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<Snipped quote by Nib>

1v1 me IRL.

@Master Bruce I still have a post in the works. Work has been time-consuming along with preparing to start grad school next month.
I'd love to play a legacy character that isn't a sidekick or villain, to be honest. I was considering playing GCPD or Vicki Vale for this game but I didn't want to step on Bruce's toes and make things a hassle. I'm having fun writing Bekka though, so it's a fun time. Still would like to visit Gotham in Season 2 as a secondary character. But we'll see what the boss says.

I also kind wanted to play a young Grayson still in the circus prior to becoming Robin and work up to becoming Robin. But, I'm having fun writing my X-Force team.
I still have an X-Force post in progress. I'm gonna aim to get it up Sunday.
My WIP so far.
You have no idea how hard it is to find classical age fantasy characters art. Everything is either WHITE AS FUCK or bog average medieval/enlightenment shit.

The two images I just posted I got from Pinterest. It actually leads you some pretty good art pieces.
As of right now, I have two concepts. A dual-wielding swordsman from the desert or possibly a wandering hand-to-hand monk type.

Is there still room to join?
I'm actually already working on a second post... for once.
Currently catching up with the IC. Really good stuff. Motivates me to catch up and get my X-Force into the actual fray and take advantage of the oneness of the universe. Also, @Bounce's posts have that crime show intro and I love it.
I haven't even caught up with the current posts.

Neither have I.
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