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Been a busy few days, but I'll have my post up today :/
Awesome. I'll keep that info in mind.

Oh, and "spacial awareness" meaning "knowing where every PC is in relation to yours" :)
Okay, weird questions maybe, but I'll ask since I'm new to an RP of this many characters and players (most I've been involved with is like four).

What's the best way to keep track of each player? Taking notes? Do we even need to be concerned with spacial awareness of every character?

Also, would it even make sense to designate like two or three others as your "go-to" partners when it comes to interacting?

I'm sure I have other questions but I can't think of any atm :)
feeling the pain
Posted. Sorry for the length :/ Although it's mostly dialogue so it just looks long.

Also, I'll get around to finishing up Alex's relationship sheet hopefully soon, but for the most part, she gravitates toward those personalities who are more or less "anti-establishment". Everyone else is just...tolerable to a point, lol

The long corridor, not far from the sectional suite where Alex and her family were set up within Aciras, was one of the more fascinating areas of the castle. At least from her perspective. It’s floors, with intricately woven patterns that ran parallel with the walls, shined with a mirrored finish which reflected the beautiful natural lighting that beamed from the skylights high above. As the girl walked barefoot slowly along the cool marble floor, admiring the many oil paintings of people and places, sculptures of both animal and human, and large frescos that took up at least half of the hallway, she couldn’t help but allow a subtle sigh. You see, Alexandra Joi Bonnisseau loved art, as not only was it intertwined throughout her heritage as a member of the Castellevé royal family, but her passion to create life from nothing but a brush or a pen astonished her even from the day she could scribble on the walls of her home. She recognized some of the artwork, as several pieces were purchased from or directly commissioned by artisans of her homeland, indicated by not only their signature and Guild crest, but their specific style, brush stroke, and aesthetical flare. Essentially, they were one of the best.

Most however, she did not recognized, perhaps as they were from far off lands, or artists from the local Aciras guilds whom she was unfamiliar. Either way, Alex stared at each of the foreign pieces hanging on the wall, and after a few moments of putting very little thought into any real critique...

“Lame.” She said in a flat, unimpressed tone.

The abrupt and poorly timed sound of heels echoing and hastily making their way closer to where Alex was standing pretty much knocked the girl right out of her little fantasy world.

“Where the hell have you been?” The fairly tall, slim, and beautiful Queen Larissa of Castellevé whispered in a not-so-subtle way, trying to keep her voice low enough due to the immense acoustics.

“In the castle, mother.” The girl sighed, avoiding eye contact with the other. “Just like you demanded. I mean, forcefully requested.”

“Don’t be smart with me, child.” Her mother hissed, fussing with the girl’s wardrobe, which for all intents and purposes, was quite unorthodox for one of royalty, as well as a female.

“I swear, Alex, it was bad enough that your father and I allowed you to wear…” Her mom motioned to the girl’s choice of clothing for such an occasion. “Well, frankly, men’s clothes.”

“Tuxes aren’t just for guys.” Alex said, shaking her head, before muttering. “Geez, it’s the twenty-first century for cryin’ out loud...”

And so it was, and within the last few years, Alexandra turned away from her once “glitz and glamour” archetype, and went a bit more obscure at times. While it all started with having her hair cut short and more pixie-like, it continued with more of a gender-neutral look, not wanting to get all dolled up just to look like a doll. Her choice this time was a slim fitting tuxedo jacket, pants, satin tie-neck blouse, and a pair of comfortable leather wedges.

“Well did it have to be black?” Her mother continued the rant. “I mean it looks like you’re going to a funeral.”

Her daughter could only smirk at that comment, and of course, respond in kind. “Well, you know what they say mother. Marriage sometimes is the death of all life.”

“Let’s please not start with this.” Her mother, smoothing out a few wrinkles in the girl’s sleeve and running fingers through the short, dark, disheveled hair as though it’s going to make it any better. “Alex, please don’t embarrass this family.”

Oh…” Her daughter’s eyes grew twice as large for a moment, mocking a gasp as though she’d been hit with an arrow in the heart. “So now I’m an embarrassment?”

“You know what I mean.” Larissa said in a calmer tone. “This is a special occasion for Princess Ayleanna and-”

“Yeah but she’s Jack’s friend.” Alex said matter-of-factly. Which was true, as Lea and Jack were fairly good friends, keeping in touch online and such, while Alex really didn’t socialize much with the Princess of Aciras. It wasn’t that she didn’t like Lea, it’s just they didn’t really seem to have much in common, at least nothing Alex cared about.

