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Current Little bit of work, little bit of studies, little bit of hobbies. Things are going quite decently indeed
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All the burden on my shoulders has been put aside for now, and when I have to pick them up again, I take it happily as this time I have someone to help me.
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I finally participated in writing contest. Naturally, I lost. But I enjoyed it a great deal. In other news, soon a bachelor.
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Soon it's summer and soon I'm enjoying holidays.


They called me Habibi when I played World of Warcraft. I enjoyed the nickname.

I also enjoyed playing it. Reading the lore, raiding, eventually playing in RP-servers and making quite many stories there. From there my interest to roleplaying rose. I tried forum RP:s, Larps, dungeons and dragons... And eventually I found myself here.

I enjoy playing characters and wondering how different people and characters see the world, why they think like they do, how they would do their relationships. I enjoy telling stories and wondering things from different perspectives. Moral issues from black to white and every shade of grey between them. Wondering religious, philosophical and ethical things. Trying to understand one's culture and background. Trying to understand others from the point of view of my characters.

As for what else I do? I'm studying physics in Finland. Going to specialize in material physics. I also dance. Like, a lot. Ballroom dancing, historical dancing, Charleston, Swing dances... I love the way of expressing myself through music. A hobby of mine that I'd love to do bit more professionally.

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Marcus listened at Victor as he started to tell what he knew. Hesitant at first, something clearly weighting his mind. But before long, the he took the look at the Warrior, and stated what he knew.

“Not much. Only rumors, really, but apparently some rare, special Hunters can see things others can't. I heard one of the things they see are little men all over.” He said. Marcus felt a void inside him sucking his intensities as the horror that he was and mystery of what they had done to him deepened. What exactly were they doing here and why they wanted them to see these otherwordly beings? If he was not human or hunter, what was he?

Then Victor swallowed, perhaps out of nervousness, before he asked “Are there... a lot more of you in there?”. There being the room with clots. Marcus looked at the Hunter. The dread inside him had made his heartrate rise, so he tried to change his focus on this question and turned his head towards the clinic. He started to count, but stopped when he got to ten as there were many of them and Marcus couldn’t focus well.

”There are many. Tens. Many of them are dead, but some are still...” Marcus paused for a minute. He remembered his nightmares again. He somehow knew they all were seeing one or another kind of horror under the closed eyelids. Those that were alive, at least. ”Sleeping.” he finished. Marcus put the rifle on his back again. Leather strap felt tight on his left shoulder. He fingered the sword on the waist underneath his leather belt. Not too securely sheathed but would suffice until they made it to a haven. ”There's too many of us to carry to the church.” Marcus stated. He wanted to get away from this wretched place.
I can do a post on weekend ^^
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'"A screaming man.” He said, referring to The Screaming Man.'

I choked on my water reading this.

First impressions matter, expecially when it comes to Marcus :D
I am starting to discover that relationship early in development hinders my ability to keep promises regarding posting times.

Anyway, a post is up.
Marcus was surprised by Victors reaction to the Torquil’s hit to the lantern. If he couldn’t see the lantern, the voice coming out of nowhere… Marcus tried to imagine how he would react to a sound of invisible glass being tapped, but couldn't. He wondered now if Victor too could touch the lantern despite not seeing it, but one look at Victor’s concerned face made him not even joke about such a request.

Victor then stood up, something catching his eye on the bottom of his eye. But Marcus shifted his attention to Torquil, who made the important question: “Have you... have you seen, uh... little... men? Since waking up?”
Marcus looked at Torquil. Before he had made the comment of their harmlessness to Torquil, but things had been going too quickly forward that he hadn’t given too much thought to them. ”Yes… Since waking up, never before. He said. The creeping thought came back, as he didn’t want to think about what they had done to him, to all who had been sleeping – or rather, seeing nightmares – to have them be capable to see otherwordly people. The grip from the rifle tightened as he tried to not think about what kind of things they could have injected in his body…

A Sudden scream, one of anger and rage instead of that of fear and torment, made Marcus’s mind go blank. By pure instict he turned towards the door and pointed the rifle towards it. Torquil had rushed towards the door, axe in his hand, and Marcus made sure he didn't aim at him accidentally. He took quickened steps towards the door and quickly checked around the room, rifle tilted upwards ready to be lowered towards an enemy. But then he noticed, among some struggling and dreaming patients, one that was sitting straight in his bed. Marcus slowly lowered the rifle until stock hit the ground. His eyes were towards the now extremely calm man, who was bald from his head and whose face was decorated with eyebrows thick as caterpillars and goatee on his chin.

He took a good look at the man, before turning towards the others. ”Another one has awaken.” Marcus stated to the group outside the Hunter’s clinic. ”A screaming man.” He said, referring to The Screaming Man.
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Mutters something about road to hell and good intentions.

I am sorry for delay in my post despite my promises.
Marcus looked at Victor dumbfounded. Either Victor was lying or then he didn’t see what Marcus had seen. And Marcus couldn’t find reasons why he would lie, so case was more likely latter. At first Marcus thought it was he who was seeing things, madness or stress taking over him. But thought went by as he remembered that Torquil was the one who had also reacted to the Lantern. And activated it, somehow.

Creeping thought went through his spine. They had made him and Torquil hunters, but unlike Victor, who was also one, they could see things that… Marcus didn’t know. Weren’t real? Were otherworldly? He took a look at the pale warrior, who also had waken up in the clinic. ”Did… You see all that?” he said, some tension in his voice, still shaken from the prior experience.

Draco also seemed confused about what Marcus had yelled. He too didn’t look like he had seen the lantern and had taken approach to ignore Marcus’s ramblings. This made Marcus even more agitated, but with best efforts he controlled himself not to react any further. Draco wisely changed the subject to the matter at hand. Marcus listened Draco’s ramblings about the reason why the men had attacked the blood clinic. Fear towards the hunters, or the Beast Plague. Marcus had heard rumors of the plague also, but had never experienced nor seen it himself. But there was one thing that was bugging his mind.

He listened as the Draco continued the plan. The escorted civilians should be brought here. And those who had attacked Marcus, Victor, Torquil and the Warrior should be slayed preferably not in front of them. As Draco was making his leave, Marcus said the thing that had been in his mind. ”Those men wanted us alive. Capture us. Take us somewhere.” he said out loud. He didn’t know what the implications were, what would they want from them. ”There are many questions they have to answer before their end.” He continued.
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