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14 Dec 2015 23:29
Current I apologize to all RPs I was in for my disappearance. My schoolwork was very demanding this past semester. If any of you would like to contact me, feel free.


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Sorry for not being very active, everyone. Work had been busy. I am working on reformatting and adding to the OP. Who all is still alive out there?

@Dbird2@Virgil@deegee@Holy Soldier@Tsar Gatto
@Holy Soldier Merine looks good. I will add it when I finish with the formatting edits to the OP. I'd also be interested in a race entry for the Guardians, but you don't have to obviously.
@deegee everything looks good to go. You can move Vreyol to the character tab.
@deegee I'll review all your apps when I get off work later tonight.
@Holy Soldier, looks good. Just fill out a race application for the Pisces, and then you can move Jimmy over to the character tab.
EDIT: Pleas eprovide more information for his homeworld.

@deegee, the Melatrin look good. I will agree with virgil on the edits, so once that's done I will add them to the UE.
@Tsar Gatto, thank you. I'm going for a vibe sort of like Cowboy Bebop in the sense of the characters being average or above average and just making their way in the universe on a mix of their skills and dumbluck. I figure our crew will travel all over really. Of course, traveling into the warzones will be dangeorus, so sticking to the outskirts of the universe will definitely have it benefits, but there also may not be much work to be had or money earned way out there. I am working on a few races right now, one of which is a reptillian race, so you can wait and see if you'd like to use it or feel free to make your own of course.
@deegee, yes.
@Virgil, races look good. I'll add them to the UE soon.
@Virgil, let's make it an absolute limit of 5.
@Virgil, looks good. Just fill out the Race Application, and you're good to go.

@Dbird2, looks good. Is Pegasus the name of the planet Ed is from or just the mining colony?

Edit: I added in an alignment and lifespan part to the race application.
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