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Current I may have to go to the ER today, so I'm gonna try to live up to my broken promises and post replies for my partners. I don't like pneumonia.
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Oh shit, I'm elected. Oh shiiiiiiiiiiit.
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Lifetip: Don't forget to eat for 2 days, then drink 44 oz of coke at the movies. I don't feel too good, Mr. Stark.
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Finally finished editing that transcript. At this point the only person I'm rooting for in this case is the judge.
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"Boy I sure am feeling harassed after I bullied someone else and people pointed it out to me"


I'm a 21 year old college student with a tragic past and a series of flunked schools and medical bills. Roleplaying has been my one escape from a harsh reality while growing up, and I really appreciate this site and everyone on it.

I've been on Roleplayer Guild for eight years, going on nine in a few months.

I started roleplaying at 13 on an Invader Zim fan site... I accept my shame and disgrace.

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I'll try and get a post up tomorrow. I've been really sick the last few days but I'm finally on the mend so I'll try to work up some brain cells and write something out. :)
This new method of transportation was... bizarre, to say the least. Barely had he stepped through the portal than whatever behind him vanished in blackness. In the space of a step, he felt as though her were transported to another dimension. The shadows felt almost real, caressing his face and tugging at the fabric of his clothes, like the sensation of wind that wasn't truly there. Total darkness, total silence, it was as if he had lost the use of his eyes and ears. Then his foot hit the ground and he was through, the entire experience lasting less than a second.

He stepped out to a dimly lit room with a long table, seemingly prepped for a meal. And a dark-haired man- a human? No, something felt off. It reminded him almost of his brother Asher, particularly when this mystery man approached him- standing a little too close for comfort- with an eager grin on his face.
”Hello! Welcome to Castle Havoc. You would be the first of few to arrive. My name is Claudius Ravenwood. I’m sorry I am horrible with names, what’s yours?” he asked, Ithiel barely having a chance to breathe between words.

The first thing he did was take a step back, careful not to back into the portal behind him. Just to put some space between himself and this very peppy mystery man.
"A-Ah, Ithiel Ralte, a pleasure to make your acquiantance?" he asked more than stated, still gathering his bearings as the man backed away, gesturing to the table and inviting him to sit.

Still unsure of his situation (Were all humans this strange or was this man merely an unusual specimen?), he reluctantly did so, sitting and putting his tomes and staff down, watching as an eerie howl rang out, resembling the one that had summoned his portal. Ithiel leaned forward, fascinated as Claudius waved his hand and a second portal opened. Immediately, an arrow flew through it, nearly making its mark in the man and embedding itself in the wall. Ithiel stared at it, dumbstruck, then back at the portal as the person who had presumably fired the arrow, a strange looking elf, stepped through. Ithiel quietly picked his staff back up, placing it in his lap. Just in case more arrows were fired.

Soon more portals opened, and Claudius welcomed another elf, wingless this time, and a presumably human girl who stammered through her greeting. Claudius then turned to them, finishing with encouragement to introduce themselves and then summoning a... shadow... butler? Ithiel wondered if maybe he was still asleep and having a surreal night terror from fatigue. Claudius, unfazed (of course he would be unfazed, it was his own shadow butler), informed them that "Adam" would give them any food or drink they desired.

Terrifying amalgation of nightmares and darkness or no, such a bold assertion had to be proven. As the shadowy figure waited on him, Ithiel quickly searched for the most obscure, rarest beverage his mind could reach. Something no human would surely have, regardless of their summoning magic.
"Alright... I'll have a glass of Namuci's Bloodwine, spiced with salamandyr tail, aged 35 years." he stated smugly. Namuci's Bloodwine could only be made by fermenting the flowers and buds of the Mara tree, which only bloomed once every 10 years. It was extremely difficult to make, and even more expensive to procure. That and the alcohol was, according to his books, poisonous to humans, so there was little sense in them having it.

Well, as it turned out Ithiel really wouldn't need to be served dinner later, because he was now eating his words. The figure pulled another bottle, seemingly from nowhere, and as it uncorked the bottle the unmistakable acrid scent of salamandyr filled the room. Ithiel watched in dismay as his glass was filled with the deep red liquid. He didn't even like bloodwine.
"Ah, perfect. Thank you, um, Adam." he said, reluctantly taking his glass. He should have asked for blueberry lemonade instead.
I love this little game of weather telephone going on, where it was sunny in the first post, then I write it's sunny but it was raining the night before, then it's raining still, and now its raining horribly. Next person to post should include some thunder and lightning, maybe light flooding too!

I can tell this is going to be a fun RP XD.
Got a post up! I hope I got the foxes and letter and portal thing right. If not, I'm happy to edit it! I didn't know what to put in the letter so I just winged it. ^^;

Depleted. Drained. Worn Out. Wearied. Dead. How bemusing was it that one of the synonyms for exhausted was dead? He certainly felt dead. Who knew traveling on foot was so difficult? He'd been out of Mizora for a week now and only just made it past the border and to his first human village. He'd eaten through all the food he'd packed with him already, and his attempts at hunting had only turned up a few lizards and a bird nest. All of which tasted horrible when set on fire.

