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Hey everyone! We have another new player! The Guardsmen has made his way to our rp and will be joining us with his character the Inebriated Catholic Priest!
@Espatier yep, if the players for James or Ambrose post anything for their characters before Dr. Scott leaves the vicinity of Jeremy's house, the doc will have heard and seen it.
Dirk Garther

Dirk turned at the Doctors request to drive himself. He was already following Dirk, so the cop made a quick decision. If he let the man get in his car now, Dirk had no way to catch him if he just took off. Simple then.

Your welcome to drive your own car, but I'll have to ask you to come with me to mine first. I'll drop you and whoever owns the other vehicle off after that if you want. If you'd like I can also have a couple of officers swing by and pick your rides up." Dirk shrugged, "Your choice. Either way I still need you to follow me first."
" Would you mind if I drove myself?, I'd rather not leave my only way to getting around town here, if that is okay with you." Dr. Scott ask politely

Dr. Scott gathered his umbrella, Doctor's bag, and will follow the officer to the police station as requested.

If you want you can have the Doc drive his car, I'll have Dirk tell him that if he insists on driving himself that he'll still need to follow him to his car, so he doesn't lose sight of anyone. Once in the car Dirk can drive back to the Roadster and Richards car, and let them both off. His thought process will be that he want's to keep as tight a leash on everyone as possible. Alternativly he will also present the option of having a couple of officers come pick their cars up.

I love your Detective's reply....
I had him "skim" over the letter and not read it well... of course, this now has his attention.

I was hoping that something would have attracted his attention earlier! Oh well.... it's only the beginning, so let us see where the rabbit hole leads us to.

Haha thanks, I figured he would be a bit disgruntled at the very least to find that one of his potential leads seemed to be so uninformed.
Ah. The rabbit hole. If only thou kneweth the degree of truth which thou speaketh.
Ferd Smith

Ferd blinked in surprise at Garther's hand being raised. What was wrong? As he walked off, Ferd followed with his eyes, opening his mouth to say something, only to be hushed by Garther's preemptive finger to his lips. Ferd pouted for a moment. He didn't care much for being hushed, especially when he felt left out. The disgruntlement was brief however, as his eyes picked out the movement of what had to be headlights, and his ears finally registered the sound of the Roadster grumbling along the road. Well now, what was this?

Ferd moved to follow Dirk, but thought better of it. The officer was clearly attempting to approach unnoticed, and Ferd knew all to well that two people were much more likely to be noticed than one. Speaking of which, Ferd noted that the copper seemed to be very good at sneaking around. Ferd had nearly lost sight of him as he moved stealthily through the fog. Impressive.

It wasn't long before Garther abandoned his attempts at stealth and called out to the man who had just climbed out of the Roadster. Apparently satisfied making his presence known to the man would be no great detriment to himself, Garther walked boldly up to the man, blocking his path into the house. Ferd could only just make out bits of the conversation from where he was, but the fog muffled a good deal of it at this distance. He really wanted to get closer, but Garther hadn't given them any indication as to whether or not he cared if they moved now. Ah screw it. Ferd knew how to be quiet, and besides the stranger was clearly preoccupied with Dirk.

Ferd began approaching slowly, taking care to appear casual should anyone notice he was approaching. He began catching snipets of conversation again.

"I can leave my hotel room..."

"Letter you allegedly received..."

Ah so this man claimed to have received a letter as well. Why was he trying to leave though?

In the middle of Ferd's eaves dropping Officer Garther turned and waved in his direction. Finally! Ferd turned and motioned for Val to follow, since he wasn't sure he could see the cop waving through the fog and then jogged over to join the others. As he approached Ferd noticed something peculiar. James and Ambrose were nowhere to be seen. He hadn't noticed anyone leaving when he and Val had, though it was possible it was as simple as that, he just hadn't noticed. But still, something felt... off.

Dirk had begun speaking, and he didn't give the impression this was a discussion. Ferd felt a bit confused when he talked about the black fella who had drove up in the Roadster. He didn't know about Harry and Jeremy? That seemed odd. Before Ferd could really gather his thoughts though, Garther had brushed past him umbrella in hand, and was instructing them all to follow him. Ferd froze in place for a moment. This was rather sudden wasn't it? As he turned to follow Dirk, Ferd looked at the other three men and shrugged.

