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2 yrs ago
I apologize to all RPs I was in for my disappearance. My schoolwork was very demanding this past semester. If any of you would like to contact me, feel free.


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@Mistress Dizzy here are some images I found.

I know it's Heimdall, but I just think his look from Ragnarok looks like such a cool potential adventurer/sell sword.

@Liseran Thistle That'd be me, eh?
@Searat Thank you. So far, I can see Roderick, Gaius, and Jartod (@Sovi3t) being a trio.
@GreivousKhan am I to be Old Man Jenkins?
I wonder if we'll end up in separate groups or not?
@GreivousKhan oh I plan to. I've heard nothing but good things about it.
@GreivousKhan That might have been what inspired me to create him, though I haven't played the game yet.
@GreivousKhan well thank you.
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