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1 yr ago
Current Depression hit me hard recently. Slowly regaining my bearings. Will reply when I can.
1 yr ago
Why do people have to lie? It's quite honestly the most annoying thing in the world, next to not tipping.
1 yr ago
I am so ready for my day off...
1 yr ago
I know I was supposed to get to replies yesterday, but hubby drug me out for dinner when I got home. I'll try to get to them today once I cool down.
1 yr ago
Work was insane yesterday. Between training and how busy we were, I didn't get home until late. Will hopefully get home early and with enough energy to reply today.


Momma, wife, and all around goof in that order.

Days off are normally Wednesdays and Saturdays, with Saturdays being mostly reserved for family whenever everyone is actually home. Online times vary depending on my work schedule. Some days I get home early, other days I get home half-dead and late. My time to actually write depends entirely on my day. I can get some writing done at work when things are slow, but then there are days I'm lucky if I can even look at the time on my phone.

I'm an advanced writer and I have a tendency to get ideas stuck in my head constantly for directions I want stories to go. I try not to be overly aggressive, but don't be surprised if I lean that way.

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Still looking!
Still looking for a partner!
Hello! I'm HSD, Heaven, or whatever you want to call me and I am once again on the prowl for another partner for a specific plot. This roleplay will fill the last available open slot that I have. However, I'm not going by 'first come, first serve'. If you're interested, I would like to hear what ideas you have to contribute to the plot.

I would like someone who can post at least once a week. More is definitely welcome, but once a week is really all that I can promise at the moment due to real life kicking my butt for the next month.

Communication is an absolute MUST! If you don't like something, if you have a suggestion, or if you're bored out of your mind and you absolutely can't continue, let me know because I certainly have no problem with it. It's a lack of communication that bugs me.

I would like an advanced writer. I honestly would love to push myself to my limits with both quality and quantity. Don't be afraid to give me a novel, because I will match up with you word for word. And please, help move the story along.

Almost all of my characters curse like sailors and I refuse to censor myself. I ask that partners be 18+ and comfortable with all types of adult content. However, I do have my limits. Abuse will often be mentioned, but rarely played out unless the roleplay calls for it. I will fade to black, although it's not my preference. However, smut is never the focus of my plots.

I would prefer the use of realistic FC rather than anime.

The direction of this plot will be a bit dependent on things. A part of me really wants to make it dark, but it all really depends on how things play out. Romance is a must and I prefer slow burns. If things do turn dark, I would still like a little bit of fluff.

Now for the plot.

If you've stuck around and this seems like your thing, feel free to send me a PM. Please include your favorite color in the subject line so I know that you are inquiring about this plot.
I have partners for 3/4. Considering this closed for now!

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