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Current Is aborting the mission allowed? Wheezes.
2 yrs ago
You know it's time to take out your camera when you hear the words "Here, hold my beer" from across the room.


Coeur. He/Him. Socially awkward. Has a million and one ideas. RP Returnee.

Hiya! I'm Coeur or Heartsmith, either one works. I'm just your basic everyday run of the mill
anxious internet goer whose hobbies seem to center around pretending to be someone else it seems.
University has me exhausted and I haven't really roleplayed much in almost two and a half years, so...

This should be an interesting ride.

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@Heartsmith Welcome to the Guild! Please enjoy your stay! And don't mind all the bodies lying around. The janitors will sort out the drunks from the dead guys in the morning.

Thanks for the warm welcome!
And that has been noted. I'll be sure to walk around them, then.
I'd try to have some really creative thing here, but the fact is that I'm too tired for that right about now.

Hiya, call me Coeur or Heartsmith. I'm not new to roleplaying but I've basically taken a two and a half year's break from doing it seriously thanks to the time consuming commitment known as university. When I realized my creative writing had taken a nose dive for a lack of a better phrase, I realized it might have been time to come back to my old hobby.

So nice to meetcha, hopefully I'll see you around.
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