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I've been wanting to do a long-term, Shonen-type rp for a while now. A while back I tried setting up a group rp set in a world where people who got isekaid ended up in a world where people being reborn was normal, and used for jobs other people didn't want to do, against their will, but it never got off the ground.

Also, I'm pretty tired with group rps failing in general, because of various people messing with the pace, and would rather work with a single person.

As for the rp I want to actually do, I have a few idea, all of which need details filled out. If you're interested in them, message me and I'll fill you in.

Also, I wouldn't mind doing fandoms either.

Here's a list of some fandoms I'm familiar/ interested in:
1. Bleach
2. Hunter X Hunter
3. One Piece
4. The Dresden Files

Doing this via phone (Since I couldn't get on to the website via PC) So I'll have to do this by sections.
Sorry if this is an inconvenience ^.^;
Would there be any chance we could get a sample CS filled out? I don't know about others, but it sometimes helps me with the creative juices.
Are there any spaces still open?
This looks like it has a lot of potential! I'm interested.
First off, the customary rules/ expectations for someone I roleplay with.
1. Communication is key. I get that sometimes things happen in real life, something is unclear, interest is lost, etc, etc, which if fine, but don't just leave me hanging. So if something comes up, let me know, and I'll try to work around it with you!

2. Looking for a long term rp with. So if you're looking for something quick, maybe just an arc or two, then this isn't the place for you.

3. Planning. I'm perfectly capable of planning out arcs, but I think it would be better if me, and my partner took turns with leading various arcs. This way, we'll each be able to work on an upcoming arc without giving things a chance to slow down.

4. Posting-consistency. I tend to post 3-5 times a week and would like my partner to do the same. Though, I understand that isn't possible every week. I'm only talking about the average.

5. While I don't consider myself a grammar-Nazi, I do expect anyone I roleplay with to have a decent command over the English language. That is, if I'm reading your post, it shouldn't take me three tries or more to understand what it is you said. At the very most, I should be able to take everything you wrote in after a second attempt.

6. I'm a casual level roleplayer and expect for you to be the same. So no 'one-liners' at the very least, I expect two paragraphs of five sentences each from someone I'm rping with.

7. While we're on the subject of actual roleplaying, please, please, this is one of my bigges gripes when rping, don't just have your character make observations in a post, or show how they react to something! Have them move things along in some meaningful way! I get that their are occasions when it's not entirely clear what to do, but in those instances it's perfectly okay to ask!

8. Roleplaying on threads is preferred.

The Omegas-Okay, here's one I've been playing around with for awhile now. The story will start out on a planet called Eden, where twenty six individuals(one for each letter of the alphabet) call home. None of the individuals know how they got there, and most don't care, because all their needs, and desires are taken care of. They only need to think of something, and it'll appear.

Our characters will be exceptions to this rule, as they'll be constantly going out to explore the world, which is a technological wonderland of an abandoned ghost town. It is during one such outing that they'll discover a means to travel between dimensions. From there, it'll be our characters going from world to world, picking up various tools, skills, and abilities from the various plains they explore.

(Also, I'm not sure where to put this, but the Omegas ie people of Eden, have special devices in their hearts that allow them to sync up with various forms of energy. What this means is that they can use items or techniques from different worlds without having to change their power sources at each stop.)

Another idea I have for this rp is something I call The Divine fixer-uppers or DFU for short. Basically, these guys'll be a group of angels and demons left over from one of the dimensions where god lost to the tower of babel, and everything supernatural was kicked out. What they do is 'fix' worlds or areas by setting up special fields which alters the universal laws to a customer's liking. What this means, is that, with money, or something else worth trading, various individuals can hire the DFU to make it so reality in a certain spot follows whatever laws they want? Want magic to exist? Have a DFU field set up! Don't want magic to exist? DFU field! A limit on higher level technology? DFU field! Wanna tweak physics, or mess with the laws of space and time? DFU field! What to make sure absolutely everything has to follow the laws of universe? D...F...U... field!
They can also serve as bounty hunters or mercenaries.

Now I know that the DFU idea sounds a bit overly complicated but I think its a good mechanic to allow for our characters to gather a lot of potentially OP items and abilities, without limiting the risk for the adventures they go on. I mean, Zombies are always a good go to rp idea, but they don't really serve as much of a threat for someone whose eaten a devil fruit, or has the ability to use their kai.
"Hold on. Hold on." Abbygail said, making wait a minute gestures with her hands. "Let's not just go cutting people up all willie-nillie. I mean, it's one thing to kill them if they're trying to poke you with their swords, or pencils, or anything else that doesn't belong inside the body, but it's one thing completely different to just stab them while they're naked, and tied up, and their eyes are so wide with fright, they're this close to popping out of their skulls like a pair of rats jumping ship. Swordsman's pride, and all that, I'm assuming." She put her hands on her hips and turned to look at the marines. The men were nervous but hopefully nervous. "We'll get near something, an island with people, or without, probably, and throw them on a life boat."

