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9 mos ago
Current The persona game is going well thus far. Will keep people posted.
9 mos ago
The persona game has finally come underway! Though on discord--
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10 mos ago
Recently I've become a play-by-post game master for my own warhammer 40k roleplay server. Apparently my work is A+?
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4 yrs ago
I came here for a friend and found myself in the same spot I ltried to leave. I feel alone.
4 yrs ago
I have no idea what I'm doing.


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@jujubeI am happy to say there is in fact a game already able to fufill the needs! Was hard at first but was pretty cool to learn! We now even still have room should you be interested
@SniperWolfv We'd be more than happy to accept a second new arrival as some spots just opened!
@Radical Dreamer Well we have spots open and have the game going if you're still interested!
@vancexentan thank you! I will make sure to look into this and figure out the system, at the moment i picked up a PDF and will see about learning how to GM it, currently the only experience i have GMing is DnD 5e, Dark Heresy e2 and Only War games from warhammer 40k. I will figure this out and get back to you
I actually had no idea, thank you very much for the info, I'll make sure to look into it! I'll see about adjusting Van, the easier the better!
So, this like my second post ever and I'm very much unsure of how to put this properly so I'll just come out with it, I'm considering running a table top-esque game where it'd take place in a world similar to that of the Ultimax games, namely towers popping up through-out the world though gameplay wise would be similar to that of persona 3, in short meaning people transform into coffins and with a twist of the dark hour having never really went away. As a result the Kirijo and Nanjo groups have opened a series of universities and schools that attract individuals of interest from through-out the world.
Mechanically speaking we'd be using the GURPS system though as of now, this is all just a concept I have. I'd like to gauge interest first. I'd like suggestions if there are any to be hand, and comments. Please, let me know what you all think.
Hi there everyone! You can just call me Hermit, or Crow, nicknames are also accepted. I've been role playing for about a year now and I've been looking to grow and improve with my writings. I'm a huge fan of action and adventure styled rp, length isn't too much of an issue. If there's anywhere can improve please let me know.
I love reading, writing and gaming. A good story is always appreciated.
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