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Current I just want to say that I am happy that I recently broke my own promise to myself and actually looked at all this Fallout 76 stuff, cause I almost made the mistake of buying it.
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Shapeless self promotion / Hope people like superhero themed stuff…
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How are character sheets on the decline? I understand it being possible to not have a real sheet for something like a slice of life sort of thing, but for one with any sort of combat?
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Perhaps this whole Mahz thing is like in DBZ? We need to gather the Dragon Balls so we can bring him back from wherever he is, even if that is death itself.
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Little Sister Aja
Day 1, Morning
15 Minute walk from Dueling Peaks Stable

@Holy Soldier


Aja looked up as the sun rose above everything else in the sky, coating the land in a blinding array of reds, yellows and oranges. This was her favorite time of day, that quiet moment between day and night where the world seemed to forget to continue moving, if only for a moment. When even the Bokoblins looked up at the sky in awe, reaching forwards to try and capture the fleeting beauty, wishing it would last just a moment longer. Aja blushed at nobody in particular as she realised she had stopped moving comlpetely just to stare at the sunrise, she remembered how Big Brother used to get up early with her to watch the sun rise, but quickly dismissed the memory as she suddenly broke into a run, the heavy bag of ore and stone from other locations barely seeming to weigh her down. She had to get there quickly, she was never late and at this rate she would not be there soon enough to set up properly.


Aja had just barely made it across the bridge by the point the sun had finally risen above the twin peaks, and had just enough time to cross the bridge and reach an empty space near the other merchant setups that she could settle into.

Moving slowly and surely, her mere step caused the earth nearby to shudder as she carved out a 2 foot sloping dent in the earth where she set up shop. She sat there for a good hour from there, sitting cross legged and feeling the earth for her goal until a food wide circle of earth shuddered and allowed a small chunk of metal to rise.

She smiled to herself, dusting off the chunk of iron and humming gently as the metal warped underneath her touch. She broke small chunks off the metal that were eventually molded into rings and small shining orbs that one could easily see their reflection in, and use the rest to finish several animal figurines. Wolves whose differences in coat color were marked by several shades and types of stone fused together as if they had grown that way, bears, horses and even knights made of stone and iron.

She sighed as she finished, looking up and around her to finally notice how closely she had set up shop near another trader. It would have been irresponsible of her to not remember Bugut's presence from just the items displayed alone. She grinned as she rose to her knees, her eyes peering out of her little trench as she spoke out. "Bugut, what are you doing here? Not many people to swindle here!" Aja yelled out with a grin, she vaguely remembered the man from a meeting when she was much younger, but had since heard tales of his success.
MamaFang listened quietly, hindsight was always 20/20 was it not? At any rate MamaFang may have understood how she could have handled it better, but at least it was down to proper business. "Do not apologize for acting as you did Parks, neither should Chopper or anybody else here. We were supposed to be friends or at least allies here and I lost my temper, but at least my point has gotten across and we at least know what we are to do." It was really all she wanted, some real answers. But the stress of taking care of a surprising amount of preteens over the last month had gotten the better of her. She kept silent over the finish of the meeting, nodding as Parks finished and the message arrived. She was not exactly hurting for money seeing as many of the kids in her guild were content to go for production subclasses including cook and others, especially in the recent month. "At any rate, I need to ready myself but as Parks said, everybody should enjoy themselves be it food or otherwise." With that MF stood, disappearing into a side room and leaving TinyFang to stand beside her mother's chair, trying to figure out what exactly it was she should do.

"Uhh, well that could have gone better. I apologize on her behalf, she has had quite the month. I would imagine everybody here has though. Just, being the Leader of The Fang Family has kind of changed in meaning recently, as now she has to make sure her entire guild is fed and cared for... you know I had no idea how many kids actually played games like these." TinyFang sighed as she scooped up an apple and looked around. "I assume somebody here has some sort of plan when it comes to these monsters right? I mean excuse my ignorance but is this not similar to a, err, a 'raid'? I think I might be not understanding some of the problem but I was never big on these sorts of games, heck most of my level at the moment is from my mother's help." TinyFang slid backwards into her mother's seat, vaugely noting Relka's smile at her and responding with a sideways nod. She could have been doing anything else right now, but she was now having to deal with some huge issue alongside her mother.
should have a starter post done later today
Now from the title one may assume I am looking for the story to revolve around some sort of full on villain and some young hero being stolen away from their morals, but this is not so!

