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Power level? Sheet?
After reading her she does seem a tad underpowered, if only for her lack of firepower, defense options, and lack of actual powers or tech that could give her an extra edge, such as energy manipulation and such. Things that could help in this particular fight if you refuse to buff her up in any way would be to lift the charging time on her railgrenade launcher, and more viable cqc options. Nothing fancy or over the top. You'd be surprised how much you can actually cut with a bare bones lightsaber or chain blade.

You also mentioned how she is meant to incapacitate rather than kill and I can see what you mean. Though for someone like L you'd likely need a more aggressive style to actually accomplish that if you arent going to have lots of support abilities. So in general I think she could stand to have a few more actual offense options such as extra weapons or tech, or at least supporting abilities that make her tankier or support her "capture, not kill" skillset.
@tristwich got the text of my sheet from the PDF file. Not perfectly formatted for obvious reasons but I'll pm it to ya.
Vestuoso II was, in a word, a bad place. It was a small desert world out on the far fringes of the Black Eye galaxy, described by those who know of it as a world of intergalactic refugees, criminals, vagabonds, undesirables, and all other sorts of pariahs and refugees. The kind of place that reeks of raw sewage and sweat, and where sand walls can rise hundreds of miles and bury a city for days. The kind of place infamous for its shady merchants, even more shady black market merchants, crime rate and syndicates constantly vying for power over the plains. The kind of place where, if one so cared to, could find a quaint little 'oddities and relics' shop run out of an unassuming back alley garage, run by an eccentric and reclusive genius.

Lawliet "L" Einstein, handsome na'er-do-well and proud owner and proprieter of "L's Oddities, Inventions, and Relics", was in the middle of emptying the contents of his stomach into a trash can, his head resting perfectly inside and his body sprawled and stretched across the oily pavement as though he had simply collapsed there. Well, er, that's because he did collapse there. He was currently in the middle of going through a rather harsh come-down from a hefty hit of Cilaxian Dust, a naturally occurring but incredibly rare spore harvested by pirates from the dangerous feral world Cilax, that when dried and taken through a complex chemical process was made into one of the most powerful drugs on this side of the universe.

It offered an astoundingly intense but very fleeting high, that once begins to wear off comes with a slurry of nasty side effects; nausea being among them. A few others were vertigo, diarrhea, and migraines.

L finished vomiting, willing his head from the knocked over trashcan and rolling over onto his back, wild and thick raven locks sprawled across his sharp features and matted with garbage, vomit, and a cocktail of other various 'dumpster fluids.' His blood red tie, the only splash of color to be seen anywhere on him, was stained a dirty brown by the filth. Then, as though he had only just realized he was covered in shit and banana peels forced himself over to vomit again, this time missing the trash entirely. "Ce..leee...ste. Detox. N..ow" he said to seemingly no one in broken and slurred speech. However at that moment, as though at the beckoning of his soft baritone voice, a single, piercing crimson eye rolled into being on the back of his right gloved hand, seeming to be trapped behind an invisible pane of glass rather than actually attached to it. Its single lense rolled upward at the drunken inventor, rolling from left to right with clear disgust.

<What the fuck?! I told you the last one would be too much you idiot! Now look at you. We were supposed to prepare to hunt my meal, not for you to get so damn high you can't function!>

"Just... Fucking.... do it." was all the humbled scientist and inventor could manage in response to his sentient suit.

The feminine, robotic sounding voice heaved a heavy sigh of defeat in response as a series of hyper thin needles formed underneath and out of his dress-suit, injecting a personally made concoction into his bloodstream that destroyed whatever drugs remained within. In the span of a second he had regained full clarity - the world had stopped spinning, color had returned to his eyes, and he felt strong enough to stand, and so did. He struggled to regain his balance at first, almost falling, but quickly felt his strength returning. He flexed his fingers dextrously as he regained full control over his motor skills, balling them into fists in evenly timed intervals as he began to walk forward and out of the shop, and into the fresh rain that must have begun falling between the time he collapsed and got back up.

