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How do you explain the kind of terror one feels when confronted something purely made of dark energies? It is more than a little surreal, but she knew at this point that she had no other choice but to defend herself. How she had allowed herself to be cornered into this situation, she didn't want to know, all that mattered now was survival.

Her stance was already up, right elbow up to be parallel to her shoulder, her left down and protecting her gut. Keeping her sword pointed at the enemy fifteen feet away from her, she would keep her feet shoulder width apart as she measured up her enemy. Death was heavy in the air, like a thick fog that wouldn't let up, but she would not be deterred. She was Annabelle of the Plains, a warrior who would be known as a living legend, and she would not be defeated on this day.

"I am not afraid."

Golden psionic energy burst from her body as she responded to the overbearing feelings of dread with her own emotions. Using a Mantle of Awakening, she activated a Memory of Safety, feeling the barrier form around her body. She would need all of the protection she could muster if she was going to survive this encounter.

They stood within what looked like an active foundry, with rows on forges stoked to burning with fire. Near those forges were various tools, ten feet away from the space the fighters now stood in. Everyone had cleared out in fear for their lives, leaving just the two of them here to battle it out for their lives. Annabelle could feel the heat from the fires, she knew them to be deadly, and made it a note not to get too close. If the stories about this...this thing were true, then her hunt would now be at its conclusion, hopefully with her as roe victor. "Justice has come for you, monster."

It was a warm day as the large armored goliath stood waiting for his opponent. Outside the gates of the city, there was nothing but a wide expanse of sand, multiple dunes that stretched for miles. With a pleasant smile, Lagthor hummed a tune as he waited for the one he would be sparring with to arrive.

Lagthor loved to travel, and he loved to sample the different cultures he came across. It was incredible to experience what others had to offer, and he especially loved having a good fight with those of different cultures as well. The goliath believed that it was necessary to engage in combat with others as a means of showing he did not truly mean any harm. Many believe that he was something of a monster, that is until he shows them his smile and have a sample of the various jokes he had collected from his travels.

A small gust of wind flowed through as he stood there, chuckling as he felt the pleasant cool air through the spaces of his armor. The day was good for a fight, and once it was over, they would drink deep and celebrate life, as any person should. Life was far too short to be spent worrying about the past and other such trifles.
Quote: “She's as rebellious and angry as a volcano about to erupt.”
Name: Ember of Hate
Age: 16
Species: Descended
Blood%: 85%Descended, 15% dragon
Gender: Female
Sex Preference: Bi
Height: 5’9
Weight: 120 lbs
Physical appearance: Ruby red skin, platinum blonde hair cut short to the nape of her neck, horns that grow inward in a straight line just past her temples. Red eyes and a four foot long tail that denotes her only possible connection to having dragon blood.
Apparel: Wears a brown tunic with a white undershirt, dark brown pants with sandals, all made of poor material.
Vehicle: Has none
Personality: Hates authority figures, doesn't like big crowds, enjoys looking up at the stars, but hates seeing shooting stars.
Occupation: thief
Faction: N/A
Pet: N/A
Exp: Minor training in stealth and infiltration
Spells: N/A
Abilities/Powers: Tyros bloodline, able to manipulate fire and lava, specifically to concentrate that fire into an improvised blowtorch.
Weapons: Dagger
History: An orphan with no parents to claim her, Ember was taken in by a kindly couple seeking citizenship in the city of Blaze. As she grew, her foster parents saw how free spirited and wild she was becoming, but continued to raise her in order to keep claim of the free food they were given as citizens. It was on her fifteenth birthday that they had grown tired of her rebellious attitude, her ever growing anger towards them and her disregard for authority figures of any kind, so she was thrown out of her home and forced to live on the streets. Now she steals in order to make a living, constantly trying to stay one step ahead of those who would want to take her freedom away for being an orphan.
Trivia: (optional) Ember’s tail is actually prehensile, and she uses it from time to time to help her do acrobatic tricks and other feats.
Well I would like to think that was a pretty successful run for the GCA. People seem to like my analysis and have even offered me a few tips on how to make it better through Discord. I truly appreciate having such a warm welcome for my group on this forum and I hope to make you all proud through my further work. Its my hope that for every analysis I put out, more people can come to have a more in depth understanding of how combat writing works.

