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Current Finally finished editing that transcript. At this point the only person I'm rooting for in this case is the judge.
3 mos ago
"Boy I sure am feeling harassed after I bullied someone else and people pointed it out to me"
4 mos ago
"A liar begins with making falsehood appear like truth, and ends with making the truth itself appear like falsehood." - William Shenstone
1 yr ago
"I'm doubting the sex appeal of an all-kazoo boy band" -Excerpts from a Cursed Skype Convo
1 yr ago
Suddenly got nostalgic for the Warrior Cats series. Who else remembers being disappointed their cats weren't as cool as Firestar?


I'm a 21 year old college student with a tragic past and a series of flunked schools and medical bills. Roleplaying has been my one escape from a harsh reality while growing up, and I really appreciate this site and everyone on it.

I've been on Roleplayer Guild for eight years, going on nine in a few months.

I started roleplaying at 13 on an Invader Zim fan site... I accept my shame and disgrace.

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I think you're acting really childishly entitled. You aren't owed anyone's attention or participation. And throwing a tantrum on a public forum over feeling neglected is only going to make people avoid you. People have pointed out to you the things you need to fix, but instead of taking their criticisms and advice to heart, you're dragging other people into the spotlight to shame them and bemoaning how no one replies to you.

So here's your reply. Suck it up. Not everything is going to go your way all the time, and taking your anger and frustration out on other people is incredibly immature and toxic behavior. Would you want to RP with someone who is passive aggressive, whines about how no one pays attention to them, and publicly shames their past partners for not living up to their standards? I sure wouldn't, so you think long and hard about how your behavior on a public forum reflects on your character as a person.

As Peridot and others have said, the problem is you. Your RPs are very niche and aren't going to attract a lot of people who aren't interested in them. That's just a fact. You also take the main character/most powerful role available for yourself, leaving everyone else to merely occupy side roles created only to support you. That's not going to net you a lot of players or partners. Try to take the perspective of an outsider, looking at an RP where they'd be stuck in a lesser role. Not super interesting or motivating.

Your next problem is where you're placing your RPs. You keep putting them in Advanced/Casual when they should be in Free. You're going to get a lot more people interested in free, because free is where a lot more people float around and hang out. People in Advanced/Casual are looking for more fleshed out plots, worldbuilding, and more direction from the GM. Replies are also going to take a much longer time, because of the scale of how much different people write. Some people write replies ever week, some every three weeks. If you want faster replies, you're better off going to a Free section anyways, as that seems to be where your writing level is at.

Finally, just stop bumping and blaming the world whenever someone drops or you don't get the interest you want. You come off as bitter and hostile, and a lot of people are put off by the pressure of having someone constantly bump them. Stop blaming others and take some responsibility for your own actions. And do not @ your past partners as examples of how they've wronged you, because more people will avoid you in fear of becoming the next person you drag out to the stockades.
Stuff like that happens man. Sometimes people drop. Sorry you got ghosted but blaming everyone doesn't really help your problems. And calling out specific people for it is kind of a mean thing to do. :/ Like, you don't know what happens with other players. Sometimes, life is too much trouble. Sometimes they lose interest. Hanging onto that kind of bitterness only harms you in the long run.
Just a suggestion, but due to the trouble you had with your last attempt of this, perhaps tag Invader Len this time, instead of just name dropping him? Saves him from finding out about it from a friend yet again.

Thanks for the thought, but my all-seeing spy network keeps me in the loop. Though tagging is always appropriate in the future when working off other people's ideas.

That being said, my issue with Rockin is resolved. @Rockin Strings, I wish you the best of luck on your RP. :)
I have the PMs that prove it was my idea and that I wrote it. Sorting through them is challenging on mobile but I definitely have them. I saved everything from that RP since it was the first time I was threatened for booting a player. (Yay?)
So, I was the main GM of an RP about two years ago based on the Miraculous TV show. I had a two co-GMs for moderation, but I was responsible for the idea and 99.9% of the writing. (The only thing one co-GM contributed was a skeleton character sheet). The RP died quickly due to internal drama, and now I've found out the co-GM responsible for most of that drama has rebooted my RP, with my concepts, and has even copy-pasted my own writing.

His RP:…

My RP:…

I wouldn't have felt this upset if he had used his own ideas or even his own writing, but now I feel violated as a writer. I wasn't even told about this until a friend found his RP and skyped me the link. What do I do?
Name:Calypso Cavasaari

*..Art by me..*
Theme I
~"A human wrapped in its own affairs makes a very small bundle."~

@yoshua171 Alright, I'll make the necessary edits and post her to the characters tab! Thanks for the clarification on telekinesis, I can't believe I missed the touch based stuff.
Name:Calypso Cavasaari

*..Art by me..*
Theme I
~"A human wrapped in its own affairs makes a very small bundle."~

@yoshua171 Totally tubular! (ow that hurt) This helps so much. I have more questions but I think I'll eat up less page space if I ask them on the discord. I'm almost done!
@Fallenreaper@yoshua171 Thank you so much, I'll be on after I get this CS up. Quick question: Does a Prae have to have wings as their manifest? If not, would, say, 4-8 10-foot long tendrils with the thickness of a human forearm be allowed? And are the Manifests themselves tangible or simply for aesthetic purposes? As in, if you had wings, could you fly? And if you didn't have wings, but instead, hypothetically, had a varying number of thin-ish prehensile tendrils, could they grasp things and possibly lift something or someone off the ground? Or are they immaterial and serve just as a cool kinda patronus-like thingy that lets your enemies know you've powered up and are about to kamehameha them?
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