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5 hrs ago
Current Bad news: Work today. Good news: I am off two days in a row afterward. Bad news: I work six days straight after that....replies will be random.
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14 hrs ago
The weekend is officially over. =(
16 hrs ago
No whining here. Sad that it's over, but it wasn't terrible.
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18 hrs ago
The End is here. ; ; I might need therapy after this.
22 hrs ago
Didn't make crap at work today, but I got off early enough to cook dinner and get ready for GoT.


Momma, wife, and all around goof in that order.

Days off are normally Wednesdays and Saturdays, with Saturdays being mostly reserved for family whenever everyone is actually home. Online times vary depending on my work schedule. Some days I get home early, other days I get home half-dead and late. My time to actually write depends entirely on my day. I can get some writing done at work when things are slow, but then there are days I'm lucky if I can even look at the time on my phone.

I'm an advanced writer and I have a tendency to get ideas stuck in my head constantly for directions I want stories to go. I try not to be overly aggressive, but don't be surprised if I lean that way.
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