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Current Hey y'all. I am about to start working on a webcomic and try to draw for a living now.
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Oh no. The World Ending library has started to smell of lemon again. Nobody likes dying to the smell of citrus


"Always tenderize the meat first."

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@redbaron1234The knowledge originates in Naijin. The only soul smiths outside of Naijin are people that were taught by Naito and his disciples. The person cannot be a person who died in battle. The smithing is ceremonial. They give their life in a ritual. A dying person soul would make a weaker weapon. And the deeper the bond, the better the weapon as well.



Aiko Amatsuna.




Secret Isles of Najin, City of Hajuka


A young woman, she is by no means tall or imposing. In fact, she is rather petite in stature even for a woman of her age and background. Hers hair is a matte, dirty grey color, a result of stress and the side effect of having made not one but two sacred weapons. She has dark rings under her eyes, indicating a lack of proper rest, and her skin is similarily indicating a general unhealthiness, being chapped and dry.

Personality: Aiko is distant, but polite. She is rarely unplesant, or standoffish. She just seems uninterested in conversations and drifts of into her own world if you do not catch her immediete interest. She is impatient with the politics and hand wringing of the world, having seen the world she loved and cherished burn before her eyes.

Sacred Weapon: Saiai "Beloved" and Fuzai "Missed". Forged and imbued with the soul of her beloved. The two blades are wakishasis or short swords. Made from the soul of her lover, Mikaza, it has a golden sheen to it. The blade is a masterpiece of Najin weapon smithing, the blade tapering to a fine point and with a slight curve to the blade. Aside from sharp, each blade his been balanced with her shorter, sligter form in mind, and the grips made in sharkskin had been made specifically for her hands.

Mundane weapons: None

Equipment: Smokebombs: A mix of gunpowder and magnesium, these smokebombs are a gift to her from allies within the Fortress City of Hang-Jun. The bombs explode it to thick, purple-grey smoke that obscures her and mask her scent. Often used a means to cover her and her allies escape.

Background Story:

@The Wyrm IT does indeed!
A good old fashioned kill everything? Colour me interested.

I came to the advanced interest checks with precisely this idea in mind for something I was looking for. What a coincidence that I find it not a few entrees down. Sign me up! Especially for a beefy Ōdachi or perhaps polearm-wielding fatherly ronin.

It's up~~…

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