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Isnt that from some crazy dude's website, who's dead now?
I'm getting the feeling our argument is more rooted in a scientific (physics of light) vs artistic (color theory) viewpoint so I'll leave it alone. We can both be considered to be correct. In the use of paints and dyes etc, yes you will achieve a black color through combination, but on the subject of light, black is the absence of color while white is the presence of all color (or absorption vs reflection) I simply was hoping to help AardWolf wih her character idea.

Regarding the green plants, I'll have to see about finding the article I read years ago, but there was some study making the claim that the planet used to be purple rather than green, the explanation included the energetic component of RGB light, and stated the majority of usable energy for photosynthesis was in the green spectrum of light - yes violet aka ultraviolet is the highest energetic spectrum of light but it also damages DNA. Which would be another evolutionary benefit to purple leaves come to think of it.

And finally on the subject of evolution, no, it does not imply the best solution, simply the one that wasnt an evolutionary dead end. One would think though, that if plants did have purple leaves, they would be more dominant than green plants, leading one to wonder why they all died out. Assuming this article I read was correct. Again, I'll see about finding it. I'll pm you it if you'd like (If I can find it) but we should probably avoid derailing this thread further.
So black is the absorption of all color, white is the reflection of all color.

god, why the fuck is color so fuckin weird

This is right by my understanding, but it is a bit misleading imo: Green is green because it reflects green light, and absorbs the rest of the spectrum. As you've explained it, we could consider a green leaf to be the absence of green because the light is reflected or not green as you defined white. It can technically be considered correct but then what color is it?

On an off topic, has anyone ever wondered why plants evolved to reflect green light? By my understanding green light is more energetic than red or blue (when speaking of the sun, at least) one would think plants that absorb said energy for photosynthesis rather than reflect it, would be the dominant plant strain in terms of photosynthesis.

Did I mention I'd like to voice my interest?
Its literally called the magic lasso, divine power is magical power, and they are vulnerable to certain light not any light. I dont think its the fact that it glowed was what hurt them...

And I suppose if you want to differentiate the two, Sauron's powers can very easily be said to be (un)holy since he is essentially a fallen angel, and Melkor is basically Satan
Its literally called the magic lasso, divine power is magical power, and they are vulnerable to certain light not any light. I dont think its the fact that it glowed was what hurt them...
Heard of the first no clue on the second

Not sure about the immune to magic tho…

On that page it mentions how wonder woman turns a bunch of em to ash with her lasso and that is definitely magic.
I kinda did some checking after posting and they both do. Orange is something called ophidian, and red is something called the butcher.
Thats actually what I find funny, Sauron might be Daddy Big Bollocks in lotr, and after all that, I honestly believe that in a shared Universe he would be the scariest thing in the universe to the lanterns, but to dozens of superheroes, he would literally be a chump. Superman could solve the problem in moments as could the flash, and I can only imagine the level of crap they would give the lanterns after.

Superman: "You know, we all gave Aquaman shit but he doesnt turn into a total asshole because some half rate warlock puts on a ring."

Batman: "Wanna bet, Clark?"
Ohh I just wanted to say, can you imagine the Justice League's reaction to all of this, if it somehow happened.

Superman: A ring.

Batman: Just a ring.

Wonder Woman: A magic ring.

Superman: This should not be some world ending-

Wonder Woman: Galaxy ending.

Batman: Universe ending.

Superman: IT'S A %$@#ING RING, BRUCE!

Alrighty, so this is going to take a lot of finagling and essentially what could be called "rules-lawyering"

The first thing we need to determine is could Sauron somehow connect himself with all of the Lantern Corps? Obviously, we can't have him being responsible for the formation of the rings because ...
well then obviously, yes he could have. We're better than that.

So, how could Sauron sneak his way in? Well, this is where things get messy, and rely on blending the two universes in a semblance of fairness.

A power ring manipulates a portion of the emotional spectrum, which helps us to get started on the path to universal domination - to hijack the green lanterns, Sauron will need some innate connection to Willpower. Looking through that wikipedia entry, the part that caught my eye was "Entity" which redirects us to:
So basically, Ion is the entity, or spirit, of willpower. It essentially powers all of the green lantern rings as the universal collective willpower. I have not checked beyond the yellow power rings where I found mention of a Parallax entity (collective universal fear) but I would assume that every ring possesses an entity, (nekron further reinforces this.)

The closest approximation to these entities in LOTR are the Ainur (primordial spirits.) Of which Melkor - Sauron's boss - was unequivocally considered to be the most powerful, and possessed aspects of all other Ainur. This is our in. Melkor in our shared world shares the embodiment of Will, Fear, Life, etc with these other beings such as Parallax, Ion, and Nekron. Sauron, being a Valar, and likewise, the strongest of the bunch, was merely a step beneath them. We can assume that Melkor granted certain boons to Sauron, the exact nature of which I couldnt determine, but if we equate Sauron as an avatar to the Ainur whom he serves, we can grant him Valar status of each Primordial Spirit (entity). Sauron was initially bound to the spirit of invention or something (I suppose Hephaestus is a good IRL parallel, but its nice to know that LOTR has a bit of silliness as well) which is why he chose rings, and was the Lord of the Rings, which gives him a second in, since the rings are clearly an invention. Moving on.

As we all know, Sauron imbued part of himself into the one ring, this, combined with the other rings he aided in crafting allowed him to spread his influence... on second thought I'll just put this right here:
One Ring to rule them all,
One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them

Breaking this down, One Ring to rule them all: This is the core of our argument, we simply have to extend this to the power rings.
One ring to find them: In other words, one ring to connect him, to all the rings (of power) he had a hand in creating.
One ring to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them: this tells us that through the one ring, Sauron was able to reach out and spread his darkness to those who wore his rings and finally bring them under his control.

The obvious counter to this would be, "See, Sauron needed to have a hand in making these rings to put his touch upon it" This is true. In the world of LOTR where rings of power are rare and far between. In our mixed world however we have literal legions of people with Rings of Power that all are sharing/channeling atleast a tiny fragment of Melkor, and therefore Sauron.

In otherwords, Sauron doesn't need to craft a new ring to subjugate the Lantern Corps. He already did.

(As for Nekron, Ion, and the others? They would likely be safe. Under the above presumptions however, I doubt even the white lanterns would be untouched)

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