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Lyris Von Wulfhart

The sudden appearance of the Urbanmech had thrown Lyris in an unattainable situation. Unable to retreat, nor push for the Thunderbolt's flank without risking a shot from an AC 20 or take fire from the Thunderbolt directly. Every resounding boom from the Urbanmech caused her heart to pound in her chest. Just as visions of an autocannon round cleaving her mech in two flashed through her mind, there came another sound altogether. The humming thrum of what Lyris recognized was a powerful laser shot. It took a while for Lyris to realize the source of the shot from the HUD function of her neurohelmet. The superheated beam struck the enemy urbanmech and seemingly disabled it in one well aimed shot

"Urbanmech right arm destroyed, Urbanmech knocked over."

Lyris recognized Johan's voice over the radio and breathed a sigh of relief-- she owed Mouse for this one. Before she could recover or take advantage of the sudden turn of events the Thunderbolt facing her dropped all interest in either her or Peter. It took Lyris a moment to correct her steeds stance before she could give chase, having not anticipated this strange reaction from the pirate mechwarrior. She wasted no time in giving chase, firing wild shots into the compromised armor of the heavy mechs rear. The mechwarrior pirate ignored all of these and continued its wild charge. It took her only a moment to realize the pirate's target as it ran toward their line. She pushed her engine until her steed had fallen into a full sprint, desperation plagued her thoughts as a spark of fear in her chest grew. What if she did not make it in time?

By the time she closed the distance once more the pirate had already engaged Johan's Riflemen in a deadly melee of metal on metal violence. Lyris cursed under her breath, but she had been offered one advantage at least. As the heavy pirate battlemech slammed its right arm into the Riflemen's leg, Lyris quickly rotated her mech's upper torso to the right -- hydraulics hissing and actuator motors roaring with the motion. At the tail end of her charge, she willed the upper body to swing around to the left again, using the momentum of her sprint and twist to send the oversized hatchet she carried into a deadly horizontal arc toward the rear of the Thunderbolt.

With a guttural growl, she aimed for the section of the Thunderbolt where upper torso connected its bottom legs. A resounding crash of whining metal and tearing iron echoed with the impact. The jolt was so violent in fact it rocked Lyris in her seat causing her to be flung forward slightly before her momentum became restrained by the harnesses that kept her rooted to her chair. She tasted blood as she realized she must have bitten her lip from the reckless move. Still, her blow was quite telling as her ax sunk rudely into the structure of the Thunderbolt.

It stumbled forward before arresting its momentum, however, before the pirate mechwarrior could recover fully from the blow Lyris opened the left palm of her haptic gauntlet. Her mech's hand began releasing the hatchet, which left it to rest in the back of the Thunderbolt. Metal whined, and sparks flew from the location of her attack. The massive bladed weapon had stuck fast directly into the motors that allowed the Thunderbolt to twist its torso. The pirate's heavy mech was now left unable to maneuver and retaliate against their aggressor. Lyris backed her Griffin off as the trio of lasers located in her mech's right charged with power.

A salvo of laser fire slammed into the already compromised back armor of the Thunderbolt. Her HUD revealed severe structural damage as the mechs internals became wrecked from the stream of laser fire. The pirate's mech still stood, however, and unable to turn in time, it instead took a lumbering step toward the Riflemen, perhaps hoping to charge directly into it now that it could no longer twist to punch with its fists.

"Oh, sterben gerade!"She yelled in frustration.

She fired another salvo pushing her engine into the red zone as the heat began to build to near critical levels. Three lancing beams of green light cut a trail across the Thunderbolts rear structure, back and forth like the daft movements of a painter. This time, finally, she had found the components she had been hoping for as a massive explosion rocked across the Thunderbolts body as the LRM ammunition it carried cooked off. The entire upper left torso was at one instance engulfed in flames before it seemingly shattered and exploded, taking its whole left arm with it. The LRM launcher went as well as the thing rocked violently to one side, barely staying on its feet before finally falling with a ground shaking thud. Amidst the thunderous fall came a series of secondary explosions as missiles flew into the air amidst hot red shrapnel like a bizarre and horrible fireworks display.

