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The small girl quickly turned to look towards the mage, grimacing at the appearance of an Imperial man in their city acting so friendly. "One copper for a slice, five for a loaf. We've also got some cheese for the bread, but that'll raise you another five copper, but it's really going to transform the taste!" Angie's salesmanship was stronger than her disposition towards others, all paled in comparison to the great and mighty coin!

Lothair smiled at the ambitious, young entrepreneur. She kind of reminded him of himself when he was younger. Lothair fished out two copper coins and replied "Just one slice for now, but if you're up for it. I'm pretty new to the town. Mind showing me around the town for a bit for a little bit to get yourself another coin? You look like you know the place well and I'm trying to find a certain Tu person to hand in a quest. Anything else interesting in the town that you think would be helpful for an aspiring adventurer like me would be appreciated... might even be more coin for you if its really fantastic."

"Ahhh? There's guides in town pal. If you want my expertise for thart sorta stuff, it'll run you more than a handful of copper. You have any silver? The Adventurer's Guild Secretary here is my older sister." Angie flashed her toothy smile to the mage, though would quickly snap from her wit and jump up attempting to swipe the two copper from the man's hand. She would then wink at him playfully, stepping back for a moment before speaking. "There's lots of new adventurers in town - nothing makes you special Mr. Imperial. Though, I will sell you some bread!"

Lothair chuckled and replied "Never claimed to be much more than a potential customer. Still, thank you for the little bit of information, Miss." as he lowered his hand to give the girl the two copper coins. "Now, I at least know who to come to for fresh bread in the morning. Pleasure to meet you, my name is Lothair." as Lothair reached for a handshake as well. He planned to wrap up the conversation and try to get the little girl's name. The Adventurer's Guild seemed like a good place to go to. Someone there could probably help Lothair meet with this Tu fellow.

"Angie Sanguiram, make sure you tell any adventurers you see that my bread is the best or I'll tell the guards you made a move on me." The young girl's hand reached out to shake Lothair's hand, clasping it delicately with her small hand. "And if you decide you're willing to drop a silver on some guidance, I'm your gal! But yeah, adventurer's guild is right next to the entrance of town - the building is too large to not notice." She smiled and nodded the man off before turning on her heel to walk away and continue selling to adventurers.

Lothair waved at the girl as she continued on her way. James on the other hand, decided to follow Angie's advice and check out the Adventurer's Guild and began to make his way to the large building and see if he could find some information there about Tu or anything else that seemed interesting.

As the mage entered the large redwood building he would find that it was filled to the brim with NPC adventurers sitting at tables with steins of ale, there were women in cute uniforms perched against the walls standing in attention awaiting someone to approach them and ask for information. The tavernkeep was an eldlerly man, muscular and tall, grayed hair, whereas the Guild Secretary who sat at a desk near stairs that were gated off simply glanced around the room making sure to keep the peace.


A few moments later...


After talking with one of the girls at the Guild Hall, Lothair stepped out of the giant Guild Hall where the helpful lady pointed out that he would find a guard standing by. He approached the nearest one and began to speak "Hello Guardsman, one of the ladies working at the Guild Hall told me that I should speak with you. She recommended that I speak with Tu and a certain Guardsman Fumb at the barracks. Would you mind bringing me to them? I have a quest to turn in to Tu and well... the lady told me I could find more work there as well."
Lothair - Level 3 Mage - Eastern Imperial

Lothair continued his way to the nearby town as the arrow indicated. Thankfully, it seemed that the game was willing to hold people's hand through navigating this new world at least a little bit. Imagine if they had to figure out where everything was just by world of mouth with no UI guidance... suddenly Lothair wished he had been a part of the boy scouts when he was younger, but regardless, Lothair followed the direction of the arrow so that he could meet with the NPC to hand in his slime cores.

