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Current The ocean floor is bottomless. No people have ever been to the bottom to prove it, after all ;)
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Corrupt cops are basically undercover criminals. *mind blown*
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We all want to know where we go when we die. The real question is, where are we before we're born?
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What if laziness is just a power-saving mode for our brain?
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And we could all use a little change.
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I'll get a main thread up soon-ish, thanks for the interest

begin transmission


Fusca Socii Nostri
Damnatorum Amicis Nostri

Transmission Year: 2081
Transmission Recipient: All Agents, Historical Briefing
Destroy After Viewing

Society could never sustain itself. The Macedons, the Romans, the Mongols, the greatest of empires all crumbled once their best leaders perished, and bad men took the throne for themselves. The power-hungry always shoot themselves in the feet.

But in all these cases, from the ashes rose new kingdoms. But not this time.

Anarchaic revolutions began in 2049, large mobs rising up against the armies of the world. Of course, the government had these mobs eliminated with ease, thanks to their superior technology. That would change once the corporations decided to switch teams. Withdrawing all support from the government and putting tech in the hands of the people, world governments collapsed one by one. By 2052, 90% of the worlds governments had collapsed entirely.

The corporations, now with popular support of the people thanks to their aid in the Great Uprising, declared themselves the inheritors of the globe. Meeting in Switzerland (still absolutely neutral), the corporations split up the globe. Pinnacle situated themselves in Europe and Oceania, Automatons in North America, Uteto in Asia, and F&O in South America and Africa. Relations were at first peaceful, but the corporations realized that their was, in fact, a major threat to their power- each other. Opposing harsh authoritarian laws and funneling funds out of the economy into their weapons development program, the corporations cracked down on dissidence and created an arms race.

Each of the corporations was armed to the teeth, and an attack on each other would lead to disastrous ruin. None of the people in charge wanted that. They needed a third party, somebody that could air out their dirty laundry unattached, unaffiliated.

Enter Agency X.

A private intelligence corporation, funded by a mysterious man named the Director. The corporations have tabs on every man, woman, and child in the world, but somehow the Director's real identity has managed to escape them. A scientist working in Antarctica, the only place left where free speech is even an option? A disgruntled corporate employee? An alien? An android? Nobody knows. All the corporations know is that the Director runs the small Agency X, a crack team of hand-picked specialists from across the world. They also know that the Director's men are superhuman- somehow, the Director got his hands on an Augmentor, a device that allows for the modification of the human body for increased functioning. And the last thing they know is that if a mission file and some cash is wired his way, good things will happen for the corporation.

What they don't know is that the Director doesn't want to be a pawn in the corporation's game. Soon, it will become time for Agency X to strike back. Set up a new world order. Hopefully, this time, one that will last forever.

If we succeed? Maybe the craphole the world has become might change.

If we fail? That's why we give you those pills. You don't want to see the insides of the corporate re-education chambers.

I won't see the inside of another.

The odds are stacked against us, but the Director and I have faith in you.

Good luck, agents.

end transmission. self-destruct commencing in 1 minute. please throw manual tape into nearest ocean.


- This is a CASUAL RP, which means around a paragraph or 2 minimum, the more the better.

- You are expected to post around once a week. The more the better, again. Real life comes first, I understand, but do your best.

- You are expected to have a solid grasp of the English language.

- Don't do any dumb shit like godmodding or mary-suing. What's the fun in that?

- This is 18+, so there will be violence, some gore, foul language, etc. No smut, fade to black if it comes to that (though with this setting i doubt it)

-Don't be an asshole

-I am a dictator, I reserve the right to change rules.


- All characters will be an agent in Agency X, given robotic augmentations to help them in missions to assist (or destroy) various corporations. (or you can be Batman, I guess)

- You can pick your own backstories and augmentations and stuff like that. ofc

- Your characters are NOT required to be altruistic superheroes. Whether they have a grudge against the corporations, or are nihilists, or are in it just for the money, you can choose.

- I'll put in a character sheet and more lore based stuff if people actually show up lol.

- The plot is somewhat linear, but I'll definitely leave room for fun >:D

- Most importantly, do have fun. That's why we're all here, in the end.

don't let the corps get you

-Any questions, whether about the RP's lore or just applying in general, feel free to ask away.

Yeah, I wanted to give people a little moretine before starting
i'll put up something tomorrow hopefully
everybody's accepted n stuff

might make an intro soon, i dunno
Would it be all right to make "traits" in the personality section of the CS? Like:

Loathes Personalities
The Mad Hatter is a terrible writer, who has a very hard time writing down the personality of a character without sounding like a complete idiot. As such, she has gotten to a point where she just makes traits to avoid an internal struggle.


This sounds interesting. I'm going to start writing up a Plastic Man kind of lady.

Question: How anime is too anime for a picture? Because I usually use boorus for finding images (tag system is super useful) but they don't have many western pics.

I would prefer something realistic, but if you find something that really works for your character I'm open to new ideas
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