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@EnterTheHero Yeah perfect!

I like all of the things you have hinted at so far, so I'll keep an eye out. I'm brainstorming a character-probably a bit of an archetype in the genre, but alas, my anime/mecha knowledge is pretty limited. I want to play a cocky sort of over-achiever with a chip on her shoulder and a condescending attitude. Why she is motivated to behave that way? Who knows yet. She wants glory tho...and probably at a high cost. Thanks for the reply!

I'm lurking if only to see what lore and background emerges. If you have room for one more, that's great too!
Hey! @EnterTheHero

Posting some interest's an interesting concept?
Full Disclaimer: I've never tried a sci-fi mecha RP , but this seems unique enough that I might be able to add something to the narrative.

Few Questions:

Are the dragons our characters bonded with defeated enemies of the humanity? ( I would assume this is why there is an artificial intelligence override system necessary to bond pilots with the mechs)

Can you tell me more about the Shard? Like... Does my character know of them/hate them by default? What are the motives of the Shard?

Is this a story with a clear beginning, middle and end? Or is there no specific plot involved?

Thank you so much! Great idea :)

EDIT: you answered one in the OP derp~
"We all create stories to protect ourselves."
-House of Leaves
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that line break thing

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