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I'm still here. I've just had a lack of motivation recently. As for a Discord, I personally don't care for them and usually end up muting them except for mentions.
Cyberpunk and Lovecraftian tones. This looks interesting. If you have room for more, I am tentatively interested in joining based on other games and workloads irl.
I was hoping someone would use that Battledroid image. I would have been forced to make a character based off it myself had someone not.
Accidental Post. Disregard. Was testing layout for a second sheet.
Binyo, Aboard a wrecked Venator-class Star Destroyer, Taris

The floor gave out, and he was falling. He hit the next floor and managed to roll with the fall, but his leg still about gave out on him and put him in a crouched position.

“How do you live in this thing?”

The metallic sound of his voice through the translator rang out in the empty, dilapidated hall of the wrecked ship. He heard the footfalls overhead as his quarry ran along, knowing where to step to avoid weak points unlike Binyo. With a groan he lifted himself to his feet and took off down the hall, following from below. Not so much as a glance from one of the apartments was turned in his direction. The people here were so forlorn themselves they didn’t even care about a chase happening on the other side of their door. Their emotions hung around them like dark storm clouds that in turn imposed themselves on Binyo. Being in a Venator, the pain pressing in around him, it was like being back in the war, but he couldn’t let those thoughts take him now. He did what he could to push the dull ache in his mechanical leg to the back of his mind along with the memories of war and focus on the job at hand. Through the dark clouds in the Force, he kept track of the presence above him.

He reached out through the Force and wrenched his hand back, pulling a section of the ceiling above him down with the sound of screeching metal. It was to no avail, though, and the criminal kept running. Binyo leapt up through the hole he made in time to see the door at the end of the hall shut. He could sense multiple individuals on the other side and could easily guess they all had blasters trained on the door. The DC-17 slid from his holster and was a familiar weight in his hand. He switched it to stun, but not because he was concerned with killing anyone on the other side of the door. The job had specified bringing in the ex-Imperial alive to see justice at the hands of the New Republic, and in a confusing shoot out like the one that would ensue it would be hard to judge who was who.

Binyo took a breath, centering himself, letting the Force flow around him. The aged, rusted metal was sharp to his nostrils but was lessened by the layers of dust that coated it. In an instant he was taken back to Kuvin telling him to let the Force guide him, that it would speak to him if he listened. He didn’t know if it would talk to him now, or what it would say if it did, but he used the old breathing technique to steady himself. When he opened his eyes he raised the blaster in one hand and reached his other hand out toward the door and pulled. It ripped from the entrance and flew toward him, hovering there. A volley of blaster bolts followed the door, but he ducked behind it and held it aloft. The bolts struck the door and floor around him. When the bolts stopped, he stood and pushed the door out in front him and advanced. To say the gunmen were shocked would be understatement. They practically froze when they saw the door hovering there in front of him. They went down when the stunning bolts hit them square in the chest, and he continued through the door.

More were waiting on the other side, but he moved the door to his left to block the incoming bolts on that side and opened fire on the right flank. He stunned a few and managed to duck the rest’s bolts. With a sweep of his hand he sent a table into their legs and shot them as they hit the ground. When the right flank went down, more from the left shifted around. He abandoned his makeshift shield and sent it slamming into two of the gunmen. Bolts hit around his feet as he leapt through the air and rolled behind another table. He ducked there a moment to give himself a beat to breath. The remaining gunmen kept up their fire on the table to pin him down. He took a few pot shots over the table, and they immediately returned fire where his hand had been. The noise and smoke from blaster fire choked his senses as it swirled around the apartment, and he could feel the ache in his leg returning. With it came a twinge of anger, and he latched onto it and pushed out with it. The table went flying across the room at waist height, and Binyo launched himself over it in a flip.

As it slammed into two gunmen, he opened fire as soon as he landed. In the split second of confusion, he managed to down the last of his assailants. The haze of smoke and smell of burning ozone from the blaster fire eventually faded, leaving the full view of the destroyed apartment before Binyo. The gunmen lay scattered across the floor before him in the various poses they hit the ground in. He began searching through them until he found Gorn Bidlo, the ex-Imperial war criminal. Binyo wasn’t fully sure what his crimes were, but he didn’t feel that mattered as much as knowing he served the Empire until the end. Well, the end for it in some sectors of space. The Remnant still maintained its hold over Coruscant. The shackles locked in place over Gorn’s wrists, and Binyo threw him over his shoulder. The tenants were peaking out of their doors now, but he ignored them.

The elevator down shook and rattled to the point he thought he was going to plummet through the wrecked ship again. The elevator came to a rough stop on the ground floor though, and he stepped out of the makeshift entrance in the side of the ship’s hull. Once Gorn was secured in the limited back space of The Solar Tide, Binyo was off.

Character's name: Binyo

Race: Kyuzo

Faction: Independent

Character Alignment: Neutral Good

Character Background: Binyo was born to a father who served as a clovoc and upheld order on their homeworld, Phatrong. From an early age, Binyo learned to adhere to honor when he could. He listened to the stories his father told him about hunting criminals and how his grandfather and great-grandfather both also served as clovocs on their homeworld. It seemed Binyo would follow the same path until the Jedi came to Phatrong tracking a criminal. While on the planet, they sought the help of the clovocs, and Binyo’s father worked closely with a Jedi who recognized Binyo had a connection with the Force. His father was proud to let his son go be trained as a Jedi. At the age of six, he left his parents and went to Coruscant.