Lyris pulled her mech back quickly as she instinctively shielded her cockpit with her left shield arm. As the explosions died down and the pauses between them grew longer Lyris let out a shuddering breath before keying communications.

"You still with us Mouse?" A layer of concern in her voice.

You know I'm around. I'm invested in this I just want this to continue so I can at least get my Royal Griffin. :P
Lyris Von Wulfhart

Impact information from Lyris's HUD lit up confirming her LRM barrage had hit home. She had no line of sight on her enemy, however, so the effectiveness of her attack was hard to discern. But going by the continued assault on the Cadet Sergeant's position- that much at least revealed that the missiles had done little to impede the heavy mech. No surprise there Lyris thought. It was going to take more than that to take out something as durable as a Thunderbolt. Her launcher was already loading up another volley of missiles when her sensors picked up movement on their side of the field as Peter's Shadow Hawk burst into movement suddenly.

The Thunderbolt reacted immediately with return fire, but her sensors could see Peters signature on her systems HUD. It only took her a moment to see what he must be planning given his route and projected movement. She was a little surprised how quickly the pirate was falling for it, but he either had no trust in the allied forces to his rear or he had none to prevent the maneuver, to begin with, regardless she could not allow this opportunity to slip by without taking advantage. If they could remove the Thunderbolt from play, it would be a significant victory for their side in the battle. As the heavy mech swiveled to keep the Shadow Hawk in it's LOS, Lyris pushed her mech into movement. The whine of servo actuators coupled with the sudden roar of her Griffin's engines heralded her burst into the action.

Her Griffin took a long stride, and then another that carried it to the edge of the rocky outcropping. Another, and she was falling into a dead sprint. A fierce grin spread across her face as she stomped down into the vortex of battle and out into the open. Adrenaline had long since overtaken her earlier fear and indecision- further emboldened by the actions of her comrades. She did not waste time shooting on the move, least her wild shots give the Thunderbolt a forwarning to the flanking movement. It had only caught sight of Peter's mech and traded briefly with Johan's Riflemen, and the pirate must have assumed the LRM's had been the work of a carrier or slower moving mech. The idea that a highly mobile Griffin had been waiting in the wings must never have crossed their mind. That was a deadly mistake she was all too happy to exploit.

"Always keep moving in combat, you go slow you die."

The wise words of one of the Star Guard mercenary captains suddenly floated to her mind. The advice repeated over and over again in the back of her mind as her battlemech charged at an angle following the path Peter had so that her left side and torso faced the enemy. The exchange between the Shadow Hawk and the Thunderbolt continued, and the shared network of the lance revealed that the armor of the Thunderbolt left torso had been compromised. Lyris descended into a slight incline in the landscape and soon found herself charging up a hill that would bring her well within range for her trio of medium lasers.

Her pace slowed just enough to allow her to aim at the thinner rear armor of the heavy battlemech. The power in Lyris’s three wrist-mounted laser cannons surged as her will became fire. Clenching one haptic gauntlet, she punched it forward to let loose her first salvo. Three bright green beams of killing heat leapt outward, spearing from Lyris’s fist to tear through the enemys back. One beam struck the upper right torso, while the last two burned into the central torso armor. The armor instantly began flashing from grey to red to white hot in an instant before vaporizing into scalding, super-heated mist.

The Thunderbolt rocked it's upper-body around faster than Lyris could have anticipated, using the motors of its upper torso to keep the Shadow Hawk and Griffin to it's right and left side respectively. Lyris punched her jump-jets online to keep pace with the torso twist. This allowed her another volley of telling hits into its rear armor. Already much of it's back plated armor had melted away to reveal the more vulnerable internal structures within. Thanks to her earlier charge the Thunderbolts own shoulder mounted LRM served as a blind spot for the air-born Griffin.

