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What sort of tone are you aiming for? Is it dark fantasy in any sense or just more so basic high fantasy like a typical D&D setting? Or is it largely up to the players and how they write and handle their own parts?
So, if I've read and understand correctly, this is designed so players can be more or less anyone in the world, interact or not interact with other characters, form their own groups with players, and pretty much do whatever in the world at large? What is the posting requirement in this? I ask because I'm in Grad school, so my ability to post is usually sporadic depending on my amount of homework and work schedule.
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This is pretty much spot on. Although I really would not want to be the man that tries to get between @Master Bruce and Dick.

It would seem I'm mainly the one with designs on Dick.
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I always feel like if it's a labour to make your posts, then that character ain't for you.

It didn't feel so much like a labor, as I had a somewhat set path I wanted to go with them. It was mainly having a lot of my time taken by school again. The most laborous part of my concept has ben writing a whole team and trying to make sure I give each member time in the spotlight rather than just being a name on the team roster.
Well, at a glance I see our roster has diminished. I believe I will be sticking around so long as @Master Bruce doesn't hate me too muh for my sporadic posting schedule. I just don't know if I want to keep my X-Force. I still have some ideas for Dick Grayson and think it would be interesting to play him as a teenager following Batman's trail around Gotham and getting into some shit.
@Bounce I was unaware you left the game. That's unfortunate, but as always it was a pleasure seeing your concepts.

Who else has left out of curiosity?
If anyone is interested, my Danny The World X Mansion is hidden in NY.
Hey, everyone, look. I posted, only like two weeks late.

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I think you've had some very solid posts and would be curious about you developing it.

I have some plans for its expansion with some well-known X-Men like Storm and then probably some more Doom Patrol members.
”Magneto? What’s our plan? All the people are in safehouses now.”

”You and the others get to me as quickly as you can.”

Reaching out with her powers, Jean sent along Magneto’s message and a mental image of his location on the coast. Jean made to stand after this was done but fell back to one knee. She felt a wave of exhaustion wash over her. Her telepathic abilities were still new and took much out of her. She watched the silver blur of Pietro rush by the alley she knelt in. The next moment, Scott appeared at the head of the alley.

”Jean!? Jean, are you okay?”

He ran up to her and knelt down. She looked like she’d just ran a marathon.

”I’m… fine. Powers just took a lot out of me. We should get going.”

With a feeble smirk, Jean got to her feet and made for the street with Scott in tow. Together they made their way to the shoreline and met up with the rest of the team. Pietro still looked to be steaming under the too watchful eye of his father literally hovering above the team, held aloft by using his powers to anchor himself to nearby sources of metal. His cape rippled behind him in the winds. They were barely keeping their feet as loose objects flew all around them, but were repelled by a larger barrier place around them all by Magneto. Magneto eventually touched down next to the team.

”Miss Marvel, you need to use your powers and find the person causing this storm. You should be able to find them in that storm.”

”No, she can’t. Just sending messages back and forth drained her. Look at her!’

”I understand your concern, Cyclops, but she must do this so we can stop this storm and prevent further damage.”

Scott began to argue again, but Jean cut him off.

”I’ll do it, I’m fine.”

Both men stopped and turned to her. Terra stepped forward at that moment.

[color=a36209]”I’ll get her closer to the storm, so she can find this person faster.”[color]

Before anyone else could say a word, the ground around both Terra and Jean cracked and moved until it broke free and shot upward to form a wall around the two. Terra’s eyes glowed a faint yellow as the earth began floating into the air and away from the team. The platform blew back and forth slightly, but Terra was able to concentrate and keep it airborne and on course. Magneto turned back to the team.

”I will go help Terra and Miss Marvel. The rest of you -”

”We will go secure a perimeter and double check to be sure everyone is indoors and at a safe distance.”

With a nod to the rest of the team, Quicksilver took off in a blur back toward the town. The rest followed as Magneto launched himself back into the air and quickly caught up with Terra and Miss Marvel. He threw a barrier up around the patch of earth and did what he could to stabilize their flight as they now neared the storm itself. Jean knelt upon the patch of earth and reached out again with her powers, trying to pinpoint any sign of life within the storm. She could feel the strain pushing on her, but she hunkered down further in her own mind and pushed back in a surge of power. Her eyes flashed a vibrant pink as she reached further and found what she was looking for: a woman in the eye of the hurricane. Her thoughts were as turbulent as the hurricane itself and fumbled over one another. She was frightened and confused and surging with a power she couldn’t control. Jean pushed into her thoughts, entering her own mental hurricane and touched the girl’s mind.

”My name’s Jean. You need to calm down and stop this storm. I can sense your powers. I know you can do it. If you don’t, my friends and the people here could be hurt.”

”Wha - ? What’s going on!? Where am I? No! That woman! She - ! The storm! Right - right! I am the storm! ”

Jean’s eyes flashed a still brighter pink, and then she collapsed on the floating earth. The hurricane stopped in its tracks, the winds died down, and the whether calmed, all brought to heel by the dark-skinned woman with a mane of white hair now floating down through the sky toward the X-Force team.
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The status of the X-Men [in season two] depends on if the X-Men player re-applies for them, I think.

Not sure if I will or not. Would people be interested in the continuation of my X-Force team?
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