"Well you heard the man. Sounds like we're some sort of witnesses to this crime now." Just a moment later Dirk turned and revealed the nature of the crime he was investigating and Ferd's heart sank. Yeah. He'd expected Harry was dead. Still, expecting it didn't soften the blow. Yet another life snuffed out by the weird forces Ferd had dedicated his life to understanding. He grit his teeth and trudged along behind Dirk silently for a while. He'd set out to prevent any more disappearances, but he hadn't actually solved a single case, he was no closer to understanding what was causing all of these things, and even worse he was beginning to lose hope. The clues were always to vague, his leads constantly disappeared in thin air, even when they were extremely solid ones. He'd once tracked down an entire cult which he was certain was to blame for multiple grotesque murders in a small town in Indiana. But when he went to snoop around the place he was certain was their hide out, it had simply vanished before his eyes. He'd never picked the trail back up. Feeling a bit sulky Ferd put on his best cheerful act. He didn't need people asking why he was down in the dumps. They'd never believe him anyway.

As he climbed into the cop car he thought to himself where have James and Ambrose gotten off to? Hopefully they had left a note. Ferd glanced over at Richard, wondering if he knew where they were. But it looked like Garther was trying to talk to him, Ferd decided to wait until later to inquire about the two. Perhaps they'd track down some clues of their own in the mean time. Hah. Right.
Dirk Garther

| “Case?.... As in closed or open.. And is Jeremy no longer among the living?” Dr Scoot interjected as the two began to chat it up. |

Dirk turned and raised an eyebrow at the Doctor's question, "Open. If you'd read the letter you allegedly received you would have known that. You also would have known Jeremy has been missing for over two years." Perplexed now Dirk asked, "You did read the letter didn't you?"

| “ Well since he isn’t here, I could leave my hotel and room number till he gets back, I’m sorry to meet you fine gentlemen under these strange times”. Alonzo reopened his black umbrella, carried by his grey leather driving gloves, and turn to begin to walk away and leave the police to their business. “ Gentlemen, does it rain like this all the time? I guess its kinda like Seattle Washington but without the coastal air... Strange times, indeed”. Tipping his hat proceeds to lave the officers to their duties. |

Dirk was a bit confused, where on earth did this daft man think he was going. Dirk had never bought into all the talk about Negros, but this fella was bringing a few choice sayings to mind.

"Woah woah woah Doc, I don't know where you think your going but I'm going to have to ask you to stick around for a bit." Dirk waved Ferd and Val over, before continuing, "Listen I don't know what you all expected to find when you got here but this isn't a Sunday trip down to good ole Gramps house." He took a step away from the center of the door frame so he could see all four men. "I assumed that if anyone did respond to Mr. Everfield's letters, and ended up in Arkham, they'd have come either expecting a mad man or an open investigation."

Dirk pulled his jacket tighter around himself and straightened his umbrella. "And Doc yes it rains all the time. It hasn't stopped raining in over two years." Dirk squinted at the black man, "Another thing you'd have known had you actually received or read one of the letters sent out by Mr. Everfield." Come to think of it, Harry had called the people who broke into the house, 'shadowy'. Prejudice aside, shadowy could certainly apply to a black man. But no that didn't fit. Why would he have come up to the house pretending to be one of the letter recipients, but appear to have no real knowledge of the contents? Beyond that he'd approached with a crowd around. No reason for one of Harry's killers to be that bold and suddenly turn take and run.

He decided to stop theorizing for the time being. These men weren't suspects or really witnesses, but they were leads. And God knew leads were what Dirk Garther needed.

"Alright listen up gents, I know your all likely wanting to get out of the rain, and you all likely have some questions that I can answer. The feeling is mutual." He said with a shiver, "I'd make this sound more polite but I get the distinct feeling I need to be expressly clear. I'm going to have to ask all four of you to come with me to the local police precinct. I need to ask you some questions."

