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I’ll get something posted tomorrow. Sorry, I’ve been out of state with limited access to the internet.

Subbed. I'm interested. :)

Are you taking human characters that have access/influence with the royal families and/or king?
Dropping. It was fun, y’all.
“Alice?!” A body pushed through the fire and halted at the center of the bedroom. “Atsuna, what have you done?!!” Kazuo’s voice was frantic, his eyes fixed upon that scene before him. His wife’s body, his lifeless daughter, and the fire. There was smoke everywhere. The fire was slowly crawling up the wallpaper of the room and eating away at the carpet.

“F-Father.. It was an ac-accident..” Atsu was crouched over the foot of the bed. Her hair was plastered to her forehead from the sweat and her white nightgown sticking onto her small and fragile body. She was shaking from the fear and chaos that she had just brought upon her family. “Mother..” The body in front of her laid limp on the bed. She was on her stomach with her head resting on her arm. Her wavy blonde hair was strewn on the goose-stuffed pillow and her eyes left opened. They stared back at Atsu, begging her to forgive her mother. Alice’s mouth started to twitched and eventually moving as if she was trying to mouth a sentence. The young girl gaped in horror as she watch her decreased mother try to say something to her.

“I’m sorry.”

“Guah!” Gasping awake, Atsu was quickly was pulled back to reality. She realized that the recollection of what had happened ten years ago was just a dream. “It happened again..” What a relief it was to be just a fragment of her mind. Still though, the memories haunted her. She placed her arm across her eyes and bit her lip. It wasn’t too often that she was brought back to that room but when they did occur, Atsu had to rely on herself to piece herself back together.

After the events that had occurred after the opening ceremony, Atsu found herself wandering back to her room. To her luck, the contents of a potential roommate had already been cleared away. With an hefty expense, Kazuo was able to pay for his daughter to dorm alone. The move was ideal though it left an opened space across the room from Atsu's bed. It looked awkward and bare and Atsu had made a mental note to find something to decorate it before she laid down. This was the least of her concerns.

Atsu sighed and sat up. It wasn’t her intentions to fall asleep though “sleep” was probably not what she would have described it. Glancing at her watch, Atsu realized that she had just closed her eyes for six minutes. It felt like she slept for hours. She recalled what had happened just moments ago while inspecting her hands.

"It's all gone, huh?" she mumbled. Kiaba has restored her hand back to normal and it fascinated her. Whatever powers he had posed, it was captivating. "Kiaba.. that was his name, right?" Atsu knew that he would have to thank him for healing her. She would just have to figure out how to..
@Otaku95 you’re not allowed to.
Event idea: a dance!

Then Atsu can set everyone on fire.

First fight?! LET'S GOO!

I don't think you need our permission. Maybe chukklehed's.

Post away! :) <3
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