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@rougeLily Sent it

I may be interested in this. I'll try and come up a character :)
@KatherinWinter I made an MIB agent/supernatural character. Hope it's okay.

Name: Carmensita "Carmen" Ramanan
Age: 28
Species: Siren

    - Persuasion/Manupulation , In mythology sirens are known to lure men and women to their untimely deaths at sea. They can easily entice people of any specie, with mortals being much easier to control and seduce and if powerful enough, can fully take hold of person against their will. A Very useful skill for interrogations.
    - Emotional Empathy Similar to their Persuasion powers they can control and shift a person/group of people's current emotion through songs.

    -Goal driven, has a pragmatic mindset. It helps her achieve her goals faster and in the most effective manner.
    - Flexible, can steadily work in different environments, perfect skill for undercover work and subterfuge.
    - Street smart. Knows her way around the streets since she was a child. A survivalist.
    - Persuasive. Always knows the right words to say. Mostly.

- Excessive physical trauma, though she's not actually human, her body is still as equally squishy.
- Over-confidence in self and in choices that can sometimes lead to bad decisions.
- Impatient, gets ansty easily. Can pose a problem for her superiors, in cases she will disobey direct order. Carmen will do things on her own.


With Carmen's siren abilities, and love for a thrilling fieldwork, she applied work for MIB at a relatively young age. Before that, she was an orphan, growing up in the streets she relied on her skills to survive. One day the MIB was in the search of a dangerous supernatural, and Carmen who was 16 at the time was caught in the middle of a raid. When she was discovered MIB agents thought her skills would be useful to their cause. She used her to track down the person, whom she knew, persuaded him and brought great results for her efforts. At first she did undercover work, working in high class clubs and bars as a singer to spy on and manipulate their targets. Her skills and gifts proved to be great in the field and officially she applied and became an agent years later.
Watching this for the meantime.

Count me in.
I've been unexpectedly busy lately but I'll have and jump my character in after I get some RL errands done. Expect a post soon.
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