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Basic info

Name: Regent Lothar of House Wolff
Nicknames/Aliases: The Wolf of the Vale
Appearance: Lothar has a commanding presence that just draws attention from everyone. Not particularly due to this looks. Rather he has relatively normal features such as short black hair, dark brown eyes and stands are a somewhat tall 5'9". What does set him apart is his radiating confidence and determination. In fact, many people seem to have trouble at maintaining eye contact with him due to his sharp, focused gaze and the burning ambition that lies in his eyes.
Age: 29
Sex: Male

Skill info


Diplomacy: 2
Leadership: 2
Animal Handling: 1
Polearm Proficiency: 1

Magic Skills:

Enigma (ævi - 1)

Enigma (Vættir - 1)

Knowledge: Anything your character is particularly knowledgeable about. You have 4 stars to spend here in the same way as skills

History: 2
Linguistics-Speaking/Learning Languages: 1
Magic Theory: 1

Driving info

Goals: House Wolff is a cadet branch of the former royal family. It is the family started by the only child of Cobb, the Princess Alesia, who's dynasty went on to be eventually granted the county of Rouen in the Duchy of Tra, a recently acquired region of the Kingdom. The reason was clear, placing a cadet branch of the royal family would help keep the duke under close watch and discourage any rebellious ideas. However, with the usurpers on the throne who were clearly more powerful and a strong claim... there was little that House Wolff could do.

Thus, House Wolff, and Lothar in particular, have been working on consolidating their power and allies so that one day House Wolff may potentially sit on the throne as true descendants of House Tremmley... or at the very least bring the false pretender, House Pennikis, down. After all, they are at least related by blood to Prince Cobb and House Tremmley. But even worse, Lothar and his ancestors have been subject to unfair treatment by the Royal Family, often giving missions that would draw a lot of hatred to them such as forcefully collecting taxes early in a year from a random village on the orders of the Royal Family.

Belief/Motto: From God the King, From King the Law
Drive: Birthright

Power info

Allegiance Owed:

Count Norman Wolff, Lothar's elderly/sickly father.

Duchess Hamy, de-jure liege. Although historically, House Wolff only answered to House Tremmley. Recent events and the rise of House Pennikis has brought House Wolff closer to the Duchy rather than the new Royal Family.

Allegiance Received:
Mayor Abrams - Elected Burgher of the City of Calae. The city of Calais sits near the northern border of the Kingdom, the Duchy of Tra. and the Duchy of Cses. Thus, it serves as a significant trading city where many merchants find themselves visiting since it sits near the border of three major realms.

Mayor Flemming - Elected Burgher of the city of Bergen. Bergen is one of the closest cities to Bind's Edge and is the center of most of the County's production and industry.

Baron du Valois - Baron of Fort Valor, the County of Rouen's attempt at settling the forest and keeping peace in the rural regions of the County

Head Scholar Rune - President of the Vale Society, a scholarly/monastic order dedicated to studying the mystery of the forest and the region's history. The Society is based near Fort Valor as the Baron and the Head Scholar often collaborate in their expeditions to Bind's Edge. In fact, many Knights who are interested in the region do join the Society and receive formal education. These Knights are referred to as Vale Knights.

Debts Owed:

Head Scholar Rune - Rune had personally educated and tutored Lothar when he was a young lad, which led to Lothar learning a bit of the magic that the Society had learned from studying the forests.

Debts Received: - Lothar and House Wolff has saved countless rural settlements from harm as they made occasional visits to the frontier. And in the event that Lothar was not nearby during a tragedy, he often personally financed the reconstruction of the settlement along with protective palisades.

Past Commendable Deeds: Lothar and House Wolff are ardent supporters of settling and learning more of Bind's Edge. Each successive Count has had times where he sallied out to the woods with his Knights and Men at Arms to help rural settlements defend themselves from bandits, monsters, and beasts. In addition, Lothar and his father began to make the position of Burgher a democratically elected position to better reflect and serve the needs of the locals. Needless to say, House Wolff as a whole has undertaken many reforms focused on making the lives of people, especially those who live in more dangerous/rural areas, safer and better.

