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Mikale pulled back, he saw that she really wanted to but restrained herself, "maybe next time then, the names Mikale" he said walking away a little disappointed. Before exiting the auditorium Mikale turned towards a strange kid with white hair and a green scarf whose been staring at him since he entered, "Is there anything I can help you with?" Mikale questioned with a hint of sarcasm, he assumed he was just a strange kid but there was something to him he couldn't place, something interesting.

Mikale watched as the now aggressive girl took the cookie from the other girls grasp and launched it, unable to contain himself he burst out in laughter.
"You must be confident in your abilities to make such ridiculous statements, you do have abilities don't you otherwise you wouldn't be here. So show me, hit me with your best shot!" Mikale leaned forward pointing his cheek towards her. He assumed she'd have strong physical abilities but doubted her abilities were fire based, he was willing to make a gamble, to probably make a friend. Despite her radical ideals he admired her confidence.
@Cherrywitch If Raph isn't a bad guy why is he stealing wallets?
MIkale lived in the woods with that old man for as long as he could remember, being here at this school is first experience with anybody besides a crazy old man. Before he passed away, the old man asked Mikale to participate in social interactions.

Mikale walked with his hands in his pockets with a slight slouch, casually pushing his way past anything in front of him. When he got to assembly he noticed there were a lot more students than he'd expected, in a wide grin he thought
"So all these people have powers? Should be interesting". He walked in and found an opening in the crowd, next to him he could hear a girl babbling about putrid men and sisters united. He leaned over to the girl and smirked.
"That's quite a goal you have there, I wish you the best of luck. But I promise you I won't be that easy to get rid of". Mikale looked down and noticed a container of brown circles, he wasn't sure what they were just that they smell good.
"Girl with the blonde hair, what are those things? May I have one?" Mikale asks pointing towards the container.

I'm new to Rp's is my character adequate?
Name: Evian

Age: 19

Sex: Male

Type: Clint

Descriptor: Cocky

Focus: Rewind
Explain Focus: His rewind ability comes from a ring he was left with from his father. it grants him the ability to rewind time for a max of 2 minutes per use which is limited to 5 times a day.

"I am a Cocky Clint who Rewinds time.


Backstory: Evian is a swindler, he was orphaned in the city from a young age and quickly learned that if you want something in this world you'd have to take it and the power of his ring allowed him to do so with ease. He became a bounty hunter and a swindler on the side. He doesn't believe in wrong or right, good or evil just who pays more.
I'm interested
it was originally a post apocalyptic world story but I had no idea how that would happen in real life, or to even explain how it happened. I'm in love with the idea of WP Gear so I threw that in, but it isn't a must.. There's still boats and airships.
When it comes to technology, there wont be lasers and light sabers, you can expect slightly more advanced technology as to what we have now, but its better suited to fit their environment such as the WP Gear.

when I listed nations I meant you would be controlling individuals within the three nations, the individual you control can have varying levels of influence over your nations government.

The overall plotline is The Order trying to strip the core of its metal to gain power and rule the other nations, The Order would be playing the antagonist in this story, though in their eyes they're the protagonist. you can make up to two characters in this RP, one in any two nations. Down the line I plan for the characters of different nations to cross paths.

The idea of Hydroterra is one I'd like to use for other stories, I was even thinking of a fun sport series involving WP Gear.
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