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The Ravinkra Houses

I am interested. I'm thinking Orcs with a twist.

Can never go wrong with orcs.

I look forward to enslaving a few for my armies and mines.
Dark purple shall be pirate cove land. Arrr.


I always liked the idea the story served the outcome of a battle like it's done in the books.

"Elves are a dying race, there's as many as the story needs there to be".

But whatever works I guess.
The undead always catches my attention, I might be interested in this.

I shall keep an eye on this. BOOM.

Damn shame I already have an RP I'm Gming else I'd be up to help out on this and even support it on my own of need be. That said, I'm open to helping out where needed, whether that be in plot-brainstorming or as one Co-Gm.

Would be nice for there to be a true Warhammer Fantasy RP for once.

Hmm, interesting. Do we have a map and claims yet?
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