Binyo was delivered to the Temple safely, and his training began. Having some minimal training from his father, Binyo was ahead of the other Younglings in their combat drills. It took him a bit longer to latch onto the teachings of the Force but he took them seriously once he wrapped his head around them. Eventually he graduated into the rank of Padawan and trained under a Lasat Jedi Master named Kuvin Dorenon. Kuvin, being of the Lasat people, also had a strict honor system that he learned to pair with his Jedi teachings and helped Binyo to find the balance between his people and the Jedi as he had. To do this, Kuvin took Binyo to the Lasat homeworld to show him where he had come from and then they traveled to Binyo’s homeworld. As a Padawan, Binyo latched onto Kuvin’s teachings quickly and was held in high regard with his master.

Binyo became a Knight at an early age compared to some Padawans. He passed his trials with satisfaction when he was sixteen and was shortly afterwards knighted. Less than a year after he achieved the rank, the Clone Wars broke out. He was placed with his old Master and was put in command of an army of clones at such a young age. He proved himself a capable commander on the battlefield though throughout the war and was given the command of Clone Commandos and began operating as a special strike team commander. Unimaginably, his team became known as Clovoc Squad. During one mission with his clones, Binyo was severely injured by explosives and lost his right leg. His squad managed to complete the mission and keep him alive. The leg was replaced with a mechanical one, and he continued to serve the Republic and the Jedi, but he saw his loyalty connected more with the soldiers he commanded.

Shortly before the war ended, Binyo left the Order and the Republic Army. Through the continued fighting, he came to see nothing but the pain it put the people of the Galaxy through. He tried to reconcile this by telling himself he was fighting to free planets from under Separtist control because the Republic would treat them better and be better for them, that the Jedi were there to help people through this struggle. None of this helped, and he couldn’t take it any longer. When he left, the Captain of his Commandos, Scrapper, gifted him with one of their DC-17 blasters. It had the symbol of the squad painted on it like the rest of their armaments and armor did, a kyuzo war helmet with a slitted pupil in the center of it.

After leaving the Order and the war behind, Binyo went back to his homeworld and began working as a clovoc alongside his father. Shortly after this the war ended, and Order 66 was given. Republic troops quickly descended on Phatrong in search of Binyo. The clone troopers were something entirely different as they raided his home in search of him, claiming he was a traitor and demanding the cooperation of the clovoc. Those who refused to answer were executed then and there. When they did find him, they shot his father as a traitor for harboring a Jedi. Something in Binyo snapped in that instance, and he tapped into something darker than he had before and killed the clones. He wrenched them through the air, broke their bones, crushed the air from them, but he lived and escaped from Phatrong.

For a time after that he laid low, hopping from planet to planet, taking bounty work as it came. He managed to create a decent reputation for himself in the Outer Rim under a false name. He became something of a constable. Through connections in the underworld he managed to dig up more information on what happened at the end of the Clone Wars, information that was not Imperial propaganda claiming the Jedi were traitors. That was how he started hearing about the Inquisitorius and knew he would eventually be discovered no matter how well he hid. He didn’t have a lightsaber, but he practiced and honed his abilities with the Force even after leaving the Order and rigged his base of operations with layers of defenses.

So when the Inquisitor came, Binyo was prepared for them. The fight was difficult and cost him his base and a hand, but he managed to kill his stalker and obtain their lightsaber. It was damaged: one side of the ring guard was completely broken, the other side only had half the ring left to form a crude and rough hand guard, and one of the emitters no longer worked. He had a functional single bladed lightsaber, however. After the destruction of his base and the defeat of the Inquisitor, Binyo went into deeper hiding for a while in the Outer Rim. In his hiding, he meditated on the kyber crystal within the Inquisitor’s lightsaber. It lashed out, showing him its former master was at one time a Jedi Knight and had turned on the Order after being corrupted by the Empire and began hunting down any survivors of Order 66. He was no stranger to tapping into the Dark Side at this point in his life, but the crystal radiated dark energy and attempted to attach itself to him and corrupt him. He managed to resist and began somewhat purifying the crystal. Over time it became a dull orange rather than a vibrant red color.

After the defeat of the Empire and even upon hearing rumors of Luke Skywalker and his new Jedi, Binyo shas stuck to being an independent law man, though now he can be somewhat more liberal in using the Force.

Character Personality: Between his people's culture and his previous Jedi training, Binyo has a strong sense of honor and duty to those he actually comes to trust. He is slow to trust since he left the Jedi Order prior to the end of the Clone Wars and became even more so after Order 66. His honor will lead him to help those in need, but he knows it's unrealistic to be a hero and knows when to look out for himself first when the need arises. After leaving the Order he has become skeptical of Skywalker's New Order and has so far avoided any contact with it.

Character's Physical description: Under his protective vizor and war helmet, Binyo has deep yellow eyes with slitted pupils and blue green scaled skin. He stands around six and a half feet tall with the lanky, muscular build of his species. He is usually seen with his visor, helmet, and filter mask connected as one piece, though they do disconnect if he wishes to take his helmet off but keep his visor and mask on. His filter mask doubles as a translator, as he prefers to speak in his native language. He carries his blast in a hip holster, and the sniper components on his back for easy access should he need to switch to long range. The damaged Inquisitor lightsaber is kept on the small of his back and hidden under his poncho.

Character Class: Force Sensitive

◼ A functional but damaged Inquisitor lightsaber

◼ A DC-17m Interchangeable Blaster with Sniper components

◼ A grey and dark teal accented NovaSword Space Superiority Fighter named The Solar Tide
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