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Some people are just trying to decide what they're doing with their characters?

You should learn to be more patient sometimes. ^^;

I was patient..... Well nine days worth of patient.... Which I'd like to think of as at least a 7/10 when it comes to being patient :)

@Crimson Lion - Same for Janet, she thought she was the only person in the world who have abilities ^^"

As for ideas, I only have those for Grand Line arcs, which I doubt it would be much since its kind of vague & far ahead :X . Basically its about an island where a King died, and there is a succession struggle amongst the Princes. The rightful heir fled from his brother who illegally seized power and tried to kill him, and the crew would stumble upon that ship and help to reclaim the throne ~ In the meantime, one of the Shichibukai might be involved ~~

It's a bit vague sure, but there's definately potential there. I'll keep it in mind while I'm working on (potential) future arcs.

Don't worry about having only a bit of an idea for an arc, every bit helps so if you've got an idea and think it has potential please feel free to share :)

@Crimson Lion

Hmmmm, @jynmi88, would it be ok to make Rainer the unofficial Helmsman of the group.

I had this idea of Rainer having a rival not in combat but in sailing. Like, some Marine Helmsman that is always chasing the crew and Rainer out sailing him.

Sure, I don't have a problem with that :)

So it would be a marine obsessed with catching your character, similar to Garp and Gol d roger's relationship?


@Tachi is this still going?

Yeah. I think so too. shame. I was really looking forwards to a multiverse that wasn't sandbox.

Looks good. Go ahead and put her in the character section.
Yeah. Just so you know though we're still planning things so the actual start of the rp might be awhile.
@GrafRoy Zeppeli
I'm honestly not sure why I asked you either.
I think it was because I was on my cellphone and half asleep when I put up the post. Sorry about that ^.^
@Crimson Lion

Note: I totally forgot if Haki can be used like this. If it can't i plan to change him into a swordsman.

That's a good question. I know that Observation haki was used in flashes in OP before by individuals who didn't know how to use it, but I've never seen it used for armament haki. I'm going to say that's okay for now, but I'm going to say no no the charged up punch for now.
@GrafRoy Zeppeli
I'm a bit confused. What is Constitution? I looked it up and found it to be similar to overall physical fitness, but then what about agility and strength? So is it more about endurance and overall energy?
Oh cool! So this is still on then?
I'm definitely interested and will be keeping an eye on this.
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