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1 Mar 2017 18:47
Current "I'm doubting the sex appeal of an all-kazoo boy band" -Excerpts from a Cursed Skype Convo
28 Feb 2017 18:36
Suddenly got nostalgic for the Warrior Cats series. Who else remembers being disappointed their cats weren't as cool as Firestar?
8 Oct 2016 7:05
Burned my hand pretty badly, replies may be slow as I resist the urge to cut it off to end the pain.
5 Aug 2016 2:48
Wear comfortable shoes, square your shoulders, and walk like you've been sent to murder Captain America.
13 May 2016 17:52
I made some jokes about Jesus once. He was very cross with me.


I'm a 20 year old college student with a tragic past and a series of flunked schools and medical bills. Roleplaying has been my one escape from a harsh reality while growing up, and I really appreciate this site and everyone on it. Even the trolls. Love you all!

I've been on Roleplayer Guild for seven years, going on eight in a few months.

I started roleplaying at 13 on an Invader Zim fan site... I accept my shame and disgrace.

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<Snipped quote by Invader Len>

Thank you, you have a very interesting energy yourself. You don't have to apologize, we review everyone's CS's, and this one had very few problems compared to some we've reviewed before. You're welcome to do a little digging if you're interested in how sticky we are on details as well. ^^

As for the questions/answers formatting, you can add them in whenever you have time, we'll continue our reviews overlooking it. As for the mother's death, it's quite alright to have it either way. The only objections we have to deceased family members is if it happened in a rather violent way, and only under some circumstances. For example, car or work accidents we'll allow as a cause of death, along with illness, complications in childbirth, natural disasters or simple, accidental bad luck. Things we will not accept are foul play, acts of terrorism, murder, usually execution, (we could be persuaded to allow a character with a criminal parent, but usually we'll say no), and especially being killed or maimed by the main character. If you're ever concerned over whether something in your character's past could go against our rules or fall into a gray area, PM or ask us, and we'll be happy to answer as best we can.

That also goes as a general statement. If you have any questions or concerns about your character in any area, or are looking for ideas in creation, myself and my co-GMs are always available to help or rule our tyrannical judgement upon thee.

We'll review your character again at the soonest available opportunity. :)
<Snipped quote by The Errorist>

Okie! I'll do that as soon as I can! Does it matter if it's a mage or familiar? I'm leaning towards familiar.

EDIT: Also, can we make our characters from any of the countries provided? I kinda wanna make mine from Lupinia, if that's alright. :3

You can be a Familiar. We're actually short one, so go ahead and submit a character whenever you like and we'll review it ASAP.

And yes, you can make your character from any of the countries provided on the list.

Alright, we're about ready to wrap up this scene and move forward to the next scene change! @General Scales, @liferusher, you guys are our last pair to be bonded! Get up on that stage and let the magic people hold your hands!

I'm going to put a deadline for the scene change at 10:00 pm, May 23rd, PST. All conversations should be wrapped up by that point, because we will be moving on to the scene change. This scene took much longer than I had hoped, but it's almost over, and we can begin classes soon! Thank you all for sticking with us, in and out of Discord, and for making this RP great!
Minor Announcement

Due to their absence and our rather pressing need to finish this scene, @Sorrelmyst has been moved to the waiting list. They are not being kicked, and are welcome to rejoin the RP upon their return.

In the mean time, @Raijinslayer and @The Errorist, your characters Jeanette and Beatrice have been partnered! But you already knew that, huh?

We know things have been slow lately, but we're almost done with this scene, so lets steam on through it and get to classes! Then y'all can really learn to suffer.
<Snipped quote by Invader Len>

I do have a few questions, might I PM you? Or would you rather have me asking here?

You can PM or ask them here, whichever you feel more comfortable doing.
Alrighty, I am finally back from vacation and done with everything. I`ll start working on my character now :3

Alright, submit a CS whenever you feel like, and we'll review it promptly.
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