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Name: Caelis du Attolis, King of Attolia

Race: Tengu

Description: Caelis is a poised and noble looking man whose face is simply hard to read. His demeanor is measured and precise and each word that he speaks has meaning. While he is cordial with strangers, it is quickly apparent that Caelis is not one to quickly trust anyone. Rather, he is someone who fundamentally believes that words are cheap and that one should always look at another person's actions to see and understand their true nature. Thus, Caelis is typically the one who will speak less in a conversation as he is usually busy observing the other person.


Charm: 1

Lore: 3+1 = 4

Might: 1

Skill: 2+1 - 3

Focus: Administration

Foible: Diplomacy



Kingdom of Attolia

Description: The du Attolis dynasty has long been kings of Attolia. For many centuries, the people of Attolia lived largely in splendid isolation, tending to their own interests and not looking outwards. Why would they when there was peace, serenity and plenitude on the island? Yet, there would be those who wanted more no matter what it was. Conflict came to the people of Attolia several generations ago in the form of an emissary of Paigeturne. The King, Caelis' great grandfather, could see the writing on the wall. War was coming, and the vast Kingdom of Paigeturne could not be stopped unless much blood was spilled. Yet, rather than subject his own people to such travesty, the King made an agreement with the Kingdom of Paigeturne. The King of Attolia, in exchange for continued autonomy, would pay annual tribute to the Kingdom of Paigeturne and defer to it when it came to foreign affairs. Thus, the Kingdom of Attolia, became a tributary state to the Kingdom of Paigeturne.

The Attolians are avian-esque humanoids called Tengu. Their appearance is humanlike except for two notable differences. One is the fact that they have wings, and the other is that their noses are sharp and long like a beak. However, among the Tengu, only a minority are capable of proper flight as they have large wings that can support flight. These Tengu who are capable of flight are typically a part of the upper class/caste in Tengu society and are referred to as Great Tengu. The Great Tengu are believed to be blessed by the spirits, who granted/blessed them with such magnificent wings.

Attolians believe that every thing has a spirit. From the smallest rock to the mightiest river, each thing contains a spirit, whose power can be borrowed in order to cast magic. Yet, of these spirits, the sun is the most powerful of them all and is considered to be the leader of the spirits, in essence, a god. These powerful spirits are believed to have blessed certain Tengu and their families to have powerful wings, yet it is the du Attolis family that was the only bloodline to be blessed by the sun as they are the divine founders and leaders of the Kingdom of Attolia.

Fertility: 2
Industry: 2
Nobility: 2
Prosperity: 1

Realm Traits:

Grace and Focus: The Realm's Heroes and its Ruler receive +1 Skill. Your Levies receive some basic training with ranged weapons.

The Secret Art: The Realm's Heroes and its Ruler receive +1 Lore. Your common folk are somewhat more familiar with and resistant to magic.



Protected by both societal convention and a noble writ, the Bard is the liege's voice abroad in Paigeturne. Through song and tale they travel the land, lifting the spirits of the common folk and any of their more robust traveling companions. They are lovers, not fighters, but even the most villainous of individuals fears to raise their hand against a bard; even dreadful monsters hesitate to bring them harm. By ancient custom, the Bard is welcome in any hall, should they agree to share a story or a song for a place by the hearth. The greatest wisdom of the Bard is to know when song is needed, or silence.

Attributes: Charm 3, Lore 1+1=2, Might 0, Skill 2+1=3
Recruit: 1 Craft, 3 Influence, 3 Silver
At the beginning of each Turn, their is a chance (Based on their Charm) that the Bard Produces 1 Influence. Whenever the Bard takes the Travel Action, as long as they're in a Realm, they may Produce 1 more Influence.


Magic rings through Paigeturne and its inhabitants. The land hums with its subtle and awesome power, in particular in the most remote wildlands and secret places at its forgotten corners. The Magician can hear this hidden rhythm and dances to its ecstatic tune, and dedicates their life to mastering it. Magicians dwell in the courts of Paigeturne as advisers, historians, and scribes, using their lieges as protectors and patrons. They fill tomes and libraries with arcane knowledge (And more mundane information), identify curious relics, and dabble in alchemy.

Attributes: Charm 2, Lore 3+1=4, Might 0, Skill 1+1=2
Recruit: 4 Influence, 3 Silver
Pick a specialization for each Magician; Battle Magic


Few rulers care to admit it, but there's certain things they can't accomplish in a straightforward manner. An upstart rival, a troublesome family member, smuggler's rings, and thieves' guilds are but a few of the problems that the Scoundrel is required to handle. While not always a loathsome cad, most Scoundrels accept their role in life with a dark pride. Some serve their liege out of some twisted sense of honor. Others have a debt to pay, an obligation to society. But most are in it for the bright silver, the red wine, the maiden's laughter. Life's a game, and they're here to win it by any means necessary.

