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Current I have a feeling this joke might (Blue-Eyes White) Drag on.
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Why would it be a Kingdom then? Are you talking about an AU featuring the Mushroom Autocratic Collective?
15 days ago
@Forett Speaking of which, if Princess Peach is a Princess, who the fuck is ruling the Mushroom Kingdom?
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Team Galactic made a Death Star Laser and Brock has an Star Wars Speeder
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Excited to have the chance to join such a historic roleplay!


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I have to focus on school as of now and cannot be on as much as I want like I expected. I am going to take maybe a week or two to get back on track.

I'm sorry, but It's very necessary. I apologize to anyone I'm rping with as of now.
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What magic is availible?
Nevermind. Mintz just left this page, and I'm not stupid enough to not take that hint. Any power suggestions?

Regardless of limitations, I've already said my piece; I do not want a power like that here. If you can come up with something different or heavily work the concept you have, then I'm willing to listen, but otherwise, it is as I said. We're done with this power.

Wait. Last thing. If It's still a no, I'll stop asking. Wouldn't all of the problems you have with my power be fixed with a stockpiling requirement? This way, without extensive time, I couldn't super-heal or instantly move people's states forwards or backwards.
<Snipped quote by Isaac>

I'm going to be putting my foot down here; in general, while time powers aren't foreign to Worm as a setting, they are typically aggravating to work around in a lot of ways. Not to mention how you've compared it to Eri, who has undeniably one of the craziest abilities I've ever seen, and at the very least, she has the limitation of being a literal child, alongside it needing time to stock power, and her having effectively no control over it.

So, yeah, I'll be saying no to an ability like that. I feel it would be unfun for other players to work around, and irritating for me to try and work through with my antagonistic forces. Apologies here, but I really just want this chain of complaints to come to an end.

What if I did that then? What if I gave him no control over it? Eri's being a child doesn't really do anything given that her powers would work the same as an adult as a kid if given no training. Also, she has been seen controlling her power, such as during the fight with Overhaul, I believe. I can also impose some kind of stocking limitation like that.

I'm just curious. What are you worried about with Time powers? From what I can see, you are worried about powers that go back in or loop time, as that would be really annoying and logistically impossible, and my power does neither of those things, so what's the issue? Not to mention I have practically no use against people that can negate or directly counter Time Manipulation with their own powers.

Type 1 Immortality (I'm sure it's a power somewhere) also makes my ability basically useless.
I think I get it but honestly, pal, you sorta stacked the deck against yourself with your idea of an introduction.

I think his power is meant to be more like: if someone got hurt, he could reverse time to heal them. He might also be able to age someone, potentially to dust.

P.S. Still working on my WIP, just waiting to hear back from Mintz.

I get that. I'm sorry for what I said. It was not warranted nor needed. Hopefully you guys forgive me one day. On the bright side, You actually got it right. I could imagine someone who can actually reverse situations to an earlier point would be a PAIN to deal with logistically, which is why I made a character that cannot do that.
@Lugubrious It doesn't just have to be me though if you want the extra xp!

That is literally even more of a no then what I was describing as it falls back on rule three and still is unenjoyable for players.

I think you need to fully explain your definition of Godmodding, since all it says in rule three is to make it so nobody is super perfect and dodges all attacks and thinks things all the way through. My character will not be that. My character is not a god. It's a time power. So what? So many characters within the world of Worm have time powers. I don't get the difference between theirs and mine. I obviously don't have enough weaknesses yet, but I can add more.

Alright, what I mean by re-write is this.

Person runs forward, gets touched, person now has to go back to where they were before (assuming that the power would be limited to say a minute or couple of minutes).

As a writer, I would have to redo a post to put myself back where I was to continue forward while losing a few minutes of what is happening around me.

Not only would that be an unnecessary challenge to write but also is highly annoying. Minus all the other ways it could be abused without certain drawbacks. It is still not enjoyable for others to have to deal with. Also, it only being a touch, you can touch a whole lot of things in a small amount of time. There would have to be way more limits.

All and all, it would be a struggle to set all the limits and parameters but I also feel like it would not be a positive for all other players involved.

Obviously, Mintz has final say but I am telling you, the power is a no for me.

You misunderstand. My power does not move someone back or forward in time. It only moves someone's physical form forward or backward in time. It works like this: Take Eri's Quirk, Rewind:

Rewind gives the user the ability to reverse a living being's body back to a previous state.

then, add the ability to do that essentially forward in time.

There is no time reversal like the type you describe.
It's only living objects so I guess that does kinda still include grass and stuff. Hmm. That's tricky. What do you mean by rewrite? He can't change things that have already happened. Villains can still kill superheroes and he can't stop that. He alters time, but it's not like time travel. He can't physically go back to the past to change things, his powers can only target one complete thing, size doesnt matter. So, if he were to touch the grass on the earth all that would be affected is one blade of grass, Maybe it would become so old it would naturally die, but everything else would be fine. However, if he were to touch a tree the roots, leaves, and branches would be affected. His powers aren't all that...well, powerful, under the right circumstances. He's good for recon and brainwashing/mind control reversal, and...Oh, I think I get why you're worried. Don't worry, i'll find some way to word it so that he can't take away powers among other things.
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