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The... figure that had been at the situation regarding the students at the school within the city had disappeared to help with researching but had... found nothing. He'd had gotten a call about the next situation, whilst he had been sitting at a computer in his quarters deep underground at the headquarters, having been just... reading through a large variety of pamphlets about recent breakthroughs in electrical theory, which he had written down in a notebook and tried to keep to memory. He had made note of the message and had quickly piled up what he could into his daypack, or backpack.

Sometime later he would be seen getting out of a taxi on that end of the city, looking about for a moment with a... device he had out in his hand, before pocketing it as someone passed. He kept his hood from his pullover on and began hiking over to the two, it'd be noted that the figure was rather short and lean, and mostly if not all covered in clothing. He'd appear to be wearing a set of sunglasses as he would walk up to the two, the... alien nodding off to them as a low sigh escaped his mouth, speaking in a light tone as he spoke as well, "Hello uh... you all are part of this... investigation I got from a message?"
I'll look into it
Cochise Tarak

The Easterner would simply grow quiet as the two began quiet and as she was knocked on her feet, breathing in and out slowly to try and gather up what composure he could again. He simply thought to himself on how if he did any decent at all, and maybe that he had not held back at all, although he seemed to have at least learned that the others preferred lighter... spaced out blows over his preferred singular, well-aimed powerful ones, and that they all seemed to like using their legs straight off in combat for whatever reason as well.

He'd offer a nod off to the pinkette as he'd go to back off, crossing his arms across his chest as he'd go to speak, "Well... apologies for being the way I... was."

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Down for it, if possible.
Could I give this a try or is this first come first serve? I haven't done a single Arena fight on the forums in months despite being around on it for a bit.
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Gynar would still be observing the area about him for a time with the device, trying to gather up any sort of electromagnetic anomalies with the device. He would go to stop abruptly as the Earth shaked, causing him to stumble as a low yelp escaped the extraterrestials mouth. He'd nearly drop the device as he would attempt to regain his balance and he barely did as he shaked his head and lowly sigh. He didn't know what exactly had happened but he knew the wards had been weakened due to the readings on them having grown weaker as the kid had passed through the wards.

Gynar would blink his eyes between the two as he would turn to look at Curwen through his large glasses and the tightened hood of his pullover before softly speaking, "I mean besides the... wards that seem to act like some sort of series circuit... I haven't picked up anything and the wards have definitely weakened due to smaller electrical anomalies emitting from them."

He'd then go to lower the device and then raise it up, gesturing off to Daniel with the end of it for a moment, "I would go back, though hope you realise that it takes a good deal of energy to make a wormhole, and doubt I could get there back in time plus I don't know the kid's name."
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"When's the next mission? I need something to do besides sit in this lounge all day long."




Callion stands at the meager height of 5'4", sporting a lean build that covers the majority of his body unlike his much stockier cousins in comparison. He holds a tanned complexion that covers his face and body, his face consisting of a set of wild brown eyes, a small nose and a set of rounded ears overshadowed by a set of thick black hair that comes to some major points on the top end. He looks like the typical Saiyan besides being somewhat on the short side, adorning the same form of armor akin to his kind and a set of nylon esque clothing situated underneath his armor. The Saiyan wears a thick metal belt about his waist that holds a multitude of items, including a large swathe of protein pills that allow him to stay fed out in the field for a suspended amount of time. The only other thing of note that he carries is a green standard issue scouter that covers his right eye, which comes with all the typical things that a scouter brings with it.

The proud race of warrior aliens native to the Planet Vegeta, renowned throughout the galaxy as a brutal race of warriors intent on fighting the strongest beings in the cosmos. Mostly known for their current employment under Lord Frieza.

Power Level

Usually Saiyans are considered to be a bloodthirsty set of individuals whom prowl the Universe in search for powerful foes to fight and kill. Callion is somewhat different in the fact his urges to battle such foes are on a lesser playing field than most of his other brethren. Although he prefers a good fight and he enjoys the line of work he does, he isn't too eager to try and fight something that is utterly beyond his level. He prefers to enjoy life as it is, and simply drink and potentially flirt with any female Saiyans or aliens that he chances across from time to time.