He reached into his pocket, retrieved a pair of black-framed glasses and donned them before curling his fingers around his sanguine tie, tightening it. As he walked into the rain, his suit seemed to change, bubbling and frothing like shaken soda. From fabric to liquid, It became an inky river of black coarsing over L like black snakes before resolidifying into a new form and guise. The combat skinsuit - a form fitting sleek, reflective black suit hugging his body closely but still offering absolute freedom of movement. Neon white light pulsed softly from the grooves carved across the suit in patterns like circuit wires. The glasses on his face changed as well - the black frames expanded and elongated to cover his head in a protective horned helmet, and the lenses impossibly fused and stretched into a sleek tinted retractable visor.

From within his helm, his visor was covered in techno jargain and strange symbols that to anyone else would be gibberish, but to the initiated was a simple language to understand. A few hands-free clicks later and from a glowing flash of prismatic light, a black sportsbike appeared before him. Key already in the ignition. Just like L liked it. That was the transmutative power of the Geomantic Watch, his most prized and saught after posession and creation which allowed him abilities that only those blessed with the gift of magic could achieve, disguised as a simple, but attractive golden hemmed leather banded wristwatch he always wore on his right hand. He threw a beautifully toned leg over the seat and turned the ignition, adding the low purr of a kawasaki ninja's engine to the industrial clatter of the city of Backwater.

He tapped the face of his watch thrice and turned the hand dials counter clockwise, after which it emitted a stream of pearlescent energy that splashed into a swirling vortex in a random field of space some three or so meters ahead of him, as though stopped by an invisible wall. Without hesitation L kicked up the bike-stand and sped off into the rip in spacetime, already at highway speeds by the time he came out of the other side just on the edge of a vast canyon. He came to a sliding dime stop, the wheels of his bike only centimeters away from a fall that would no doubt kill him. Not that it really bothered him, mind you. When you constantly danced on a razors edge, you eventually learned to stop fearing sharp things.

In less than a second flat the locale had changed from the smoggy, claustrophobic alleys of a city on a world of outlaws, to a vibrant vista. Looking all about him, he scanned the rising and falling canyons for any signs of life. He was expecting someone shortly, and after rushing to not be late, he hoped for his own sake that they'd hurry the hell up. Celeste was hungry, after all.
First come first served. Power level is likely low PC or Upper MP depending on whoever I end up fighting. Sci-fi setting but all characters are welcome. Sheet given on request.
Lol well that is unfortunate.
Forgot to @tristwich you.
Sheet is pretty much finished. Only thing is it was made from mobile so exists only as a pdf. Hope ya dont mind me having to email it.
Well I'd be happy to fight you if you didn't mind that my sheet rework is only about 70% done. I can send what I have and explain and answer any questions before the fight starts but I get that can be kinda' onerous on you. Just let me know how ya' feel about it.

Edit: And L is definitely closer to PC than MP or RM if you ask me. He's probably low PC level, if we have the same understanding for power rankings.
Just putting this here for ya':

His name is Lawliet Einstein, called "L" for short in both the narrative and by himself. He is a very, very, very far flung future descendant of Albert Einstein, and the only other member of the line to ever inherit Albert's brain map, making him a hyper genius by today's standards. It should go without saying, naturally, that L is also a scientist and inventor, except in the future he belongs to science is a far more broad topic, now including magic(Enchanted Particle Theory) and other things that we today consider supernatural.

As of current, he is something of a mad scientist and criminal on the run from just about every galactic government there is, be it for crimes he's committed(Black Arms dealing, murder, grand theft, war profiteering, terrorism, inventing and selling weapons of mass destruction, illegal experimentation, just to name a few), or to gain access to the secrets of his inventions, which in his timeline could propel a planet or species hundreds or thousands of years into the future, in a vein not unlike Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty(actually Rick is a large inspiration for this char). None of this is to say he is outright evil though.

