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Wow! Really happy to see this got set up so quickly. I'll get a CS up soon, hopefully with Saturday as the latest. Too tired to think of anything substantial at the moment because I work in retail. :(

@AquaknightFor now I've got a couple of concepts rolling around in my head and would love some feeback.

Armor Point-This is a transformation type quirk(I think). One section of the user's body takes on a shiny black appearance, which can be moved around at will. This section vastly increases the user's defense of said area, as well as greatly increases the area's attack power, and density. The biggest weakness is the total area of protection is limited to one part of the body.

Balloon skin-A mutation type quirk that cause's the user to look similar to a pug or British bull dog in that there are A LOT of long folds of skin covering their body. The user' skin is made out of a rubber like material that's both stretchy, bouncy, and is fairly resistant to blunt force. There are even valves in the folds of the skin the connect to pockets.

Phantom Limbs-An emitter type quirk. The user was born without physical limbs but is capable of manifesting constructs of psychic energy, from where said limbs should be. These limbs can be altered in a variety of ways such as changing their size, density hardness, etc, etc. The biggest drawbacks I can think up off the top of my head for this quirk is that using them outside their basic forms rapidly drains the user of energy, and when she runs out then she's completely SOL as she'll be little more than a sitting duck.
A MHA rp! Please tell me this is still accepting!
Rainer, beginning to look a bit pale, nodded. His leg was still bleeding. The wound didn't look fatal as there wasn't a fountain of blood drenching everyone nearby, but it did look like it would need to be treated, and soon.

"Right." Rainer said, swallowing a lump in his throat. A Legion pirate, as if noticing his weakness, began moving towards him, sword drawn and thrust forwards with the intent of piercing the man's chest. Sure, his heart would've been ideal, but it had gotten to the point where the crew of the Legion pirates would've been happy doing any damage at all. The more blood they could draw the better.

"Seriously" Rainer moved forward, making sure to put all his weight on the leg that wasn't damaged and parried the amateur blow. "What's up with you guys? There rabbits underneath those masks? How could there be so many?" The Legion pirate's sword flew out of his hand. Before the man could react the fishman continued forwards, slamming his sheathed sword into the man's chest, hard enough to break ribs and sending him flying across the platform they were sharing.

The swordsman turned to the tiny woman in red and gave her a nod. "There's little doubt you're right in that area, but where exactly is the captain? So far all we've seen are grunts. There don't seem to be any officers or any form of hierarchy aside from the numbers on their masks!"

"I'm here!" Mr. 3 shouted. "All you have to do is come and get me." It was easier said than done as dozens of the Legion members swarmed towards Red-Eyes. The majority of them were carrying improvised weapons such as boards or chains, but a few in there had swords.

As the enemy pirates with melee weapons swarmed towards Red-Eyes apparently intent on taking them out, nearly silent creaks could be heard from above the fray. Tiny platforms were lowered, no bigger than the size of an average door, and the dangerous ends of rifles pointed downwards towards the fray.

"What the hell!" ABbygail muttered, looking up at the guns, between dodges and slashes. "These guys aren't playing around, any more? Were they holding back for some reason?" As if to answer her question, without a coherent reply, the guns opened fire, with most of the shots aimed towards the swordswoman as she seemed to be the one sending the most Legion pirates to a bloody afterlife!

"Damn it!" Abbygail shouted, as she shot off from the ground like a spring. "Keep your balls of my maybe baby!" Before any of the riflemen could change their targets, Abbygail reached the nearest platform and cut the man from shoulder to hip, and with a might kick, sent both halves plummeting to the ground below. The purple haired woman didn't waste time watching to see the body parts splatter on the ground, she was already shooting off to the closet platform for another kill.

"Crap! Crap! Crap!" Mr. 3 wheezed as he spun on his hill and began hurrying down the nearest door. "This is bad! This bad!" He put his hands over where his mouth would be and began calling. "Scrub it! Scrub everything! Everyone that's not busy getting banged up, grab a torch and begin lighting the fuses. Don't worry about the whole going in order thing. Just blast it all up." The man shoved several legion pirates who had become confused and disoriented to reach into one of the secret compartments, where he found a torch waiting. He quickly lit it up and shoved it to the nearest pirate. "Take this to blast room C, and blow it up." He shoved the man forwards before continuing on, yelling his orders again, and again.

"Got to sink the life boat. Sink the life boat!" Mr. Three shouted after getting everyone he needed a torch. "Got to sink the lifeboat!"

"Up to no good?" The pirate winced as pain flooded his body. "We're pirates. That's literally our default state." He winced again as moving caused his injuries to seem a thousand times worst than what they were. "So i'd assume us being up to no good was obvious." He took in a deep breath, and would've spit, but remembering the masked swallowed instead. "Oh that's gross." There would've been more but a massive explosion, unlike anything that had gone on prior eructed, making the whole ship quake.

"Well there." The man laughed as another huge blast of gunpowder causes the south most part of the ship to fly of in a barrage of debris. "There you go! If that doesn't explain then maybe you should stick around to see what'll happen from here."