As always my next analysis will be out on the twenty-sixth, a Friday so everyone can find some time to enjoy it. There are a lot of great fights out there that I want to cover, but in the interest of keeping my sanity I will only choose one. If there is anything I’ve learned from my role playing career its how learning your limit on how much work you can handle. If I was just a single guy without much responsibility I would be pumping out reviews like they were hot cakes. Of course though I do have responsibilities at home, which is why I will simply be doing one analysis this week and one interview.

Now I know some may be wondering why I haven't talked much about trying to analyze my own work. Yes I have plenty of fights going on in the arena, but I have what I feel is a good enough excuse as to why I don't do that. Mainly its because I know that my own work is hard enough just to come up with, I don't think I could handle picking out all the errors I have going on in my own work without losing my mind. Besides, this project is for the people on the forum, to see how they do things and to celebrate their victories and try to understand their failures. Maybe as I go along I’ll be able to look at my own work objectively and be able to disseminate it without coming off as either too harsh or not harsh enough.

So as the other two tournaments gear up for their beginning I thought I would take a blast into the past and look at a match that had just recently concluded. From the whispers I’ve been able to catch on Discord the ending towards this battle had to be decided via judge ruling, so I am curious to see how I can look at this match and see where my work can line up with said judges. Of course I am by no means saying I could do their job better, being a judge for a tournament is a bit of a hellish exercise in self restraint and patience. All I wanna do is try to analyze this thread and see what we can glean from the different writer's who participated in the fight. Get ready for an exciting read because I think this is gonna be a great ride for everyone.
So from the looks of it the interview with Drifting Pollen did very well. Pollen was wonderful and I am very glad to have gotten to interview them for this project. Now that we are on our second interview its going to be a little different from the last, which I hope will mean good.

It has been suggested to me that I try to approach my interviews in a more conversational manner instead of just rattling off questions to the person I am interviewing. So as the next interview is going to be an IC one, I am going to try this out with my character Ember of Hate interviewing another character in that style. Doing this has its advantages and disadvantages, the worst of which being that I won't be able to release interviews at the same time as my reviews. Now if enough people like it this way though, I won't mind putting in the extra effort to bring more quality work to everybody.

Now to properly gauge how the public feels about this, I would like for everyone that reads the next interview to let me know how they feel about it. Basically it'll go like this.

Click Like if you enjoyed it but you want it for IC interviews only.

Click Thanks if you enjoyed it and want me to use this style for ALL my interviews.

Click the Laugh emoticon if you want me to keep using the other style of interviewing I’ve been doing.

If I don't get any reactions at all well I suppose I’ll just go back to my old style of interviewing then. Since this is the more interactive side of the GCA I wanted to figure out a way that everyone could get their voice heard without me getting so many messages on what you all feel about my work. Of course I won't discourage you sending me a message saying how you feel, this is more of a suggestion to keep it all simple and organized. The main goal of the GCA is to make the Arena Board a fun and interactive place for a large audience of people, which requires everyone working together a little bit to try and make this work.

Hopefully I will be able to get this out on the twenty-sixth, but it all depends on a few factors not really in my control. As always I am hoping this will give some flavor to the GCA and show that its not all super serious analysis and all. So I will be hitting up potential candidates for interviewing and we’ll see what happens.
Another opponent, and this one looked to know what they were doing. Annabelle studied his stance for a moment, thinking on what she should open with. One wrong move could cost her dearly, so she wanted to make certain she did the right choice. With the thought of charging forward not sitting well with her, she decided to go with a more cautious approach. In this place, it never hurt to try and keep your hide intact if you could help it.

“Do not be afraid” she said as she began to circle on his left “the healers here are quite skilled.” Perhaps she could find a hole in his defense, force him to break his stance in order to engage her, then strike in an opening. “I once had a large spike of green gem lodged in my neck, but the healers were able to remove it without killing me.” The scar still throbbed sometimes, but it was a worthy mark of her victory over the spellsword she fought. “Though it helps to still show restraint, as this is just a practice field.”

