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Paco's bullets hit the on coming spear dead on. Each bullet struck the head, with the intent of causing the explosive to alter course, and once again cause problems for the Swordsman, the one the two had identified as the real threat of the group. However, instead of veering off course like it should've, the projectile's rear end exploded like a moose that ate too much of something a moose's digestive system wasn't designed for and propelled the weapon forwards at a far greater speed than was customarily possible for a human to attain. Normally, someone would've panicked in these circumstance, and Paco did panic, but it was a short lived panic like upon reaching your home and thinking you lost your keys somewhere down the road, only to realize you were fishing around in the wrong pocket.

Once again, he dropped the guns, aimed at the woman's chest and fired two shots. The guns fell from the man's hands, and his fists tensed at his side. For a split second, he somehow seemed larger than before. That was all he had time for before the explosive projectile reached his destination, and detonated.

The blades clashed and the long armed swordsman felt painful vibrations shoot down into his arm, and up into his shoulders like a billion ants had burrowed their way into his skin and trying to stampede their way across his body. Understanding dawned him in an instant. He assumed, wrongly, his strength was far superior to the woman's, but it wasn't, at least not on the level he assumed it to be. Victory wouldn't come as easily as knocking his opponent back and following through with a unrelenting force.

Eyes narrowed, He grit his teeth, ignoring the pain as best he could, and putting his shoulder into it, because it wouldn't do any good if he couldn't at least hold his ground. He cracked a smile. It was like ice cubes dropping into a warm drink. "Shigan" he whispered. Then, as quickly as only a swordsman was capable of moving, his other arm lashed out, and his finger pierced itself into the woman's shoulder.

Not letting giving his opponent a chance to react, the man surged forwards, finger pulling itself out of Red-Eye's shoulder, and moving to wrap around her throat.

@Crimson Lion@grandia20
The giant of an old man, at least by human standards soughed at the redhead's words. "Damn pirates, arrogant and stupid in any day and age." His face didn't exactly break into a grim, but the corner of his mouth twisted upwards in the slightest. "Which is fine by me, means I don't have to waste time trying to teach you to know your place." With that his light brown eyes narrowed, as he turned his attention to the covered up man with the barrels.

"Pirates," he muttered as he tensed his arms back, and flung them forwards, creating two blades of air that shot to, and then past the barrels the man had launched, straight for his opponent. Without hesitating, the giant of a marine disappeared out of sight and reappeared directly in front of Kyy. "In the bag, you say?" He didn't wait for a response, but instead brought down his massive firsts, with the intent of taking the smaller's mans arms off at the shoulders.

"Hey!" A familiar voice called in surprise. "Hey, you, lady with her blade in the ship. You get over here this instant, the captain wants to talk with you and your friends."

"Why are you saying that," a woman with pink hair, and sunglasses sighed. "It's not like she's going to believe that. Just pick her off so we could help with the others."

"Ugh." Her partner, with a single shot rifle rolled his eyes. "Don't you think the captain would like some info on this group of sea dogs?"

"Nope." The womans hook her head. "He just wants them dead."

The man shrugged. She had a point. Without another word, he readied his rifle and began following the target.
@Red Mage@Drunk Uncle Bob@Yorutenchi
Which reminds me, could you guys get with me, Probably Via PM so we can discuss how you all will be introduced into the rp?
@Red Mage

Alright got my character done.

Nemuri shrugged at the shinigami's comment. "You can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs." She would've said more, but before she could, the white haired shinigami was off to meet the new threat. "Oh. Never mind then. I'll just wait here while you guys take care of this." She folded her arms over her chest, and tapped her sandal while she waited.

One moment the hollow was falling down towards it's selected prey, bladed talons stretched before it like an arrow on it's way to piece an apple. Then it wasn't. The figure, so far below it, suddenly was in front of it and then behind it. Everything happened far too quickly for the masked creature to react. Not that understanding the situation would've done it much good, as by then, it's left arm and shoulder had been disconnected from the rest of it's body. The lack of mass within the limb caused it to descend at a slower race. So by the time the creature reached the ground, it still had a few feet to go. Upon enlightenment the white faced monster let out a loud, piercing scream as it continued to fall.