The plot I have in mind involves a world where supernatural abilities are common enough that govermnets around the world have developed schools of sorts to train individuals so they do not become troublesome later in life, and to study these abilities in depth. Following a sort of alliance of the powered who did not feel as if they needed to be watched over by the goverment, the previously laughable idea of "Heroes and Villains" became an all too required reality. This began the adaption of these small schools/research facilities into full on hero schools meant to train young people to help combat the now global and terrifying threat of villains.

Your character is a student at one of these schools, perhaps hitting the near the end of what would be their Senior year of high school, when they find they have been given a special task by the headmaster. It seems that a very high ranking villain actually bore a child without the knowledge of the world until very recently. The heroes had a chance to steal the boy away. However due to his severe violence twoards "real" heroes, his care was put up to you, a veritable "star student" until the point where his fate could be decided.


Heroes of this world tend to "Rank" once their abilities evolve. Those who have yet to evolve tend to posess more general powers. For example, before evolving one may have increased physical strength, but after their evolution they might gain a second aspect to this ability, or simply have their previous ability strengthened, such as having increased physical durability to go with said super strength, or having said previous strength doubled. Each hero is different due to these evolutions, and the evolutions tend to come about with the use and training of one's abilities, marking a milestone of sorts. Until one evolves, somebody who is powered is known as a "Sidekick" and afterwards they are known as "Hero Rank 1" increasing with each evolution. Because of this heroes and villains tend to be extremely powerful and diverse the more they train and test their abilities. Currently there are only 2 known " Rank 4 " powered humans in the world, one being a hero, and the other being a villain.

As of right now I do not have much more for this idea, but I am more than willing to hear any ideas from interested parties, so PM me!


Ike sat himself on the couch as he waited for the oven. Narcussis meanwhile finished the can of food in record time and proceeded to explore the countertop. Sliding back so that he left himself in a slouched position, he pulled out a small book, and true to his word earlier it was in fact a shoddy romance novel. This one in particular had a very half dressed pirate man adorning the cover, and still had the 'Sale! $1.00' sticker on it, barely visible due to the second sticker covering it reading 'Sale! 25 cents!' Ike periodically chuckled to himself as he read, the book seemed based around some ladies man pirate who always seemed to get out of nearly any situation by going shirtless. It was hilarious more than anything, and Ike consistantly found himself eagerly awaiting what insane logic would accompany his next escape, perhaps this time the Captain of the Ship following him would be a woman, that seemed very likely with the way things had currently been unfolding.

Ike looked up when Lillie spoke, it was true that this was a new place, so the assumtion that Narcissus would sleep with him was a very good one. "Well, Narcissus might get himself into trouble exploring his new enviroment, so I would keep an eye out for that, but otherwise I assume he will keep close to me, always had when in new places." Narcissus at this point, had quite enough of the counter and leaned over the edge to peer at the ground, his rear swaying side to side. Ike snickered as he nodded in Narcissus's direction, mouthing the word 'watch' as Narcissus quickly settled into a crouch before launching himself off the counter, legs outstreched in alarm as he quickly realized his mistake and dropped to the floor with a gentle thud. With slight hesitation Narcissus blinked a few times before looking up at Ike accusingly and scrambling up the side of the couch, settling into a space next to him.