As she spoke, Annabelle placed a second Mantle of Awakening upon a Memory of Courage. Golden psionic energy burst through her body in between sentences, and she could feel her strength surging. With enough luck and skill it would win her the day, but she needed to be careful. This man did not wish to kill her, but in this place, anything was possible. If Annabelle wanted to become a warrior of legendary renown, she would need to be able to defeat any opponent that came her way. Her dreams were lofty, but she was a talented swordswoman with nothing left to lose.

The crowd watched in silence, the cheering having died off now as they waited for the carnage to begin. At the mention of her previous injury, some of the spectators would chatter about the fight. It was a rather intense and grueling match, one that had people at the edge of their seat. Today it seemed they were hoping for another such match, finding the thrill of gladiatorial combat to their liking. Death wasn't certain amongst the competitors, but if they could see another gruesome injury, then it made it all the more worth it. Not since the death of Selandra Windfall has there been such an emphasis on keeping the combatants alive, as her body has been lost due to unforeseen circumstances, making it impossible to revive her.
Reports suggest the target is located in the ruins of an old city. Target is considered armed and dangerous. Be advised there is a high risk of death in this operation. Employers want the target alive, but dead is also acceptable if it cannot be helped.

Is this understood?

Without Question.

The dropship unloaded the lone soldier amidst the wreckage of the war torn city. Judging by the collateral damage, it was a brutal conflict. A fair few of the buildings had collapsed, with the shells of burnt out vehicles stretched along the sidewalk. Such a place would make a suitable hiding spot for a wanted criminal, but none could hide for long when M.A.T.C.H. was tasked with their containment.

Did One feel comfortable working for such a corporation hell bent on becoming a malevolent force of questionable morality? Pondering such things did nothing for him in the long run as he explored the damaged streets. Thoughts like these tended to spread doubt for his actions, yet when it came for him to act, the soldier obeyed without question. Perhaps it simply wasn't his purpose to question these things, he was made to be a weapon, not a philosopher. Whatever his train of thought brought him to in the grand scheme of his purpose, he still had his mission, and he was determined to complete it.

Arriving at a four way intersection, the sky looked to be getting cloudy. Gray filtered light replaced the bright atmosphere, giving more credence to what people believed of this place. One and his target were likely the only souls inside this city, the rest either bones or ashes in the wind. If his skills were strong enough, and the events of this battle went as they usually did on these missions, then he would soon become utterly alone in this eerie concrete graveyard.

Activating the heat sensors within his helmet, the elf would begin turning his head from left to right, searching for his quarry. One was not enlightened on the exact crimes this creature had to have committed to warrant having an elite soldier deployed to arrest him, but it he figured it was enough to make him dangerous. Being cautious saved one's life more often than not, and One would not go blindly walking into a trap just to get this over with. M.A.T.C.H. was a patient creature, and so would be fine with him taking his time, allowing for professionalism to overtake sloppy decisions. Soon, he would discover the whereabouts of his opponent, wherever they hid, and detain them in the name of the law. Should they wish to refuse this, then at least he was given the go ahead to slay the target if necessary.

[Electrical charge at 90%]

Ember of Hate

Age: 29
Height: 5’7
Weight: 125 lbs
Hair: Platinum Blonde
Eyes: Whichever she wishes
Gender: Female
Tail length: 4 ft


Tiefling Rage

Ember summons forth the rage that resides within all tieflings, allowing her to overwhelm her opponents by psychic torture. Only by physical contact through herself or her weapons can Ember begin to fill her opponent with the Tiefling Rage. The more Rage is put into them, the more they are adversely effected by it, causing a range of reactions.

It is a slow transfer, one that is marked by a scaling of one hundred percent, with the opponent receiving five percent of Tiefling Rage with each successful connection of a physical interaction between themselves and Ember of Hate. Ember can only transfer her Rage via immediate physical contact such as being able to make a point of contact with the person itself or whatever they are wearing. Tiefling Rage cannot be transferred through making contact with either the ground, air or water that is also touching the opponent.

The first of these symptoms (starting at five percent enriched) is the increased pain one feels when damaged by any means. A small cut feels like a gash has been opened into the flesh, causing the victim to become uncertain of what they just felt. Pain receptors become inflamed until the victim starts feeling pain at its fullest for every nick and bruise (thirty five percent enriched).