From the sheet, his personality reads as follows:

"On the one hand, L is a genius scientist and inventor of almost preturnatural proportions, blessed by the genetics of his line with an intellect and acumen for mathematics and the sciences unmatched by any of his contemporaries be they present or past(save for Nikolai Tesla, whom L believes was the smartest man to have ever lived). His accomplishments in these fields are as exhaustive as they are impressive, and he rarely leaves a room of people without convincing them he is the smartest there first. He is surprisingly charming and social despite some of his more apparent character flaws, and places learning new things on the height of his list of priorities. He is first a man of science, and a man second, a recurring theme in his life which impacts many of his decisions and thoughts.

On the other hand, L can also be incredibly dangerous, emotionally and mentally unhinged, and is a generally unpredictable man. He can be rather Machiavellian in his dealings with others, using his charm and his silver tongue to manipulate others to his cause. His vast level of intellect and strange star-hopping experiences and adventures have made him jaded, arrogant, somewhat nihilistic, eccentric, and outright antagonistic to others at times. Despite this massive intellect, on a cursory glance most people do not assume as much about him due to his sluggish posture, often silly disposition, and his habit of being predisposed to alcoholism and the use of other, often experimental drugs of his own design.

In terms of morality, it is often difficult for others to pin this facet about him down, as it is surprisingly fluid. In the past he has been just as willing to put down an entire planet for fear of some uncurable galaxy-spanning disease spreading as he was willing to invent a cure for a little girl suffering from a terrible affliction. In this sense, L does not have a traditional moral code. He seems to, in general, possess a disregard for life(including his own), more than willing to take it from others if he needs to in order to accomplish his goals. While this may be true, it is not to say he is a completely empty shell.

L is not a psychopath - he can feel emotions such as guilt and sadness, and pointless death(if in significant numbers) does inspire shock, awe, and even regret within him. He does not believe in killing the innocent or uninvolved if it can at all be avoided, but at the same time is a prominent supporter of the line of thinking "you can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs". In summation, at his core L is a broken but good man, inspired to help others, but these greater callings can often be smothered out by his selfish personality, and cold calculating mind."

In terms of abilities, he doesnt really have any traditional ones. Instead, his capabilities are separated into Cybernetic Enhancements, and Bio enhancements, with the former acting a lot closer to standard powers youd see on other characters. For example, L has a surgically implanted "Ether-Receptive Mesh", an unstable, fibrous metameterial that interfaces with a form of energy called Ether, which in turn allows him to gather ether through the mesh and use it for whatever purposes he may need. An example of his bio-enhancements is "Metagenic Enhancement", which is just your standard superhuman strength/speed/endurance that separates your character from normies. It also disallows him to be effected by diseases, allows him to manually control his senses, faster reaction times, all that good jazz.

In terms of equipment, he has tons of various gadgets(like his exploding jacket), and has an ability that essentially allows him to tranmute and alter existing matter into other things(like weapons, gadgets, etc) but his flagship equipment would be the Symbiote(see Venom from Spider Man) he has a symbiotic relationship with, acting as an amorphous, psychoreflective skinsuit/power suit, his Bi-barrelled handgun Icarus which fires destructive energy blasts or solid munition, and his sword Esoterica which is basically his soul and the symbiote fused together, giving the soul strange properties like weight, an edge, the ability to cut magic and the like.

And.... Thats just about all the important stuff you'd need to know. Feel free to ask specifics.

Edit: He can also create and control machines of varying complexities, and also has minimal psychic capability as the parent ability to the technomancy, such as kinesis, telepathy, and psychometabolism.

He has a supercomputer embedded in his head(dubbed "Ordus"), a supercomputer in his glasses(dubbed "Raziel") and a "Geomantic" computer is disguised as his wristwatch, which is just a fancy way of saying he has a cool magitech wristwatch that lets him use a couple of spells.
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