks he can engage with.

The mask he would start out with, would be a mask of an Oni. When he puts it on, he grows a bit, turns red, etc, and gains great strength.

If he were to find a mask that say, was of a Balrog, he would essentially take the form of being, but either gain strength, or control of smoke, or control of fire, or something else. Whatever power he gains, is tied to that mask, so that every time he puts it on, it always grants the same abilities, like if it grants him some fire abilities, it is always locked to fire. He cannot take it off, put it back on, and start using smoke, or strength, etc.|

Slightly more limited version would be that this power seems to be a hereditary trait, passed through a blood line, and there's only but a handful of masks that work with the bloodline, all owned by distant relatives.
Dna, had Tyko say that, because Deon, his partner, likely is not aware of the shapechange. Hell, taking into account real world inter-service lack of communication, would they even know who Dorian is, who he was posing as, etc? Just made it easier than having to explain over the radio.
Tyko Vaara

It would be nice a peaceful out here, if Wendy wasn't down on the ground roughly ninety or a hundred meters into the lakebed. He could hear the voices, if muffled with distance, before turning to face the distance while holstering his sidearm. Through the shimmering waves of heat, he looked to the distant mountains, and gave a little sigh. Slowly he turned back to the disturbed crime scene and pulled out his phone. Punched in his access code (he preferred not to use biometrics for security), before opening the camera application. Quickly, he looked around the scene of where the suspect had hid, noting the location of the somewhat scattered trash, where the suspects footprints were, all of it, before he started recording. He moved around the scene in a somewhat wide circle, wide enough to keep him out of the evidence, and made sure to not disturb any footprints or evidence, lest he spoil the scene. He had yet to get on Lewis' bad side, and intended to keep it that way. Most of what was left, that he could see were just the wrappers of quick to eat energy bars, and some rolled up bags, that he suspected held something rather foul. It looked as though the hide had been in use for a couple days, and while he dared not get too close, he could barely detect any smells.

Finishing his recording, he paused as he noticed the time. He quickly called up a contact labelled Kiite, and called it. Straight to voicemail, he left a message spoken in Finnish, "Hey bro, probably will be late tonight. There was an event. Can not elaborate. Dinner is prepared, and in the fridge. I am sorry." Kiite was his younger brother, 17 and still in highschool. Tucking his phone away, Tyko looked up at the crackle of the radio, "Tyko, Nabs are sending someone to relieve you, come back in and help me interview. Start with Wendy Weathers. Remember, she is still considered a suspect." There was a hint of joviality to Deon Walker's voice as he reminded Tyko of Ms. Weather's official status in the eyes of the PD. Sighing and shaking his head, he looked up as one of the Nab's detectives came down from the air. She was dressed casually in an elegant suit that seemed to accentuate every curve of her body, dark brown hair reached to just her shoulders. There was the obvious something extra to her. He greeted her, and gave her his statement for what he did, she made sure to pointedly ask him if he disturbed any of the evidence. Upon showing her his perimeter circle that gave a two meter berth around any piece of evidence, she cleared him of responsibility for the scene.

Tyko, jogged back to the growing population surrounding Wendy, he looked to the woman who addressed him, and responded, "Sorry. Cannot fly, otherwise I would have been in pursuit." At her mention of no one living, he looked through the warp hole, and shrugged, "I doubt that. Rondo is tougher than he looks, however I do not envy the pain he was in." He had of course, seen Rondo's condition before the other Alex had given him any healing, an external fracture was nothing to joke about, Gamma or not.

Nodding to Wendy, at the mention of the video and lunch, it would be a good way to keep this group together, "Alright, I am Officer Vaara, before, and likely after, I am going to need to get individual statements from each of you. What you saw, felt, heard, any details you can recall, no matter how small."

On the way back to the cluster of tents and trailers, he radioed back to Walker, "This is Tyko. I have Wendy Weathers, the two EMS who were first on scene, Rondo's PA, and one of the special effects crew."