With luck, another few raking attacks into its rear would cook the pirates LRM ammo bins and then...

Blazing klaxons blared to life throughout Lyris's cockpit as automated warnings screamed into her nerohelmets HUD. In a sudden thought of alarm, Wulfhart thought she might have pushed her engines too far; double heat sinks be damned. However, the signals were proximity warnings of a nearby threat not the sudden shutdown of her engine. She broadened her perspective as she tapped into the other sensor systems afforded to her and realized almost too late the danger. Riding from the treeline on stubby legs like some kind of rusted knight in armor was the Urbanmech from earlier. The armor on its right arm had melted away, and the structure sparked and smoked, but the AC/20 was quite alive and well. As if to prove this very fact that same cannon belched forth with a resounding and distinctive boom that quickly put to shame the autocannon Peters Shadow Hawk sported.

The weapon was still well out of its effective range, however, and the shell wheezed by just below her steeds legs. Lyris landed a moment later, and shot skyward once more in the opposite direction, giving up her pursuit of the Thunderbolts damaged rear section to create distance from the most dangerous weapon on the field. This brought her around to where the Thunderbolt could finally bring its guns to bear on the pesky moth eating at it's back. Two lasers streaked by, going wide of their mark, but the third hit home. Lyris had only enough time to intercept what might have been a direct shot to her Griffins head by twisting her torso and bringing her shielded left arm to bear. The heat washed over the armor there turning it an angry red.

"Durch die Götter!" she spat into comms, "someone gut that uber now!"

Well, I waited to see if @Sightseer was going to post but I guess I'll throw something up. Can't wait forever.
@Roman I can always think of something else, in fact, I think I have an interesting idea revolving around concoctions that may or may not have adverse side effects or beneficial ones.

So who's posting next? I have an idea for a post but I want at least another member of the overwatch group to do something.
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Professor Cipherous

"I hope you're not down with the sickness..."

Darth Cipherous A G E: 31 S E X: Female A L I G N M E N T: Lawful Neutral

Ω O R I G I N S:
Darth Cipherous was born in the esteemed city of Ravenmire, which marked her among the few in the kingdom with access to a proper education. Her parent's had humble origins as commoners, though her father was a cobbler of some talent. Curious even from a young age, Darth appeared to be taken with the stories and tales from other lands. Taught to read by her mother, Darth explored the tomes and books she managed to get her hands throughout most of her youth. While many children played outside Darth preferred to instead stay indoors with her head in a book. Her interest coupled with an active imagination and an astoundingly mature disposition made it clear Darth seemed blessed with a towering intellect. This sadly left her with few friends as none of the children of her neighborhood matched her own maturity- with many of them finding her aloof and strange making her the butt of many jokes.

Darth was fortunate enough, however, to early in her life to benefit from the aid of a traveling scholar- who, lacking enough coin, decided to repay Darths father by tutoring his daughter while he stayed in the city. Seeing her potential- this same scholar, named Bertulf Scully, offered to sponsor Darth for a place in the esteemed college of Ravensworth. Seeing this as a blessing, Darth's parents agreed, fulfilling a long time dream of hers. At the age of sixteen, she was enrolled after proving her abilities through an arduous exam that she passed with near perfection. This impressed the Rectors of the university enough that she was one of the youngest novitiates to be taken in.

It was a long four years of hard work and study before Darth finally graduated, at which point she decided to stay on -- joining the ranks of the Ravensworth institute. Her intelligence and ambition soon saw her attain the coveted position of a preceptor within the institute. The rank proving she had mastered three fields of expertise within the college. After ten years working within the institute, exploring afield as often as she could to learn first hand of the history of each city within the kingdom, news of the dreaded new plague began to spread like wildfire. Though over the centuries the institute had become familiar with studying and treating new sicknesses, it became apparent this new strain was unlike anything they had ever encountered.