During this time (twenty percent enriched) hallucinations begin to form, subtle at first, but can build to something dangerous if went unchecked. First it begins with the auditory, the scurrying of paws just out of sight, the thundering bellow of a monster you believe just to be just outside of range to discover you. Before long (forty five percent enriched) the illusion begins to take on a visual form, starting with the sky turning blood red, the ground becoming cracked as scarlet light pours through them. Sounds of skittering paws are now replaced with the demonic whispers of the damned as the landscape soon turns into that of a living hell.

At the final stages of this affliction (sixty percent enriched) are hallucinations directly concerning Ember herself. Those having achieved this level of Tiefling Rage enrichment now begin to see Ember as something more than just her mortal self. Horns begin go grow larger, wings begin to appear and Ember begins to deform and grow into a hideous beast (eighty percent enriched). This is the monster brought forth to the minds of those inflicted witty the Tiefling Rage, caught in a maddening display of hysteria that leaves them vulnerable to her attacks.

The Rage will subside after a short amount of time. Ten percent is removed every minute that Ember has not been able to transfer more of her Rage into her target.

Touched by Fire

As a Tiefling, Ember of Hate has minor pyromancy and minor resistance to fire. Her ability to manipulate fire only comes from naturally occurring fire, as Ember cannot create fire on her own. Ember has no means by which to make the fire warmer or colder based on her will, all she can do is command it via her racial affinity.

Her ability to resist fire damage is also considered minor compared to most. Ember of Hate is able to reduce the amount of damage taken by fire by a whole degree, meaning instead of third degree burns she would mostly just get second degree burns. This applies only to normal fire however and anything higher than that will damage her like anyone else would be.

Acrobatics Training

Ember of Hate is a nimble woman that can perform various tricks and feats. Included in this is her tail, which is considered prehensile and capable of gripping and throwing things with the same accuracy as she could. If separated from her tail Ember loses a fair amount of her balance and will no longer be able to be as nimble as she could be with it.

Unholy Attributes

As a being of Hell Ember is capable of performing physical feats beyond the capacity of a normal human. She has three times the strength, three times the speed and three times the endurance of a normal human being. Exposure to holy magic does reset her back to normal human attributes until she can recover for a full day.



Black Steel Long Sword: Four foot black steel sword, etched with infernal runes. This weapon is capable of transferring Tiefling Rage through it like a natural conductor does electricity. As an instrument forged in the bowels of the underworld it is capable of damaging incorporeal beings.

”Black Widow” Stiletto: Standard black steel stiletto that is laced with a potent neurotoxin which can leave the victim paralyzed in the limb the toxin has been introduced to in a matter of minutes. This weapon is able to transfer Tiefling Rage as if Ember were striking them with her own fist. As a weapon of Hell it is capable of attacking incorporeal beings.

Black Steel daggers: Three daggers strapped to the back of each leg. These weapons are capable of transferring Tiefling Rage as if Ember were striking with her own fist. As weapons of Hell they are capable of damaging incorporeal creatures.

Perdition Cannon: A black steel revolver with infernal red runes etched onto chambers and the barrel. Uses .44 magnum rounds and is capable of firing accurately for up to one hundred yards. Holds six shots at a time.

Hellbite Rounds: .44 magnum rounds used as ammunition for the Perdition Cannon. They are black steel bullets etched with the Hell rune of fire. Every shot fired erupts into a flaming projectile when fired and has the ability to to transfer Tiefling Rage. As a product of the forges of Hades this holds the capability of harming incorporeal beings. Ember always has six full moon reloaders on her belt at all times. The fire generated by the Hellbite rounds are considered standard fire with no other special effects.

Fiend-Leather Armor: Night black leather armor that covers Ember like a second skin. It covers her from the neck down and can react according to her will. The armor can harden itself into something akin to iron plate, or it can sprout spikes equivalent to that of razor sharp iron wherever Ember wishes so long as she concentrates. This armor is capable of transferring Tiefling Rage as if Ember is striking the opponent herself. Fiend-Leather armor is also resistant to fire.
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