Attributes: Charm 2, Lore 0+1=1, Might 2, Skill 2+1=3
Recruit: 1 Food, 1 Influence, 5 Silver
Whenever the Scoundrel takes the Patrol or Rest Action, you gain 1 Silver.
Sounds good! Also, I recommend inkarnate. Even with the free version, you could make some cool maps!
The harsh cacophony of agitated water and grinding steel filled the air in a largely empty room with two notable excepts, a metallic hunk of animated iron in the middle and several men standing around it. While it was an unsightly object... the men in the room knew the potential value that such an object could have as it made repetitive movements. That was the key... it was a tireless metal beast of repetition. It did not have to rest. It did not sleep. It did not stop. It only had to eat. As long as the fires were fueled with coal, the engine would not stop. Day and night, it would continue its repetition. Grueling, repetitive manual labor could be replaced. Hispalis was on the verge of a new revolution.

Yet, the King of Hispalis kept his excitement tempered. The engine worked. It worked TOO well. It had the potential to disturb the jobs and livelihoods of thousands if not millions. Millers, weavers... and more could find themselves replaced by the 'machine'. Productive citizens were a foundation of a nation, and the engine threatened to disturb it if they were too careless with the implementation of the machine. Charles looked to the creator, Julio Vera, and said "Your ingenuity and resourcefulness are a treasure to the nation. Mr. Vera, you will hear from me soon. In the decades to come, your work may span entire cities if not the entire country. I will see to it, but first we must test the engine and see how economically viable it is in commercial use. Until then, farewell and continue to be a shining paragon of Hispalis ingenuity."


King Charles looked at the reports from the growing wars to the east. It was a scary fact and statistic to read, yet he knew that for the people who lived there that the horrors of war had reared its ugly head. Perhaps... it could have been avoided, but by now it was clearly too late. He prayed that the conflict would end swiftly and that despite all the bloodshed that it would not be in complete vain.

"...And when the burning moment breaks,
And all things else are out of mind,
And only joy of battle takes
Him by the throat and makes him blind,
Through joy and blindness he shall know,
Not caring much to know, that still
Nor lead nor steel shall reach him, so
That it be not the Destined Will.

The thundering line of battle stands,
And in the air Death moans and sings;
But Day shall clasp him with strong hands,
And Night shall fold him in soft wings."
Toletum - Noon

King Charles XII sat in his office with a stack of reports. He sighed as some concerning reports came in recently that would shape the continent in the coming months... more importantly the events would shape the continent in ways that King Charles XII Phillip would harm the Kingdom and its peoples. He looked up from the reports and looked at the two guards on duty that stood by the door. Charles XII called out "Corporal, tell me. Our soldiers are known throughout the continent for their abilities. What do you think makes our army different from the others?" The more senior soldier snapped to attention and saluted when he was called. Taking a second to think, the soldier replied "Our officers and traditions, My Majesty." Charles XII replied "How so, Corporal?" The Corporal paused for a few seconds once more to consider his words. "If I may tell you a story, My Majesty?" Charles nodded in approval.

"Majesty, when I was in training as a fresh volunteer to join the Hispalis Army, one of the other volunteers was caught one day by the camp's Commandant. The volunteer was on night watch duty, but was found asleep by the Commandant. Normally, most other armies would have the man whipped for his failure as punishment and a painful lesson, but that could potentially cripple even a young man. The Commandant instead woke up the volunteer and told him that if they were at war then the volunteer would be dead and the camp raided by the enemy. Thus, since the volunteer was a dead man, the Commandant ordered him to cover his head with a white blanket and become a ghost at midnight then walk through the barracks, making ghost noises and shaking everyone awake. For a month, me and the other recruits woke up in the middle of the night because of that volunteer. The Commandant made the point clear. The volunteer let himself down and his brothers in arms down, and the shame and humiliation stung more than a whip. At the same time, it taught us all a lesson and that moment remains both one of my hated and favorite memories from training, My Majesty."

