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Gotcha! Sorry for the prod, I've had bad experiences before of this exact situation causing things to fall through, so I figured I'd say something and check in on things. xD

But yeah, I'll look forward to it whenever it gets done. Take as long as you need, including rest if you still need it~

Believe me I feel that pain on a spiritual level. I just chose the worst possible time in the year to start an RP lol

But I am filled with determination
So, no rush or anything, but I am wondering about the progress that's being made on this front. Figured I'd check in since it's been about a week now. xD

Yeah I’m working on a post now, hopefully up tonight or tomorrow. I had much less time on my flights than I thought and I just got home today and promptly passed out for 8 hours in the middle of the day and missed work.
Some people like the chaos so I had to ask lol
Okay boyos, girlies, and thembos, I have a big trip to another state this weekend that's been a few years in the making. I plan on working on some stuff during my downtime either on the flight or some other time. Probably wasn't the best time of year for me to DM something but like, who cares, it's Digimon, digital monsters! We gon do this shit!

I just have a quick question!

Would you guys prefer to encounter a little IC time to interact with each other and some NPCs before getting exposition, or would you prefer exposition before interaction time?
@King Cosmos You can go ahead and make a post and come up with a similar situation for Akeno or I can get you a scenario in an hour or two, your choice :)

I've heard NOTHING from the other two people who expressed interest so I'll be closing the admissions later today :)
I got someone in my PMs working on a character to join us, once I get them squared away it'll be time for our Digi-destined to be greeted by their guide and thrust into adventure.
I loved it.
@Digizel I was three days late because I briefly lost my brain. You gucci bui
@Diamond First person to point out the effect of the subconscious on the digital world, good job :)
@Phantom Exile I'll be waiting anxiously :3
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