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You can use myth-weavers or Mottokrosh's Eldritch for your character sheet. Nothing I can think of that you'd need to know, but I'm happy to answer any questions you have.

Here is a good resource for figuring out your ability points, click "High Fantasy: 20".

The SRD will have you covered for general rules info.
Mythweavers is fine by me
Also, feel free to chose a background from the player's guide to kingmaker, or run one of your own by me:

20 points, my b. Average starting gold, full hp first level.

Also, I like the background skills optional rules, if you would like to use those.
@LadypugWhere's the 'sorry' reacc?
Glad to see so much interest! I'm willing to run the game 5 players if everyone else is okay with that, and I'm totally okay with new players!

We'll do Point Buy if you wanna start on your character sheets.
jk I'm Hazel, what's up?
Fine with me, if we get two more interested I'll ask for a definitive answer.
I was thinking PbP, but I'm flexible.
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