Darth's talents soon saw her superiors placing her at the forefront of finding a cure. Darth herself wished nothing more than learning all she could after hearing of the severity of the disease. Thus, Darth willingly joined the fourth talon of Ravensworth, the Sanguine Shroud. Known widely as plague doctors- and officially in their institute as Harbingers- with expertise in bloodletting, and magick treatment, these scourge hunters achieved their dread infamy in the infancy of their founding for disposing of victims, and even potential victims, before signs of sickness could manifest themselves. Though their methods over the decades have become much less extreme many still remember those dark days. Their beaked masks and black robes have since now become synonymous with fear, for many of these men and women know no mercy. The shroud investigators soon became less known as physicians and more so as executioners.

Darth herself has worked tirelessly to improve the credibility of Ravenworths Harbingers. Darth has made little headway in finding a cure, however, but the recent call by High Lord Jocun has given her hope all the same. She offers her skills in the hopes of finally ending this nightmare.

Ω A B I L I T I E S / S K I L L S:
◼ Idyllic Precpetion| Darth was blessed with an incredible mind that has served her quite well in her chosen profession. Her unmatched memory and intelligence are among the reasons she has remained top of her field. Her attention to detail often means she can recall anything she has learned of or come across in almost perfect detail.

◼ Black Blood Ministation | Harbingers of the Sanguine Shroud are all subjected to an experimental blood ministration that is both equal parts alchemical solution and arcane ritual. Black blood is an unusual concoction fashioned from the blood samples of survivors of past afflictions known to Ravensworth and stored in the college. This infusion effectively renders the recipient all but immune to most known diseases, along with many forms of venom or poisons, but at a great cost. This, of course, has long been proven to be worthless against the new stone flesh plague.

◼ Hippocratic Oath| Darth is foremost an academic and a doctor, but years of research has left her with a generous amount of knowledge in alchemy as well as history. This means she knows how to create- and possesses many- healing tonics, toxins, and poisons. Dr. Cipherous can thus make use of many experimental remedies and risky healing practices to mend or even cure her companions' of mundane ailments and restore their vigor. She also employs her talent for healing to do harm if the situation calls for it.

◼ Healer or Executioner| Though not skilled with, sickle, blade or bow, Darth was taught the Shourds execution techniques to 'pacify' sickened patients to grant them a merciful painless death. This includes the use of potent poisons or, in desperate situations, the bladed cane whip she carries.

◼ Who Likes Needles?| Due to the widespread fear, superstitions, and rumors of the preventive doctors of Ravensworth due to an unsavory past-- many have come to fear the arrival of a Harbinger. A few desperate souls may even attack a lone Harbinger outright before accepting their help through this is usually rare.

◼ No Hiding It| Thanks to ancient oaths and more than a few local laws, allegiance to Ravensworth fabled fourth talon must always be visible. This effectively means no agent of the Sanguine Shroud can obfuscate who they are. Thus the robes and beaked mask must always be worn when working on behalf of the Sanguine Shroud. The enforcement of this rule is to grant a measure of protection to their agents from infection, as much as to abide by current laws.

◼ Bookworm| Years spent studying tombs, scrolls and countless books, along with the occasional experiment has left Darth with no time for much physical exercise. She is typically weaker than most individuals she comes across, and her slight frame does nothing to aid in this regard.

◼ The Price of Health| The seemingly miraculous black blood ministration grants one an incredibly robust immune system, but this comes at a terrible cost. Firstly the process effectively causes the user to develop a mild form of aplastic anemia. They will produce little to no blood on their own, and must actively acquire regular infusions of healthy treated blood to remain functioning. To compound things further, one soon becomes addicted to the process of blood infusion. If no injection is maintained at least once a week, the individual will degrade rapidly in health. Growing weaker, and more feral with time. The one upside to this unseemly mutation is that the user of black blood can receive any blood for transfusion, what the college has come to call a 'universal recipient'. If not for this one fact black blood might never have been used as it is now.

