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Understood, I just wanted to how eurocentric the culture is. I had some ideas for an Andes/native american mountain cultures or even east asian mountain cultures, but if we're sticking with generally European then understood!
Interested as well!

Edit: How flexible are we allowed to be with out interpretations of the Angaturiz?
Looks promising!
James Zemurray took to the podium and cleared his throat before continuing to speak

"Gentlemen, friends, and citizens of Balruba! On behalf of my compatriots to the north, I wish to congratulate you all in these trying, yet hopeful and exciting times. While I may not be a citizen of Balruba, I have the fortune and privilege to call many of you my friend. It is for that reason that I wish the best for the nation and its people. Thus, it is out of concern that I have come to speak in this Conference. The United States was designed with one basic concept in mind. To preserve liberty and freedom for its people. Not only from Tyrannical Kings, but also from the tyranny of the majority. We have all seen the horrors that have occurred in Germany, and how populist uprisings in a Republic could lead to the gruesome images that we have all undoubtedly seen of the various concentration and labor camps such as Dachau. The government must be a beacon of stability, not subject to the fickle whims of the people or to the trickery of a charismatic artist, thug or charlatan.

Thus, I urge you all to vote for the formation of a bicameral system that values both the value of the people and of the provinces of the state. This is a form of governance that will provide a voice to the minority that would otherwise be washed out and prevent populists from causing unrest and instability in this new nation."



James speaks out in support of Option 1.
Character Name: James Zemurray
Character Age: 33
Character's Portfolio: (May choose one of the below)
- Foreign Investor: Starts with $10,000,000. $5,000,000 (at 5% Interest) and 0% Corruption*.


James is the 3rd son of a major shareholder of the United Fruit Company who has been very active in the recently independent island to establish business relations as his first major assignment. Now that the island is sovereign, James' work has paid off as he had been given the green light by the government to bring in foreign investment into the country. With the backing of his father and the corporate sponsorship of the United Fruit Company, James now seeks to expand the fruit industry and infrastructure within the nation of Balruba and bring the island into the international market with a major export.
I think so, join the discord! Most of the OOC/organization stuff happens there.
Potential demi-god here! Link to discord please?
The Lady Saphira, or her mortal coil, began to climb up the tallest tree that she could find. "Wha- what are you doing?" The shaman stuttered. Offering no explanation, she continued her ascent to get a better view. Salvdal, seeing what she was doing, knew what the plan was. Like a hunter, they would face a large pack of predators by taking down the pack leader, throwing the pack into chaos and infighting. Except this time, it was an army. Lady Saphira began to scan the camp to see if they could determine the leadership of the army, or at the very least find the spirit that guides the army. With a single long draw of a bow, Lady Saphira would attempt to throw the army into chaos, at the very least buying time for the Attolians by using hit and run tactics, something that the spirit was clearly very capable of with her physical acumen and archery.

Salvdal, doing what he does best, began to scan the area to see if there were any stray, lone targets from the army, perhaps they were foraging for food, patrolling or using the bathroom. Regardless, if he could capture one of them, then he was confident in his abilities to make the prisoner talk and tell them about the army, its leadership, and where their leader was. They needed info somehow and he would try to track down the lone deer that is straying from its herd.


Back at the Attolian camp, Caelis ordered for the settlement to continue to evacuate, but also called for volunteers to form a militia. They were elves. They were swift, skilled with the bow, and very capable with magic. Speed and range in the flat plains are deadly. Caelis did not plan to fight a pitched battle, but rather use the militia to skirmish, harass, and generally prevent the enemy from scavenging or foraging for food. The plains were not friendly and did not have much food. So, unless the enemy had a lot of stored food, which would be unlikely as it would weigh them down, then the enemy clearly were relying on foraging. The militia could effectively launch attacks and raids on foraging parties.



Event: Lady Saphira hatches an ambitious plan to try to find and assassinate the leadership of the army or at the very least the spirit that guides the enemy with Salvdal trying to capture a lone soldier that strays too far from the camp for information.

The Attolians continue to migrate north, but Caelis asks for volunteers to form a militia to conduct raids, and hit an run attacks to wage an asymmetrical war against the enemy.
Probably would try to join as a business if this launches.
Name: The Caelae

Brief description: The Caelae are a semi-nomadic tribe, who typically rotate between three semi-permanent settlements every several years with their herd. These settlements are somewhat distant from each other, requiring a few weeks of travel. But the general trend is that these settlements were made in grasslands and plains that occasionally have small hills and streams breaking up the landscape.

Main deity:
The Caelae believe that everything has a spirit, from rivers to even the tiniest pebble, but the greatest of them all is the Solis, the spirit/god of the sun who leads a sort of pantheon of all the spirits and keeps things in check. Often, Solis is personified as male and appears as a stern, charismatic chieftain whose radiance is too bright to allow anyone to see his face. The Caelae worship him because the sun is both the bringer of life and taker. The sun provides warmth and light, but also can burn and dehydrate. Plants grow thanks to the sun, and yet the desert is proof of Solis's power to take life as well. To keep Solis pleased, the Caelae often hold various, lavish rituals, celebrations, feasts, and offerings. For example, the first day that the flowers bloom is celebrated with the creation of a large bonfire to represent the first Caelis being born once more and guiding the Caelae through divine providence. This bonfire is often then accompanied with the sacrifice of an animal and a feast.

Side deities:
The Tsulae, (what we know as the stars), are believed to be the family of Solis, trusted with supporting Solis when he rests. They are ranked in importance by their brightness and size. The largest, (the moon) is called the Tsulis. A great, large star that is believed to be the sister of Solis. If Solis is the flamboyant, bringer of light, then Tsulis is the calm voice of reason and clarity, helping to guide Solis in his eternal duty.

The tribe is lead by the Caelis, meaning first of the Cael (adjective form of Caelae), who is the eldest son of the previous Caelis. Legend has it that the first Caelis was born due to the grace and majesty of Solis himself and was made with a powerful flame/explosion. Thus, the Caelis is viewed as the direct descendant of Solis and is gifted with divine right to guide the people to prosperity in this harsh world.

Inhabited area and settlements:
The Caelae have three settlements that they bounce around every few years. The reason for this is because the Caelae believe that Solis powers is spread evenly throughout the world. Thus, if they continue to farm and live off of one specific area, then the crops, plants, and animals would slowly start to die out as a famous Caelae story tells of a time where the Caelae once overstayed in a location and it led to a mass famine as most of the crop failed because they had used up all of Solis' power in the region.

The Caelae are a relatively mobile people. Thus, they rely on the swift hunters of the tribe to make sure that no threat comes too close. However, in recent history some of the hunters have seemingly befriended some wolves who now help the hunters and herders find animals and keep them in check.

The origin story of the Caelae is that a group of starving cave dwellers saw a man approach them with the sun rising behind him. This man seemingly walked from the sun to them with a small herd of animals. The first Caelis was a nomadic shepard who came across these unfortunate souls and helped them learn how to take care and manage animals rather than kill them on sight and eat them. They learned that over time, these animals would continue to provide for them as long as they protected the herd. And thus, the Caelae are the descendants of the first Caelis and the cave people who have continued using Caelis' knowledge and skills through generations.

Important people:
Caelis - The current leader of the Caelae.
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