For a moment the legion pirate paused, not expecting to see the man regain consciousness so quickly. However the uncertainty vanished when the ship shook like a tree in a hurricane. Before either could react thick smoke began filing the halls. "I can guarantee death too!" The man lunged forwards with the last of his strength, not bothering to dodge the spear's dangerous point. It went straight through him but the man didn't seem to mind. He laughed as he wrapped his limbs around the Kyy's body, trying to hold him in place till either the smoke or fire got to them.

@Noodles@Crimson Lion
"No." One of the dying pirates called towards the woman. from the ground. "Don't leave." He gasped. "Stay here and wait awhile." His hand clutched at the blood pouring from a wound in his chest. "We've got something nice to show you. There's a surprise waiting for everyone on here." He was grinning behind the mask, despite the pain. It was easy to tell by the sound of his voice.
Then, the world beneath them shook, and smoke seeped through the boards of the boat like black sea rising upwards. "Well at least you didn't have to wait long." The Legion pirate laughed.

@KillBox@Crimson Lion@Noodles@grandia20@Insert Alias@Shiyonichi
Hey everyone, a quick heads up. I was planning on posting tonight, but I just can't focus. I work retail, in a dairy department and we got killed today. Couldn't keep milk, juice or eggs full and that was with three people. Honestly, I'm so tired the screen even looks a bit blurry (so if I make a lot of mistakes that's why.) I should be able to reply tomorrow.
lol It's all good. You're characters okay. Just PM so we can discuss, probably tomorrow, how he's going to join the frey.
Wait. I accidentally hit send. Let me finish it before replying, please.
"Ugh!" A downed Legion pirate muttered, grabbing his side, where a thick puddle of blood was slowly oozing from. The flow had started as a spray but had gradually died down as he applied pressure. How he survived the red haired man's barrage was beyond him, but he wasn't going to question things, especially since it wasn't a miracle by any definition of the word. He was still going to die, what with having to have way less of his life fluid that was needed for continued survival. That was of no importance though. He was but an in the hive or a pebble upon the mountain. Which was fine in itself as him going away wouldn't' mean much, but what did matter were the enemies of the Legion pirates as well as the fact that none of them could be left alive.

The man grinned behind his mask looking at the spot where Red-Eyes had placed the quick man with the knife before leaving him. Frantically, which caused his neck to hurt, he searched around for something with an edge or point, since he didn't have enough strength to make use of something blunt and heavy, till he noted a nearby dagger. Grinning even wider he picked it up and put it in him mouth. He started to crawl towards where the collapse enemy had been shoved. Even with the weapon in his mouth the legion pirate smiled.

"What the hell!" A panicked voice screeched from the opposite end of the massive room. "You two shouldn't be here!" He was a Legion pirate just like the rest, but unlike the rest, he had his arms full of bags of treasure as opposed to weapons. "Crap. Crap. Crap." He tossed the loot bags on the ground and hurried towards a nearby gong that had likely gone unnoticed thanks to the room not being very well light and its color being nearly identical to that of the surrounding room.

"Damn it! Forget the loot and life boat! We've got to get them at all coast" The Legion Pirate grabbed a nearby mallet and slammed the thing, causing a thunderous cacophony to echo through the room and the rest of the ship. Suddenly, before either woman could react, dozens of Legion pirates began swarming into the four doors of the room. "Get them!" The masked man shouted. "Forget the life boat and loot. Just make sure those two don't get off the ship!"

The remaining attackers paused to watch the bald man's display of violence.
"We should attack." The Legion pirate in the front of the group mumbled.
"Definitely." The one furthest on the left nodded in agreement.
"I mean, how else are we going to keep him occupied until everything goes." The other slapped the man on the back of the head, before shoving him forwards as hard as they could. One hurried behind the man, intent on striking with his knife once that bald man kicked him aside, while the others went around, intending on attack him from two directions.

@Crimson Lion@Noodles
The Legion pirates grinned as they started moving towards the injured swordsman, certain that even with his strength he wouldn't last much longer against them. The man could barely make a proper stance so there was little doubt that they'd be able to finish him there and then. They kept right on smile as they closed in on the injured man right up to the point where the young woman jumped in front of them and started smashing into each of them with her spears like some kind of strange, futuristic rapid fire weapon. A few of the Legion pirates who're able to see what her attack could do managed to get out of the way, well two, but the rest turned into bloody, and holy potatoes.

"Damn it!" One of the Legion pirates on the floor shouted, as he barely managed to escape certain death. The woman had gotten him through the shoulder blade, rendering his left arm useless, but instead of panicking, he reflexively grabbed hold of her spear, and pushed forward, intent on slamming her into the injured swordsman behind her. "Don't just stand there, you idiots." He called the rest of his group. "Move forward and start stabbing. These two aren't going to off themselves!"

@Insert Alias


Is the character sheet approved?

Yeah. Your approved. Go ahead and put the character in the character section
@Shiyonichi@Insert Alias

You know what I just realized? Helmsman is another canon position that we have open.

I always assumed that was the Navigator.

I agree, at least in an rp, because it would be kind of weird to have on person navigating while someone else just steers the ship.
Wait. Just to make sure, Janet is protecting Rainer, right?
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