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Current we love casting spells
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is there a better name for the genre of Roadside Picnic-alikes (stalker metro etc) than "zonepunk?"
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i am cringe but i am free


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Spooky 💀 29 💀 He/They 💀 PST

Hi! I'm Spooky. You can call me Alex once we're homies. I'm a queer writer and most if not all of my output will represent this. As such, I'm extremely LGBTQ+ inclusive in my stories. If you're not cool with this, I'm not cool with you. Bigots need not apply.

I work full time at a veterinary clinic (4 days, 10 hours per) with a daily commute of ~2 hours. My three days off are my best bet for activity. As such, I unfortunately will not be a speedy partner. I am very patient regarding RP, and ask for that in return. Fast pace just doesn't work for me anymore.

Like a lot of creatively driven folks, I started young and never totally stopped. An interest in stories led to an interest in writing, then roleplaying, and has been an upward climb of refining and indulging in the hobby since.

Time passed and I got older, energy levels dropped, all that lame stuff. Recently though, things have gotten good again. The creative spark is trying to ignite again, and I'm eager to give it all another go. For the sake of getting used to it again, I'm likely to stick to 1x1 plots and small groups.

At my best, I float around mid-advanced to high-casual. 2-4 paragraphs are often my minimum output, but I certainly don't mind shorter posts. As long as they aren't one liners, script RP, or first person, it's all good. I myself will only write in third person perspective. Never really been a fan of first person storytelling. Nothing against it, but not for me!

I have a few favorite genres that immediately interest me:
•Urban Fantasy
•High Fantasy
•Monster Romance
•Post Apocalyptic

Anything there is probably gonna win me over pretty easily. But my taste is varied! I like a little of everything.

In regards to adult content, I welcome and encourage it. Most of my characters are mature adults who do mature adult things. It is by no means a requirement, but there's no need to shy away from it. Comfort levels and boundaries are extremely important. If you don't want it, we won't do it.

I ask that my RP partners be adults, regardless as to whether or not adult content is written. On the occasion I'm writing a non-adult character, they will not be portrayed in such ways.

Hope to see you around! Thanks for reading. 💜

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Yo! Thank you!
i will rattle your bones where you stand

Thanks for the welcome!
Absolutely am. I've recently been into stuff like norse and slavic mythological creatures and goetic demons. Playing up the horror elements in Abrahamic myths is fun as heck too. Scary angels!
Ayy thank you!
Thank you!! c:
Hi! I'm spooky. I used to rp a bunch and recently have been itching to dip back into the hobby. I like horror, fantasy, monsters of all sorts, and a giant robot or two. Looking forward to meeting some cool folks with similar interests here!
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