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Would it be safe to assume you are still accepting characters for this role play? If so I have a character from a book I was writing at one point I would like to use here.
The only reason I even used that anime is because out of the anime and games I have seen it seems to offer the most freedom for skills and abilities. If I knew of another that offered the same freedom I would use that. I hate the story of SAO, but the world of the game it takes place in is what I like.
I want to create a role play that is a mixture between a video game and forum based styles for mechanics. The focus would be more forum based than game mechanics however. In combat while character stats would have an affect on how combat could turn out it would not be the be-all-end-all for the outcome. Quality (and to some extent quantity) of posts would add to how well a character would do.

As an example you could think of how mechanics are done in current Elder Scrolls Online (minus the lag and connectivity issues) if you have played that; just because you are twice someone's level doesn't mean you will always win. As for how the environment is, think something like the anime series Sword Art Online for how a character would be controlled and how you interact with everything; your input device is connected to your body and redirects signals from the brain to send to the character, and in reverse it sends signals to the brain to allow you to use your 5 senses to interact with the world.

Abilities I plan to have work similar to the Sword Art Online series where there are nearly infinite possibilities, though with some needing to be unlocked via some method or another. Stats will be fairly simple and pulled from an old game I used to play years ago. I won't get too much into this right now until I get more interest or if specifically asked about it.

As for the story of the game the characters (you guys) will all have been beta testers for the game. There will be magic and more than just humans as playable races, haven't fully decided what all I want to have and will consider requests. Classes will be there but will only really give bonuses to different aspects rather than limiting what skills and abilities you can get. The world will be fantasy with the high end of technology yet to be decided though likely being no higher than pre-industrial with magic gear being common in place of fossil fuel based. I have yet to decide if I will have a character, just be the game master (like in D&D), or if I will do both; this will partially depend on how much interest this generates.

If anyone can think of tags that sounds like they may be good to add to this feel free to suggest them to me.

Will be added when they become relevant.

If I get at least 3 people at least interested I'll get started on a discord to help talk about aspects that people may want to see in the game.

If there ends up being 3 people that want to do this and not just interested I'll start making the role play.

If we get 6 or more people that are wanting to start with this I'll start accepting applications for a co-GM to help with this role play. Not absolutely needed, but would be something that I would appreciate.
Hello everyone! I have been role playing and creative writing for around 15 years and have some GM experience as well. I don't do well in non-fiction worlds, but I can adapt to almost any fiction. My preferred genres are fantasy, sci-fi, anime based/inspire (not using the actual characters), magic, supernatural, and others that are similar. As far as post size, I tend to do better with para and semi-para post types. For group sizes I am open to all kinds but tend to gravitate to small, mid, and 1x1 sizes. I play both male and female but more often use males.

If anyone wants to role play feel free to message and invite me.
I am interested in this role polay. I sent a message to the creator, but as of this post still awaiting a reply.

Also, bump!
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