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There's a discord?
Here's my CS. Sorry it took so long
Just having trouble thinking up relationships for her ^.^;

so?.... How about them popular sports teams?
@Ebil Bunny

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Daww, guess I gotta remake my character. New idea: He throws the coins he conjures at people, and if someone is hit by a coin then either they grow a head or they grow a tail wherever they were hit by the coin. Thoughts?

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Perhaps she and Cyan could be friends? If she doesn't mind being friends with someone who's as commoner as pretty much physically possible. Probably wouldn't be a fan of being called that, but there's nothing he could really do about it.

perhaps, people who're hit with trails endure some sort of status effect but those who're hit by heads gain some kind of buff, and if your character flips for himself then he becomes statistically luckier or less lucky?
@Ebil Bunny

Alright, here's my character sheet! I'm open to thoughts and opinions, and would very much like to discuss establishing relationships :)

What about a third ability based on the off chance the flip doesn't make it through like it ends up landing on its side like in that one episode of Malcolm in the middle?

Please no more physics... and inertia is simply something being at a state of rest. You break inertia to start moving. So... I guess if he lowered inertia... but then... *head explodes*

Now look what you've done

Edit: Remembered semi-incorrectly. Inertia is super basically resistance to movement.

Or stopping. Basically, it is what keeps something doing what it's doing, at least physically

Maybe I described it incorrectly, or got confused xDD
He can control the weight of his own fist(and by extent speed). Maybe increasing the gravity at the end of the punch does nothing, but increasing the speed first will. Haha didn't really attempt to keep it realistic in my original post, as it is anime-based.
Also, he wouldn't be throwing boxing punches or hay-makers with this technique, as he uses Wing-Chun, essentially all his punches will be One-Inch Punches, so he wouldn't really throw himself off balance. :P

Wouldn't manipulating inertia have close to the effect your looking for?
So, I'm having a bit of trouble locking down what I want for my character's core ability, and was wondering if anyone here would have some suggestions or preferences. The ideas I have so far are(Note, these aren't the names the ability will be given):

Soul-The user's able to physically manifest their soul. The first side power for this would be covering themselves with it, as a form of armor, similar to the venom symbiote

Nerves-The user can manipulate the nerves in their body. They can shoot them out to connect with other things, animating them and controlling them, or attaching them to people to allow for a greatly increased efficiency in communication

Space-The user can create rooms or vast spaces, of varying sizes and shapes, and even has a large room in an alternate space they can access.

Green ARmy-The user can create plant minions, which she's freely able to design, but come with restrictions on production

Pyromancy-An oldie, and a bit of a cliche, but it hasn't been picked yet, and its kind of weird to see a super power rp taking place without at least one person using a heat based ability

Pointer-The user has a floating arrow which she's capable of manipulating the physical world with. It would be similar to the mouse on a computer screen interacting with a video/ paint editor, which is kind of OP if not done right.

Combine-The user can combine things either temporarily or permanently. Could be used for fusing individuals, animals, plants, materials, etc, etc.

Stories-The user was blessed by Anansi, the god of stories. A possible ability for this is plot armor-a defensive ability that's just a raise in a character's luck when being attacked. It is, however, one of those abilities that if not handled correctly could be OP

Mine-The ability to create markings by physical contact, which have various effects like explosions, immobilization, and repulsion

Desire-The first ability I can think up for this is taking properties from one thing to another.

Multiplication-The power to multiply things like the user or certain objects

Divide-Similar to multiplication but in reverse.

Okay. I'm going to stop there, because if not I'll keep on till it's time for work, and I want to at least have a submission posted before I go in ^.^;


I've finished the first example character sheet. His power set has one core power which fuels the rest of his abilities. The other two are going to be very different skill sets with the second one having a stand-alone power and complimentary skills, and the third one's skills not really having anything to do with each other at all.

They'll come along with the rest of the faction descriptions which may take a bit more time.

wow. I think that's literally the first time I've ever seen a light type user who doesn't have lasers O.O
I'm not being sarcastic or funny. It's just that, I'm surprised is all ^.^;
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