“I wish you’d stop interrupting me.” Her mom retorted. “And besides, Jack is back home in Castellevé sick.”

“Mhmm.” Alex raised a suspicious eyebrow. “And you believe that shit, mother?”

“Watch your mouth young lady!” She hissed, her voice echoing off every nook and cranny of the vast corridor.

“Jack’s playing you guys.” The girl crossed her arms. “Haven’t you ever seen Ferris Bueller’s Day Off?.” A cheesy grin crossed her lips. She tried not to allow it, but it happened nonetheless.

Her mother on the other hand cocked her head and raised a curious eyebrow. “And why on earth would he miss this though? Princess Lea is a good friend of his, and I know he’d been wanting to attend.”

“Mom, he’s probably out cruising around with his buddies while you guys are all the way over here in another region of the world.” This time Alex raised her brow as though the girl was giving her mother something to think about.

In truth, Jack Bonnisseau, the Crown Prince of Castellevé, was not only upset that he didn’t ask Lea out a long time ago and perhaps even ask for her hand in marriage, but decided a long time ago that he wasn’t even going to attend her wedding party. He didn’t need the drama of being in Aciras, nor did he really feel like being around anyone associated with the Princess. Stubborn to a fault he was, the boy decided to suddenly come down with the flu.

“Oh shush, we’ll talk about this later.” She waved her hand in front of her as though to shoo away the topic like an annoying gnat. “Anyway, my dear, this is an important day for the Princess and you know your father and I love her, the family, and all of the wonderful things she’s been doing for the environment.”

Not wanting to start yet another royal argument with her mother, she let the woman off the hook for that comment. Sure, Ayleanna was the picture perfect poster child for everything that sparkles, and is about as “green” as a person can be when it comes to saving the world, but the girl has also made it extremely difficult in the past couple of years to obtain certain paints because of bans that had been put on certain -and allegedly- harmful chemicals found inside oil based paints. The problem is, these particular paints were Alexandra’s favorite, and with them being much harder to come by, she’s had to work with alternative methods.

Thanks Princess. Go hug a tree.

“Yep, she’s done some wonderful things.” Alex said with a shrug, allowing the subject to drift away before she became upset herself, which wasn’t easy for her to do, but when she did jump on something she didn’t agree with, it was hard for her to get off of it.

“Oh, and also...” Her mom let that word dangle in the air for a moment. “I don’t want you or, oh...what’s his face-”

“Elijah” She sighed, having to remind her of the one male kid she’d probably hung out with the most growing up.

“Well, I don’t want you two causing any trouble. Not like during Jack’s birthday celebration.” She shook her head in disgust. “You two and those damn water balloons.”

“Pfft!” The girl couldn’t hold it in, holding her stomach as she tried to stifle a chuckle. “That was classic if I say so myself.”

Her mother’s face was not amused, giving the girl an evil eye that could wilt a newly bloomed rose.

“Fine, yes, I’ll be good. And honestly, I don’t know when Elijah will be here.” She hoped soon, perhaps for her own sanity.

They both parted ways for the moment, her mother headed down to the courtyard to fetch her husband, King Gregory Bonnisseau, as he was busy chatting it up with friends, colleagues, and various constituents who’d travelled far and wide for the party. Alex, on the other hand, made her way to the foot of the grand staircase, which lead down into the ground level foyer, and which also meant she might just have to socialize after all. Thankfully, there were still several friends that had been tolderable through the years, and it appeared that a few may even be at the party from a quick glance along the receiving line, so it wouldn’t be all bad. And as long as there was a possibility of stealing a drink or two…

“Hi Lea.” She finally said with a smile to the glistening Princess herself, as she passed by in none other than pink and sparkles. “Congrats.”
welcome to the Guild, @Vision!
@MorningStar1399, no worries. It actually would be quite funny though to have them twin brothers, if you wanted to go that route. Perhaps they don't like one another, and rarely ever get together with family at the same time.

Otherwise, carry on with your original FC :)
@Bee, perhaps "fashionably late"?
@Glyph Yeah its up to you how you got to the Sanctuary.

Thanks, but not exactly what I was asking :)

Essentially, is it okay to start in the castle instead of "just arriving".
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