"Good," came the voice of Deon, "Sounds like a picnic. Meanwhile Wilkes, Percival, and I have....shit, what is it? 60? 70 cast and crew to run through? Take your time though. If I ain't mistaken, most of those with you are Gamma, and probably noticed more than the rest of the cast and crew put together. Remember the details, and numbers. Specifically Wend-" Tyko cut his superior off with a press of the mic button. He appreciated the concern for his lack of a social life, but it also rode on his nerves.

Someone with especially keen hearing might hear the bark of laughter from Deon in the distance.
Tyko Vaara

Satisfied that nothing seemed amiss for the moment, Tyko settled his gaze upon the action of the film stars, getting a mouthful of noodles in as the bikes started off. Looking into the distance, he noted the dust devils would probably really enhance the wasteland appeal of this scene in the film.

Something was off.

He focused, something was drawing his attention to a point of the desert hillside. It flickered.

"Perkele!" An old curse from his homeland uttered softly as he grabbed his partner's should, and turned him, pointing at the flickering spot in the desert. Then the rider's reacted. Rondo swerved, then pitched over into the sky as if he was catapulted. The flipping throw the air bouncing once, narrowly missing Wendy, before the sudden, sharp flash, and smoke of the bike detonating. That sent Wendy down off her bike, and moments later, the hard THUD of the high explosive struck the rest of the set, the shockwave rolling over everyone.

"Mother fucker, you gotta be kidd-" Deon was cut of by the sudden shrill shriek of a near-by PA, before she paused, eyes rolling up and she collapsed on the spot; clipboard and papers landing in the dust, and half a sandwich, in its plastic container bounced, split open, and stopped. Deon reached up and pulled his mic to his mouth as he twisted his head to it, tossing the salad container to the hood of the cruiser. "We have a 10-80, White Flats movie set. Be advised, 10-80, White Flats movie set!" Giving a quick initial alert to Dispatch that there was an explosion, and where he was located. "Request backup, bomb squad, EMS. One suspect is taking off South.....South West of the set. Suspect is flying. Repeat, suspect is flying."

Deon turned to Tyko and leaned in, forgetting that Tyko could hear him, even through the screaming, and horrified reactions of the civilians that surrounded them, "Go, secure the scene." He gestured to where the blind was, and recently vacated. Deon then turned, drew his firearm, and started walking over to the Ambulance, shouting into his radio again, "Wilkes! Percival! Crowd control! Sending Vaara out to secure the scene! I'm on Rondo! Be careful, all prior attempts were single suspect, but they may have hired help this time. Get everyone to the fire meetup locations." He look at Vaara quizzically as Tyko was following him, until Tyko pointed to the warp in the ground next to the Ambulance.

Through the warp, Tyko popped out onto the dry lake bed floor, duty pistol in hand, and his skin, and uniform, seeming to have taken on a living pattern of slow streaks of green energy slowly swirling through his skin, and the fibers of his clothing. His first order of business was to sprint over to where Wendy lay, dust still falling, and the sharp, acrid scent of the exhaust from her thunderous bike lingering still in the air, mixed in with whatever high explosive was used. Kneeling down, he looked her over, saw no obvious wounds, and that she was conscious. "Please remain still," looking over his shoulder, he saw the ambulance begin to hustle this way, "I am Officer Vaara, you were just involved in an explosion, and the ambulance is on its way. Please do not move, in case you have spinal or cranial injuries. I need to make sure there are no other explosive devices in the area." Satisfied that she was not in any imminent danger, he would leave her for someone more qualified than himself. He looked for the blind, and hurried off in a small cloud of dust. He may not be exceptionally fast, but Tyko could best any Olympic sprinter, and had more than enough stamina to make it to the hide, without even winding himself.

As he approached, he slowed, watching for any lingering traps, and being careful not to touch or disturb anything. He was no detective, and he sure as hell was no analyst. He did however, report to Deon, "Suspect left in a hurry, left evidence. Scene secure."

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