Ω N O T E S:
◼ Dr. Cipherous is garbed in the cloak of dark black and cowl that, with her beaked mask, covers her entire head and face. The beaked mask carries some herbs, spices, and is blended to create a special incense. The perfume like substance serves the main purpose as a means of masking the scent of rotting corpses. Though it also serves the dual purpose of preventing any noxious gases, she may use to affect her. She also carries satchels that hold countless, ingredients, herbs, vials, tonics, and one bag houses her alchemist’s supplies.

Examples include a Moor’s Head, four alembics, a retort, the classic Mortar, and Pestle, a stirring rod, and a dozen empty flask. Finally, she carries a tome strapped to her side that houses recipes for countless things- from poisons, anti-venoms, or healing tonics. She also has a journal with her to document anything exciting or valuable she may come across.

Appearance: When not wearing her signature mask, Darth is not too different from most who live in the central homelands. Her complexion is rather pale from lack of sun, and her eyes are exceptionally dark from her black blood ministration. She has raven black hair and a gauntness to her features that hint at her unnatural condition.

Bladed Cane: A common piece of gear for Sanguine Shrouded agents acting as harbingers is a walking cane which is seen as both a badge of office and serves the more practical use to examine and direct patients without the need to make direct contact with the patient. As with nearly all equipment employed by Shroud, the cane serves the dual purpose as an execution weapon for those who have caught the stone blight. In extreme cases, the one might use the hidden blade feature of the cane to defend one's self as it is sufficiently deadly as a rigid bladed cane, that can serve as a bladed whip when its blade is split into over a dozen razor-sharp segments. The top of the cane is fashioned to resemble a raven's head.

Sent a PM @Roman just so you see it. I'll make changes to my sheet when I get home.

Edit: made some changes.
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I'm really sorry about my silence on this, I saw it, failed to reply the same day, and then it immediately flew out of my head forever. Will get a reply to you this afternoon.

NP. :j
Lyris Von Wulfhart

Lyris felt a moment of panic as every lesson she had ever learned fled her mind. For a second her mech hesitated, shuddering on the spot. Angrily, the young mechwarrior thrust the feeling aside and engaged her motive actuators. Lyris's Griffen then moved briskly through the uneven terrain with smooth strides that crushed stone and rock alike underfoot. The ground shook beneath her tread and targeting data filled her thoughts as her gamma-ray cannon powered up. Lyris moved up, maneuvering her striding mech suit in behind Peter’s and matching his pace. She quickly split to the left using the spine of rocks in the mountain ridge as cover as Peter's Shadow Hawk was suddenly engaged at extreme range by what looked to be a TDR battlemech- an Thunderbolt of all things.

Breaking line of sight with the Thunderbolt Lyris slowed her stride as she faced the direction of the enemy mech. She quickly plugged into the sensor-network created by the UAV drones still active. Their sensor boosting operation allowed her to lock onto the Thunderbolt. She unconsciously leaned back as her mech mirrored the movement while her steeds feet locked into place entrancing itself. Data flooded her vision as the Thunderbolt appeared on her sensor map as an angry flashing icon. She thumbed her trigger willing her shoulder mounted LRM online, an instant later Lyris heard the characteristic 'thump 'thump' of missiles flying free of their pods from even within the confines of her cockpit.

The missiles soared skyward into the air at an angle, looking to the world like a smoking trail of burning comets. Gravity soon took over as they angled back toward the ground sharply, while the last burst of speed from their now spent fuel reserves launched them down straight toward the Thunderbolt. The considerable volume was impressive, though given the accuracy of the LRM's Lyris did not expect them all to hit- while those that did would likely only cause superficial damage against such a massive and well-armored machine. Still, she recalled from her training that enough impact could very well unbalance such a top-heavy mech. Combined with a well-placed shot from Peter's AC they might very well knock it off balance at the very least.

She heard the loud music on the wind, momentarily drowned out by the screaming rockets screeching through the air. She shook her head slightly at the bizarreness of it all. Perhaps these pirates were insane after all?

"blöd," she breathed under her breath.
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