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2 yrs ago
I apologize to all RPs I was in for my disappearance. My schoolwork was very demanding this past semester. If any of you would like to contact me, feel free.


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@Hallion Are you talking about the feral population of the Nosferytes? If so, Tyler said the non-feral Nosferytes are unaware of the growing population of ferals in the mountains. Other than that, I don't believe they have an actual society as they go completely animalistic once they become feral.
As far as them traveling, I went off the assumption as long as they protect their fair skin from the sun they would be fine. Tyler had no objections to me going off that assumption.
@Hallion as do I. I talked to Tyler about my two concepts to aid in my decision. If anyone else here would like to see both my concepts and help me with the decision between them, I certainly wouldn't say no to the help.
<Snipped quote by Ink Blood>

Awesome :) Meh, Elves are okay but the Nosferyte race resonates with me the most.

They did with me too. My original concept was a Nosferyte swordmaster. Now, I'm divided between him and a treasure hunter concept I'm toying with.
@Hallion Tyler is looking for a large group, so I would say there's still room, and yes those are the races we can play, except the elves. Unless you can convince Tyler otherwise.
I am still working on my new sheet. I believe I have it to where I just need to write his history.
I'm still game. I've just been sick and recovering since Saturday, so my sheet should hopefully be up Monday.
@NuttsnBolts I understand. I was just passing along what I found out.
@NuttsnBolts alright. I checked, and the user has not logged on in 2 years.
Could I get my name changed to Ink?
I'm working on the history section of my app currently. I saved my progress so far in my post if you want to look over it.
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