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Do you have an idea who you would like to fight and with whom?
Nope. Ill get the thread started and make sure to tag ya in it.
Roflmao na im good with anything you have for me to fight.
How about Logthar then?
There was no dodging this unfortunately, and so the noble stood there, multiple shards of ice in his body as blood filled his lungs filled up with blood. "Good show old boy..." he said as he went to his knees, then fell upon the ground dead.

Here now lies Lord Rivet.



Walking down the once deserted halls of The Lounge, a young looking red devil of a woman was inspecting the impressive architecture she was looking at. This was her very first assignment from the GCA, and she was excited to get this show going. If ever there was a person suited for the job, it was Ember of Hatred, field reporter for the Guild of Combat Analysts.

"My, my. This is a wonderful little place you have here! I am very impressed with your setup, Liaison. Seems like the rumors were true when they said you had both style and clout." Walking up towards him in the viewing area, the tiefling was sporting a sensible fashion of a skin tight mesh of nanocarbon fibers covered in a thin sheet of metal in the shape of octagons. Over this she wore a light gray jacket of plastic fiber mixes that went down to her thighs. Covering the rest of her legs were large leather boots that were strapped on with platinum buckles. On her left breast was the symbol of her station, a bronze GCA encased in a square that denoted her as a field reporter, their only field reporter honestly. Small guilds had small staffs, but she was determined to do her job well.

Her own features were attractive in a dangerous sense. Her eyes today were gray like her attire, though she could change them whenever she wished as a minor parlor trick. Her horns were carefully painted in octagonal formations with a silver paint, her platinum blonde hair smoothed down and short to the nape of her neck. Many found her body to be disable, her curves had both men and women staring, her bust was fair, her hips wide and her lips were full like forbidden fruit. So many wished for her in their bed, and all that do live to regret the action to the deepest parts of their souls.

"We at the GCA would like to thank you for giving us this opportunity to cover your event. You can expect professional service and nothing but top notch quality from my work. We don't half ass anything, as I'm sure you already know." She gave a wicked smile, her charm on full as she waited for his response. Looking down at the Lobby, she wondered just what kind of fighters were going to step up to the challenge of this little tournament. Whoever it was, it was sure to be a great fight, and her Guild was going to get the full scoop on it all. Christmas bonus here we come.
I would like to join with this character
We can always do something like a sandy arena where training takes place and the both of us are here for a spar, except we've been told the healers are easily capable of resurrection and so we are able to go all out.
That's what I find useful when making a character for combat. The more information you have the more people will be able to understand your character and there will be less misunderstandings

Okay so here is the list of my characters. You can choose the one you feel comfortable with fighting and we can figure out the setting after that.
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