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1 yr ago
Current I have a feeling this joke might (Blue-Eyes White) Drag on.
1 yr ago
Why would it be a Kingdom then? Are you talking about an AU featuring the Mushroom Autocratic Collective?
1 yr ago
@Forett Speaking of which, if Princess Peach is a Princess, who the fuck is ruling the Mushroom Kingdom?
1 yr ago
Team Galactic made a Death Star Laser and Brock has an Star Wars Speeder
1 yr ago
Excited to have the chance to join such a historic roleplay!


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(Erm, prob. Can you explain the situation one more time to me?)

"Dormant? Perhaps these trees could tell us how the Queen became that way, and it might lend some help in finding a way to release them. Erm, trees? I can hardly believe this is happening, but I'd hope you can lend us some aid. Do you know the story of the Dormant Queen?"

Dormant Queen, Dormant Queen. Hmm, could I have read about that somewhere?

(Insight check?)
Hello! Can I hop back in? I left for a bit (it's in Introductions if you want proof) but I think it would be nice to rejoin.
Yeah, that was rude. Sorry, won't do it again.
Hello! I'm back! Is my character still in the rp?

(Will edit later, need to save)
I have to focus on school as of now and cannot be on as much as I want like I expected. I am going to take maybe a week or two to get back on track.

I'm sorry, but It's very necessary. I apologize to anyone I'm rping with as of now.
What magic is availible?
Nevermind. Mintz just left this page, and I'm not stupid enough to not take that hint. Any power suggestions?
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