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Current Its been 8 months since I last signed in. Hello everyone!!!!
3 yrs ago
Happy Valentines Day!
3 yrs ago
Still waiting on someone to do a Gundam RP with me lol.
3 yrs ago
The one day in a long time I can actually relax and do RPs its a slow day around here.
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3 yrs ago


Just here doing stuff love doing Mecha and Horror RPs.

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Interested! I am replaying New Vegas as we speak so definitely in mood for this.

Interested! I am replaying New Vegas as we speak so definitely in be mood for this.
Hello,everyone I have been wanting to start a RP on here but I’m having trouble deciding which one to do. So I want opinions from the community which one would gain more interest.

Lovecraftian horror: It’s the year 1944. The world is at war however that doesn’t stop the brave from adventuring. The the dense jungles of Central America attracts a small group of researchers to explore a lost Mayan temple. However they soon realize this temple should have stayed lost. This would be a small RP with active users and quick responses to the dangers ahead.

Fallout Faction RP: On the shores of the Lake Superior in the year 2275 the remnants of humanity around the lake have risen to new civilizations. However with the huge mass of water around them these factions have brought back the ships of old times to sail. With sloops and dreadnoughts once again sailing the lake in hopes of finding a lost island home to untouched prewar land. This RP would focus on ship combat and being on the lake for travel instead of the usual means of a fallout RP.

So if anyone is interested in either of these please tell me which one!
@mazinstar @Inkarnate Heyyy mech fans were rare when I used to be on here a lot. If you guys know of any mech RPs please tell.

Welcome back :)

Thank you :)
Hello! I used to be extremely active on the forums until major life things happened. Buttttt now everything is good and I can actually do RPs again. Sorry to everyone about the Jojo RP. I hope to start doing some soon
@Crimson Lion Great Stand! Accepted. As for everyone else tomorrow it will be up as I have been working on minor villains and the story and such. As for my character I might make one as too get everyone connected together. Anyways thank you for sticking with me!
RP coming tomorrow or over the weekend
Hoping things pick up or we shall start soon.
@dragonmancer I will wait a few more days
@Ixa Accepted really like how Shaun looks.

This is a question for everyone, should we start the RP or wait for more people to show up?
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