@Crimson Lion
"Sure, you can do it that way." The purple haired girl said with a smirk. "But after downing a marine ship, the bounty is going to be pretty high. There's not a place in the world you'll be able to stay without one money grubber or another who'll throw you to the wolves for a piece of you oh so sweet pie." At that, Abbygail shuddered. "Forget that last part. It doesn't work with me." She shrugged. "Well at least nobody can accusing me of not trying."

Right! Right!" Mark said, clasping his hands together. "I'm glad we're all in agreement then. I'm going to hurry on over to the wheel, and angel us somewhere further away from the nearest marine bases, and hopefully we'll be able to get some distance before the marines start looking for us." He nodded happily, paused and when there wasn't a response, turned to his first mate. "As for you, make yourself useful and go get dinner started. I'm sure our pirate friends are hungry now, after destroying a marine ship." He didn't wait for a word before turning and walking away, with Tim, his second mate, pausing just long enough to look at the group and then going down towards the kitchen.

"I'm not going to attack." Abbygail sighed, pinching the bridge of her nose after the newcomer's hands raised out of the barrel. "I am going to question you though. So get ready for that."

Abbygail arched an eyebrow at Janet. "A friend of yours?" She cocked her head in the direction of the newcomer.

"Ladies and gentlemen." Mark's voice rang out from the intercom. "It looks like the marines were a bit faster than I figured they'd be as there seems to be some of ships heading our way. Now, I'm not sure if they're here for us or just responding to the distress call, but I think it would be best for all of you to get below deck. Get some grub in the kitchen or just hang out in your rooms till it's clear. Whatever you do, just don't poke your heads out, because I have no desire to get my head chopped off with the lot of yous!"
Never mind.
"Traitors?" Mark said, eyebrow raised up in a white flag of surrender. "Who? Us?" He blinked again, but it was obvious the sleep in his eyes wasn't causing him to see things. The woman in red really just launched a barrage of spears onto the already sinking ship, which again, didn't do much, on account of the ship, already going down, like a dried sponge.

The man's attention turned from the unwanted, and ultimately useless chaos towards the woman with the swords. When she spoke there was little doubt she intended violence. He couldn't tell if she'd enjoy said violence, but liking or not had nothing to do with the fact that she wasn't going to hesitate to use it as a means, possibly to an end.

"Woah." He held up his hands in surrender, paused, realizing he was the only one, and then took a step back to elbow his first mate in the ribs, so as to point out he should be doing the same. "Woah there!" He tried not to bark, but failed miserably. "We didn't introduce anyone to anyone." He shook his head for emphasis. "All Tim and I did, was notice that marine ship over there, whose captained by a good, er, somewhat good, tenuously passable friend/ associate of mine." He motioned with his chin towards the sinking marine ship. "Got into contact with them, to see which way they were moving. Saw we were both going in the general direction, and I got the guy to hook his up to his tanker there. Figured it would save on fuel."

A short pause, as the man took a moment to try and swallow, in the ever likely chance it would be his last chance to do it. "I didn't tell anyone marine about anything. When we went to break, you all looked dead, and the marines on board didn't have a reason to go looking through the private quarters. So it didn't same like you guys needed to be woken up and explained the situation in great detail."

@Crimson Lion
The old man murmured a little as Rainer moved up behind some objects so he wouldn't be able to see what was going on. He was still out, but waking up wouldn't take as long as the pirates would've liked. Despite the man's advanced years, he was still tougher than most of the younger marines, and wouldn't stay down for long.

Abbygail crossed her arms over her chest, took a deep breath, and pinched the bridge of her nose in frustration as the spears rained down like exploding hale. "It's not going to hurt anyone." She sighed. "Everyone's off the boat." She put her free hand in a pocket and shook her head. "But if it'll get some of the pent up anger out of boomer, I say the needless act of destruction, is a win. Agreed?"

"What was that?" Abbygail said, noticing the sneeze. Her eyes narrowed, and her blade appeared in her hand. "That wasn't like any old man's sneeze I've ever heard." Eyes narrowing further so they looked more like slits than orbs, the purple haired woman made her way towards the barrel.

Still with his hands in the air, Mark shrugged. "These things happen, I guess, but, not to rain on anyone vengeance parade, it might be a good idea to let Tim and myself get to the wheel, on account of the fact that there's currently a marine ship sinking just a few yards away from us." He motioned wiht his chin. "It won't take the marines long before they call for help and get it. And trust me, you guys don't want to be around when help arrives."


Depending upon your plans for your OC, they could always be a Devil Fruit user with Baroque Works or something and turn good.

WE could always do that too. Would be a good way to introduce Abigail.

What I mean though, about having a cannon devil fruit, is that only a single devil fruit exist at the same time. So long as someone cannon is using a particular devil fruit, someone else can't.
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