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I mean I don't really have a name at the moment so Bored works a suppose. I mean it fits my mood right now lol
Welcome back.

I'm bored. Looking for people to rp with. Honestly I my one and only character is a Cheshire Cat and for the moment can pretty much do anything I feel like writing. I can make him or her or it fit in any kind of rp. So take a chance an to with me! I'm on my phone by the way. Don't have a computer so my post aren't gonna be super huge which is why I'm looking for casual. It's also why I'm not putting to much effort into my character at the moment.
I'm bored.
Welcome new friend!

Thanks You!
Thank you!
You know that door you never use? It could be at your place of work, or maybe you pass it on you're way to class, you could possibly see it at a friend's house. It's just a door and you've never cared where it went to. Hell it could just lead you into a boring storage closest, class room, or some weird doll room because you happen to be friends with some weirdo. Why not take the chance to open it? You could get lucky and it could lead to some place interesting. It does. Or why else would you be here?

You open that door and step inside. Now your in a room that shouldn't exist. A huge room. You see book shelves filled with books. Well no shit. What else would they be filled with. Some of them you can even read! You know the ones that are in your language. Others are filled with a language that isn't from your planet or realm of existence. It's not all about you okay? Hell you could even pull a book off the shelf that's filled with blank pages. Are they really blank or is your mind just too small to see what's inside. What else does this room have. Chairs and couches for sitting or laying. A bar filled with all kinds of drinks. Again like the books there happens to be drinks you've never seen before. And there happens to be other doors. Where do they lead? Who knows. They could take you back home, or to work, or to class, or to some weird sex dungeon. I'm not judging where you came from...weirdo.

Finally in this big made up room or library music is playing. It's coming from a jukebox and anywhere you stand you can hear the music perfectly. Right now Beyond the Sea is playing by Bobby Darin. And on top of the jukebox may be a strange sight to some. A cat. A odd colored cat. Black and purpled striped. The cats tail slowly moved back at fourth. The felines eyes closed resting on its front paws as it ever so slightly bobbed it's head to the tunes.
And because I'm bored I thought I'd come back to this place after a few years.
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