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Current I apologize to all RPs I was in for my disappearance. My schoolwork was very demanding this past semester. If any of you would like to contact me, feel free.


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The current year is 2525. About a hundred years ago, the humans of Earth almost destroyed themselves with constant war over resources, poisoning their very world. The fighting only stopped when visiters from beyond the stars revealed themselves to the humans; they called themselves the Sect. Emergency cease fires followed by UN meetings brought the violence to a screeching halt to decide how humanity as a whole would meet these newcomers. Before they could reach a decision, the alien race made contact, proclaiming they would allow some of the Earth’s popoulation to board their ships and make a new life in the stars. The world leaders decided to take the offer as opposed to total annihilation. The visitors allowed the humans to pick for themselves who would live and board their vessel and who would be left to die.

The process of deciding took months on the part of the world leaders. They chose themselves and their kind, the Earth’s top percentage of citizens. They boarded the vessel to be whisked away from their doomed world, but as the vessel took off, it was destroyed by the aliens. They spoke once more to the remaining humans, explaining that they had known what the decision would be and instead chose to destroy the selfish humans and allow the wouldbe doomed to board their vessels and leave the doomed planet behind.

After rescuing the humans from their dying world, the aliens helped them to settle on Mars. From there, humanity used their second chance at life to spread out amongst the stars and have become a normal part of life in the vast reaches of space, bringing new cultures and ideas to the Universe. They have since been inducted into the Intergalactic Federation of Unity, an organization similar to the antiquitted UN of Earth, which has been converted into a galactic junk yard. The IFU does their best to keep peace between the various races of the Universe, but there has been a split since humanity has joined. Some races don’t thinnk the humans deserve to be a part of the IFU since they came so close to destroying themselves and their own world and believe they are a poison.

This divide has sparked a war among the stars. Our tale, however, has little to do with the war directly and instead focuses on the Average Joe of the Verse. This story is about a ragtag group of individuals who just try to make ends meet and survive off of a mix of their own skills and dumbluck.

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@Holy Soldier didn't think I'd be this busy.
I apologize for the wait. I've been busy lately. I'm working on the OP as we speak though. If there's anyone even left...?
Sorry for not being very active, everyone. Work had been busy. I am working on reformatting and adding to the OP. Who all is still alive out there?

@Dbird2@Virgil@deegee@Holy Soldier@Tsar Gatto
@Holy Soldier Merine looks good. I will add it when I finish with the formatting edits to the OP. I'd also be interested in a race entry for the Guardians, but you don't have to obviously.
@deegee everything looks good to go. You can move Vreyol to the character tab.
@deegee I'll review all your apps when I get off work later tonight.
@Holy Soldier, looks good. Just fill out a race application for the Pisces, and then you can move Jimmy over to the character tab.
EDIT: Pleas eprovide more information for his homeworld.

@deegee, the Melatrin look good. I will agree with virgil on the edits, so once that's done I will add them to the UE.
@Tsar Gatto, thank you. I'm going for a vibe sort of like Cowboy Bebop in the sense of the characters being average or above average and just making their way in the universe on a mix of their skills and dumbluck. I figure our crew will travel all over really. Of course, traveling into the warzones will be dangeorus, so sticking to the outskirts of the universe will definitely have it benefits, but there also may not be much work to be had or money earned way out there. I am working on a few races right now, one of which is a reptillian race, so you can wait and see if you'd like to use it or feel free to make your own of course.
@deegee, yes.
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