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Hello I am a trans male. He/they/it/sun/sunself (Use all my pronouns as I like them all and prefer them all)
I can do anytype of roleplay and have a lot of free time, so yeah
You can easily refer to me as Gummy or Gum I do not care
Sometimes I can't tell if things are jokes or not so beware if I make everything into jokes<3

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Life had slowly calmed down, as the scene of zombies faded from the city where most people lived and survived at, though some are still cautious on how to go about this, thinking it may be a trap, and zombies had became smart, but after month of nothing, people started to rebuild the city and help out the injured or to get rid of the dead bodies of zombies and humans.

Name:Anne Willis
Pronouns:She/her he/him
Looks:The one that is smaller
Personality:She is a light of everything, and tries to make others get out of their comfort zones they may know, to enjoy life, or to just simply survive, he is often seen hanging around with his best-friend, Estelle Monet, and is often the one making the other seem the dullest, which makes it even fun, since she knows her friend's competitive side pretty well.
Bit of a Bio:Anne was born wealthy and stable, though when the end of the world had come, money, and friends, or even the things she had, didn't help him, that was when he met Estelle who had always lived on the streets, which taught her the ways of that lifestyle, including killing, but now that everything died down, she had been able to relax with his bestie.

Name:Estelle Monet
Looks:The right
Personality:Estelle had always been prickly and cold towards others, thanks to the way it lived before everything came down, though still even before, he had been guarded and kept himself as cautious as it could do. It also never liked others trying to help out, as he thought of it as worthless pity and people wanting to feel like a hero, so he shuts down offers as quick as he can snap a finger
Bit of Bio:Estelle had run away from his home when he was 10, and had lived on the streets, and had to do many things to survive, and learned tricks, as in stealing. He never took hand-outs from people as he felt it was nothing but fakeness. Though when the zombies came, he had been lucky to find Anne, and had used her as a leeching method, though it took a liking to him, making Estelle not throw her away to the xombies
This is more for fun, and basically like the life the surviving humans with zombies wandering around, now it won't really be fixed on the zombies, but more of the aftermath, and the humans trying to live normally
Seems interesting
If you are still looking for a roleplay partner I may be interested in doing onewith you^^
Bump, also should mention that if you are interested just pm me, and you can add a character through here rather than the pms.

Also forgot to mention that the problems my characters have will not be any focus points, it will be a nod to the problems, but it won't be the main point of the roleplay, as I find, that there is a lot of troubled ocs that people make that keeps it centered on the trauma they go through. Though whenever he is at his home, the only thing that would happen is of course the deadnaming and whatnot as they aren't supportive, and basically watch him grow up so they treated him as an actual kid of theirs and since they had two biological boys they treated him like a treasure. Though as I said, this won't be the main focus, there will only be slight comments and whatnot. Thank you
Just looking for a casual roleplay that has to deal with fantastical or made up human species, nothing to serious as it would be slice of life of course.

Honestly I'm just new here so I don't know what to put down

also some things I guess you can expect
-Uhh I guess somewhat violence, like fights
-Nightmares depicting anything
-Intrusive thoughts or thoughts that go to detail on harmful things
-Transphobia as the character I will be using is trans
-Religion trauma/Overprotective foster family

Uh yeah thats all I think, well I guess heres the character I will be using:

Name:Karro Jones
Gender:Trans male
Age:18 (Senior of highschool)
Personality (just a few sentences as this is a small info dump): Even though what Karro gone through, he is seen as a bitter boy with no care and not the stereotypical ''shy'' or ''cold'' person. Instead what he does is he takes that hate and forces himself to overcome it and prove those wrong, not allowing the idiocy of people's thoughts control him, though however when it comes to his foster family, it hurts worse and makes him double-take and act stun, though he would shake it off and pretend he never heard anything, which allows him to see that he needs change. Though he still reverts back to what he does when he was littler, which of course was self-destructive habits. He's loud and welcoming to doing a lot of fun things, and is often seen at parks just swinging or somewhere out at night watching the stars and learning about some of the stories of them. Another thing though, is when his ''parents'' start the babying, he switches to a more shell of himself and closes off, becoming vulgar and violent to others, so showing too much care can and will trigger the guy.
Languages can be spoken:French/German/Little bit of English, sentences are usually broken and sound like a caveman talking.
As the title says New so new lol anyways sup
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