He's not completely loyal to Lord Frieza, usually following orders from both due to having enough common sense to know serving such powerful figures within the cosmos means he could be obliterated if he were to rebel.. He would agree however that he's just a typical grunt easily thrown away and into battle against his superior's enemies, although that is all that can be needed by someone with a minimalistic set of views like Callion. He's mildly social and willing to learn about the others in the potential squads he gets stationed with, although he easily becomes weary of those he labels as "buddy fuckers" and has a hatred for individuals whom are unwilling to put their lives on the line for their brothers in battle.

Born around 42 years ago due to being conceived by a fling between two drunken Saiyans at the time. Much like other Saiyans who are born, he wasn't exactly welcomed to life in the way a Human child would, being thrown into an incubation chamber to grow supported by just technology for 5 years until he became of a suitable age to be trained to take out alien worlds with weak populations of aliens. He was around 10 years old when he was shot off on his first sort of mission to destroy a world full of alien dinosaur men whom claimed the planet as their own. The other five years had been spent by the young Saiyan beating around and being beaten around by both his peers and the adult Saiyans that tried to give the child a very rudimentary knowledge of combat and how to use the technology to his advantage on the alien worlds he'd possibly be sent to.

Fast forward 10 more years and the Saiyan would have finally came of age at the age of 20, having spent most of his life fighting on rogue alien worlds as a child and teenager, conquering them and selling off the remains of such to the highest bidders on the planetary market. He was around 18 years of age when he finally joined the Frieza force as a basic grunt within the Army itself, being sent all across the galaxy and fighting multitudes of battles against powerful enemies in order to conquer planets in the name of Lord Frieza so he could expand his influence across the Universe. All of these battles allowed him to grow in power and become a mid-level Saiyan in terms of power, at one point being recognized by King Vegeta for his resilience and ability to stay alive, if for but briefly before he was casted aside for much more important matters.

The Saiyan was in his prime when Planet Vegeta had been destroyed by Lord Frieza, him having been notified via a lie from one of the people within his squadron that his planet had been destroyed by a large meteor. This caused for a large flip of events for the young Saiyan at the time, causing for him to fall out of his prime into being treated as a second class citizen of the Frieza force. Constantly being beriddled and treated horribly by the members of such, having to struggle to survive on his own during missions due to a lack of help from those alien individuals. This... did help with the Saiyan's sturdiness enough to the point that he grew to rival King Vegeta in terms of power in the course of twenty two years after the destruction of his home planet, but also caused for him to fall into a sort of mild depression that has been plaguing him for the past few years, which he attempts to cover by attempting to keep social and partake in dangerous missions in the hopes that one day he'll be with his extinct race.

Saiyan Zenkai:The ability native to the majority of his race that allows them to grow in power the more they expose themselves to dangerous combat scenarios. This ability allows Saiyans to double in power from grievous and nearly life threatening injuries if given the time to heal, and explains why they are some of the most dangerous warriors within the universe.

Saiyan Resilience:Another thing Saiyan's are known for, and that's the resilience brought with their bodies. They are known to be capable of withstanding the harshest environments the cosmos has to offer, and are known to also be capable of withstanding blows that would drop anyone of a lesser race and continue to fight.

Close Quarters Combat: Mostly known to prefer close quarters combat over using ki blasts much unlike his other Saiyan brothers and sisters. He actually lacks the ability to utilize his ki besides to occasionally fly and he only does such in the rarest circumstances. He has a decent knowledge of how to fight within hand to hand combat and for a Saiyan of his level, each of his blows holds a decent amount of both force and speed behind such. His body also is used to dodging and blocking a variety of blows at decent speeds, although far from being the fastest fighter alive.

Name: SurvivalHe's learned how to survive on a multitude of worlds that's he has been stranded on, on occasion. He knows exactly what to eat and what not to eat, alongside what to do and not to do if stranded on a wild alien world. Some of the survival is also urban as well, having learned how to keep to oneself if on an alien world with advanced civilizations on such, and learn what is right to steal or so forth.

Green Scouter: A green standard issue scouter that is made to read power levels and some of the other functions the item has.

Protein Pills: Something he rarely leaves behind, usually standard issue to specifically Saiyans due to the high nutrient intake their bodies require. A single pill of such can feed a Human family for a whole week or supplement a Saiyan's body with the right amount of nutrtients for an Earthen day.

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