Charles XII stifled a laugh as he imagined a grown man pretending to be a ghost in white sheets. Yet, the point was clear. The Commandant likely experienced something similar himself when he was younger and in training. It was the long military tradition of Hispalis in its centuries of constant conflict that had slowly formed a unique, collective memory in the Hispalis Army. A memory that has been passed down for generations and taught officers and soldiers what was effective. Charles XII replied "A very insightful story, Corporal. You may carry on." The Corporal saluted and returned to his former position as Charles XII returned to his reports with confidence, not just in himself but in the traditions and memories of the Kingdom.
The Old Guard of Hispalis was perhaps one of the oldest royal guard units in the continent or even the world. Tracing its lineage to the personal bodyguards of Hispalis tribal chieftains, the Old Guard were formally established during the reign of King Theo I and continued to guard the royal family for the past millennia with distinction and fidelity. Today, the Old Guard welcomed via an honor guard, a delegate from the Kingdom of Kehsi, a bit of an odd sight since the island nation had little to do with the matters of the continent typically. Yet, King Charles XII Philip in the back of his head suspected that the Kingdom sought a continent ally to deter any aggression from the Empire of Grimhout. King Charles didn't want to wantonly join in a pointless war that would only harm the Kingdom of Hispalis. The Kingdom of Kehsi, without a doubt, only sought to protect their holdings in the New World and desired to have a continental ally to split any aggression between the colonies and the mainland, yet it was obvious that the mainland was more dangerous and that war on the continent, more deadly. However, complete neutrality on the matter would only leave the Kingdom of Hispalis isolated in the international stage.

King Charles XII, with measured circumstance, welcomed the delegate to his court. The Kingdom of Kehsi, despite their self-interested demeanor, was a helpful ally to have in order to secure the seas and particularly the Strait. The Kingdom of Kehsi likely understood that Hispalis control over the strait could be a major boon to them in the great game of Empire. Between Hispalis army units and coastal forts, and the Kehsi navy... any attempt at seizing the strait would be a daunting challenge. Thus, King Charles XII and his statesmen would soon work diligently to propose a suitable agreement to the Kingdom of Kehsi with the end goal of continued peace and prosperity in mind.

Yet, the Kingdom of Kehsi was not the only nation that the Kingdom of Hispalis wished to improve relations with. King Charles XII also sent a delegation to the Kingdom of Arhan to speak with the Queen. The two Kingdoms had long been entwined since history with many Hispalis and Arhan natives having relatives and shared heritage. Long ago, the lands around the northern mountains were a part of the Hispalis domain, yet circumstances would see those lands drift as their remoteness and sheer distance made it impossible to govern effectively while being permanently threatened by the Caliphate. Yet, that did not mean that the two peoples could not get along now and join together in fraternity. Thus, with the goal of furthering relations, the delegate was sent to see if a treaty could be made with the Arhan as well.

Beyond the affairs of diplomacy and foreign relations, the Kingdom of Hispalis saw a surge of activity in the bay of Cadiz where the port had been ordered to be expanded by order of King Charles XII. It had become obvious that the Kingdom sought to expand their own naval capabilities, and was working on the facilities and infrastructure to support a larger and more modern navy. With the recent treaties and marriages, King Charles hoped to leverage them to attract talent to help expand the Hispalis navy, and indeed the nation as a whole as the Kingdom focused on civil research to expand the capabilities of the Kingdom. Regardless, one thing was clear, progress required time and money. Two things that the Kingdom of Hispalis would diligently labor to obtain if they did not have enough already.


King Charles XII watched the parade grounds of the newly founded Royal Artillery Academy and watched the procession of the first class of students. As they finished marching into formation, the class were soon addressed by a speaker. Speaking to this class was General Fernandez, an eclectic man, who was, without a doubt, one of the best to oversee the founding of this Academy. Behind General Fernandez was General Michael, a dashing figure, who was accompanied by several other officers, likely some of the new assistants and staff officers. Today seemed to be a calm and rather cheerful day until a messenger arrived with a report. Tensions between the Kingdom of Dorist and their eastern neighbor, the Kingdom of Stevata, seemed to be escalating. Not surprising, yet war was always an ugly matter. The Kingdom of Hispalis didn't have any reason to get involved in the conflict as none of its interests were represented by either side. Thus, opting to remain neutral on the matter, the Kingdom would not offer an official statement on the conflict other than offering to serve as a neutral mediator in any arbitration, urging the two sides to come to peaceful terms.
Sorry! Lost track of this RP due to work. Seeing how active you guys are, I'm not sure if I can keep up with the sheer scale/amount of RPers. So, I think it would be best if I withdraw from the RP. Wish you all the best of luck with the RP.
So, will this Khazaria be a Jewish (or equivalent) state as well?
The border gore in western and central europe is going to be pretty rough. A lot of 1 province thick borders.
Looks like we have our 6 test subjects... may the games begin!
So we have: not Spain, not Venice on steroids, not Prussia, and not Byzantium who seems to be having a major Bulgar problem. Spicy! A lot of room for history and relations.
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