Past Condemnable Deeds: Rather than bowing the knee to the new Royal Family, House Wolff has maintained its distance and has yet to attend any feasts or festivals of the Royal Family. A clear sign of unruliness and opposition to the Royal Family. In response, the Royal Family often seeks to "punish" House Wolff by demanding greater levies in the event of conflicts. In fact, House Wolff is often told to raise a small elite force of Knights and horsemen to put down various "revolts" around the Kingdom. Lothar himself had to lead 50 Knights into a village that was "rebelling" when in actuality they were complaining about the sudden raise in taxes and were pleading for more time and leniency. Their orders were clear, to capture and bring back the "ringleaders" of the "revolt" to be hanged. Thus, House Wolff is often doing the dirty work of the Royal Family, which Lothar has no power to resist or deny.

Secrets: At a recent/past tournament, Lothar privately received the blessings of the Duchess Hamy herself in the form of one of her personal scarves, which Lothar casually tied to his lance during the joust. The event caused quite a bit of rumor as no one knew who owned that scarf. How scandalous! But most attendees now know that Lothar, while currently unmarried, is certainly out on the market, searching for suitors and someone appears to have a clear lead.

Titles: Regent and Heir of the County of Rouen

Marriage Ties: House Tremmly

Summary of House Wolff's Holdings:
Name: Jean-François du Calae "Jean"
Alias/Nickname: The Blue Baron
Group Name: N/A
Culture: France
Flag/Symbol: N/A
Personal Ship: The Sea Lily
Reputation: Jean is a respected former Captain of the French Navy, turned Privateer who is known to offer mercy to those who do not cause trouble, but is swift and decisive against those who he considers his enemies. He had retired from service after a successful campaign and a desire to make his own mark in the New World for himself.
Wealth: Moderate
Background Type: Ex-Privateer
Background: Jean was a former Captain of the French Navy and of minor nobility in the Kingdom of France. While he originally joined the French Navy to bolster the prestige of his family name, he took up privateering and received a letter of marque from the King of France to wage economic war against the enemies of the French Crown and people. It proved to be a very profitable and beneficial venture as Jean hired professional sailors and marines to capture numerous merchant and treasure ships in the name of the King of France. With this success and a name established for himself, Jean left the service of the French Navy to work for himself in the New World.
Probably just waiting on the GM.
Could we get a discord channel for this RP?
As long as you don't have oil, you're gucci.
Lothar turned to look at the stranger who interrupted him. "To a stranger, this looks awfully looks a lot like a commoner speaking without manners and intruding in a matter that is not related to him nor has any knowledge of. I highly suggest that you watch your tongue for there are many out there who would have you hanging from the pillory or even whipped for your careless tongue."

With a slight pause, Lothar then continued to speak. "Regardless, if I truly wanted to punish the barkeep, then I would have no reason to resort to cowardly attack him while he sleeps. Nay, I have no need to hide nor sneak around like a footpad or bandit. But other than having a bit of disrespect, he has done nothing to deserve punishment and has been rather helpful in my investigation. So, unless you have additional knowledge as to who maimed one of my Knights, then it would be best to return to tending to your drink."

With that, Lothar planned to meet the Grand Marshall and see what he had to say on the matter or if he had anything for Lothar to do in the meantime before the campaign began. That is, if the stranger had nothing substantial to say or tell Lothar.
It did start in the 1500s... but most "pirates" at the time were technically privateers like Sir Francis Drake, "working" for a government. There weren't that many independent pirates at the time.... that said. Yea, I can do a bit of research on the time period and what the buccaneers/privateers used. But the Caribbean at the time was largely controlled by the Spanish and the other European powers used privateers to harass Spanish merchants and ports, which allowed room for the other powers to move in and establish their own ports and settlements. But I guess that might be irrelevant if we're doing a fictional world.
16th century? Not Golden Age of Piracy? Which is late 1600s early 1700s.
Yep, can do. Anything specific you want me to read up on?
Not particularly, I left for a while and came back a month or two ago. Anyways, yep. I can help with the research stuff no problem. I'm not sure if I can dedicate time to work on NPC posts.
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