"As you can see, Narcissus is not always the smartest thing, sturdy though, I will give him that. Once got himself stuck behind the fridge at my house. He tends to get stuck a lot now that I think about it, his curiosity tends to get the better of him. Can normally take care of himself though, he knows what to avoid, wires and other such things. Anything else you wanted to know? Anything is fair game to be honest."Ike slid his hand over Narcissus as he listened for Lillie's response, vaugely looking over the same page of his book over and over again.
@Holy Soldier

Working on an IC post
@Holy Soldier got it up in the CS tab

Character Name: Aja
Nickname: Little Sister
Age: 10
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Height: 4ft
Weight: 63Lbs
Hair Color: Pale Blonde
Eye Color: Storm Grey

Written Description: A tiny thing, Aja seems unsuited for the mountains where the Goron live. She has a small frame, pale skin that never seems to tan and pale blonde hair that she refuses to cut or brush, leaving her to look like a wild animal when one first sees her pericing grey eyes staring at them from behind her mess of hair. She wears a sort of close fitting jumsuit made of thin cloth of varying shades of brown. This cloth is split into two peices, a lower half that begins thick, a soft deep brown cloth that hugs her from the waist to the knees, followed by leg wraps that are tightly woven and leave her feet untouched and free. The upper half is much the same as the lower, a set of thicker darker cloth that could be mistaken for thin leather hugs her upper half, extending all the way down to her waist and up to a collar that obscures her mouth and nose. This is followed by a set of lighter thinner cloth that is wrapped around her arms and hands like bandages, leaving her fingertips exposed.

Goddess: Din
Primary Weapon: Iron Knuckles / A set of pure iron knuckledusters forged for her by a Goron Blacksmith, it's surprisingly intricate, with her and her close 'family' having their names engraved onto them.
Off-hand: N/A
Projectile: Slingshot
Magic Power: Din the Earthshaper - Ever since she could remember, Aja has been able to mold the earth to her will. From sudden jutting chunks of rock to attack her enemies, or gently shaping stone like clay only for it to suddenly harden again. This acts as another limb, requiring little to no extra thought or effort on her part for her to acheive. However there is a limit. Aja can only manipulate earth within 7 feet of her, the type of earth does not matter but the amount she tries to move does. Currently she is only able to effectively use up to her own weight in stone during combat, and is able to forcefully move nearly twice that amount, albeit at a slower rate and with much more effort. She is also able to manipulate raw metals, but this takes nearly twice the effort and as a result is useless in combat, she mainly uses this skill to add raw metal ore to her creations. If she were to focus, Aja can sense a difference in stone she cannot see, and given time she can physically locate gaps in the earth or ores.

Occupation: Merchant - She makes and sells dolls, figurines and trinkets made of stone and raw metal ore. These dolls are surprisingly well made, and if she puts effort into them, she can make a surprisingly recognisable copy of a person.

Current Story: Left with a small group of Goron Merchants when she was barely 1, Aja does not know who her birth parents were, though if she were to find them she would likely crush their bones to dust. As far as she is concerned, Big Brother and Pops ( her own names for the two Goron who had been caring for her for nearly nine years now ) are her only family. Her ability and skill with the earth easily made the the two Goron happy, and she got along easily. Though they traveled quite a bit, they often stopped in the mountainus region where the Goron hail from, allowing her to get to know her entire 'family'. After years of practicing her magic, Aja decided it was high time she began her own merchant's journey. With gifts from her 'family' in the shape of Iron Knuckles and a pouch of coins, Aja set off at the young age of 10 to explore the world, and secretly? To see if she could find those who left her behind.

Instrument:Bones - A set of two rib bones cut to only 4 inches each and hollowed out in such a way that they produce clear notes akin to an exotic xylophone when struck together. They are often played with one hand, and can produce a surprising range of notes.

Song:Heat of Din - A song that reminds one of home, wherever it may be, of companionship, with whoever you may care for. Heat of Din causes Aja o begin generating heat in a 3 foot radius. Changing the tempo changes the amount of heat generated, from a gentle warmth to a campfire-like heat.


Trinket crafting- From necklaces and rings to toys and statuettes, Aja has hones her craftsmanship with her magic to a fine level. The things she makes often sell quite well, and wealthier patrons sometimes pay more for special requests, be they specific stones or metals, or a specific subject.

Avid Fighter - Though lacking in formal training, Aja's constant squabbles with her larger and tougher 'siblings' has given her a knack for physical combat, hence her preference of knuckle dusters.
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