Dirk waited for his words to sink in before he began walking back towards the corner he'd been standing at for the last few hours. He turned and walked back wards for a bit so he could see if everyone was following or not, "And if anyone's having any ideas about not accompanying me, you ought to know that the gentleman who wrote to you all is dead." He paused for dramatic effect, "This is an ongoing homicide investigation." With that Dirk walked to the street corner, turned right, walked for a couple of blocks, took a left, walked for another block, and finally stopped at the undercover police cruiser he'd used to get here.

He waited for everyone to catch up before telling them all to pile in. Time to see if he could get a lead in this unsolvable case.
I think that I got it...
If anyone does anything that I will hear or see and you want to make it known... @espatier.

Sounds good!

I usually try NOT to read other's post so that way I ( hopefully) don't get encouraged to ... do "blank".

Ah sure sure, I know a few players that feel similarly. If it becomes a problem I'll let you know, but for now I'm alright with you doing that.

Ok everyone! Putting this on a couple spots so everyone sees it!
1. There's some stuff going on with characters INSIDE the house. Aka James, Ambrose, and Richard.
These characters are experiencing a strange occurrence! For reasons unclear to our investigators, these three can only be seen and heard by some of our characters
>James and Ambrose cannot see or hear Richard. They can see and hear everyone else. They in turn can only be seen and heard by Alonzo. NO ONE ELSE CAN SEE OR HEAR THEM.
>Richard cannot see or hear James and Ambrose. He CAN see and hear everyone else, and everyone else CAN see and hear him.
>Alonzo can see and hear everyone, everyone can see and hear him.
>Ferd, Val, and Dirk cannot see or hear James and Ambrose. They CAN see and hear Richard.
Those who can't see or hear someone also can't see them affect objects. If the unseen person picked up, nudged, or wrote on something then only those who could see or hear them would comprehend this happening.
Alonzo is the exception. Everyone can hear and see Alonzo as he interacts with any unseen people. Only his end of the interaction though. Exe. If Alonzo where handed something by an unseen, it would suddenly appear in his hands to any who can't see the unseen person.

I know it's a wee bit complicated but pm me with questions, and trust me.
Dirk Garther

Movement out in the fog caught Dirk's eye. He held up a hand to Val and Ferd, cutting their discussion short. He brought his hand to his mouth and lifted a finger, as he slipped around the two of them to get a better look. Yep it was a car, pulling up to Jeremy's house from the other side of the street. It didn't look like a cop car, and he didn't think it belonged to any illegal groups he knew. Being new to Arkham himself it was hard to tell sometimes. A posh looking man in a derby stepped out of the car as it puttered into silence. Was that... a Negro? Huh. Not anyone Dirk recognized, but there had been a black man amongst the recipients of Jeremy's letters.

The man called up to the house in a professional, yet loud holler. Jeremy? If that was Alonzo he ought to know Jeremy was missing. Why was he trying to make a house call. Dirk motioned to the two behind him that they shouldn't follow him, and he whipped out his police badge again, making his way to meet Alonzo.

"I'm sorry to disappoint you sir but Jeremy isn't home right now." Dirk brandished his badge like a shield, deflecting suspicion and hopefully resistance, off of it. "If your Dr. Alonzo Scott then I presume you received a letter from a Mr. Harry Everfield asking you to come to his aid?" Dirk put his badge down as he stepped up on to the porch ahead of the Dr. "Is that correct?" Dirk asked pointedly.

Just then he heard a voice from within the house and turned to see who had made it. There was a man who had just begun descending the stairs. He looked familiar... But why?

Then it clicked. "Richard? Is that you? Of course! Harry sent you a letter to! I didn't think you'd come though!" Relief was evident in Dirk's voice. Richard was an old acquaintance from Richards police days. They'd worked the same city, but different precincts. He had made a good cop, and by all accounts was an even better PI. "You might not remember me, names Dirk Garther, I was a green private when you where wrapping up your time in the blues! I heard a lot of good things about you! I gotta say I'm glad to see you, I could really use your help on this case!" At this point Dirk was full facing Richard, having forgotten Alonzo in his excitement. Finally! A law man from outside Arkham! Now they could get some work done!
Ok everyone! we have a new player! Please welcome @Espatier and his character Alonzo Scott, the Doc for hire!
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