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Current I'd say your worst side's your best side.
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You like to think that you're the best part of me but I confess, there is nothing left of you here.
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I serve it up in a shot so suck it down like a man.
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But no matter how many fish in the sea, it'd be so empty without me.
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There's another world inside of me that you may never see.


Girl. 26. America.

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He did a roundhiuse kick holding two guns?
The spear missed. Kallisto could barely believe her eyes. She had decades of training and had slaughtered hundreds of enemy soldiers but couldn’t hit a man standing mere feet in front of her. Her rage enveloped her. Cho staggered slightly from the hit but his face barely flinched. He sighed and pulled the dory from himself.

"Why is it that everyone I come across has to want to kill me? First Kol, then that undead boxer guy, now you too?..."

His incessant chattering was obnoxious and more than Kallisto was willing to put up with. He needed death and he needed it now. She watched as he reversed his grip on the spear and tossed it back at her. It landed in the water at her feet. Why does he not strike at me immediately?

"You'll have to do better than that, Spartan." He challenged her, mocking her. He was too casual, too cavalier and she was going to take advantage of that. She launched at him. The gap between them was small and, if he wasn’t paying attention, she could strike before he made a move.

He drew out his pistol, turning it on and removing the safety. He lowered it at her shield just as she reached him.

"You require my aid, sire?"

"Eeyup. Give her hell."

"Of course, sire."

She was directly in front of him now. If he shot, he’d hit her shield at point blank range. She dropped her left shoulder and arm, causing her shield to follow. She threw her weight down on her knees with her left foot leading her right. The shield pressed up at Cho’s groin, the top of it underneath his chin, at his chest. She sprung off her feet at him, her full weight behind her shield. She was going to put this warrior on his ass.
Should have a post up today.
"Warrior, at least give me thy name! It would not be fair if I were to fight a nameless hero!"

Kallisto's adversary tried making conversation with her again. Surely this is an attempt to distract me and not a weakness, she thought. The Spartan was not the type to underestimate her opponent. She watched cautiously as he lowered his weapon at her. Though she lived in ancient times, Athena had granted her familiarity with modern weapons, including the gun the man now held. Kallisto knew better than to wait for him to strike. If she did, her shield may be damaged beyond use.

She instantly scanned the space between them. She estimated it to be the approximate length of her spear, maybe a foot or two longer. Her spear would be her best guarantee right now. In one swift movement, Kalliso rolled the spear in her hand until it rested on the top of her palm and raised it just above the height of her shoulder. Keeping her shield in front of the vital area of her body, she drew back her shoulder, feeling every toned muscle in her back straining with familiarity. This was a move her people had perfected. Her hips rotated, shifting her right leg slightly back to give her leverage. She drew in a breath and lauched the spear in the short distance between her and her foe, aiming straight for his unprotected stomach and intestinal area. She released her breath as the spear left her hand. She dropped back in a defensive crouch and prayed to Athena.
Alright, I'll go with 10 feet. My post should be up soon.
How far apart are they?
I'm not going to be on again until Monday so I'll have to post then.
@Imaginary yo, you gonna post?

Yup, but probably not until later today
No, you definitely explained what they do physically well enough, it's just this grey area that I'm confused as to how we decide the result:

@Imaginary possibly breaking the shield entirely or just chunks of it.

How we decide what it actually does?

ps - just so it's clear, this is my first battle and I'm 110% green at this so if my question is stupid or obvious, I blame that.
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