However, once Lothair got to the city, he was met with a wave a people, players, NPCs, new sights.... everything. He was a bit dumbfounded as it became clear that finding this Tu Tauri Al would be harder than what he initially expected with all these people running about. In the corner of his eye, Lothair caught the sight of gold, fluttering through the chaotic streets. Turning his attention to it, he noticed a little girl peddling bread. Lothair remembered the info he heard about food helping with temp stats... plus... maybe there were secret stats like hunger as well? If your character didn't eat, then they started to suffer negative modifers or something. Regardless, Lothair approached the young, blond haired girl ... maybe she would know some stuff and help out a customer and asked "Excuse me, Miss. How much are you selling your bread for?"
Will be able to get a proper CS up this coming weekend. Work has been killer for the last few weeks. Earnings season...
Starting Zone: Lothair - Lv 1 Mage

Lothair casted magic missile from a distance and watched as the slime's HP was slightly chipped away. "Jeez, this thing is pretty beefy." He said out loud as he accepted the party request. Lothair was confused by Lynir's comment. "Wha... ducks? There's ducks in the game?" as he looked around the area with nothing that looked like one in sight. Was this guy just roleplaying or something? Lothair wasn't too sure what was going on, but he quickly returned his focus to the slime that they were fighting and began to cast his next barrage of magic missile.

16 this time around. The party had almost chipped away a third of the slime's health so far... this grind really would be a grind at this rate. He figured that they would have to rest between each fight. "I don't think it's particularly weak to magic either! It just has a lot of HP for some reason!"Lothair yelled back.
Starting Zone: Lothair - Lv 1 Mage

Lothair blinked as he went through the game's menus. Since it was a brand new game, it felt fresh and different, though he knew that after some time he would be able to navigate the menus like a pro after a bit of time. It seemed not too different compared to a lot of other menus from RPGs as he read and accepted this beginner quest to hunt for slimes and collect 5 cores. Closing the menu, he began to look around the amazing scenery. When was the last time that James had been to the beach? He couldn't really remember, but this was certainly a close second to the experience... hell the beach was more pristine than most beaches in real life. Or at least it seemed like that would be the case if there weren't thousands of players suddenly rushing to complete the beginner quest nearby. It was kinda chaotic here... and loud. Everyone was excited and wanted to get started on their journeys, but it was kinda hard to get his bearing in this chaos.

Regardless, Lothair proceeded to blink his way through the menu to equip his complementary cape and start making his way north past the hordes of players fighting slimes. He didn't want to start off with having to worry about kill stealing other players or getting kill stolen... or having to wait for more slimes to respawn or something cause they're being over hunted right now. Thus, he figured that walking further north towards the city, away from where people spawned in, was the best choice anyways. There would be less people, and more slimes available. Plus, he had to go to the city anyways to hand in the quest. The quicker he got things done, the better. Thus, Lothair began to make his way towards the city, looking for better hunting grounds to finish the quest away from the freshly spawned mass of players. He would stay his distance and target low level slimes with his magical missile once he found a decent place.

Level : 1
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Eastern Imperial
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Combat Info
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Body 3
Spirit 9
Technique 3
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Magic Missile
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Basic Staff
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Personal Info
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In real life, James is a young and ambitious investment banker who is always analyzing and selling securities and other assets as needed or requested. After all, his job was to facilitate and aid his client to raise capital. In such a demanding field, James didn't have much personal time other than to sleep and perform self-care. Thus, after a break from gaming, ARI came out, which allowed James to enjoy his limited time off while he slept. To James, the ARI was a godsend as it enabled him to get much needed sleep, have something of a social life, have a hobby, and keep up with the heavy demands of his job. James has used his ARI to return to his hobby as he could not literally play games with his eyes closed.
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Looks interesting!

Name: Lothar Wolff

Alias: N/A

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 27

Occupation: Aristocrat/Merchant


Personality: Optional. If you do not list this for yourself, do take care for your character to be consistent.

History: At least a brief overview of events that significantly shaped your character's life so far.

Inventory: What of your character’s stuff survived the wreck (Attire/armor, weapons, runes...)?

High stamina: With the exception of Demons within the Abyss, Humans will keep going where others would have to stop to take a breath.
Inexperienced mages: Human mages are generally considered inferior to even Dwarven ones, though there are exceptions to the rule.
Good reputation: Humans are well-regarded by all except Elves, as Humans almost drove them from Altheim.

Talents: What’s your character good (or utterly incompetent) at (fighting, crafting, medicine, bartering...)?
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