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Alrighty. So, I am not closing applications yet, but I have made my decision on the first two characters I'll be accepting:

Nomad as played by Cybermaxx and Six/Spawn as played by Bounce.

These two players were already invited and officially in the RP from the onset (so there are still two or three open slots, this doesn't change that for anyone else), but just like everyone else they had to go through the character application process. After the first ten days, of all submissions currently seen, these are the two I feel are the best 'starting points,' so to speak, for a team.

With Nomad officially being one of the characters brought into the RP, the other applications that have similar martial/brawler type characters would be largely redundant. I don't want to flood the team with too many of the same archetypes. That being said, if you were one of the people who applied with such a similar character then no worries! You can absolutely submit a new proposal if you are still interested, and I will happily consider anything new you bring to the table.

I think with these two characters accepted it will allow for me to have a more clear picture moving forward of what I will be looking for.

I am going to keep the application process open for another week - May 13th, 12:00 AM EST will be the final deadline. Hopefully, by then everyone who is interested in applying has done so, and those of you who have been here since the start will have had ample time to submit new concepts.

To Bounce and Maxx, please hold off on moving your applications to the character tab until all characters have been accepted.

Do you consider Pete one of these archetypes?
You all have characters that are pretty martial arts focused with leadership skills. Nomad, Batman, Sabretooth, Old Patch, and Dark Web. If you wouldn't mind, can you take the time to describe to me how you envision the character's role inside and outside of combat? Otherwise, I can only see them as their archetypical roles, which makes them all fairly similar.

Having a Batman/Ironman amalgam as a mentor I picture Pete as being a bit more gadget/tech focused than Dick usually is because he's also part Peter. He definitely has martial abilities being trained by Anthony, but I picture Anthony as maybe not being as hyperfocused on martial arts and fighting styles as a standard Batman. I also picture Pete being maybe a little awkward too like Peter so not so much geared toward leadership, at least not at this point in his life. I may age him down a little to go with that.
<Snipped quote by Nib>

All competitors would be put in whatever type of game would provide the most entertainment. It could be different every single time. This is an in-universe explanation so that way you as players can decide on whether or not you want your character to have been murdering people. That's not something I'm going to force on anyone. If accepted, we will talk privately to come up with the details for what your specific challenges were.

Prior to the start of this RP, right before their escape, every accepted character will have been brought to the usual changing room, though this time as a group all seeing one another for the first time. There they would be told they were all to compete against one another to the death, and only one would survive. So, if your character had never competed in the gladiator arena before, this would have been their first experience with that. But they escaped before they fight occurred.

That helps a lot. Thank you. With that info, I think Pete might have been put in the death puzzle games and as time went on, maybe a few games before the escape, started to use the symbiote attached to him to help him get through the challenges better.
I respect the courage for going full-on Amalgam. No one else has before in any of the previous renditions.

Something else I should clarify here, though, is this: there are two general types of death games Mojo forces his prisoners to compete in. The first are gladiatorial matches between a selected pair or group of the enslaved fighters he's captured. In these matches, you only live if all other fighters are killed, so going without killing would be almost impossible unless you are freshly abducted or solely were forced to compete in the next type of death game. Which are the literal games; deadly gambits and challenges full of twisted traps, murderous automatons, and sadistic, tortuous puzzles. These games are typically done solo, so don't involve any forced killing, but are often psychologically designed to break down the competitors - if they don't break physically and perish, first.

With that new knowledge in mind, you may want to revise the final paragraph just slightly. I'm happy to work with you and anyone else in designing traps and challenges specifically for your characters that you can mention in character.

Thank you. The Amalgam stuff has always been really cool to me. I wish there had been an official amalgam with Peter and Dick. That makes sense on the games.

I thought they were strictly just death matches, so my intention was Pete would try not to kill as much as possible and just beat people, but the people he beat would be executed right in front of him anyway, and the symbiote would use his slowly fracturing sanity to sink its claws in. The puzzle games would probably make more sense though, but the high stress and trauma caused by those would still let the symbiote weasel its way in.

I do have a question. If he was initially put in one of the two types of games, would he stay in that type forever, could he be transferred between the two types depending on what Mojo wanted to see at the time?
Here's what I have for my character concept. Feel free to give any feedback, especially if any of the descriptions are too brief.

<Snipped quote by Nib>

The only issue with this is that the death games are entirely controlled so that no outside elements can interfere. There wouldn't be a way for Peter to be exposed to the symbiote while in captivity.

I kind of thought about that. The symbiote could have hitched a ride on him after he took out a Venomized Harry Osbourne.
Sorry for my absence, but I am still interested in this RP. I've just been dealing with a lot of crap between work and Covid.
I'd like to throw in my interest. My initial concept is Peter Parker from a pretty typical Spidey universe who is exposed to the Symbiote suit in the death games, refusing to kill before he comes in contact with it. After escaping the games he struggles to get rid of it now that he no longer has to kill to survive.
@Adverb, I have some experience with that. They is the preferred usage, and is actually considered grammatically correct with our evolving spectrum of gender. I hope this helps.
I'm also interested in this strange but lovely setting.
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