He had known that it wasn't going to be easy, this quest for knowledge, but he hadn't expected it to be so very uncomfortable! The air at night was cold, the rain was wet AND cold, there were far too many insects to convince him he wasn't really dead and in hell, and at one point a bird had defecated on his cloak. The roads were muddy and slippery, things smelled awful, and he hadn't even met anyone to talk to until the village. Traveling, he learned, was exceedingly boring work after the first 4-5 hours.

But now he was in a village! A real human village! Full of real, living, breathing humans! He'd never seen real humans outside of picture books or meat markets, where they were more likely than not in... pieces. But no, these ones were intact! And from his way to the edge of town to the shabby tavern and inn, quite skittish. The guard at the bridge paled and hid when the wind blew his hood back. Perhaps he was shy? Interesting, but not enough so to deter the exhausted Rakshasa from seeking out a soft bed and hot meal.

He'd found the tavern quickly enough, and a few pieces of gold were all it took to get a room and a bowl of soup and half a loaf of bread. It was hardly a feast, but after scorched lizards and eggshells (How was he supposed to know you had to peel the eggs first??), it was enough. Afterwards, he'd fallen deeply asleep on the first bed he'd had in a week, only to be awoken by the faint scent of melons.

Blearily opening his eyes, he took in the room around him. He'd slept so long the sun was now awake, as evidenced by the bright beams trickling between the cracks in the curtains. His wet clothes had dried, tomes and staff on the floor beside his low cot, and there was a black fox staring him in the face.

Ithiel blinked hard. Yes, that was most definitely a fox. Albeit... quite different from the red or mottled ones he'd spied in the woods. It almost didn't seem quite real, as if conjured by his own imagination, but nope. It was there. Curious, he reached out a hand to pet it, touching its head gently. It didn't seem to mind. In fact, it seemed quite pleased, dropping the small envelope in its mouth to give a big happy pant of enthusiasm. Huh, how come he hadn't noticed the letter? Clearly he was still tired.

Picking up the letter, Ithiel sat upright on the bed, examining it as he started getting dressed. It had his name on it. Strange, he couldn't remember telling the tavern keeper his name, or rather anyone since he left Mizora. He'd heard humans used birds to send messages to one another, perhaps one of his friends or family had sent him a letter? He turned to the fox, wondering if perhaps it had any answers.
"Did my family send you? Jahaziel, perhaps? Or Asher? Couldn't be Mary, she'd be happy I'm gone. Mom or dad, maybe?" he asked. The fox had no answers, instead hopping onto the still-warm spot he'd been sleeping in, and curled up in it. Well, he probably should have expected that.

Turning his attention back to the letter, he tore open the seal, reading its contents.
"Dear sir, I hope this letter finds you in good health, blah blah blabbity blah... Castle Havoc? Never heard of that place. But, if it's a castle it has to be better than here, right? Claudius... Maybe a human monarch or something..." he paused, turning and looking back to the fox. Did human kings employ strange foxes?
"Well, I don't see why not. They've already gone through the trouble of inviting me. It would be terribly rude not to at least show up."

Making his decision, he fastened his cloak and pack, grabbing all that he owned, before turning back to the sleepy animal.
"Alright, I'm ready to go. Now, what to do with you... I suppose I could just follow you back to your home, logically that would be the residence of the sender of this letter. Alright, little fox-thing, let's go. We probably have a lot of walking to do, don't we?" he asked, not expecting a response. As if understanding him, the fox stood up, hopped from the bed, and uttered a small, high-pitched howl. And then the unthinkable happened.

Some... Thing appeared! Right there, in the middle of the room! A black vortex, woven from shadows, the size of a door yet impossibly thin! Ithiel staggered back in an undignified manner, letting out a surprised squeak. A portal! Oh gods, this wasn't like the one in the sky was it? He fumbled for his staff, bracing himself for a abysmal monster to come crawling out of it... But nothing. It was quiet. The world was quiet. The fox looked at him curiously, then walked right on through, melting into the blackness.

Ithiel took his time getting up, his heart beating much faster than he'd like. This... Was this how he was expected to travel? Step into the gaping maw of darkness? What if it was an elaborate trap? A ruse? What if there was nothing on the other side and he was trapped in a world of pitch black void? The thought was daunting, to say the least, but... What if there was something? Whoever had sent him the letter could have killed him in his sleep, but didn't. And, though the portal before him was certainly... Unnerving... He'd be a liar if he said he wasn't in the least bit interested in what was beyond it.

"Well... It beats walking." he muttered to himself, steeling his nerves and stepping through into the unknown.

@VerusEbullio Alright, thank you! I'll move my CS over to the character tab then! :D

Here we go! Let me know if there's anything that needs to change!
@VerusEbullio Alright, will do! I'll have my CS up later today!
@VerusEbullio Ah, thank you. I didn't have anything really divine or god-like in mind for a Rakshasa character. In mythical texts the more powerful ones can be like demi-gods, but culturally they're more like forest ogres with magical abilities that can use illusions to give the appearance of shapeshifting.

I was interested in making one as a mage-like character relying on tomes and staves and such to cast spells. I was imagining my character relying largely on illusion magic with one combative type of magic that they are relatively proficient with. I largely was interested in them for aesthetic and cultural purposes but I thought they might be less OP than a tiefling-like character.

If it would do any help, I could PM you about parameters I'd have in mind for them? They're really just kinda like forest-dwelling orcs that figured out how to use magic. Like, as a tool to better lure in people to eat and wage war and stuff. Fun magic.
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