The creature's one good hand opened as it reached the ground. It's arm bent with the weight of it's body, before tensing. Behind it, it's feet met at the center, bottoms touching, pointed straight up. The claws at the end were just as vicious as those on his hands. As the face grew closer to the ground, the moment slowed. An inch before the floor, the monster's arm when straight and it propelled itself in a Bee line for it's opponent far faster than when it just let gravity pull it towards the white haired woman.

On it's way up, the hollow-like entity grabbed hold of it's arm.

@Crimson Lion
Upon the destruction of their fellow beast, the hollows all let out a roar. Which was in turn met with roars, further out in the darkness of the room beyond. It didn't take long before the whites of their mask pushed against the darkness, and a new wave was upon the recently graduated shinigami. Three of which, noted their fallen brother and focused their attack on the shinigami they deemed responsible.

The three headed straight for the fighter, breaking off, trying to attack him from the front, above, and to the left.
"Sculpt, Gin no kessaku" Risiru shouted as she thrust her blade forwards. There was a puff of black smoke and then there was a large, grey, hulking figure in a sharp dressed suit, standing in front of her. With a wave of her blade the hulking form let out a roar, and leaped into the air, grabbing hold of the hollow creature above Takuya's. It continued sailing over the man's head and smashed the creature face first into the ground upon landing.

The hollows near center of the fighting pause. The the sudden explosion of light from above was wrong. They're bodies tense as their white heads tilt to the side as if there were voices only they could hear, saying things that didn't make sense. Curious, they turned their attention upwards, towards a newly arrived individual. It's head tilts to the side as if something was wrong. A brief glint of light appears over its eyes like a the beam from a flash light streaking across a mirrored surface.

Then, as suddenly as the confusion set in, the creatures seemed to understand what was going on, and the newly arrived entity above them was not to be trifled with, or allowed to live. Without hesitation the creatures bent down, and shot themselves upwards like cats upon the discovery of a mouse that could fly.

@Red Mage
The hollow-esque creature lets out a low snarl as its clawed hands, the ones which it was recently planning on using to rip the young shinigami asunder was forced behind it's back as if it was just roped by the world's best invisible wrangler. It didn't stop though. It couldn't stop. The forces that be, it's driving core, wouldn't let it. The creature kept right on moving. Only instead of slashing with it's hands like it had hoped it turned around and did a round house kick at the woman, intending on ripping open the woman's stomach.

Bakuto's wind-covered blade had no problem slicing through the creature's arm. One moment the creature was hole and the next second it could technically apply for disability. That didn't stop it though. It didn't react in the slightest bit. It's stomp of an arm just kept right on going, but at a slightly altered angle. The only difference was now it was aiming upwards for the shinigami's throat, intent on crushing the windpipe.

While it's first attack was continuing, it's second attack moved started. The monster's left, and now favorite hand, streaked towards the shinigami's side, intent on piercing in him and continuing on through the other end.

Another shinigami hating entity appeared behind the man, arms reeled back for a strike that never came.
"LR 001" the red haired valedictorian said, thrusting his arm in front of him, with a glowing white sphere in his hand. The sphere shimmered before taking the shape of a strange, revolver like weapon "six shooter." He smiled as he pulled the trigger. Two shots, and the hollow creature lost two arms.

@Red Mage

<Snipped quote by jynmi88>

Will do sometime tonight or tomorrow morning. I just had an idea of a scholar rather than a fughter. Maybe i can give her a fruit to rely on.

Sounds good to me. I look forwards to seeing what you come up with.
@Red Mage

Hmm. Im thinking of putting in a character but the concept i have in mind would be a non combative character. Would thay go well or should i majr a character with some grit?

Although, some battle ability is preferred, so that the character doesn't fall into the trap of always needing to be rescued, both types could be played. So, feel free to submit whichever you prefer.

Yep. But its something she came up with on her own after getting a feel for the properties of water. It isn't as refined as fishman karate but works under the same principle.

Oh okay! I just wanted to make sure I understood. Victoria is good to go.
Heads up. I'll be posting tomorrow. Also if something is unclear or appearance Is needed for posting let me know and I'll see if I can help.
@Drunk Uncle Bob

Alright, Sujitora looks good to go.


I'll throw my hat in as well.

Wait. So her body of water is very similar to the fishman karate techniques?
@Drunk Uncle Bob

<Snipped quote by Shiyonichi>

Yeah. I'll fix that. And that includes the electro then?

No. The electro is fine. It's just the haki we're not at yet.
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