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Okay so we're down two people and I'm finally out of bed and back in action. Given we're still in the character exposition phase it'll be a little difficult to write out both characters at once, especially Reina given her actions. I want to hear from you guys on how you'd like to continue.

As it stands I can finish Gotsumon's explanation with my next post and give everyone the holidays for character interactions before I push out our inciting incident to start some action. I feel like I can take care of our slack by controlling our open characters and use them for something I had planned for later and turn them into NPCs. Sound like a plan?
Due to some changes IRL I'll be unfortunately taking an indefinite leave off of Guild. I apologize for any inconvenience it causes, but I do hope this keeps going, and that you're back in good health soon, Wayward!

Noooooooooooo ;-;

Oh jeez that’s two down and I’m still sick in bed.
Tested positive, and in fact hve dissolved into a pile of drool and mucus. Be back soon I hope.
SO update. I didn't get a post done yesterday cause of some issues at work, and today I've found out I might have Covid! Going to get tested tomorrow, hoping le vaccine is an anime protagonist.

Everything permitting I don't dissolve into a pool of drool and mucus I'm working on a post right now.
Ended up being extremely busy and offline for over a week, but just checking in to say I'm here, alive, and ready to post

I got some Family Drama I’ve been taking care of this weekend. I should be posting tomorrow :)
<Snipped quote by WaywardK>

Alright. I've just been stuck with a different thing for another RP, but I was able to figure that out. I'll try and get something up in the next couple of days.

Sounds like a fun problem to have :D

Just checkin in for the week, how ye doin?

Edit: Given the conversational point in the RP I can go ahead and move along if you'd like but I want to give you plenty of time if you want it
Bark bark.
Yeah that concerns me. I hope they're doing okay.
I felt like writing so post is early. Feel free to transition into slightly smaller posts to get through needed dialogue.

I feel like this is some marked improvement in my ability to write what I want. Time to lurk on other RPs to scan for writing techniques.
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